The Best ATV Helmets – TOP 3 Review


When it comes to all-terrain vehicles, safety comes first. Thus, wearing an ATV helmet is a fundamental thing no matter you have popped out to the nearest shop to buy groceries or you are about to ride a hundred miles. It’s critically important for ATV owner’s safety and comfy driving experience (especially when partaking in motorized off-roading activities) to wear a helmet. Thanks to the Web, today you can look through a vast market for ATV helmets without leaving your sofa. However, today the diversity of products is very high that it could take you hours and hours to choose the right thing. No surprise it could be overwhelming to any buyer — no matter you are a novice or you’re an experienced rider alike.

Unfortunately, motorcyclists and auto enthusiasts, in general, are at high risk in traffic crashes. Fortunately, if you ride and, most importantly, prepare for the ride wisely, you are able to minimize those risks tending to zero. According to the 2008 general road review which overlooked studies on motorcycle enthusiasts who ride at least several times a week, helmets indeed reduce the risk of head injury by approximately 69% and they save from death more by around 42%.

Atv on the road

That’s the reason we have attentively looked through the market and picked TOP 3 ATV helmets which worth your attention. Now you won’t get lured into false advertising or numerous videos which leave you with a blurred mind. Giving the importance of your safety, it’s critical to get the right ATV or UTV helmet and being protected every time you’ve decided to ride.

5 Other “Yes” to Say to an ATV Helmet

  1. It keeps a rider more alert since it reduces wind fatigue
  2. It provides great eye coverage (protection) from insects 
  3. The rider will surely see more clearly  
  4. It puts down on wind noise, as a result, a rider hears clearly
  5. A colored ATV helmet allow distinguishing a rider easier

Things to Watch Out

Size and shape

Every individual has its personal head/face shape and it’s significant so you have to be aware of yours. As a rule, there are three categories all ATV helmets could be divided for round oval, long oval, and intermediate oval. Everybody has to determine his size by observing the head structure on his own or one can ask a friend to help. If you try on a helmet and it puts much pressure on wrong points on your head, it starts to sore or you feel uncomfy in 20-30 mins, then it’s certainly not a helmet you should purchase. Thus, give it a try — it’s better to try on several helmets offline and order the desired item online. A right-sized one will fit perfectly, like a crown and will prevent any large movements. Do not worry if a helmet kind of pulls your face during its removal — it’s totally fine.


A finely made helmet must be on your head anytime, even in the worst conditions like accidents since it called to protect you. If you are not sure this certain helmet protects you, don’t purchase it. What you have to do to check if your helmet is functional: first fasten the strap of your helmet and then try to pull it off from the back. If it rolls out, well, you need to adjust the main strap. Well, if it does not fit well even after adjustment, it means this item is not a thing for your ride. The hold is a basic thing you need to check before purchase.


Helmets are designed and produced not to just protect your eyes, but most importantly your skull from damage in case of accidents, crash or any fatal situations. There are many motor enthusiasts who do not pay attention to cushioning, yet it plays a significant role as well as adjustment and shape and size of the helmet. If you ride an ATV, you have to ensure that the helmet boasts of proper and nice cushioning that takes force and the inner surface is soft enough.


This is another issue you have to consider before purchasing an ATV helmet. A windscreen must be clear since it plays a crucial role in providing you clear vision, and, in turn, better riding performance. The market is full of smoked and different tinted windscreens, they surely attract customers’ attention because of their design. However, they often do not provide a clear vision and you have to avoid them. If you are ready to spend more money than average for ATV helmet, check anti-fog items or helmets which come with anti-scratch visors.

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Technical Definitions

  • Since you already see there are numerous all-terrain vehicle helmets with different specifications on the market, choosing the one for your comfy and safe ride, you need to pay attention to marks and certificates. Each manufacturer would claim that his helmets provide optimal protection and guarantee the best performance, but you need to check if an item was approved and certified. There are many fake items on the market so you never hesitate to ask twice for certifications and quality-check. Even though a certificate cannot guarantee you 100% safety, it followed the standard.
  • Materials also matter. As you’ll see from our review above, there are ATV helmets made of different materials. Your aim is to choose the most durable, comfy and safe before purchasing a brand-new ATV helmet.
  • Keep in mind that you won’t be able to change ATV helmet shape, so attention must be paid to every small detail and especially helmet shape, visor, straps when you are picking this protective item.


All all-terrain vehicle helmets could be divided by shape, color, visor, and numerous other specifications. However, there are protective full-face, less protective open-face and for extreme off-roаd ATVs, you need to check.

full face type

Starting with full-face ATV helmets, they probably give you the best possible protection. Thanks to their built-in face shields, your head will be fully protected, your eyes won’t meet any wind or insect and thanks to molding extends to your chin, plus to your mouth, which will be covered as well. If you are a novice in motorcycling, a full-face ATV helmet is what you need to choose.

open face type

The next type of all-terrain vehicle helmets is ‘open-face’, to be frank, they are less tough and constrictive, however, at the same time these items provide the least cover and protection. If you accept all risks and you tend to be more extreme, this kind is for you. Open-face models do not protect your chin and mouth. From the other side of a hand, they usually have chin straps and it means that a helmet will be securely held on your head.

The last type of all-terrain vehicle helmets is off-road. They are mostly designed and recommended for riders who prefer extreme and aggressive riding. They are aimed to mostly cover a face and boast of a very big piece of molding covering your chin and jaw. In comparison with the first and the second types, these ones provide good ventilation, so you won’t be sweaty and a fine visor that works like a face cover as well as boasts of other features for extreme and speedy riding.

Product review 

Motorcycle Dual Visor Helmet

If you are a novice in motorcycling, this nice and simple helmet is what you need. Thanks to its minimalistic and lightweight design, it won’t be a problem for you to wear it, moreover, it reduces wind noise. As for helmet liner, its cheek pads are lightweight as well, you can easily remove them and wash them in a washing machine. Speaking about safety, this item meets DOT Safety Standards. Anti-fog and wide view clear visor come as a bonus.

Pros Cons
• DOT Safety Standards
• Lightweight design
• Reduces Wind Noise 
• Petroleum product smell (first days)
Motorcycle Street Bike Helmet

In case you have been seeking for XL all-terrain vehicle with dual-lens design, this is it. This helmet is DOT approved and features XL size. We understand that color’s not the first thing to pay attention to when seeking a dependable item, however, we cannot skip the fact that it offers 10+ styles and UV protective finish. This lightweight all-terrain vehicle helmet boasts of aerodynamic alloy shell and washable padding.

Pros Cons
• DOT approved
• XL size
• UV protection
•  Does not provide 100% cover at the wind
O'Neal Series Helmet

This all-terrain vehicle shell is designed and produced from durable Polycarbonate; moreover, its weight is only 1500 grams. The item is of a large size, so it will likely suit you. Thanks to the ultra-plush washable padded liner, cleaning this helmet will take you no more than 10 mins. Adjustable visor design is another nice detail as well as durable multi-colored coated graphics. Last but not the least thing — the seller offers replacement parts in case of need.

Pros Cons
• Only 1500 grams
• Multi-colored coated graphics
• Replacements parts in stock
• Sometimes it’s small and does not match with the chart

Our best choice

Summing up all advantages and drawbacks, taking into attention issues of safety and DOT approval, we have stopped at glossy and UV-protective: Motorcycle Street Bike Helmet. This lightweight all-terrain vehicle helmet provides excellent protection and boasts of aerodynamic alloy shell and washable padding.

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What’s an ATV helmet?

ATV helmet or motorcycle helmet is a kind of helmet used by motor-riders. To emphasize on ATV definition, it stands for all-terrain vehicle and means that such kind of helmet could be used for different types of ATVs. The primary goal of any helmet is your safety, it protects your head during driving and reduces head injury in case of an accident. With no exaggeration, this item could be named a real lifesaver. There are ATV accessories that not only protect but give additional functions: face shields, ear protection, intercom, and others. 

Do I have to wear it every time when I ride my ATV?

Surely it depends on the state and your style of driving. As a rule and for one’s own safety, a rider wears an ATV helmet, by all means, no matter one’s going to ride a road, a street or a highway. We insist you should wear it 100 times out of 100 regardless of your intentions, age, and experience. In accidents and critical situations, it’s a lifesaver.

When should I seek for a new helmet?

You need to search for a new one every five years or even sooner if your all-terrain vehicle helmet has been damaged in an accident or by any other reason. It’s totally normal that over time, the materials degrade and it may compromise the safety, so don’t wait even a day if you know the helmet needs replacement.

I already have a bicycle helmet. Can I use it for my ATV?

No, since helmets for bicycles are not rated and protect your head as properly as the ATV helmet does. They simply are not able to protect your eyes, neck, and head adequately if you are in an accident. 

Is it easy to clean my ATV helmet?

To clean the outside of your all-terrain helmet, you need water, helmet wax, and non-abrasive cloth, especially if you have colored or nicely designed helmet. You need to take out removable parts and wash them with hands or in a washing machine if the tag allows. Now you need to wipe down the inside with a gentle cleanser and you’re done.


Life is fragile so you may put your appreciation via care about yourself, in turn, your safety. All-terrain vehicle helmet is the primary thing you can do while riding a motorcycle or any other vehicle that required head, eyes and chin protection. If you are not defined with what ATV helmet to pick, look through our review one more time to choose the most suitable model.