The TOP 7 Best Adjustable Wrenches Review


It’s not even a question: even toolbox needs an adjustable wrench. This device could be also called a spanner and is being applied to numerous uses within different working environments. Your toolbox won’t be 100% complete without a high-quality wrench. A spanner has one fixed jaw and one movable jaw, so you’ll be able to easily tighter or lose a nut, a bolt or any other things.

Presented in different shapes and dimensions, the market is full of adjustable spanners that can open to altering degrees. Starting with plumbing, then auto mechanics, cycle/motorbikes and furniture repair are just a few kinds of works where having adjustable wrenches is a must. Let’s unpack it into details:

Plumbing Works

These types of works are probably one of the best uses of an adjustable spanner. If you need to fit some thickness to piping, it does not matter you’re an experienced plumber or you’re just a man who wants to fix it by his own art home — an adjustable spanner is required. For instance, say, you’d like to fix a sink. As a rule, it has a thicker hex box fitting as a standard toilet or regular bath. Now when we speak about bath taps, the ones have a smaller size and, thus, spanner suits perfectly for just slipping over the nut just to tighten or lose it. 


If you are a lucky owner of a cycle or motorbike, having an adjustable spanner is a must. This item could be an extremely useful tool in case, say if you got stuck somewhere and you urgently need to fix a puncture. The spanner will help you to remove a wheel in no time if you decided to cycle but happened to end up with a completely flat tire. Sometimes you would be able to fix it without a spanner, however, why wasting time if you can have a nice and easy way to repair your cycle or motorbike? The rule of any cycler is to carry a wrench anytime. It works for motorbikers as well — loose nuts and bolts could simply result in an accent, so minor adjustments during your travel still must be implemented. 


Seeing an automotive mechanic who doesn’t have a spanner is something unreal. The device boasts of many advantages in comparison with other wrenches: you’ll easily reach any smaller areas with it, tightening nuts in the hidden corners. In addition, you’re able to use a box-end wrench as well as other types of them, however, an adjustable model provides better performance: grip and more torque. Another thing to mention is that there are vehicles that have awkward hand spaces and it means that a regular spanner won’t simply work there.


If you have spare time and this type of spanner, self-assembly furniture won’t be a big deal. Moreover, if you are keen on making your own chairs and tables, an adjustable spanner is required as well. Getting dozens of wrenches is a waste of time and money, plus you don’t want to carry around kilograms of tools, right? The decision is an adjustable device that will fit any bolt or nut. This type of spanner significantly reduces your need to lug heavy toolboxes and, as another advantage, saves you money.

We’ve attentively looked through the market and found the best spanners, then picked TOP-7 adjustable spanners in order to show you only the best product in stock. Check our purchase guide in order to choose a spanner that fits your needs and order the required product in no time.

Things to Watch Out


As a rule, an adjustable spanner is made of stainless steel or another type of steel. However, you may face some undependable materials which are easy to rust. Check reviews and an adjustable wrench configuration in order to choose a reliable material.


You surely don’t want your hand to slip off the wrench during work, so pay attention to the handle material as well. It’s great if the one is in rubber so it guarantees safety during any works.


Since nobody wants his wrench to be out of order in a few months, durability is an important thing. Keep attention at our reviews as well as check customers’ reviews to choose the most reliable spanner for your household.


Even though a spanner is not an automobile, it would be nice to have some guarantee for it. If the seller offers a warranty at least for several months, it’s a big advantage to say “yes” to this particular wrench. 

Choosing a spanner for furniture or your motorbike, do not be in a hurry and take your time: pay attention to all specifications that draw your attention, check reviews and do not hesitate to ask a seller in case you have some misunderstandings.

Technical terms 


The market offers adjustable wrenches of different designs, so you need to pay attention and choose the one that will fit your type of work. Say, if you are about to use it for furniture, seek tiny handles and if you are looking for a spanner for your motorbike, ensure it will fit the trunk. 

New Technologies 

Even though there are products on the market that boast of ‘special grip’ or ‘improved design’ spanner, be attentive since sometimes there’s nothing behind this marketing. Sometimes quality and finely made adjustable wrench without any relevant technologies is the only thing you need for your house or professional work. 

If you are seeking small adjustable wrenches, make sure you have checked dimensions as well as its weight. The latter makes sense if you’re about to carry your wrench with you all day long.


Speaking about adjustable wrenches, there are four types of them: adjustable spanners, monkey wrench, pipe wrench, and special plumper wrench. In this review, we paid attention only to adjustable spanners because this is the most common type that has to be in any household. They come in different sizes, however, the majority of them offer a 15-degree angle between the handle and the jaw that moves. Any elbows, pipes or faucets could be adjusted by means of this type of wrench.

An adjustable spanner is very easy-to-use so even a teenager can tighten a span just like that. As mentioned above, the spanner will suit many types of work including both household and professional work.

Product review 

This detailed review is about to show which wrenches are the best, and, to be specific, which of them will suit your needs. Look through each review carefully in order to note some details and pick a spanner for your household or professional site just like that.

Channellock WideAzz Wrench

When it comes to a spanner, an extra-wide opening is more than just a nice feature, since sometimes you need to reach really narrow spots. Another thing to pay attention to here is a longer jaws grip, which is better as well as thinner jaws in comparison with other models in its class. Due to the latter, you have great access to tight spaces so work won’t be a challenge for you. Let’s move on: non-protruding jaws ensure greater capacity and their precise design allow you to grip tight right the first time. Moreover, this device boasts of measurements for sizing pipes and tubes. Code Blue is a famous brand in which products are designed for comfort and dependability. 

• Comfort grip
• Thinner jaws — you can reach
any spot
• Sometimes don’t fit to lower end
KNIPEX Wrench Comfort Grip

This nice and easy adjustable spanner is very bright, so you’ll easily find it the garage or on the working site. Thanks to parallel jaws, you will be able to grip all widths and perfectly hold, press and bend with no efforts. Another advantage to emphasize here is lever transmission greater than 10-1, so the device offers really strong gripping power. Thanks to rubber covered handles, you will get no slipping of the joint at all.

• Rubber covered handle
• Grips all widths
• Could be cumbersome to use
IRWIN VISE-GRIP Tools Adjustable Wrench Set

If you have been seeking for a 2-piece spanner set, this item will fit your needs. Thanks to ProTouch grip, this tool guarantees maximum torque as well as comfort, so you’ll be able to resist any slip. When it comes to construction, it’s very sturdy thanks to durable materials — chrome vanadium. Extra-wide capacity and a hang hole allow you to reach any spots and store your spanner with ease. Speaking about guarantee, this device comes with a lifetime warranty from the brand.

• Lifetime warranty
• 2-piece set
• ProTouch grip
• Jaws may seem loose
IRWIN Tools VISE-GRIP Adjustable Wrench

Coming from the same brand as the previous product, IRWIN nice and simple adjustable wrench is made of durable chrome vanadium material as well. Have you been surfing the Web in search of a plain and dependable spanner? Pay your attention to this item. As well as IRWIN 2-piece set it offers ProTouch grips that reduce hand fatigue, imperial and metric scales and a hand hole for easy wall storage.

• Nice and plain wrench 
• Hand hole for easy wall storage
• Made of durable material
• According to some feedbacks, good wrench, but poor grip

This heat-treated carbon steel wrench can withstand any temperatures and working environment. Have you been surfing the Internet to find a corrosion-resistant spanner? This one is probably the most durable device on the market. Precision-machined slide jaw and worm gear allow for exact fastener fit and smooth adjustment. Moreover, this device offers a quick fit jaw opening guide with permanent laser-etched size markings in 1/16 in. If you have been looking for a wrench for your household, pay attention to this item.

• Perfect for household
• Made of carbon steel
• Noticed excessive free play
IRWIN Adjustable Wrench 4 piece set

If you need an adjustable spanner for working sites or you just like to design and make up furniture by yourself, IRWIN will definitely help you. As well as two previous models it has ProTouch grips that guarantee extra comfort and reduce hand fatigue as well. What does it stand for? Your safety. Machined jaws for maximum gripping strength is another ‘that’s the reason’ for your ‘why should I get it’. Last but not least thing — it meets or exceeds ANSI specifications. This 4-piece set has 6″, 8″, 10″, and 12″ adjustable wrenches and a bonus plastic tray for perfect organization.

• Perfectly fits for working sites
• Meets ANSI specifications
• ProTouch grip
• Jaw may stick difficult to remove from nut
Crescent 6 Adjustable Black Oxide Wrench

If you are seeking a dependable adjustable wrench that resists corrosion and offers a non-slip grip handle, this is it. The item from fairly reputable brand Crescent boasts of knurl adjusted easily and tension spring that stabilized jaw just like that. Due to its wider capacity jaw, you will be able to work with more fastener sizes, moreover, you will be able to reach any spot in the house or on the working site. Speaking about its capacity, these jaws are multi-purpose and allow each tool to work with more fastener sizes. Its minimalistic design and positive reviews are two more reasons to nod your head to this product.

• Minimalistic design
• Non-slip grip handle
• May require strength in hands

Our best choice

Summing up all details and spanners’ pros and cons, we have stopped at Channellock WideAzz Wrench. Since the extra wide opening is more than just a nice feature for any wrenches, we have decided to highlight this detail. It does not matter you work at a site or just at home — sometimes you need to reach the farthest corner of the bathroom or roof or any other ‘hidden spots’. Channellock offers a longer jaws grip, which is better as well as thinner jaws in comparison with other models in its class. It’s even more with a great access issue so this spanner could be used for any kind of job. The next thing is non-protruding jaws which guarantee greater capacity and their precise design allows you to grip tight right the first time, no ‘rehearsals’ needed. Even though just a few feedbacks claim it may feature not fitting to the lower end, this is a tiny drawback which is covered by a number of advantages of this wrench.  Check more car repairing tools reviews by the following link.


Why is this type of wrench claimed to be the best?

An adjustable spanner allows you to kill many birds with one stone; as mentioned before you can choose it for motorbike, bicycle, furniture fix and so on. It’s not even an issue — you can go and purchase all sizes of wrenches, but getting one high-quality spanner will save you time, money and storage space.

How can I know if it fits my motorbike?

Since all wrenches presented in our review are adjustable, they will surely fit your two-wheel friend. This is a real must-have if you don’t want to be stuck on the road. 

How to use this spanner?

First, you need to identify bolt or nut you want to tighten. Open up your wrench: simply turn the screw mechanism. Once you have opened the jaw of the device, check if it is wide open enough to get a nut into it. Slip the jaw over the bold and hold it. Then all you have to do is to span the mechanism until the nut or any other bolt is tight enough.

If I am a plumber, do I have to get an additional adjustable spanner?

Not at all. If you’re seeking for a tool just to tighten or to lose bolts, this device will suit you the best.


An adjustable wrench is a thing to kill several birds with a stone. There’s no question ‘to be or not to be’ since this device is a must-have for every motorist or a man who strives to keep his household nice and maintained. If you still don’t know which device to choose for a working site or your home, simply look through our review one more time and check one more time all adjustable wrenches presented in our guide.