Top 12 Best Car Foglight Models


There’s a wide belief that having fog lamps are not necessary for car owners. Having said that, they come in handy at the times of bad weather, low outside visibility, when there’s a lot of mist and dust around. 

As they are not required by safety standards, choosing and installing fog lights causes a lot of confusion among drivers. There are multiple types and modifications of lights on the market – finding the right fit is challenging. 

To make a decision with a background, take a look at our full buying guide. Other than walking you through the most common fog light types and modifications, we will review the most common alternatives on the market. 

Explaining How Fog Lights Work

car in the fog

Typically, fog lights are mounted in the lower part of the vehicles. Their beams are flat and rather wide – that’s to ensure that a driver can see the road in front of him clearly. The front fog lights are much more common in the US – in Europe, however, drivers have to mount rear fog lights as well. 

It’s common for newer car models to not include fog lights altogether seeing that the quality of the headlights has improved drastically and can carry out the function that fog lights used to perform. 

Best led headlights review can help you improve your car’s lighting.

Benefits of Fog Lights

The main advantage of using fog lights when driving in misty or snowy weather is that they don’t glare the snow or fog particles off the way regular headlights do. As a result, drivers are not distracted from the road and have higher overall visibility. 

Since the glare issue makes it harder to see the traffic and distinguish the elements on the road, relying purely on standard fog lights is not the safest approach. The placement of fog lights and the structure of the beam make them a perfect illumination source for gloomy weather. 

cars in the fog

Types of Fog Lights

In the driving community, breaking the tie between yellow and white fog lights is a common debate. It’s hard to tell for sure which ones offer better visibility and are more energy-efficient – let’s take a look at both to understand how these types work, their respective pros and cons. 

Yellow Fog Lights

Yellow fog lights became a thing in many race cars. Drivers often prefer them over the standard white modification – primarily for cosmetic reasons. There’s a common opinion among car owners that yellow lights provide more clarity and help other drivers distinguish the vehicle better. 

While being much easier on the eyes than blue lights, yellow lights are brighter than the white ones. Scientifically speaking, the human eye retina interacts with yellow much more readily than with white so the color is easier to differentiate among others. 

White Fog Lights

Despite the growing fondness for yellow lights, the white modification is still prevalent in most vehicles. The reasons for that are primarily legal – in states like Colorado, you are not allowed to drive with yellow fog lights on unless the fog particles are higher a certain level of density. 

There are more modifications of white lights and they are usually more affordable. 

LED vs Halogen Fog Lights: Which to Choose

Another way to group fog lights is by the type of lightbulb used to keep the light on. Halogen and LED lights are the most common ones. Let’s take a look at how these modifications are different and analyze their respective advantages. 

LED Fog Lights

LED lights are on the expensive side of the spectrum compared to their halogen counterparts. They score higher in terms of brightness and are considerably more durable. For example, an average lifetime of a halogen light bulb is around 1-2 years where’s LED lights can last for 4-5 consecutive winters. 

As a rule of thumb, LED fog lights are quite easy to install. However, you might want to reach out to an electrician rather than trying to replace the lightbulbs on your own. Compared to a halogen alternative, the maintenance of an LED bulb is a little trickier. 

Halogen Fog Lights

Halogen lights are an industry standard and are usually installed by default in many vehicles. There are more models on the market, they are cheaper than LED lightbulbs, and easier to install. 

The advantages of halogen fog lights pretty much end there. They are lacking in brightness and aren’t as durable as the LED bulbs. By all means, halogen bulbs are getting outdated – it’s likely that in the next 10-15 years they will be completely replaced by LED alternatives. 

led vs halogen

Fog Driving Tips

Other than installing fog lights, drivers have to be extremely cautious when driving around during foggy weather. To make sure you and your vehicle are safe and the driving experience is as stress-free as possible, consider following these tips:

  • Slow down and make a habit of checking the rear mirrors regularly as you approach foggy areas. 
  • Keep more distance between yours and other vehicles than you normally would to avoid collisions.
  • Clean your screen and windscreen regularly since the level of moisture during foggy days is much higher than during the sunny ones. 
  • Don’t follow the tail lights of the car that’s moving in front of you – this way, you increase the odds of losing concentration. Blindly following the tail lights of another vehicle creates a sense of security and leads to an increased risk of accidents. 
  • If the visibility is extremely low and you don’t know the terrain in front of yourself well enough, consider pulling over and waiting it out. 

Top 12 Fog Lights: Reviewing Best Online Alternatives

Driving in foggy weather is often a horrible experience. Ideally, every driver wants to wait it out and get inside the car once the level of visibility has improved. However, our jam-packed schedules and multiple errands to make don’t always allow for such a luxury. 

Choosing a pair of fog lights thoroughly is a good way to ensure you’re safe under low visibility. There are multiple selling and manufacturing companies that create fog light models – these are the most popular alternatives online. 

This fog light is known for emitting a cool white light beam that does not blind a driver and is not stressful on the eyes. Thanks to a SafeBeam technology, the Philips foglights does a solid job of illuminating the road directly, without glaring off the mist and snow particles. 

The LED bulbs seem to be durable and energy-efficient. Also, a seller offers a refund warranty for three years – car owners can test the Philips fog lights and return them in case the performance was not satisfactory. 

Pros Cons
• Average durability amounts up to 12 years
• The design is highly-thermal and durable under abrupt climate changes
• Lightweight model – the overall weight of the foglight bulbs is 4.6 ounces
• The light bulbs are dim and have a low-lumen
light output
• Online users claim that the color temperature
is around 5000K – not the 6000K claimed by the

These fog lights are well-designed and adjustable. The manufacturer designed a model in a way that gives car drivers a possibility to rotate the beam up and down up to 45 degrees. The lightbulbs are bright thanks to high-lumen technology. In order to reduce the amount of stress on the drivers’ eye, the manufacturer used a PC lens that disperses light attenuation. 

The model comes with a two-year refund warranty. Although the model fits well on most popular vehicles, the manufacturer specifies that the model is originally designed for Jeep cars. 

Pros Cons
• High visibility, the bulbs emit wide bright beams
of white light
• The brackets are adjustable and rotate
up to 45 degrees
• Protection from dust and water
• Mounting bolts get rusty over time
• The bulbs don’t illuminate wide distances well
• Poor product packaging

These fog lights are one of the most popular light alternatives for Dodge vehicles. The lightbulbs are LED – so the beam is sufficiently bright and well-seen on the road. As the lightbulbs are made from glass, they are easy to break – there’s no plastic coverage to protect the integrity of the model. 

The good news is, if a driver broke a lightbulb indeed, there’s a one-year refund guarantee. You can still give a model a try, test its durability, and return it in case the glass gets scratched or cracks. 

Pros Cons
• Easy installation process
• Car accessories are a part of the package
• Durable mounting bolts
• Durability concerns since the model
is made of glass
• Does not fit other vehicles than Dodge trucks

The model has a sturdy design that looks nothing like the counterparts. Sirius LED fog lights to have a solid futuristic look and feel to them. They are made from aircraft-quality aluminum, with a high level of heat dissipation and anti-corrosion protection. 

A seller incorporated the H8 technology into the model that increases visibility and light density. You will need no additional hardware to install the lightbulbs – however, the owners of CANBUS-empowered vehicles are going to need an additional hardware kit to replace light bulbs. 

Pros Cons
• 360-degree rotatable shield
• Bright light beams emitted by six LED chips
• A Black Aloy Lens reduces eye stress
• Low-voltage lamps
• The foglight color has a shade of blue
• Affordable price

This foglight has a stylish and sturdy design – there’s a gorgeous black finish that increases the corrosion resistance of fog lights. Aside from creating a modern look for the vehicle, the model has a stylish reflector that fully eliminates the snow-and-mist glare. 

According to the seller, the model has the OEM certification. Unfortunately, there’s no warranty for the foglights. 

Pros Cons
• High durability thanks to an aluminum front
• A one-month refund guarantee
• Easy installation process and a wide range
of learning content
• The lamps on the passenger side fit poorly
• Require adjustment after installation
• Brackets are slippy

JDM Astar LED lights are easy to install and friendly in maintenance. The setup process is pretty much plug-and-play, with no need to get extra hardware. The downside is that they are too bright and might create too much tension for drivers’ eyes if used for a long while. 

The model is affordable and, with an adjustable beam angle, and a one-year warranty for trying the product out. 

Pros Cons
• Requires no additional installation tools;
• Lenses with a high refractive index;
• High-lumen output
• The light beams lack focus;
• Low durability

Although this model does not come short in brightness, Valeo foglights are sensitive and easy to break. The design looks well – however, drivers have to replace them quite often  – the average life span of the foglights is around 3-6 months.

The good news is, the unit comes with spare lenses. Valeo foglights are relatively easy to install and require no additional tools to fit the vehicle. 

Pros Cons
• OE-approved materials
• Easy installation
• Stylish look
• Fragile glass cover
• Might not fit into some common vehicles, such
as the Nissan models

The model is known for the high energy-efficiency of the bulbs. The power usage of the model is 3-4 times lower than that of an average halogen bulb – as a result, the unit’s running time increases exponentially. 

LED Beamtech is adjustable in size and has four fitting modifications. You will be able to mount it on any vehicle. The installation is fast and hassle-free. The model is known-well for emitting a bright and focused light beam. 

Pros Cons
• Fits well into the foglight socket
of most vehicles
• Fast delivery
• A built-in refactor
• The installation takes more time than that
of halogen bulbs
• Due to high brightness, the foglight can burn
out after approximately a year of use

These bulbs are known for being compact. The design is sturdy but not bulky or heavyweight. The foglight emits a focused symmetric light beam which helps to see the road fully. However, when used consistently, the lights tend to dim eventually. 

These Philips bulbs are made out of glass – as a result, they are highly sensitive. Be careful to not touch them during the installation process and use paper towels or gloves. 

Pros Cons
• The installation process takes
up to 1 hour
• No fitment issues
• High intensity
• Low durability
• Bulbs require regular cleaning
and maintenance

10. OFFROADTOWN LED Foglight: Best Value

This is one of the brightest LED foglights around, which comes both as a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, a 48,000-lumen-powered lamp illuminates the road extremely well, making night drives in foggy weather considerably more bearable. 

On the other hand, excessive brightness could be blinding a driver of the vehicle that’s moving towards you and is likely to cause eye irritation. 

The foglights are equipped with a cooling system which allows them to generate less heat increasing the durability of the aluminum surface. 

Pros Cons
• Adjustable brackets for an effortless
mounting process
• 480 Watts of power in the lamps
• 3-year refund assurance
• No rubber seals to hold the lightbulbs
• Low water-resistance

11. SZFLWA H4 9003 HB2 LED Foglights

This model easy in installation and maintenance. The foglights come with numerous enjoyable perks – the bulbs adapt to the polarity within the vehicle automatically. The installation process is a breeze as well – mounting the lights takes 15-20 minutes. 

The durability of the foglights is impressive, amounting up to 50,000 hours. 

The seller offers a one-year warranty as well. The color temperature of the light is around 5000-6500K. 

Pros Cons
• The look of the bulbs is aesthetically pleasing
• The lights are bright and offer high visibility
• Don’t overheat
• LED bulbs can slip up and down
• Flickering light is a common problem
for the model

This halogen model is an affordable one – however, it’s not too convenient to use on a daily basis. For one thing, the lightbulbs are connected – as soon as one burns out, so does the other. The seller recommends replacing the lightbulbs in pairs to ensure their optimal performance. 

On the flip side, the model seems quite durable thanks to a protective cobalt coating. When turned on, the foglights have a beautiful shimmer to them which grants the model a stylish, jewel-like view. 

As opposed to LED lights, these halogen bulbs are considerably dimmer and not as fit for using during heavy snows. 

Pros Cons
• Easy installation
• Affordable model
• Focused light beams
• Dim light beams
• Low durability


A pair of foglights can be a life-saver when it comes to driving in bad weather. Whether you are a fan of white or yellow bulbs, halogen or LED, there’s no lack of solid models on the market. Be sure to compare the alternatives and read the reviews before you make a purchase. We hope our review of the most popular fog light models was helpful and you managed to choose high-quality durable lightbulbs.