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Maserati Quattroporte 2020 Review


Large sedans are not new on the market. They have won the hearts of those who love speed and comfort. But in recent years, these cars turned from just big cars into something very stylish and extraordinary thanks to soft lines and rounded shapes which add elegance. Pay attention to the Maserati Quattroporte. As years go by, this model amazes us more and more. What did manufacturers plan this time?

Models that company will show us in 2020

qatroporte interior luxury

As already known, this is a large car with five seats. In new year it is offered in three versions – S, GranLusso and GranSport. The standard powertrain has a 3.0-liter turbocharged V6 (424 horsepower, 428 lb (0.19 t)-ft of torque) that is paired with an eight-speed automatic transmission that sends power to the rear wheels. GTS models get a 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8 (523 hp, 524 lb (0.24 t)-ft). Q4 all-wheel drive is not available with this engine. In addition, in these cars you can find everything that makes it possible to make your trip the most comfortable and safe. This is adaptive cruise control, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The list of the best Double Din Car Stereo Recievers you can find here.

interior and seats

In the standard configuration, you get a big car with soft seats, stylish doors and an infotainment system, but if you are looking for something even more upgrade, the manufacturers suggest to turn your attention to GranLusso. Here you get leather seats with heating and ventilation. At GranSport you get just sports seats.


Comfortable ride and braking are provided by 21-inch wheels.

Infotainment system

The car is equipped with an infotainment system that will make your trip as comfortable as possible. This includes climate control and Bowers & Wilkins premium audio system. There is also an 8.4-inch touchscreen.


The car is equipped with many features that will provide you with the safest driving. These include a variety of warnings about potential blind spots or collisions. Adaptive cruise control with Stop & Go function will make driving on the freeway as comfortable as possible. It maintains and adjusts the speed depending on the distance between your car and car in front of your. The system also warns you of the possibility of a collision and mitigates it. In case of emergency, when the system cannot avoid a collision, and the driver does not react, automatic braking will surely save you from collision.


Maserati Quattroporte 2020 is a reliable large car that will suit both for trips out of town and for a city ride. Three configuration options allow you to choose a convenient one for different requirements. If you’re looking for a sport option,  look S GranSport. Here you can note the sporty design and seats, which will help you to make your sports car ride as fast as possible. Standard features highlights for the S trim include adaptive LED headlights, soft-close doors, adaptive suspension dampers, adaptive cruise control. Such model is suitable for those who are looking for the simplest but comfortable car with all the amenities and functions that will ensure safe and easy driving. The GranLusso has more function. Here, the design is more well-considered and there are more functions. For example there is power-adjustable pedals.

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