Top 10 Best Cable Ties: One-Tie to Bind Them All


Almost two years ago the best cable ties in the world “celebrated” their 60th anniversary. They date back to 1958 when American engineer Maurus Logan (at that time working for “Thomas & Betts”) acquired a patent for the invention he called “Ty-Rep”. Before that he used to notice what a laborious work it was for employees at the Boeing aircraft assembling facility to tie together endless non-reusable cables with waxed cords, sometimes scratching their hands to blood. There had to be the best way to do that, yet undiscovered. Maurus Logan found it in a form of the best self-tying cords, light, reusable, and at the same time strong enough to keep the best electric cables together in a tight grip.   

Only sixty years later the ingenious idea remains the same, although the best cable ties have received ubiquitous implementation thanks to their reusable and universal nature. After all, not only the best cable cords need fixing – with a reusable thing like that it is possible to bind together wooden planks or metal pipes (at least as a temporary solution until more thorough repairs). Well, the detective stories hint at yet another way to use the best cable ties – for tying a suspect’s hands if there are no handcuffs at hand.

cable fitted by the Tie

The best modern cable ties may be stronger than metal wires. With so much universality and reusability in the application, they are produced with different characteristics to look at. For example, the best cable ties 2.5 mm wide can hold approximately 8 kilograms. Being 15 mm in width, they are able to withstand as much as 114 kg! They are also diversified with respect to whether are intended for indoor or outdoor use. Understandably, reusable “street” cable ties live their lives in much more harsh conditions, which is why are produced from the best synthetic materials possible – more resistant to cold, heat, or UV.

No matter how simple cable ties may look like, it is better to choose among their great variety wisely. With that, we can help by examining TOP 10 best cable ties available on the market, reusable or not.

VELCRO Brand One Wrap Thin Ties - photo

 Velcro-branded products are among the most recognized around the world. The American company with more than 60 years of successful business history is rightfully proud of its the best reusable cable ties which, as it says, can fasten “everything from roof panels to diapers” – and even accompanied Neil Armstrong, the first man on the Moon, by securing his spacesuit!

Velcro produces the best reusable cable ties in an astonishingly large variety: there are solutions for gardening works and cargo transportation; there are general-purpose reusable cable ties and even cable ties for something made of fabric. Here, however, we are looking at a pack of 100 general-purpose reusable cable ties, quite thin (0.5 inches wide), 8 inches long.

With a company like Velcro it comes naturally that its cable ties possess many attractive features, and reusability is only one in a long row. “Velcro” is also the name for the fastening mechanics which is universally applied today almost everywhere, from coats and jackets to arm sleeves in pressure measuring devices. This principle was invented in 40-es by George de Mestral who later founded a company by the same name. The “hook and loop” mechanism is very convenient, although has its own drawbacks. Those who have seen it at work – and who hasn’t? – know that reusable fasteners get clogged with fabric pieces and dust and lose effectiveness with time.

 Nevertheless, reusability is the best choice for easy repositioning of cable ties no matter how often you have to rearrange computer cords or other pieces of equipment – that is ensured by numerous tests across many global data centers with kilometers of cable cords.

The material is soft upon touch. For the same reason, it doesn’t look like it can do any harm to the isolating covering of cable cords even with intense friction-induced for some reason. What’s also very important is their universality: pre-cut cable ties are easily applied at home as well as outdoors – for example, for car repairs. Full five stars serve as a solid confirmation for the quality of those cable ties.

A bit confusing is the absence of information on the material these cable ties are made of – that’s microfiber for sure, but what about its chemical properties? We have to take it as granted that Velcro’s best cable ties are strong enough for most everyday duties, but there have to be certain limits! As a confirmation to that, there are answers to several questions asked by potential customers. For example, in one of the cases, it was recommended to use a strong bungee cord or even two cords instead of cable ties to secure a bike on the car roof. In another case, it was stated clearly that those cable ties are not intended for extreme weather exposures – not for too long anyway. And although 8 inches are enough to bind even a large pack of cable cords, this is definitely not an industrial scale.

• A renowned company with a very long history, “father” of the fastening principle many people consider as best
• Reusable and universal, strong for many duties 
• Soft microfiber means safety for cable cords and your hands
• Definitely not intended for heavy tasks
FLURHRT Cable Zip Ties - photo

Producers of this type of cable tie prefer to put all cards on the table – and do that with a degree of self-confidence. A lower price, in this case, is paid for longer cords: 12 inches instead of 8, although 8 inches type is also available for purchase. But length is, of course, not all that matters.

Flurhrt knows perfectly what “heavy-duty” means and eagerly explains what makes their cable ties arguably the best choice for that.

 Everything is as transparent as it could be: tensile strength of 120 pounds (almost 55 kg), 100 non-reusable cable ties in a pack, all made of black of white Nylon PA 6/6 (availability of two colors is good for indoor/outdoor application). The material is UL-listed, meaning that it passed testing at the Underwriters Laboratories Inc. Each one is precisely 0.3 inches wide (the fact which is proved by accompanying picture of a measuring instrument).     

The material is flexible but fairly resistant, capable to withstand low (-5F) and high (140F) temperatures. It is strong no doubt, but precisely, for this reason, it is not so soft with everything it gets in touch, including cable cords’ covering. Direct sun exposure also imposes risk because they are not particularly UV-resistant (at least that was the answer to the question of whether it was ok to use the cable ties under hot Arizona sun).

A more vital drawback is that those cable ties are not reusable. The only reusable thing with them is the re-sealable bag which can be opened as many times as you want to store other small things apart from cable ties themselves.

• A truly “heavy duty” solution: tensile strength of 120 pounds! 
• Highly resistant to temperature fluctuations
• Consumers’ trust rests upon full transparency in respect to the product’s characteristic
• Could be vulnerable to UV      
TR Industrial TR88302 - photo

 A good, if not the best alternative to the previous product brand, as the name suggests. These cable ties of the same length are priced slightly lower, plus there is a nice discount available at the moment. These cable ties also come in a greater variety of choices: 4, 8, 12, 14, 18, and 24 inches long, thus there is more flexibility in terms of best price/quality choice.

The cable ties are made of the same industrial Nylon PA 6/6 – versatile but rigid, although their tensile strength qualities are lower (50 pounds at max instead of 120). However, the temperature range is significantly wider (from -40F to 185F), making cable ties ready to withstand the heat of a metal foundry as well as Alaska’s chilling cold.

 An important consideration is color. Just like the previous type, these cable ties are packed by 100, but TR Industrial paints them all in black – unlike 50/50 black and white cords in case of Flurhrt. For some people, a variety of colors is a good thing (white ones fit home interior better), but one of the customers particularly asked for all-blacks (as most resistant to sunlight). This brand doesn’t pack it that way from the stock on Amazon, but could possibly make a shipment from China upon a special request.

A big disadvantage indicated by one of the users is “foul, chemical stank” which easily transfers to your skin and is very hard to remove. Interestingly, he only noticed that effect with 12″ cords, although not with other types he used to order earlier. Another user felt deeply disappointed by the actual strength of cable ties presented as “industrial”, arguing that his cable ties started to break up long before getting close to stated limits. The same thing was noticed by a woman whose husband purchased 18″ cords: she felt pity not even for the money, but for all the labor it took them to install the cable ties.

Thankfully, there were many positive impressions as well. The cable ties aren’t reusable, but because there are so many in each pack, it’s not a big problem.

• Greater variety of cord length choices
• Withstand larger temperature range
• Good for many different tasks
• Some customers had complaints about reliability and unpleasant chemical stench which gets onto the skin  
OneLeaf Cable Ties - photo

TR Industrial makes it possible to choose between 6 types of cord length, but OneLeaf goes even further, offering different lengths and quantities of non-reusable cable ties within a pack: 20 units of 12″, 30 of 24″, 100 of 12″, 120 of 8″ and 200 and 6″. For greater understandability, the company also indicates tensile strength for each cord type, as measured in pounds: 120, 200, 120, again 120, and 40, respectively. In our view, that even more convenient because the best choice here is more flexible with respect to the intended use. For instance, for household repairs, you don’t need very long cable ties and you don’t need them to sustain extreme workload, so 40 lbs will suffice. At the same time, you will likely need much more of those as compared to heavier applications where you need longer cable ties of 24″, capable to hold 200 pounds.

 No matter what you choose, all those are seen as “heavy-duty” cable ties made of the same Nylon PA 6/6, highly durable and arguably UV-resistant. Those cable ties are multi-purpose (although not reusable) and fit for many tasks at home, garden, office, garage, or else. OneLeaf is also proud of its customer service, promising fast replacement in case of any problems with quality or damage inflicted in the course of delivery. 

This type of cable ties is said to have successfully passed tensile strength and temperature tests: its upper-temperature limit (176F) is slightly lower than the one for TR Industrial cable ties but remarkably higher than with Flurhrt cable ties. Lower temperature limit (5F) is much higher, however, which is clearly a disadvantage.

 Comments on Amazon leave an impression of safety: OneLeaf promises replacement, but it looks like there’s no need because users mention resistance to direct sunlight, general strength and effectiveness of cable ties, being happy with their purchase. This contrasts with many negative comments about the previous product type.

• Even greater flexibility of best choices
• Could be the best solution of many multi-purpose tasks
• Many positive replies of satisfied customers
• A bit narrower sustainable temperature limits for non-reusable cable ties
Joseche Magnetic Cable Ties - photo

Here is something new. Those reusable cable ties are clearly distinguished by their unique design which is very different from everything we’ve seen up to the moment. Very light and colorful, they use a magnetic mechanism to wrap around any cord, provided it isn’t too thick – key rings, headphones, any electric household appliances, anything “soft” and non-industrial.

Why not paint life with bright colors of those cute little helpers? Or, if you prefer the best color match in interior design, it is also easily achieved with such great variety: red, green, purple, blue, and many others (but sadly not black ones).

It is a nice gift for your children as well. In their own field, those reusable cable ties are truly multi-purpose, and their use is only limited by your (or rather your kids’) imagination. Think of what magnets are capable of: they can be attached, for example, to refrigerators or other metal surfaces. Cords can be used as bookmarks, or even as hair holders! They are also attachable to each other to make a chain of up to 12 cords (the number of cable ties in one pack). Why not weave electric lights through it to make a fancy holiday decoration? 4.9 stars out of 5 on Amazon point to the fact that many users like the idea.

The main drawback comes naturally from the very design: these cords are just not intended to work with anything heavy and could probably be torn into pieces with bare hands. “Soft work” is their playfield, but outside it, they are as useful as a sun umbrella in a rainstorm. Joseche could also put at least one black cable tie to the set to make them not so visible when attached to computer cable cords. Also, 5 inches are enough for many purposes, but not for any purpose for sure. The price looks a bit high for only twelve cords, considering how many of those could possibly be needed even at home with such a great variety of applications. And remember: any magnet demagnetizes eventually!

• Unique design: magnets as a fastening mechanism, externally very colorful and bright
• Reusable application limited only by the imagination
• Good gift for children
• A bit high price for only 12 cable ties which almost ask to be combined and used at home in many great ways
Cable Matters Combo Pack - photo

For some reason, these cable ties remind of Flurhrt Cable Zip Ties, maybe because they also come in black and white colors. Unlike those described earlier, cords from Cable Matters are “medium” rather than “heavy” and by their tensile strength characteristics are closer to TR Industrial cable ties, capable to withstand almost the same workload (48 pounds at max).

CableMatters is a company that proudly bears “Reliable Connectivity” as its main motto and presents itself as a trusted worldwide provider of services and goods in the field of hi-tech, medicine, education, aerospace, and other, although production of cable ties is obviously not its core business. This alone doesn’t make them any worse, of course.

A really good thing here is an assortment of cable ties: it’s a combo pack of 200 different (6″, 8″, and 12″) nylon cable ties for a very good price, possibly the best for all products we’ve seen until now. “Light” cable ties, best for home use, come with rounded edges in order not to get stuck in tight places. If you need greater tensile strength, it’s easy to combine two or more – thankfully, the economy pack allows doing that. They would make the best choice if they were reusable above all their advantages – but they aren’t.

 The nylon type of material they are made of is fire resistant. Plus, they don’t break up so easily, as it was indicated by real customers – a pleasant surprise with products sold at a price that low.

• Assorted black and white cable ties for different purposes
• Great price choice!
• Resistance to fire
• Strong, but it is best not test these non-reusable cable ties with really heavy workloads
Pasow Cable Ties - photo

 We could put our next guest in one row with Velcro’s reusable cable ties which were reviewed first. Similar to them, this cable ties type is best suited for indoor duties, predominantly dealing with cable cords management.

It costs less, although comes in a greater variety of color choices which somehow reminds of magnetic cable ties from Joseche. Reusable cable ties from Pasow are 1 inch shorter than Velcro’s (7” instead of 8”), and there are only 50 pieces in a pack instead of a full hundred.

Cable ties from Pasow are reusable and best suited for computer and data centers where many cords have to be organized together. However, the same fastening principle has the inherited limitations: fasteners get clogged with dust eventually and self-unfasten more easily, meaning that reusability is not unlimited. Unlike Velcro-branded cable ties above, there are no eyeholes in those, so it’s impossible to make a loop by dragging one of the band’s ends through another.

The synthetic material is fairly strong for its main purpose, but at the same time soft. The band is a bit wider than Velcro’s (it is about ¾ inches in width), which implies wider contact surface and less potential harm to computer cords or ropes it holds together.

• Reusable and handy
• Best for computer cords management
• Even safer for cords as well as your hands’ thanks to a wider contact surface
• The natural thing for Velcro fasteners: they are reusable, but wear out eventually
Attmu Cable Ties - photo

First glance at Attmu’s website leaves the impression of a confident manufacturer of a very broad range of various products that don’t have too much in common. Here you will find earrings, shower bags and towel hooks, hot-water bags, and yes – reusable micro fiber cable ties. Those are best suited for “soft” tasks and are very close to Pasow cable ties or Velcro-branded solutions.

The band is only 6 inches long, and it becomes even shorter after one of the ends passes through a small eyehole. Just like the firstly reviewed cable ties type from Velcro, the fastening mechanics here somehow reminds of non-reusable strong cable ties from OneLeaf and other previously mentioned producers, but the similarity ends here as there are no barbs to fix the band’s end in the eyehole tightly. What fixes it, however, is already familiar “hook and loop” principle, also known as “Velcro”.

 These cable ties are 0.7 inches wide – almost like previously reviewed Pasow cable ties, although the latter don’t have eyeholes. Durable and reusable, their total count is also 50 in one pack. What differentiates them is the ability to be combined in a longer cable tie because of that eyehole and Velcro covering.

The idea of length extension makes these cable ties worthy of your attention. For some of the consumers, this choice became the best game-changer, although others felt a bit unsatisfied with durability: Velcro-type fasteners get clogged with dust, so binding several straps together is really a questionable idea. One more customer confirmed that they indeed had held together quite poorly.

• Two fastening principles at work
• Ability to be combined together in two different ways (better to use the eyeholes)
• Great for many “soft” tasks
• Questionable quality: two pieces of material look like they are glued together, but how tightly?
VELCRO Brand ONE-WRAP Ties - photo

Another product under the Velcro brand which even goes by the name very similar to the first type of cable ties we reviewed here. Thus, it’s easy to confuse one with another, but it would be best not to do that.

These cable ties are self-gripping thanks to eyeholes provided for each of 8″ bands – just like in the case with Attmu’s cable ties. The band’s width is 1/2 inches, although it is also possible to choose 1/4 for a bit lower price. The price for this cable tie type is a bit high in our opinion and at least partially goes to the brand. However, the color choice is much lovelier, allowing you to combine a rainbow out of several cable ties of different colors.

If you don’t need them too long, you may also cut cable ties to smaller pieces, each of which will still serve as a cable tie because of the same “hook and loop” attribute.

• Good quality from a company which earned a solid reputation on its brand
• Durable and reusable
• Combine or cut them in smaller pieces – they will still work as planned!
• It looks very similar to the first product from the same company, but for what exactly are we paying a higher price – for greater variety of colors? Or a significantly smaller quantity?
Calcotec Black Cable Ties - photo

We’d like to conclude with yet another example of the best “industrial” non-reusable cable ties for “heavy” duties, thus reaching their total count to 5 different products in the review (previously we’ve seen cable ties from Flurhrt, TR Industrial, OneLeaf, and Cable Matters).

By their tensile strength, these are closer to all but Flurhrt Cable Zip Ties and some cable ties from OneLeaf’s product line. Their maximum tensile strength fits the “average” standard of 50 pounds. However, the temperature range in which cable ties form the American company Calcotec can sustain is one of the widest: from -40F to 185F (approximately the same as with TR Industrial cable ties). They are also made of highly resistant Nylon 6/6 type of material.

If it wasn’t for several unpleasant comments to previously reviewed cable ties from TR Industrial, we could possibly see those two cord types as identical – but they are not. When you can’t be 100% certain, you look for guarantees – which cable ties from Calcotec have in abundance. First, there is a 100% money-back guarantee. Secondly, these cable ties have certification from Underwriters Laboratories Inc. As a big plus for eco-lovers, they are also compliant with the Restriction of Hazardous Substance Directive, meaning that you don’t have to worry about your health even after very long contact with the cords.

Being 12 inches long and even wider than normal (4.8 mm), these cable ties do their job even under direct sunlight (because they are resistant to ultraviolet) and close to open fire (because they are fire resistant as well).

In summary, the technical characteristics of this final product in the review confidently make it one of the three leaders in the final table (see below). It was a tough decision, though – considering that the maximal tensile strength, in this case, is far from record-breaking. But compliance with global standards (including ecological requirements), high resistance to fire, UV radiation as well as very low temperatures of – 40F, coupled with many positive reviews of the type “yes, indeed a very fair and reliable purchase!” made our decision in favor of these cords from Calcotec.

• Quality is guaranteed
• High resistance to UV and heat
• Best choice for those who care about ecology
• A bit weaker as compared to some of its competitors, but at least stated tensile strength is guaranteed: if cable ties break up, you’ll get your money back

Comparative table

Calcote Black Cable Ties Best Value- Best choice for “heavy duties”- Strong and reliable
- Quality of this American product is guaranteed
- 100% satisfaction thanks to the money back option
- Ecologically safeHigh resistance to UV and open fire, also to low temperaturesUniversality:indoor and outdoor application
- 50 pounds as maximal tensile strength is enough for most tasks, but not for all of them. It’s hard not to think that are other cable ties that can hold full 120!
- These come only in black color
- Not reusableNT
Carefully taking all considerations into account and making an almost direct comparison between all five very close products, we could not but admit that in this case benefits really outweigh all potential costs. Need something strong and reliable? You best choice is Calcotec!
VELCRO Brand One Wrap Thin Ties Solid Choice- Esteemed brand with a very long history
- Reputation of the company serves as a solid guarantee- Best choice for “soft” tasks like managing cable cords
- Soft microfiber is pleasant to touch, and it is also safe for cords and cables
-Reusable and durable
-Can be combined together
- Quality confirmed by numerous tests in real data centers
-Many positive reviews of real customers
- Price is a bit high and to a certain extent paid to the brand alone
- Poor variety of colors: black cable ties and grey cable ties
- Quickly become non-reusable outdoors
For this category, we decided to take a cable ties type from another broad category of “soft” cable ties. We wonder if there could possibly be a better choice than reusable cable ties from the company which once invented one of the most widely used fastening principle? Reusable “Velcro” fasteners are far not ideal, but at least Velcro knows how to make them good for dozens of years!
Joseche Magnetic Cable TiesEditor’s choice- Unique and original!
- Reusable and highly durable (magnets last long when not demagnetized on purpose)
- Great variety of colors
- Can be connected with each other for longer chains
- Almost unlimited ways of application (not only as cord holders, but as bookmarks or even a holiday decoration!)
- Great toy for your kids too! --
- Application may be very different, but it is still limited to small electric appliances, and it’s hard even to imagine these as cable cord holders in any computer center
- Only 12 in a pack. To satisfy maybe not even yours, but definitely your kids’ live imagination, you’ll need much more of those cable ties
- Price to be paid for each additional pack is relatively high
And our personal vote goes to these cute magnetic little thingies. Forget about anything “heavy” with them: they weren’t made for it at all! They why “editor’s choice”, you may ask? Among all other things, we highly value uniqueness and originality. Joseche Magnetic Cable Ties was the only product of that kind in the review, and it earned our appreciation. Magnets alone are a great tool for experimentation – think of what you may do with self-fastening cable ties which work by that principle!

It’s never been that hard to choose three “leaders” for our “best of the best” table. With things as seemingly simple as best cable ties, it’s all about details that matter, whether it is the number of items in one pack, their reusability, stated and actual properties (and their practical confirmation, of course), even variety of color choices.

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All products in today’s review fell into two broad categories, depending on what type of intended application they were originally made for. We arbitrary call them “soft” and “heavy”, or you may also say “indoor” and “outdoor”, “home” and “industrial”, or whatever you prefer.

  • From that,  it follows that the first thing to consider is what exactly you need cable ties for. If you are planning to use them outdoors, it’s better to look for a “heavy-duty” combination of words in the description. If indoors, look for something with “Velcro”
  •  “Velcro” is important for more than one reason. It is a fastening mechanism which is the best with a reusable type of cable ties, but it is also a renowned brand which alone serves as a solid confirmation of quality
  •  Because it is sometimes so hard to differentiate one cable ties brand from another, any technical characteristics matter!
  • Some of the reviews published by real customers may be fake ones (probably posted there by competing producers), but surely not all of them, so pay especially close attention to the impression of real-life performance. If many people say that cable ties actually break up quite easily, it’s a worrying sign
  • or instance, the money-back option really makes you feel calm for the money you’re paying
  • Think beyond traditional perception and use your imagination! If you don’t need reusable cable ties to bind cord together, what else they may be used for?

We wish you the best of luck with your choice of cable ties!