TOP 3 BEST Car 3.5 inch Speakers


It goes without saying that every auto enthusiast wants all the best from his car music system. It’s even more obvious that good sound stands for nicely made and quality car 3.5-inch speakers. Have you been seeking for high-quality and dependable car speakers with excellent performance? You have just found the place.

Car 3.5 speakers are for those who cannot stand poor sounding stock. You can easily fit them to any vehicle thanks to their compact size. There are numerous types of car speakers, but 3.5 size works best since they are easily adjustable and affordable.

If you are keen on high frequencies more and if you are looking to indulge yourself with booming bass, pay attention to TOP 3 car 3.5 speakers we have gathered and tested for you. However, how can you find out about the best low-frequency speakers for your vehicle? From one side of a hand, it’s easy to choose it, from the other side, if you’ve seen and been through a bad experience, we understand your attention to auto speakers’ choice. Nobody likes poor sounding in his four-wheel-friend and you are surely not an exception.

Still, you need to be careful with the choice you make — go through our review to find the best 3.5 speakers this year and indulge your vehicle with a better voice.

sound listening in the car

Things to Watch Out Before Purchase

Even though we have tested for you creme de la creme of the market, they are still replacement parts and are not 100% equal. That’s one of the reasons why you have to take into consideration some points before purchasing audio speakers for your vehicle because some qualities could become a drawback and another one could be a real advantage for you.

Materials and quality

3,5 inch speaker connectors

Different speaker designers use completely different concepts and materials. Each and every manufacturer tends to be unique when it comes to speakers’ design. There are some top-quality materials as well as materials that are not the best at all. As you understand, it’s critically important to make sure the design of your future device meets your needs and the materials which have been used are high-quality. Do not hesitate to ask a seller if they have long-lasting materials such as coil, cone, and others.

Power Handling

What’s truly the best one? How can you find out? This is the one that can cope with power from the receiver simply to do amplification without distorting. Nevertheless, you need to understand that overpowering your speaker is not good — it will damage it and then it will lead to a crash. Thus, keep a finger on the pulse and check the receiver before buying a speaker.

Frequency Range

Every single meloman wants to hear all the details in his fav music. This is the point where you have to consider a 3.5 speaker that supports a wider frequency range in order to enjoy all frequencies. 2-way speaker is the best to enjoy full-range sound including both lows, mids, and highs. If you check that your device for an integrated crossover, ensure the frequency is properly filtered and with the right drivers.

Installation and General Compatibility

3,5 inch speaker placement

Hassle-free speaker installation is not the last thing to consider before buying car 3.5 speakers. If a seller offers kit and detailed instructions on how to adjust speakers to your vehicle, it is great. A speaker mounting adapter as well is another good detail for easy installation. The compatibility of speakers is important since if they work perfectly with stock stereo, you won’t have to get a new stereo.

Technical Terms


There’s a common myth that speakers that boast of higher efficiency have better sound. However, efficiency ratings do not push the ‘sound’ of speakers. What they do is indicate how well those speakers use power. Say, if you get a low-powered factory device, it is likely that you will tend to use a speaker with a higher efficiency rating. It stands for approximately 90+ dB. As for low-efficiency devices, they can deliver great performance, however, they will require a high-powered receiver for correct functioning.

Cone materials

They really make difference — speaking about tweeters, those cones are designed and manufactured with completely different materials: from composites to synthetics, sometimes they could be made of paper. Since Cone is the main element in this device, it has to be more rigid because its primary task is to reproduce strong bass notes and to deliver excellent performance. To emphasize paper material, it does not last much, but it responds very quickly to any other material.

Installation process

The majority of car 3.5 speakers at the market are very simple in installation — thanks to easy-fit technology and an easy guide that allows you to set up a new pair of speakers in no time. Free wiring and the above-mentioned instruction are two things enough to do the installation.

Types of Auto Speakers

All aftermarket vehicle speakers are easily divided into two big groups. The first one is called full-range audio and the latter is component audio systems. Let us find out what are the differences and which advantages and drawbacks they contain.

Full-range devices. These ones have all the speaker elements in a single basket. They boast of its simplicity — it has a woofer and its primary function with heights and tweeter mounted elements. Take into attention the fact that some divided provide additional drivers, say, super tweeter or mid-range.

Have you been surfing the Web in search of replacement factory audio with high-quality aftermarket parts with minimum fuss and muss? Then pay attention to choose a full-range. They are presented in numerous sizes and you will simply mount them anywhere. In the majority of purchases, all you need to do is to remove the old one and set up a new one (installation usually does not take more than 30 minutes).

The latter type is component speakers. These ones use special superior speaker design in order to give you the best possible performance, in turn, great sound. When it comes to a typical structure and the insides, it has separate woofers and external crossovers and tweeters. All of them have been designed and manufactured to work in a special order.

Comparison table

Look through the comparison table in order to estimate the quality, lifespan and easy installation of each car speaker. Below you will find a detailed description and will be able to make your own choice.

Product review 

Rockford Fosgate P132 Punch 3.50 speaker

This is an impressive 2-way full-range speaker designed and manufacture for those who are really keen on music. You will replace your own car speakers just like that since it offers easy to adjust kit. As for power, it needs 20 watts-40 watts and also has a mounting hardware adapter. This device boasts of a PEI dome tweeter and durable materials: rubber surround with a finely made polypropylene cone that makes the reproduction frequent and accurate. 365 days warranty is provided when bought in authorized RF reseller. This device is a nice offer combining durability and nice sound.

Pros Cons
• Durable materials
• One year warranty
• 20-40 watts
• Does not fit to all vehicles
JBL GTO329 Premium 3.5-Inch speaker

Here the brand speaks for itself — carbon-injected cone which is larger than usual cones in its class, make JBL car speakers provide more air, in turn, more bass. Due to its soft-dome tweeters, the heat dissipates perfectly and ends up in smooth, fatigue-free performance. When it comes to baskets, they are made from carbon-composite materials so they maintain integrity and precision. 12bB/octave and undersized wires make this car 2.5 speakers an excellent choice for everyone who wants to improve a vehicle’s sound as much as possible. Without any exaggeration, this model is about to become an ethereal classic of auto car speakers thanks to its dependability and crystal sound.

Pros Cons
• Damous brand
• Dependable materials
• Larger cone
• Very gentle mounting tabs
Infinity REF3022CFX 3.5" 75W speakers

If you have been surfing the Web in search of textile tweeters, these car speakers could be a suitable choice. Edge-driven, they deliver excellent and clear sound. Manufactured in the United States and comes from a reputable reseller. Even though some customers claim this kind of speaker is old-fashioned, if you are looking for good old auto audio speakers, this model will suit you the best. Even though they are not made from traditional materials nowadays, you may like the smooth sound provided.

Pros Cons
• Textile tweeters
• Come with a bass bypass
• Manufactured in the US
• According to reviews, one could be louder than another

Our best choice 

Summarizing all factors as materials, durability, clear sound delivered, our choice is  JBL GTO329 Premium 3.5-Inch. These dependable car speakers with a nice design manufactured by the famous American brand provide more air and more bass. This is the thing many auto enthusiasts are looking for when they want to replace old auto speakers for new ones. When it even comes to baskets in these JBL auto speakers, they are made from carbon-composite materials so they maintain integrity and precision. If you want to improve the quality of sound in your vehicle nicely and easily, choose these speakers. The one and only con they may have is very gentle mounting tabs, however, the vast majority of buyers claimed that it’s not a big problem.

jbl gto speakers for car 3,5 inch


Selecting the best replacement car speaker for your 4-wheel-friend to get the best could be pretty challenging. Check our review one more time if you are still not defined with a device you want to buy. Keep in mind that the combination of quality and nice sound is probably what you should look for. Also, remember that all the above mentioned automotive speakers boast of their own features and they are not equal. 

Check the pros and cons of each model before buying a car speaker for your car. What you need to do is to compare materials, regimes, power and make a final choice. Depending on personal needs and preferences, you will surely find nice aftermarket parts to improve the sound in your vehicle.


How much power is required?

Since designers produce a device with a range of RMS that perfectly go with the whole speaker, if you get the upper or best range, you will surely exceed your expectations. There might be a question of what stands for an auto speaker with a lower RMS  — indeed, it will be more durable. Do not worry if it will be compatible with the aftermarket stereo — they all will fit.

Thus, a device that has a lower RMS power is claimed to be even more durable for working with an aftermarket stereo. The same will happen with factory audio. Here you need to understand that EMS suits great when it comes to an external amplifier.

Should I pay attention to the kind of tweeter?

Paper and titanium, silk and ceramic, as well as polyetherimide and many other materials are being used to manufacture them. However, it’s hard to claim that one material is better than another — they all have different characteristics, pros, cons and, most importantly, the sound they deliver. As mentioned before, the paper delivers better sound, it’s more responsible, however, it won’t last for years. If you prefer durability over the quality sound, pay your attention to polymer or silk materials. There are some car 3.5 speakers that provide a combination of materials and that could be an option.

Will new device really make difference?

You’ll surely find that replacing your old factory speakers could make a big difference. Crisp music, a dynamic sound that is closer to the way it was recorded originally is way better than a worn-out or simply old speaker. It’s an affordable and fast way to improve your vehicle’s sound and provide ear-pleasing one so you will enjoy every single ride on your automobile.