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10 Best Octane Boosters – Review 2020


Although octane boosters are optional, car owners prefer using them for the engine capacity. The thing is, the fuel quality varies among different stations. In some cases, the octane rating of gasoline drops over time and is harmful to the engine. That’s where an octane booster comes into play. It’s a unique formula designed to stabilize the fuel inside the engine. 

In this post, you’ll find out why using octane boosters can prolong the lifespan of the vehicle significantly, how they are different from fuel stabilizers. Also, we’ll review the 10 most popular octane boosters on the market to facilitate the choice-making process. 

What is an Octane Booster?

Octane boosters are chemical formulas that aim to increase the efficiency of the engine. They have the highest efficiency when applied to high-compression engines – these sports cars. 

Most octane boosters help prevent knock – the pre-ignition detonation. When there’s no knock, a fuel that’s released into the engine is higher in octane. There are multiple anti-knock additives manufacturers use – the following are the most popular ones:

  • TEL – one of the most powerful anti-knocks on the market. The main concern car owners have with tetraethyl lead is its low environmental friendliness.
  • MMT – this methyl-based alternative is, on the contrary, quite environmentally sustainable and has no risk of damaging the emission mechanism. 
  • Ethanol. Although a powerful octane booster, ethanol increases fuel consumption as well. That’s why the additive is mainly used to boost the octane of racing cars fuel and not so much for traditional vehicle models. 

Octane Boosters vs Fuel Stabilizers

If you are a car enthusiast, chances are you’ve heard of fuel stabilizers and could be confused as to how they are different from octane boosters. Let’s break the distinction down. 

A fuel stabilizer is designed to maintain the chemical integrity of the fuel when it’s stored inside the engine for extended time periods – say, for over 30 days. When chemical bonds between fuel particles are broken down or weakened, there are higher odds of contaminants and other harmful particles entering the engine. To preserve the integrity of these bonds, fuel stabilizers are applied. 

An octane booster, on the other hand, ensures gasoline stability under the peak compression of the engine. A solution increases the fuel’s resistance to knocks and detonation. Drivers use octane boosters to ensure timely fuel ignition inside the cylinder. There are numerous claims from manufacturers that octane boosters increase the octane rating of the fuel by a certain number of points – the thing is, a precise difference is hard to deduce.

Benefits of Using Octane Boosters

Octane boosters are a polarizing topic among vehicle owners. While some swear by them and claim impressive octane level increases, others feel like using octane boosters doesn’t make an actual difference. 

Here are some undeniable benefits of boosting the engine with an octane booster:

  • Avoid premature engine detonation. Thanks to octane boosters, fuel particles can blend completely to initiate a smooth combustion process;
  • Less CO2 is emitted. Thanks to octane boosters, there’s more oxygen in the engine, resulting in higher combustion efficiency. Thus, less CO2 is emitted out of the engine. 
  • Higher engine horsepower. Thanks to octane booster,s drivers can enjoy considerably smoother uphill rides. 

How to Apply Octane Boosters?

If you are considering getting an octane booster, be sure you know when (and when not to0 use it and how to apply it to the engine. Here’s a brief list of practical tips car owners will benefit from when handling octane boosters. 

Octane boosters are good for particular engines

Although octane boosters do make a difference in engine efficiency, in some vehicles, it will be much more noticeable than in others. The rule of thumb is, a driver should apply an octane booster only for high-performing vehicles or those that struggle with detonation issues. Checking a default octane level in the car user manual is a smart thing to do before getting an octane booster since there’s a chance you don’t need one at all. 

Decide what type of boost you need

When choosing an octane booster, most drivers are confused when telling octane points and RONs apart. To clear the point up, one RON equals 10 octane points. Basically, for a 3 RON boost, you need a 30-point octane booster. 

How often should an octane booster be used?

The higher the compression of the engine is, the higher the frequency of using octane boosters is. For instance, sports car owners add an octane booster every time they fill the fuel tank. On the other hand, the owners of vehicles with the lower-compression engine only add boosters occasionally – once or twice a month. 

How to add an octane booster to the tank?

Be sure to add a booster to an empty tank. This way, a booster will be able to disperse equally throughout the tank once you pump the gas in. After the tank is full, don’t rush to start the ar. Instead, live the vehicle in a still state for 20-30 minutes and start the engine after this amount of time has passed. 

Top 10 Octane Boosters – Review

There are plenty of octane booster manufacturers who claim to have created the world’s most efficient fuel-boosting solution. Naturally, half of these claims are misleading and unfounded. To make sure you don’t get fooled by a fraud, take a look at the review of the most popular octane boosters on the market. 

Lucas Oil Booster 10026 PK-12

This octane booster is compatible with most car engines, reasonably priced, and efficient – it’s certainly one of the top models on the market. A bottle of Lucas Oil is applicable to 25 fuel gallons. 

Other than improving the combustion of the fuel, the booster impacts headers, coils, and plugs positively. Drivers of old vehicles can use Lucas Oil Booster as well – it’s compatible with 1970s cars. 

• Fully washable cover that prevents contaminants from getting into the bottle
• Compatible with most engines
• Can be used both for injected and carburated
• Above-average price
Boostane 32 oz octane Booster

Boostane is one of the most efficient boosters out there according to online reviews. It can boost octane levels tremendously, increasing the speed and time of acceleration of the vehicle. That’s why the booster is a go-to choice for race car drivers. 

Having said that, the booster speeds up SUVs are regular cars pretty impressively as well. Thanks to cleaning agents, the solution protects the engine from contaminants and increases its lifespan. 

• Noticeable octane rating difference
• Relatively cheap solution
• Higher acceleration
• Cleaning agents and contaminant protection
• A booster can leave stains on the engine
• Clogs car converters
STP 5.25 18040G 12-PK

Other than boosting the octane rating of the fuel, the solution is capable of cleaning out the injectors. The difference between applying and not applying the booster is highly noticeable if you use a middle-octane-level fuel. For instance, it can boost 93-point gasoline up to 97. 

STP octane booster stabilizes compression ratios, increases the release of oxygen, improves oils combustion, and helps avoid the cluttering of the injection system. The seller offers boosters in a case of 12 bottles – you will not have to worry about getting a replacement. 

• No pinging during throttle enhancement
• Smooth acceleration process
• Can be used by cap-less vehicles
• Leaky packaging
• Boxes get damaged during delivery
• Not sufficient octane boost
STP Octane Booster 78574

The booster is a cheaper alternative to some of the most glorified models on the market. Although it’s not as efficient as some of the pricier models, the difference in engine smoothness is obvious during daily car rides. The octane booster will help you get rid of pinging or power loss in no time. 

Also, according to drivers online, the booster saves gas mileage and reduces the amount of CO2 released in the air. 

• Cheap fit
• Saves car mileage
• Lasts well
• Deliver issues are common
Gumout Regane Fuel Cleaning System

The octane booster comes and one or six bottles – you can choose whichever package is more comfortable. Thanks to an ethanol-based anti-knock sedative, the solution prevents corrosion inside the engine and prevents carbon from piling up and obstructing the activity of the vehicle. 

In case you are worried if using the octane booster, it will not -feel free to increase the octane rating of gasoline using Gumout Regane Fuel Cleaning System. 

• Reduces the carbon footprint
• Prevents corrosion
• Help prolong the lifespan of the engine
• Barely noticeable engine boosting difference
• Is not compatible with some engines
• Uncomfortable bottle configuration
Klotz Octane Booster

Klotz octane booster is one of the most popular boosting solutions out there – and rightfully so. This TEL-based solution helps improve the flame-front of the engine and lubricates the components better. Other than that, you will be able to enjoy a stable and controlled burn speed.

The solution has cleaning properties as well, allowing car drivers to take good care of injectors. The solution will remove fiberglass and other stains that were put on the vehicle accidentally. 

• High engine lubrication
• High compatibility with different vehicle types
• E85 compatibility
• Low environmental sustainability
• High risks of accidentally damaging
the cover coat
104+ Octane Booster

Although 104+ is not the most efficient model in terms of raw-efficiency, it’s one of the most universally fit octane boosters. The model is compatible with most engines and fuel types. 

There are practically no odds of damaging oxygen sensors after applying the octane booster. One bottle of a solution accommodates up to 18 gallons of fuel. 104+ Octane Booster applies to all fuel blends, including those that contain ethanol. 

• Fights knocking efficiently
• Improves the efficiency of oxygen sensors
• Prolongs the lifespan of catalytic converters
• Barely noticeable octane rating difference
• One bottle doesn’t last for too long 
Torco Fuel Accelerator F500010TE

This 32-oz octane booster comes in handy to improve the performance of 91-octane fuel inside the engine. We tested the fuel accelerator on different models – it didn’t have much effect on SUVs. on the other hand, when it comes to turbo engines, the difference is noticeable with the naked eye. The octane rating of the fuel cranked all the way up to 95. 

The additional properties of the booster include cleaning out the injector and improving the oxygen/fuel interaction. 

• Improved fuel consumption efficiency
• Sleek and well-designed bottle
• Noticeable octane rating increase
• Not compatible with low-compression engines
• Leaves power residues
Royal Purple Octane Booster

Due to its high octane boosting value, the model is not recommended to be used for street driving. Royal Purple Octane Booster doesn’t use lead-based additives and protects seat valves impressively. Drivers use the solution to clean the engine injectors as well. Moreover, it helps eliminate power loss and knock retard. 

Royal Purple is highly compatible with most vehicle types -you can apply it to carburated, port fuel, direct injection, and other types of engines. The octane booster can be applied to both non-leaded and leaded fuel. 

• Lead-free
• Fully removes pinging
• Reduces power loss
• High stabilizing properties
• Is not allowed for street driving
Dyno-tab Octane Booster

This booster is known for its original and convenient design. Instead of placing the solution in bottles, a seller designed small and easy-to-transport granules you can add to the tank for one or a couple of refills. The model fits both vehicles and bikes alike. Also, thanks to a compact size of granules, they are easy to mix to the desired concentration. 

• Easy to use
• Improve gas mileage
• Faster acceleration
• None


Octane boosters are a good way to save money on fuel and increase the lifespan of the vehicle. Although they are not a universal remedy for every vehicle out there, these solutions make a noticeable difference in high-compression cars. 

Choosing octane boosters is easy when you have a list of criteria to reference. Buying guides usually come in handy as well. Hopefully, after reading our thorough review of the most popular octane boosters, you will be confident about your purchase and enjoy its high durability.