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2020 BMW X5 M and X6 M


Once upon a time, BMW was not famous for turbines and high-speed engines. It was a Puritan company that produced ordinary average cars. But then the X5 SUV appeared on the market. Since then, this company has been famous for its incredibly powerful cars.

What is the difference between them? Of course, one of them is called a Sports Activity Vehicle and the other – X6 SAC, but we do not buy a name, but speed and comfort and another 600 horsepower that we get with any models. However, if you decide to purchase one of these ones, you should pay attention to many things. What are these things? And how is the 2020 generation different from its predecessors? Let’s see below.

bmw M interior


The engine here is the same twin-turbo 4.4-liter V-8 known to all fans of this car brand. Peak power occurs at 6000 rpm, and there’s 553 lb (0.25 t)-ft of torque present from 1800 to 5860 rpm. These indicators, as before, impress all motorists.

Known by propeller heads as the S63, the engine makes 33 more horsepower than  the engine in other previous models. BMW promises a zero-to-60-mph time of 3.8 seconds for the 600-hp version and 3.7 seconds for the Competition version. The top speed is governed at 155 mph (ca. 249 km/h). Opt for the M Driver’s package and the top speed rises to 177 mph (ca. 285 km/h).


The safest ride and braking provide good tires. On both models, this is 295 / 35ZR-21 in front and 315 / 35ZR-21 in back (325 / 30ZR-22 on Competition models). These tires are very massive. Therefore, riding with them give you only positive emotion. In addition, the models have the second oil sump. It maintains the oil level when the first level is depleted.  In addition, the X5 M and X6 M come prepared for track duty. Do you know how much oil does my car take usually? Select the most suitable synthetic oil for you to keep the normal level.

The brakes

The brake can be easily adjusted that seem to one that this is surplus and that the car company must do everything to minimize the driver’s work. But for some, the ability to switch between Comfort and Sport brake-pedal settings may seem like a huge plus. It seems to us that this is surplus. The rotors of both cars are big iron rotors, 15.6 inches (ca. 40 cm) in front and 15.0 inches (ca. 38 cm) in the rear.

X5 M and X6 M do not have the ability to select rear-wheel drive mode. This distinguishes these models from the previous M5. The all-wheel-drive system has an electronically controlled clutch pack that can send power to the front or rear axle as necessary. 

From this, you can make the choice that these SUVs will just fine with both the sports track and the regular one. You can enjoy both fast driving and calm.