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2019 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 High Country vs 2019 Ford F-150 Limited vs 2019 Ram 1500 Limited


And “the Oscar” goes to…

Nowadays more and more people seek for not ordinary cars, but for something that delivers excellent performance and reliability, for instance, SUVs. Well, it does not happen due to the fact the vehicles of this class are required for working sites only. It happens pretty often that people search for big cars in order to spend leisure time and their day-offs with friends and family. Just think it over: school, after-school activities, rest in the countryside, picnics and trips with a large family require a lot of space in the car. What does it mean? It means places for passengers as well as space for luggage. And we have start from 2019 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 review..

In this review we will consider three cars from well-known manufacturers and choose among them THE ONE that deserves to be called THE WINNER.

So, these two vehicles will be compared not only in terms of “filling” quality and price, but also by all technical parameters and passed test drives.

It has long gone into the past, when cars of this class seemed not to be so “family” and those that are suitable to use on farms or in any other working sites. Today, more and more people buy such SUVs if they have a large family or love get-togethers with friends. That is why in today’s review we will pay more attention precisely to this criteria (space and capacity), and we will choose not just a truck, but the most comfortable automobile for your family.

So, we don’t want to keep you in suspense anymore — let’s start comparing 2019 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 High Country vs. 2019 Ford F-150 Limited vs. 2019 Ram 1500 Limited.

Meet the dependable Chevrolet Silverado 

Chevrolet Silverado

Chevrolet Silverado 1500 High Country rolled out to the market not that long ago. This vehicle is equipped with a new body and an up-to-date frame, plus the optional V-8 fitted displaces 6.2 liters. This model has many advantages, among which two-speed transfer case, automatic stop-start, dual exhaust and others. We especially appreciated its colorful bumpers, which add zest to this four-wheel masterpiece. 

One has to note that Chevy also paid attention to the driver’s comfort and delivered even more comfy driving experience. So you’ll be able to enjoy it every time you sit into your car to go to the office or for a big trip with your friends and family. 

When it comes to comfort, with Chevrolet Silverado 1500 High Country in winter you’ll be warmed up and in summer you won’t feel any squeezing heat, the comfort is provided by heated seats and up-to-date ventilation system. The upgraded engine will provide you the best performance you can only imagine. The wheels of this model are 22 inch (0.56 m) and in our opinion they look pretty well adding some charm to this pickup model. It is also worth noting the presence of power-operated running boards and the model is equipped with an additional rear-view camera. The latter provides you clear understanding of what is and what will happen on the road.

Classic is classic: Ford F-150

Ford F-150

Well, there’s probably no need to say that Ford is the most famous American auto company. Today it boasts of its novelty — Ford F-150, this is the company’s new look at military-grade Faygo. The basic configuration of the car already includes such advantages as the panoramic sunroof and massage seats. So we can only notice it’s the level of comfort not each and every SUV can provide. In addition, the price is very reasonable for the

Raptor-spec twin-turbo 3.5-liter EcoBoost with 450 horsepower and 510 pound-feet.

New Guest at the Party: The Ram 1500

The Ram 1500

Even though the Ram 1500 is the novelty on the market that has not claimed to be in this review, we could not miss it. It’s very stylish and compact car in its class. Thanks to the detailed testing, we noted the advantages of this model and its shortcomings.

This truck has a 5.7-liter Hemi V-8, now available with a 48-volt motor-generator assist, nestles in a redesigned frame wrapped in fresh exterior; it definitely differs this model from competitors. In addition, it has 65 cubic feet (1.84 m3) in space for the rear seats. It’s hard to neglect that there’s enough space for a comfortable trip with lots of people or any luggage. As for price, the limited 4×4 models are mid-priced and it’s very reasonable for the benefits that the driver gets with this auto. 

We also want you to pay some attention to the interior of the Ram 1500. What we noted was an an amazing attention even to small details. The driving comfort of this vehicle is provided by light steering and strong brakes that will make your trip as safe and comfortable as possible.

Well, after our quick initial inspection, you can make a conclusion that the trucks are very dependable and comfortable. In other words, this is a multi-purpose auto for the whole family.

As we noted earlier today, a truck is not just a big car, but also a stylish and comfortable vehicle. These are new products on the market, which boast many advantages. Below we will consider them closer and try to compare.

What are the major differences?

Ride comfort

Silverado is very different from all other tested cars. It’s not only about the price and its equipment (and performance), but also it’s about your feelings and comfort during the trip. To begin with, the first impression a driver gets from driving is the seat and this low seat height gives a unique car position. Even though the majority of motorists love this feature, it may not be convenient for everyone. There are no additional advantages in these seats either. You will not have the opportunity to turn on the additional features, as Ford suggests, or use heating with a ventilation like at the Ram’s. Of course, for someone, comfort is more important than heating. Say, such feature as massage is not always worth it to overpay a few thousand dollars, however, it’s very pleasant and relevant, especially if you ride hundreds of kilometres. When we’re coming back to Silverado, the brake pedal here looks like it was removed from the Corvette yesterday, which can be either a plus or a minus.

Car brakes

It goes without saying that an ability to stop a vehicle is a very important first of all for your safety and secondly, for your driving comfort. When it comes to driving and vehicles in general, we consider that car brakes have to come as a primary thing. So we examined all three brakes  separately and now ready to pronounce our verdict. As for Chevrolet Silverado 1500, it relivered the 175-foot stop from 70 mph (ca. 113 km/h) is rather impressive for a heavy truck of course impressed. As for Ford, it delivers short and sharp stop, however, the price for this vehicle is higher. As for the Ram 1500, it delivers the same stop as Chevrolet Silverado 1500.

Rear view cameras

Let’s move on to the rear view cameras. This is a very important part that raises your safety and provides comfortable driving. Therefore, their presence and quality must be considered among those very first lines. Note that all three vehicles provided in our review have such feature, but only Chevy has an additional camera. 

The company paid attention to its design, so they built into the high-level brake light. It comes as a high-angle rear view mirror when a trailer is attached. This feature gives you more insight into what is happening on the road and what could happen, well and this is an irreplaceable plus for this model. It would be very nice if other manufacturers pay attention to this feature as well and will equip their auto with an additional camera.

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Driving experience

When you’re about to choose a vehicle, safety is your primary thing, so driving has to be comfortable at the first place, especially if it is an auto for long trips or traveling with children or the whole family. Say, what if you’ll be riding to the suburbs? Well, surely nobody wants those swings on bumps.

Let’s move on to the analysis of the driving experience. Well, completed test to all trucks, there are some differences. Speaking about Chevy, its comfortable wheels add charm and make the vehicle stylish, but there’s no enough ‘iron’. In other words, its exterior wins here, but a SUV has to be dependable first of all. Surely we pretty rarely could find ourselves in a place where there are no good roads at all. Again, to emphasize on SUV, it has to be convenient to drive not only in the city, but everywhere.

So, Chevy Silverado High Country looks pretty typical, but stylish. The overall impression of Silverado after testing is not as good as it was at first glance. Yes, the design seems to be captivating, but the dependability of this vehicle is an issue. In addition, it has been shaking and vibrating on bumps, so for children or fragile luggage it is not good at all. However, if you are seeking for a vehicle for a working site or at a farm, it’s a good option.

Now let’s take a closer look at the Ford F-150. We have already noted that the comfort during driving experience is undoubtedly higher than that of the previous automobile. In addition, being at the Ford F-150’s steering wheel is softer and more comfortable. This vehicle is powered by a V-6 running a 13.7 at 102 mph (ca. 164 km/h) in the quarter-mile. This is certainly impressive. Well, the Silverado often needed several attempts to find the right gear, while this Ford was almost always able to find a comfortable gear the first time.

Comparing Ford F-150 with Chevrolet Silverado 1500, you can immediately note the advantages of the first and the disadvantages of the second. Even after pretty detailed testing, Silverado generally does not seem to be a well-thought-out auto and not adapted for use by the family. While Ford has all these advantages, as they say, on the surface.

To be honest, it’s very hard to compare driving experience with the Ford F-150 and the Ram since both autos are characterized by smooth movement and pretty soft ride. We even think that you would need a lot of attempts in order to identify those differences, since they are very slight. We did not notice any shaking, which so infuriated the drivers on the Chevrolet Silverado 1500. However, at the end of testing it was still noted that the Ram was easily controlled than the Ford. However, as it seems to us, this is not a significant difference, and both models are suitable for family use.

Cabin style and design

Now let’s move the interior, it’s pretty impressive. First, thanks to the massage seats at the Chevy Silverado, it will please any driver, especially on the long road, it will be a noticeable advantage of this car. We also noted many details that make this car more sophisticated, speaking about exterior. These are matte finishes and handles made of natural ash and at first sight they can seem very plain things, but in fact they create a very stylish and nice-looking look. However, the Ram’s seemed to us more stylish taking a closer look to details, so this is an advantage of this model.


Conclusions and recommendations

We would say that The Ram definitely impressed us more, since driving this truck is a real pleasure. Probably it sounds strange that we almost did not feel the car body and this model towed quite a bit. During lanes  changing, there was some slowdown, but in other situations, we practically forgot that “something else is attached to the car’s bumper”. For vehicles in this class, this is a very decent indicator. Even a loaded car has the same light and soft ride as it is completely empty. It doesn’t matter what’s your trip distance, it will be easy and comfy. The only thing we noticed and what seemed a bit negative were turned signals  which did not have a one-touch six-blink function in a tow mode.

The Ram is the most ‘thoughtful’ of all the vehicles that we put under test. It is lightweight, comfortable, safe and has a very thoughtful design, both inside and out. It looks more like an S-Class than even an E-Class, especially when it comes in a creamy shade.

Moreover, The Ram 1500 is filled with other useful features: say, 12.0-inch touch screen which can be divided into two parts. This allows you to simultaneously show, for example, a navigator and Apple CarPlay. 

In addition, numerous motorists also noted speakers which are built over the heads of passengers. The stereo system of this auto is up-to-date, handy and executed efficiently. The beautiful metal speakers is probably the best complement to the interior of the car, plus the quality of the sound. The vehicle has enormous two-row sunroof (just like the Ford’s) cuts into headroom for the tallest rear passengers. It provides maximum comfort during the trip, it’s ensured by the fact that the rear seats have the ability to move, which allows you to adjust the legroom just like that.

But we also found flaws in this car. For example, it is heavier than the models discussed above. All due to the fact that the model has a little aluminum in construction, which makes it heavier. If before that we add a still relatively weak engine, we can conclude that the car will be slow. 

But despite this, all this is still in the top of our review. Yes, it has some disadvantages, but according to the tester, this car has undoubtedly more advantages.

This car is definitely worth the money. Of course, if manufacturers in the near future will equip it with an additional rear-view camera, which we noted at Silverado, it will grow even more in the eyes of the publisher, but even today this flight looks decent. His dignity is in a comfortable ride and appearance that will make your eye rejoice.

This model is also suitable for farm work and family travel in the city. In addition, she rides very safely and quietly, making her the leader of our rating.