TOP 10 Best ATV LED Light Bars


Nowadays the automotive industry is evolving at the rate that would make an Evolution Theory Ph.D. blanch. All specs ranging from the chassis to outer design are getting streamlined, and it’s only natural that more and more car owners wrinkle their nose at the idea of using your ordinary, homely Halogens or high-intensity discharge lights. No way, Jose! They want something new and revolutionary. Your LED lights beat the regular incandescent bulbs ANY day of the week! They beat them on all counts that matter – cool light, decent illumination, color, dimming, slow failure, size, on/off time, efficiency, durability, lifespan, focus, etc … You name it, LEDs take the cake! And if you have a beef with being charged a little extra for these benefits galore, then perhaps you should have stayed in the last century where Grumpy Old Men reside. If you are with us on this one, then hop in and enjoy the ride. We have ten very special LED units lined up for your scrutiny.

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1. NILIGHT 60001F-B Bar – The Best Value for Money

Nilight 60001F-B Bar

The Nilight flagship 60001F-B Bar is as good as they get! It became an instant smash hit when it first popped up on the market a few years ago. Fast-forward to 2019, lo and behold, it’s still in the competition. This Old Horse surely knows the way. What makes it so appealing to potential buyers? It’s insanely bright for its puny 18W LED power. The well crafted LED chips have stood the test of time nicely and continue providing superb visibility range both breadth and lengthwise on the flood beam, even after long use. 

Its spot beam is not something to write home about but given the 1260 LM light output, we take no issues with that. The Nilight 60001F-B does not have the highest lifespan in class (just 30000 hours), however, it’s a total non-factor given the massive advantages it offers. It’s super easy to mount! If you are not a total technical maladroit a few hours would suffice to fully complete the installation process. It boasts a very elegant and slick design. An easily adjustable mounting bracket provides for a broad-range of tilting action – something that many MUCH higher-priced light bars in class don’t have. It brings instant value in all kinds of driving conditions, vehicles, and all kinds of indoor/outdoor applications. 

Very compact and easy to handle and not afraid of harsh treatment. Very sturdy! This baby can take a serious licking and keep on ticking. A small word of caution – the 60001F-B Bar sports an IP68 waterproof rate but a long submersion into water is something we would not recommend. 

So are there really any holes in the game? Don’t count on it! The 60001F-B Bar combines five-star quality with old-school ruggedness and priced at $13.60 it puts the competition to shame. A slam-dunk “best value for its money” pick.


  • Upgraded PC lens
  • Advanced LED chips
  • Fast-heat dissipation system
  • Efficient mounting bracket


  • Brand Nilight
  • Item Weight 2 pounds
  • Item Model number 60001F-B
Pros Cons
• High quality 
• Great price 
• Insanely bright for it’s wattage  
• Two year warranty and a great customer
•  Pretty low light output
• Slightly underwhelming LED Power
• Not the best spot beam 

2.NILIGHT ZH006 Bar — Solid choice  

Nilight ZH006 Bar

The Nilight ZH006 Bar will make you one happy camper right off the bat and for as long as it lasts! And it will last you for a darn long time. It’s 30000 hours working lifespan is impressive but it is the overall technical prowess that puts it into a premium selling spot! It boasts three high-intensity LEDs, each powered by 42W and the aggregate 126W pack one heck of a wallop on both spot and flood beams. Installing the mounting bracket would not pose a serious problem if you know what you are doing, and while the 45 degrees of adjustable tilt it offers is not exactly mind-boggling it’s more than adequate to your every-day driving needs and requirements. The wiring harness is of the highest quality and very easy to plug in. The wires are supple and highly conductible. This unit is totally water-proof and designed to withstand any kind of elements. Has a stocky build and, reportedly, has stood up to sizable collisions and remained in one piece. At the end of the day, you can’t argue with the all-around quality of this light bar. With the reasonable price tag ($30.77) and massive perks, it offers the Nilight ZH006 is surely a win-win proposition. 


  • Advanced LED chips
  • Great visuals on PC lens
  • 126W powered light combo
  • Highly conductible cable harness 
  • Slick automotive relay


  • Brand Nilight
  • Item Weight 4.6 pounds 
  • Item Model number ZH006
Pros Cons
• Great value for money 
• Very easy to install 
• Brightness is off the charts 
• Sturdy and reliable 
• 2 year warranty 
• Adjusting the mounting brackets can be problematic at times 

3. AMBOTHER LED Pods Light Bar – Editor’s Choice 


Question: Can the Hunan YiQi Electronics offshoot AMBOTHER give top-dog Nilight a run for its money? Answer: the AMBOTHER light bar 8542100737 surely can. It’s been on the market for a relatively short time but it’s already made a name for itself as a hot product to go after. It’s rather slick looking and does not look your average Chinesque (no pun intended) mediocrity in the least. It’s super bright, very easy to install, has a surprisingly easily adjustable mounting system and is totally weatherproof. Does it bring excellent value for its money? – Does a bear live in the woods? 

As for its merits. Where do we even start? For one, its 120 watts of efficient LED power is a silent assassin for any kind of dense fog, rain or darkness. The 12800 LM light output forges a far-reaching and wide-ranging beam pattern on both spot and floodlights. It remains unperturbed in the face of any rough shaking and could take a direct impact on minor collisions and remain functional. Very rugged, well-built and slick looking. It is serviceable for all kinds of vehicles and all kinds of driving scenarios – fog, rain, industrial work, everyday driving, off-road lighting, indoor piece – you name it, it pays dividends daily! The mounting bracket is all-around adjustable and the beam angle is super easy to manage. It also flaunts an unbelievable 100,000 hours lifespan. With a tiny $14.79$ price tag this item makes for an off-the-charts attractive buy.


  • New-fangled SMD LED chip
  • Powerful spot flood combo beam
  • IP67 certified 
  • Corrosion-free aluminum housing 


  • Brand AMBOTHER
  • Item Weight 1.61 pounds
  • Item Model number 8542100737
Pros Cons
• Very easy to install 
• Super bright 
• Whopping light output 
• 100000 hours lifespan
• Tough as nails
• Really tiny – might be a turn-off to customers
afflicted with gadget bigorexia. 

4. AUXBEAM LED Light Bar 

Auxbeam LED Light Bar

When it was launched the 77707207AX LED Light Bar was projected out to become one of Auxbeam’s best-sellers and it has lived up to expectations, at least in part. It surely offers good value for money all around. Its major selling points? There are a few worth naming. Reasonable price – $23.99. Emits a startling amount of bright white light for its 72W power. Lights up a surprisingly vast viewing area with the flood beam. The spot light is not its forte but a combo of spot and flood produce a phenomenal beam. If you put quantity above quality, the 7200 LM light output might seem a tad underwhelming, but you’ll quickly forget about it once you’ve tried this asset on for size – it destroys darkness and fog quicker and more effectively than many of its high-powered peers. 

The Auxbeam LED Light Bar looks the part on all kinds of vehicles and equipment. Its 30 thousand hours life-span is okay, but what really makes it special is a specially designed 3D projector lens which greatly amplifies the effective range of the light beam. The aluminum bottom mounting brackets might be a bit of a tedious chore to install, however, they are unobtrusive once fixed. Overall the mounting bracket is solid but it could use a few technical nips and tucks to better accommodate all types of equipment. The light bar tilting angle could benefit from a broader range of motion as it’s slightly limited presently. This unit is also not as totally impervious to the ravages of moisture and condensation as its IP67 rating indicates. Overall an interesting proposition that needs a few minor kinks ironed out to successfully challenge the big enchiladas.


  • New generation 3D projector lens
  • 24pcs 3W high-intensity LEDs


  • Brand Auxbeam
  • Item Weight 2.35 pounds
  • Item Model number 77707207AX
Pros Cons
• Fantastic blend of spot and flood light
• Reasonable price 
• Surprisingly bright for it’s listed specs
• Easy to install 
• Good lifespan 
• Reported condensation issues 
• The mounting bracket is not always
compatible with all kinds of equipment 
• The light bracket’ range of motion is limited 

5. BEAMCORN Led Light Bar – 4 Inch Pods 

4 Inch BEAMCORN Led Pods

One of the more recent babies in the BEAMCORN LED family, the BM-HKM060 model has made phenomenal gains since into market roll-out. All around offers great overall value for light $19.99 price tag. Extremely bright and every Watt of the one hundred twenty listed in its specs seems to carry weight. The pods are diminutive in size, only four inches, but they turn night into day in the blink of an eye, casting up to fifty-five feet of diffuse beam light with excellent lateral range. The spotlight is good but not great. 

Durability and efficiency of design are its main calling cards and these pods will handily repel all kinds of elements, including rain, dust, and moisture. The listed 30 000 hour lifespan is definitely subject to change as its die-cast aluminum housing and toughed glass could add at least half of that time to its operational life if you treat it the right way. Potential buyers who feel leery of BM-HKM060’ capability to seamlessly plug into their power supply need not worry. The wiring harness has excellent conductivity and voltage range, easily hitting home in all kinds of vehicles, boats and heavy equipment. If you don’t have any technical know-how, adjusting the mounting bracket might prove problematic, and the twenty-five degrees adjustable tilting angle on the light bar does look a bit lacking. 

All things considered, a solid piece overall: compact, durable, gets the job done on a dark night – justifiably one of the best selling light bars this year.


  • Triple row 20 pcs high-intensity chips
  • Die-cast aluminum housing 
  • Toughed glass
  • Voltage range sustainable for most vehicles 


  • Brand BEAMCORN
  • Item Weight 1.7 pounds
  • Item Model number BM-HKM060
Pros Cons
• Great value for money 
• Extremely bright 
• Extendable lifespan
• Very sturdy 
• Shatters darkness with its flood light 
• Mounting hardware can be troublesome
• Spot light could use a boost

6. EYOURLIFE Curved LED Light Bar 

Curved LED Light Bar, Eyourlife

Quality does come at a price, doesn’t it? With a price tag of $95 this Curved LED Light Bar surely needs some special assets to the one-up competition. By its very design meant to impress buyers into an impulse buy and many do take the bait. If you are a more prudent type weigh up the pros and cons before you take the plunge!

It’s mammoth 288 Watts of LED Power and 18000 Lumen light output coupled with an elegant exterior surely knock the socks off any would-be buyer. However, the spot and flood beams this unit produces don’t live up to its massive potential. You won’t be able to “insert and forget” it due to an aggravating whistling noise the light bar produces at higher vehicle speeds. Complaints about condensation inside the interior have been filed and the mounting hardware is not as compatible with all types of equipment as the promotional spreadsheets would lead you to expect. It’s also a real heavy-weight (11 pounds). 

We’ve enjoyed high-quality Eyourlife products no end in the past and for sure will keep enjoying them. But Eyourlife Model 288W left us wanting more. Does it have its pluses for sure: far-ranging and broad view on flood and spot beams? Check! IP68 rating? Check! Great lifespan? Check! Superlative housing and mounting bracket quality? Check! Fancy design? Check! Optimal operating voltage? Check! Shockproof PC lens? Check! Energy efficiency? Check! But do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages? 


  • Raw aluminum alloy housing
  • Universal stainless steel mounting bracket
  • Shock-proof optical PC lens


  • Brand Eyourlife
  • Item Weight 11 pounds
  • Item Model number 288W
Pros Cons
• Phenomenally powerful 
• Vast lifespan 
• Off the charts light output 
• Broad voltage range 
• Fetching design 
• The bragging rights to having an Eyourlife light bar
• Steep price 
• Aggravating noise at higher speeds
• Banned from use on highways 
• Condensation issues 
• Mounting hardware compatibility 



If you are not deterred by the $47.88 price tag the Bangbangche LED Light Bar could turn into a surprisingly gainful purchase. It offers good overall value for money! The 126W Led Power on the light bar packs enough juice to make the flood and spot beams serious weapons against any kind of darkness, fog or other precipitation both in front of your vehicle and laterally. The combo light does not disappoint either. Two smallish but potent 18W pod lights produce a spot beam the slices through the darkness like a hot knife through butter. The 30000 lifespan is negotiable, and if you treat this baby the right way could be extended by half. The light bar does not overheat upon long use, owns an excellent heat dissipation kit, and suffers from no visible condensation issues. The housing looks strong enough to withstand the rougher elements as well as minor collision damage. 

Your typical Jack of all trades for a light bar. Not fancy, not top of the line quality but would be a solid add-on to your vehicle as well as the indoor and outdoor source of illumination. There is that one pesky fly in the ointment though … The brackets look solid and the screws are a snug fit but you will require a special gun to install them. Just a minor inconvenience, for sure, and Bangbangche offers a one year warranty plus around the clock customer service as a saving grace!


  • One 126W combo light bar
  • Two 18W spotlights
  • Diecast aluminum housing
  • Universal mounting brackets 


  • Brand Bangbangche
  • Item Weight 7 pounds
  • Item Model number 10
Pros Cons
• Excellent value for money
• Totally weatherproof
• The cable harness is easy to plug in 
• One year warranty 
• Great service 
• Extra expenditure incurred by installation 

8. ZMOON Led Light Bar – 14in Signal Row

14in Signal Row Light Bar

It’s not the size of the dog in the fight that counts! The Zmoon Led Light Bar is diminutive (0.9 pounds) but, boy, does it have a strong bite! It does not look as state-of-the-art as some of the similar products on the market. Size-wise it’s definitely at the back of the pack and losing ground. 

But with the $18.99 price tag, top-flight weatherproofness and an installation tool kit that a bright 10 year should master it’s definitely a draw. Throw in the potent Light Output (eight thousand Lumen) and raw 80W of Led Power and what you end up with is a light bar that will earn its keep every minute of its active use. Its spot beam is not something we would cry from the rooftops about (just above average) but the intensity and range of the flood beam this Lilliputian produces will shock you. 

This Light Bar comes equipped with two strategically placed fins that significantly reduce the overheating hazard. By all accounts, it can easily outlast the listed 50 thousand hour lifespan given careful treatment. The housing looks solid enough to withstand a direct hit from AK-47 as well. Needless to say, dust and water have nothing on it. The brackets are solid and very easily adjustable. Just as important, the range of angle maneuverability is broad and the user can pick the desired beam direction at will. 

Zmoon Led Light Bar would come as a great complement to any boat, off-road bike, or stationary piece of equipment inside and outside your quarters. Once mounted correctly it would withstand serious shockwaves and not budge. A product that offers great value for money and could be one of the better-kept secrets on the market. 


  • 3D optical design
  • High quality LED chips
  • Heat-dissipating fins


  • Brand Zmoon
  • Item Weight 0.9 pounds
  • Item Model number CZ-QCM-2192-14
Pros Cons
• Great value for money
• Super easy to install 
• Weatherproof
• Solid durability and shock-resistance 
• Insanely bright for its size
• Does not look as fancy as its competitors 
• Very small

9. WEISIJI LED Light Bar 


If we had to choose between the WEISIJI ($49.99) and the Zmoon Led Light Bars ($18.99) we’d go with the latter option, and not just due to its price advantage. If you happen to be a WEISIJI fan though, or just simply love trying out things new and unexplored, you are welcome to give their powerhouse light bar (126W) a shot. What merits does it own? The usual array! Its IP68 certified, meaning dust, water and concussions roll off it like water off duck’s back. We are not 100 percent sure the PC Lens is shatterproof but the housing is indeed rock-solid aluminum that is well designed and does not grate on your eyes. If you’ve heard one too many horror stories about Chinese Light Bars being a real drag to install – WEISIJI offers two different brackets. Just in case … 

This light bar is not at the top of the spectrum for its brightness; however, it produces just enough light in front and to the sides of our vehicle to make your trip a safe one. WEISIJI has also walked the extra mile in their production effort coming up with remote control for mode and color (de)activation. Sounds fun! 

There are a few bumps in the road. If you are a stranger to installing “things electrical” you will need some help plugging the wiring harness in. Fixing the bracket has proven tricky in some cases, according to customers disgruntled by the necessity of extra drilling procedures required to mount it. The operation of the switching system is not silk-smooth and the Radiofrequency remote control could tax you patience occasionally. 

At the end of the day, the price tag is reasonable and while the manufacturer does not raise the bar too high with their production the WEISIJI R4 gets the job done on a dark, blustery night. It will also last you for a long time (50000 hours listed lifespan).


  • Radio frequency remote control 
  • Two bracket options for easier installation
  • Three 42pcs white light amplified LEDs
  • Anti-heat fins at the back
  • Pressure defusing breath valve


  • Brand WEISIJI
  • Item Weight 4 pounds
  • Item Model number R4
Pros Cons
• Excellent brightness on the flood beam
• IP68 certified
• Impressive lifespan
• Tricky to install 
• Convoluted switching system 
• Remote control operation is not optimal

10. RIGIDHORSE 12 Inch LED Light Bar 

Rigidhorse 12 Inch LED Light Bar

The last but definitely not least on the list. The Rigidhorse 12 Inch LED Light Bar comes with the same price tag ($49.99) as the WEISIJI match, but, boy, pitting these two against each other is like pitting a pit-bull against a poodle. The Rigidhorse product is solid across the board: good value for money, SUPER easy to install and in the upper spectrum for its light output on both spot and flood beams. Its combo is not too shabby either. Its mighty 140 Watts of Led Power shatters the night to smithereens. The mounting hardware works like a charm for all kinds of equipment and vehicles and has excellent angle adjustability. 

It’s rather smallish and not bulky at all. Specially designed LED chips and reflective cups are installed laterally. This gimmick amplifies the concentrated power of the beam and provides for a longer light extension. The lenses and overall housing can stand up to heavy concussions and remain intact. Its water and dustproof and the 50,000 hours working lifespan does not hurt its appeal one bit. The operating voltage range accommodates all kinds of vehicles and equipment. It does not overheat upon long operation, is corrosion free and will last you for a long, long time. A light bar that makes the “worthy of close consideration” grade lock, stock and barrel. 


  • 8D reflective cup lens
  • Unbreakable 6063 PC lenses
  • Shockproof aluminum housing


  • Brand Rigidhorse
  • Item Weight 2.25 pounds
  • Item Model number AU_DM01B_2M_12_C_RG
Pros Cons
• Good value for money
• SUPER easy to install
• Very powerful 
• Great lifespan
• Spot flood beam combo 
• Awesome light output
• Spot beam could use a boost

Conclusion – buyers guide

Let’s face it, now that a myriad of different LED light bars has hit the marketplace the need for high-intensity discharge car and equipment lights goes out the window! Whether you are looking to conquer the elements driving a Jeep, Truck, Motorcycle, SUV or are just looking to make space indoors/outdoors more luminous, LEDS step in to satisfy the demand. They last longer, they give more, they are safer and less of a health threat in all regards. 

So what features do you look for when buying the best LED light bar? 

Brand power 

For starters, look at the Brand. The industry spearheads like Nilight, Auxbeam, Zmoon, Autofeel, AMBOTHER, just to name a few, have a lot of reasonably priced assets on the market, that have asserted themselves through and through. You won’t have to bother with fine specs buying a proven-and-tested asset. You will just buy, install and enjoy it. 

Working lifespan 

Anything below 30 000 hours would be a come-down (most light bars on sale boast a 30-50 thousand hours lifespan).  

LED power (W – Watt) and Light Output (LM – Lumen) 

These look good on paper and in promotional campaigns, however, experience has taught us that figures and reality don’t always tally up – an 18W, 1000 LM minuscule light bar can be more effective dispelling the darkness or thick fog than its bigger and more imposing 50W, 5000 LM counterpart. Go figure … 

Waterproof rate

Most, if not all, LED light bars on the market to have an IP67 or IP68 rating. IP67 denotes the unit can be submerged into water up to three feet deep for half an hour, whereas IP68 guarantees protection in water up to 4.5 feet deep for the same duration of time. If you plan on having some extracurricular aquatic activities in your vehicle this data may be of some moment. 


Make sure the LED light bar you are looking at will fit your vehicle or piece of equipment size and shape-wise. Do your measurements beforehand and save yourself unnecessary bending, tucking and drilling procedures afterward. Whether you want to mount the bar on top of your vehicle, in front of it, at the back, or just above the windshield, make sure the mounting bracket will fit your scenario to a tee. The best and quickest way to make sure you are not buying a pig in a poke? Use Google search engine and peruse the commentary of users who’ve tried a similar mounting bracket on for size.

Beam pattern

Not too many options to pick from, only three – spot, flood and combo beam pattern. Certain units have just one of these, others offer all three in one package. Decide for yourself what you will need in your everyday life. This factor does not impact the price of the entire unit that much. 

LED Color

Most LED light bars on the market offer white light as a staple. This would be the best fit for your everyday driving. If you live high in the mountains or in the densely forested areas often subjected to precipitation you might consider amber lights as a safer option. Other colors (red, blue, etc) do look fancy but they also draw unneeded attention …

Wiring harness

Make sure the light bar you purchase has a wiring harness that fits your vehicle or piece of equipment connectivity-wise. 

Value for money 

If you are too lazy or busy to go through the rigmarole of poring over fine specs opt for that old trustee – word-of-mouth feedback. This one will not fail you if you are diligent in your homework. Skim over the reviews section on credible LED light bar internet domains and just go with the flow. Good luck.

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