BEST Bluetooth Headsets For Truckers


Nowadays it’s hard to imagine a person who does not have a smartphone or at least a mobile phone. However, it often happens that calls income while you’re at the steering wheel. It is especially true for those people whose job is related to driving a car, for example, truckers. Since taking the phone in your hands is impossible and answering is very desirable, there are specially designed headsets to mobile telephones that will give you a hand. In this article, we will show you the best headsets are on the market, what to look for when choosing such an accessory, and describe the models that worth your attention.

Benefits of using

If you work as a trucker you spend a lot of time driving and can’t use a mobile phone when you need it. Using such gadget you can speak safely and just like that during driving. The majority of the headsets on the market have blunt suppression. You can use this device even in super noisy places and be sure that your business partners or friends, the family will head you.


Headsets for mobile phones can be divided into how they dress and how many devices they can be connected to. 


By style, you can find accessories that come with a hoop around the head and accessories that dress on your ear. 

The number of connected devices.

All headsets for truckers can also be divided by how many accessories can be connected to the headset at the same time. There are options that can work with only one device, but there are options that can be connected to multiple devices at the same time.

Things to Watch Out For

Choosing such a device, pay attention to a few points.

Battery power

Check how much it will work without recharging. If you are a trucker that works with long-distance you need an item that can well work without charging a lot of time. Some models can work up to 18 hours of speaking time.


Some lovers are comfortable when the showers have a hoop, and some when they are attached to the ear.  

Sound quality

Truckers understand that freeway sometimes noisy so the sound quality probably comes first here. While driving road, noise can drown out your voice and that will bring discomfort to the person you’re talking to. Please note that there are divided headsets that have noise reduction. 

Voice recognition

There are also options that recognize and remember your voice. They make your voice clearer and drown out other noises.  

The number of connected devices.

Sometimes truckers need several devices for work. Some models can be connected to several devices at the same time. This is useful to those people who use it for work, for example, a telephone and a computer. Switching is constantly inconvenient. 

Encryption of information

There are models that have built-in encryption of information. You will need this if you are worried about the privacy of your conversations.

Temporarily mute microphone

Some models have a temporary mute function that allows you to temporarily mute your microphone if you need to say something outside of a telephone conversation.

Product review

This product worth attention of truckers: it’s high-quality and very easy to use. In order to use these headphones, simply connect them to your cell phone via Bluetooth. This model is equipped with a professional-level noise-canceling microphone. This means that you can use this accessory even on a very noisy road and your friend will hear you well. With these headphones, you can talk uninterruptedly for more than 16 hours. This model has Bluetooth version 2.1 + EDR.  

In addition, this device is very handy since there are pillows for the ear made of faux leather. Due to this fact, headphones are very comfortable to fit in the ear. They are very stable and hold well on the head. You can adjust the length of the hoop and make it as comfortable as possible for your head. In standby mode, the headphones can last up to 150 hours without recharging. Using such an accessory is very convenient since all the on and off buttons are on the headset.

 Pay attention to 128-bit secure digital encryption for privacy. This accessory will provide you maximum safety.  Connectivity of gadget: Single-connect (1 device). Noise Cancellation is 85%. The product has Lithium Polymer batteries.

Pros Cons
• Adjustable headband that can be customized to fit your head. There is an ear pad. It can work 150 hours in standby mode and 16 hours during a call. 128 bit secure digital encryption – You can not worry about privacy. • Single-connect (1 device). No Voice Control

This is a device for those who love mobility. It’s a very comfortable headset model. You can connect to several devices, which distinguishes this model from similar ones. SpeakFocus’s unique technology with three digital microphones enhances voice clarity. You can use this accessory even in the noisiest places. Your voice becomes clearer while noise, on the contrary, is suppressed. Comes included with a Car Charger, USB Charging Cable, USB Dongle, Ear Hook, and Carrying Case. The accessory has ActiveGard Technology hearing protection.  The product has Lithium Polymer batteries.

Pros Cons
• It has hearing protection against acoustic shock. It can be connected to several devices. SpeakFocus’s unique technology with three digital microphones enhances voice clarity.• There is no mute system.

This one is a very stylish headset with a hoop. Due to the good fixation on the head, it is very convenient to use. More than just good noise reduction allows you to talk on the phone in any condition. With Mpow you’ll forget that conversations may be disturbed by poor sound. This headset model has Bluetooth Standard: V4. 1. Accessory runs smoothly in a state of calm up to 160 hours, and talk time up to 18 hours.  Also, this model can be simultaneously connected to two gadgets, which distinguish them from the background of similar ones. The headset has a mute function, which is very convenient since sometimes you need to mute the sound in order to answer someone outside the telephone conversation. However, this feature only works on mobile phones. Manufacturers promise to connect this to other devices. This item has Lithium Polymer batteries.

Pros Cons
• Run smoothly in a state of calm up to 160 hours, and talk time up to 18 hours. You can connect to multiple devices. There is a mute function.• Temporary mute worksonly on a mobile phone.

Our best choice

Our best choice is Mpow M5 Pro Bluetooth Headset. This model can last longer without recharging than others – 18 hours of talk time. It can be connected to several devices at the same time, which is also a big plus. It is comfortable and has a beautiful design. There is also the possibility of turning off the sound temporarily.

As you can see from our review, there are various types of headsets for a mobile phone, so you can talk without distracting from driving which is more than essential for a trucker. When choosing such a device, first you have to pay attention to your needs. For instance, voice recognition function, noise reduction, connecting to multiple devices. Some people need one set of functions, others require to have other functions. Analyze what kind of headset for truckers you need and make the right choice right away.


How does a Bluetooth headset work?

Such devices use radio waves instead of cables in order to connect to your device.

Are Bluetooth headsets safe?

They are absolutely safe.

Can you overcharge a Bluetooth headset?

The principles of charging such a headset are the same as in other devices with a battery. If the battery is charged, it stops charging.

Can Bluetooth headphones give you cancer?

Bluetooth headphones do not fry the brain, kill your cells, and cause tumors or cancer.

How long does Bluetooth headphones last?

This is the envy of the model. Some can work without recharging in standby mode for up to 160 hours and up to 18 hours in talk mode.