The Best Baby Car Mirrors (TOP 3) Review


The vast majority of new parents truly believe, that once they have bought a baby auto seat, their newborn set is all done. However, it’s hardly the case and if you have a kid, now you probably realize it if you’re reading this article. There’s one more important accessory to get to your kid’s comfy ride — baby car mirror. This small but very useful device will allow driver to keep an eye both on the road and on a newborn or toddler during the drive.

It goes without saying, turning around could lead to instant accident, so  mirror is unreplaceable thing to observe your child and maintain safe driving. For the very first few baby’s months and even for toddlers, it’s better to place a child rear-face in a care. The reason is to avoid unnecessary stress emerged by street lights and lights from passing cars. At the same time, rear-faced position stands for this — you’re not able to see your baby freely. 

baby in the car

At first glance, such mirror looks like a simple one with stripes to set it up. However, we’d say that you should keep it up with backseat headrest and reflect the back view to your auto’s rearview mirror. The vast majority of mirrors for babies are pretty the same, however, there are some features to pay attention too. One of such issues is to pick a mirror from very tough materials so it won’t crash in case of road accident. In general you need to pay attention to a curved or convex mirror, but we’ll go into details a bit later.

When everything goes its usual way and the traffic jam isn’t stuck, taking your kid for a town ride or trip could be a fun thing. However, it all looks different if you start contemplating and worrying why your child went quiet, why his breathing has altered a bit and so on. Since worrying and thinking about your kid will just ruin your comfy driving and could be unsafe, mirror is a real saver. Moreover, safety comes first —  visual contact with both road and child both are musts.

Most of baby mirrors in its class it look similar, however, we have sorted them out by reviews and picked TOP-3 devices that truly worth your attention. Check our review to make  own decision and pick easily the best device for your safe driving.

Car Mirror illustration

Things to Consider

Let’s stick to the main purpose of such mirrors for toddlers and babies: in order to give you full observation of your baby while you’re driving. Also to give a kid a possibility to freely see you. Following these purpose, we have took out several things you should think over and consider twice before getting a car mirror.

Shape. There’s a widely spread belief that convex lens is the one and only thing you should pay attention to. Well, yes, they truly provide the best possible viewing angle and area. However, it may differ from your four-wheel-friend’s model year. Moreover, it depends on how you attached a mirror. That’s the reason why the primary issue you need to pay attention to is baby auto mirror dimensions. Choose optimize size that will fit to your auto interior. We also recommend to measure the area where you want to place a mirror. Shape and size of device are important if you want to get not distorted, but clear image.

Angle. As mentioned above, it matters if you strive to observe your kid effortlessly and easily, without taking a glance off the passing vehicles and street lights. The position of your baby mirror must be handy so you’ll be able to see both road and your kid with relative ease.

Straps. Usually, baby cаr mirror has sturdy straps in the kit to easily attach it. Most of them offer dual attachments straps, so you can effortlessly fit it over the rear headrest. Finally made straps stop it from or falling during your ride. What will it give you? Additional piece of mind and it reduces a risk to harm a kid. There are different materials used for these straps, but the most popular one is nylon.

Installation. Truly, it’s not the primary thing to pay attention too, but if mirror installation takes you > 20 mins, it’s something wrong with it. Check instructions before buy to make sure a seller offers easy adjustment of the product.

Shatterproof. We understand that no one likes to think in advance about possible accident. However, the truth is life could bring bad incidents and you should be prepared for it — you need to foresee it. To avoid baby injury, choose shatterproof mirror.

Technical Issues

Look. At first sight a mirror’s look/design does not seem too important. However, if it’s made of durable convex glass, it means good viewing angle. As for shatterproof acrylic glass, well, it is not a bad choice as well.

Compatibility. Don’t get just an auto mirror you like at first sight — it must be compatible with a vehicle. There’s nothing more disappointing than ordering a mirror, wait for a few days and receive the product that does not fit a four-wheel-friend. If you own a small car or a SUV — measure it before purchasing case you don’t want to waste time with adjustment,  place it down and make it look strange and ugly.

Warranty. It’ good if you give priority to products that provide warranty of a seller. Since it allows you to return an item if there are any drawbacks or you’re not simply fully satisfied with purchase.

When it Comes to Varieties

Usually they refer to the two types of those mirrors, they are defined by the installation method. The first kind: you need to place it over the factory installed interior rearview mirror. The second one is rear headrest mirror and that’s more popular. Consider both types, indeed, the latter seems to be more up-to-date and handy. If you are about to buy the rear headrest thing, it will require two finely made straps and keep in mind — it will be placed a bit above. The first one is less reliable: usually it clips overlapping the mirror. However, it provides a bigger and wider area and reduces blind areas, plus and gives you possibility to keep eyes both on a road and on a kid.

Comparison table

ProductQuality Size and Adjustment Performance
Shynerk Baby Car
5 of 55 of 55 of 5
Zacro Baby Car Mirror5 of 54 of 54 of 5
Baby & Mom Back Seat Baby Mirror 4 of 55 of 54 of 5

Product review

Due to some extra wide crystal clear reflection and 360 degree adjust, this baby automotive mirror by Shynerk delivers excellent performance. Safety certified and surely crash tested — thanks to dependable shatterproof glass, you won’t have any incidents. In addition, this device offers easy installation — all you need to apply is to tight straps and put it the way you want. This mirror fits the majority of cars including SUVs and maintains a clear observe of your baby while driving.

Pros Cons
• Excellent performance
• Fits to all vehicles
• Shatterproof glass
• Could vibrate a bit 

Made of shatterproof and eco-friendly material, this mirror by Zacro is perfect to control your kid while you’re driving. It boasts of finely made 2 attachment straps in a kit, so setting won’t take you much time. 360 degree adjustability comes as a bonus. 

Pros Cons
• Eco-material
• 2 finely made straps
• 360 degree 
• Does not deliver clear image on big cars

This is another rear mirror that was designed with thoughts of safety and convenience. Have you been seeking for modern design? And wide angle? How about high-quality convex? And what would you say about 360-degree adjustability? This is a qutense of all mentioned. This baby car mirror was designed and produced from a shatterproof glass, so it’s fully safe for your kid. Easy adjustment comes as bonus.

Pros Cons
• 360 degree adjustment
• Fully safe  
• Straps are not that reliable

Our best choice

Taking into attention extra wide crystal reflection, 360 degree adjust and shatterproof acrylic glass, we choose Shynerk Baby Car Mirror. It suits to the majority of automobiles and offers easy installation. 


What’s exactly this kind of mirror?

This is not a regular auto mirror, this item is a convex that is usually placed to one of the rear headrests in your four-wheel friend. Now you are able to easily angle it to the driver so comfy driving and observing your kid come together.

Is it safe for my kid?

Pay attention to anti-shattered glass as well as for reliable, durable materials. A mirror at least should have crash test standards and show durability.

Will any item suit my vehicle?

It depends. Not every item you find on the market could be adjusted to any car. The majority of auto device need a moveable rear headrest just to be fixed properly. Well, in case you have no middle moveable headrest, but your vehicle boast of a side one, there is an option to place your new-bought mirror there.


To kill two birds with one stone: maintain safe driving and keep an eye on your baby or toddler. Baby car mirror is must have even if you are going to take up to dozens of rides with your child. Check your rare sit measurements and choose safe and dependable baby car mirror with the help of our review.