The Best Car Covers (TOP 3) Review


Taking into consideration how much your four-wheel friend costed you, car cover always makes sense. The benefits of auto cover are obvious: it protects your vеhicle from many threats, including debris and bad weather. Due to the Web, today you can check review and order the desired car cover without leaving the house. This item is a decent method to make sure yоur automobile is kept under wraps until the moment you need it. What is not that pleasant is the whole process of choosing — the market is full of auto covers and to pick the one and only you should be aware of all specifications. 

Since there’re numerous options, it could be not only difficult to pick a decent cover, but to avoid bad quality as well. Luckily you have found this page where we gathered TOP-3 best car covers and tested them out. Say goodbye to damaging UV rays, scratches or any dust — protect it with one of the reviewed covers. 

The first and major benefit of this auto accessorize is that it ensures your vehicle’s paintwork will be protected and fully kept as left till you need to drive. Moreover, you will surely save the budget on possible future car repairs and maintenance. A quality automotive cover boasts of breathable high-quality fabric so it’s a great windshield and protection from wind, rain dust, and mold.

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Check out our detailed review in order to find out more about car covers and choose the best automotive accessory that will suit your vehicle and protect it for 100%.

Things to Consider 

Size. If you own several cars, it’s more practical to get an auto cover which suits both sport utility vehicle and, for instance, sedan. As for covers with not standard or long dimensions, it is a good option for sedans. Do you own one vehicle or some vehicles of a similar size and shape? Then measure its height, the length and width to choose a proper cover. Nowadays you will find any cover on the market that will take care of all your auto’s protection needs. Ask a seller about its size in case you are not sure it will suit your automobile perfectly.

Weather conditions. It’s obvious that some of us live in sunny states, another has to struggle with winds and some snow half of a year. In case you live in an area with tough weather conditions, pay attention to automotive covers with sturdy materials in order to keep your automotive friend out of the heat in the summer or to avoid glass from freezing if your region has really cold temperatures in winter.

Technical Issues

Fabric. It’s significantly important that your auto coverage has a fine quality and breathable fabric since you don’t want it to get mold. Such kind of fabric guarantees that any moisture won’t be stuck beneath your automobile.

Security. Yes, you read it right — a good car cover has a special mechanism that secures and is aimed that a cover won’t be blown away. Some automotive items come with an elastic hem (check description of cover bottom) as well as with special grommets. Keep in mind that a finely made cover must have finely made cable locks or some clips in order to secure your four-wheel friend nicely and tightly.

Waterproof. As well as breathing material is important, it’s a prominent thing to have waterproof fabric as well. Since rainwater could leave your vehicle prone to rust, and as a result, and, in turn, it will require paintwork. If you don’t want this waste of money, pay attention to rainproof car covers. The vast majority of high-quality automotive covers boast of ultrasonic seam technology (stands that material has double sticking >>> more reliable). 


There are two main types of automotive covers: indoor and outdoor. Starting with indoor covers, they are designed and made for vehicles that are usually parked in a garage or somewhere indoors or under the roof. What do they provide? Minimal protection, however, they still cover your 4-wheel friend from water and dust. However, they are not made to protect your four-wheel friend from weather or something like that.

As for outdoor type, they are the toughest and they were designed to keep vehicles outside. Durable materials and reliable clips are both must in such covers so it won’t get away with strong wind. A canvas cover can cope with sun rays, tree sap, debris.

How will I install it?

An auto cover is a very simple thing to install. The first step is you need to unfold it, then line it up with your automobile. The vast majority of proper car covers boast of space for your wing mirrors, so those slots will accompany you to place a cover right way around. Then simply toss the cover over your vehicle and that’s it.

What is it of?

Usually, it’s made of three materials: polyethylene (gives durable protection), aluminum (light metal protects from UV rays) and cotton (for liner lining).

Product Review

Take a look at our detailed review to find out about TOP-3 auto covers on the market and choose the one and only that will suit you by all needs.

1. OXGORD Executive Storm-Proof Car Cover

Brought to the world by the famous company OxGord, this dependable automotive cover offers big dimensions (up to 204 inches). As for material, this item is made of 5 (!) resistant layers. First comes 3x polypropylene, film and fleece. Breathable, excellent quality and ensures semi glove fit. The last and not the least thing is the storage bag plus antenna patch.

Pros Cons
• Layers 
• Made by reputable brand
• Storage bag
• Layers are gentle  

2. BLIIFUU Car Cover

Designed and produced of high-density material, this cover guarantees excellent protection. As for specifications, it’s produced from 190T (not 170T material), that makes it irreplaceable if you keep your vehicle outside. UV protection is a plus; it also boasts of several fluorescent light strips come as a sign for safe night parking. This product has a warranty so you can contact the seller in case of any drawbacks.

Pros Cons
• 190T material
• Fluorescent light strips
• Not dependable straps


This cover fits all sedans and offers soft fabric that won’t scratch your vehicle’s exterior paint. Unlike other covers, it has antenna reinforcement patch and elasticized hem for a custom fit. 730 days of warranty comes as a bonus. It guarantees no scratch tie-down grommets and includes a convenient storage bag.

Pros Cons
• Perfect for sedans
• Antenna reinforcement
• Bag to store
• Mostly for indoor use

Our best choice

Our best pick for automotive cover is OxGord Auto Cover. It comes from a reliable company, offers super-heavy material and prevents mold growth. If you want an alternative, pay attention to Bliifuu Car Cover.


What’s exactly this cover?

That’s an automotive accessory that is placed over your automobile in order to cover and protect it from dirt, sunlight, and snow. Such covers could be found both indoors and outdoor, as mentioned and come in both universal and custom varieties. Made of dependable and high-quality materials, they offer different levels of protection.

How many times should I wash it?

It’s not recommended to wash a cover very often – it could damage the waterproofing quality. What you can do is to wash it when needed — if there are stains from mud or, say, bird or cat. As for washing liquid, use genteel detergent and make sure you choose warm water with a delicate regime on your washing machine.

Can I use it if it’s wet?

Surely yes. You are able to tighten it up since it’s made from high-quality, durable material. What will happen — the water will simply be evaporated from your automotive cover. It’s made to avoid any mold from growing.

Should I leave it during rain?

Another question is that can you take it off in case of rain. If your auto coverage is 100% waterproof, you can leave it during rain. However, never use indoor cover as protection from raindrops or snow. If it’s not that resistant to weather conditions, it’s better to seek for a more dependable cover.

Can it damage my vehicle?

On the contrary, a finely made cover boasts of very soft and nice fleece lining and cares about your auto’s paint. The soft material was included to ensure your car’s surface won’t get chipped.


Mother nature can be a really cruel force, especially when it comes to the protection of your automobile. Even if you park your vehicle under the roof or in the garage, you still need protection against dust and scrapes. Choosing a cover for your vehicle is the right decision — this small investment will make a big difference and will allow keeping your beloved friend in a ‘brand-new’ condition.

Look through our guide and reviews one more time if you still are not defined with the item you’re about to purchase. Consider material, quality, performance and choose the best automotive cover that will protect your vehicle anytime, anywhere.