The Best Car Horns TOP 6


Why Do We Need Car Horns?

Thanks to the signals and automobile horns, road safety is being increased and, in turn, the number of accidents is minimized. We cannot skip the fact that the majority of accidents could be prevented by giving a warning signal in time. In addition to the safety function, the best car horns enhance a car’s exterior design.

Thanks to this simple device, you can hear the “voice” of a car, with the help of which the car will report its presence to people and other drivers around. Hence, the presence of this tool, which emits a special sound, will allow you to avoid many emergencies and provide the possibility of communication between drivers by using signaling.

It is a very important and necessary part that must be in every vehicle. And if it fails or performs its functions inappropriately, then a driver starts to think about purchasing a new device. And then a new problem arises and the question which one to choose and what should I consider when choosing a car horn?

Things to Watch Out

During its performance, a regular car horn may become unusable or the auto owner will want to replace it because of a desire to hear a different horn sound. To carry out the tuning of the sound system of your vehicle, you can choose different versions of car horns, which can also provide the auto with a certain personality, thanks to which it will be possible to stand out in the stream of cars.

First of all, when choosing a sound signal, you need to consider the size of the horn and the mounting option. You must be sure that the installation will be quick and easy. This will help you to avoid additional manipulations and expenses for hardware specialists. In the end, if the car horn does not fit you in size, you will have to spend your time on returning or exchanging the product. Also, pay attention to the appearance of the signal. A car horn should fit the appearance of your auto. Moreover, it shouldn’t look like an extraneous element on the body.

Another thing that you should pay attention to when choosing a horn is the voltage. Car horns for vehicles use a voltage of 12 volts. However, the best and the most powerful for trucks use 24 volts.

Technical Terms

The sound level is the air pressure level, and the measuring unit is decibel. All the sounds we hear are just changes in air pressure that reach our eardrum. Only when they are transmitted to our brain do they turn into information there. Depending on the energy at which changes in air pressure or sounds reach the eardrum, the sounds can be either quiet or loud. Consequently, the more energy a sound has, the louder it seems to us. 

To measure the intensity of sound, we use a unit of measurement called decibels “dB”. The lowest level of audible sound, that is, the quietest sound that a person can hear is 0 decibels. A sound level of 50 dB is pleasant to us, a level of 100 dB is considered the threshold of pleasure, and at the level of 120 dB is the limit of pain.

The voltage is compared with the energy potential of the fluid source. For example, an increase in hydraulic pressure by a pump in a pipe will create a greater rate of fluid movement, and an increase in voltage. By default, cars use 12 V, and trucks use 24 V. For instance, the electric power in an average home is 110 V. 

Types of Car Horns

Pneumatic car horns

The sound signal in such a device is generated by the ingress of air from the compressor into the horn tube, in which a sound signal is generated due to air vibration. Such car horns are different in the number and shape of the pipes used, as well as the power of the sound system. Their total power can reach 120 dB, and the frequency range of the device can cover several sound zones.

Electromagnetic car horns

This type of car horns is based on the principle of operation of an electromagnet, which is its primary element. The electromagnet is connected to the membrane, and the core winding is connected through a chopper to the battery. The signal button located on the steering wheel is connected to the mass of the vehicle. Thus, when it is pressed, the core rod oscillates by moving the horn membranes. As a result, there is a very loud sound.

Electronic car horns

Well, the main component is the chip that generates the sound of the required frequency, after which it transfers it to the loudspeaker. The sound reproduction power can reach up to 110dB, in frequency, then it can be very different in various models. These devices are versatile and easy to operate. They can operate on 12 or 24V. Also, various models reproduce a variety of sounds from ordinary monophonic signals to whole melodies.

Products Review

This signal is a high-quality powerful alternative to regular signals. This heavy-duty disc car horn is designed to meet the recommendations of major car manufacturers. Each disc is made of durable steel, which is coated with a thick layer of paint. The robust housing cleans the solid core from mechanical damage that may occur during driving a vehicle. This best car horn has a convenient mount, that allows you to fix the signal with a single bolt. Since the Hella disc car horn has a rounded shape, it can easily be fixed in any position.

Performance and technical issues
  • Sound level: 12 V
  • Voltage: 118 dB
  • Material: Coated metal

Attractive appearance, complemented by bright design makes this signal model an excellent choice if you want to update the car horn of your car, as well as improve the appearance. Furthermore, its catchy design is perfect for sports cars. This signal will stand out from under the radiator grille and attract the attention of others. Moreover, you can set this best car horn to the bike. Its design will not spoil the appearance of your bike.

• Universal outline 
• Anti-corrosion
• Coating 
• Various colors 
• Sporty design
• Loose mount
• No anti-corrosion coating on screws

This signal is made of materials that are resistant to various weather conditions, shock, and vibration. The chromed body looks great and perfectly complements the look of almost every car. Strong sound is produced by a powerful compressor that provides low-pressure compressed air.  In addition, the compressor is strong and durable due to the full-metal body. This auto horn is powered by a voltage of 12 volts. The kit includes mounting bolts and a hose for compressed air.

Performance and technical issues
  • Sound level: 150 dB
  • Voltage: 12 V
  • Material: Metal

Firstly, the universality is one of the main parameters of this signal. It can be installed on any vehicle. A loud and reliable car horn will help you improve road safety. This signal is perfect for those who drive a car very often or have made it their profession. Since a car with a good horn is better heard on the road, which will protect you and other drivers from possible collisions.

• Easy installation 
• Reliable design 
• Eye-catching appearance
• No anti-corrosion coating
• Heavyweight

This is a high-frequency horn with passive sound amplification. This signal sounds very well. The sound produced is not very low and has a bass tone. It is full and saturated, so the one stands out from the crowd and immediately attracts attention. Moreover, the case is made of high-quality metal and covered with anti-corrosion coating. Thanks to this, it will work perfectly in all weather conditions and will work for a long amount of time. Additionally, the case of this signal is waterproof, so you can be sure that it will work efficiently even in extreme conditions.

Performance and technical issues
  • Sound level: 112 dB
  • Voltage: 12 V
  • Material: High-grade metal

It is a great solution for replacing an old signal if you are not comfortable with its sound or the other one has failed. A simple and compact design allows you to install the best car horn on any car with no issues. Black color will help to hide the signal under the grille so it will not spoil the appearance of the car.

• Limited lifetime warranty
• Easy installation 
• Sporty design
• Special electrical connection
• Buzzing sounds when it’s cold outside

This is a high-quality professional car horn with a compressor. This signal uses a voltage of 12 V. The kit consists of two pipes with a black anti-corrosion coating. Each of the pipes has a separate compressor, which ensures high sound volume. They have a very long service life and durability due to the high quality of used materials. Furthermore, the best car horn is resistant to any weather conditions and vibrations. Since each pipe works independently. Hence, if one of the pipes fails, the car horn will work well thanks to the second pipe.

Performance and technical issues
  • Sound level: 112 dB
  • Voltage: 12 V
  • Material: Metal

Thanks to the unique design, it will become one of the key stylistic elements of your car. This signal will help you ensure a high level of road safety. It has a characteristic car horn that is different from ordinary devices. The loud sound emitted by this signal will surely attract the attention of everyone around.

• 2x compressors 
• Fixing hardware included
• Anti-corrosion coating on horns
• No water protection on compressors
• Cheap components 

For novices, it is the best pneumatic horn on the market. The latest technology produces powerful sound with a volume of 123 decibels. This is significantly louder than the factory car horns. This device produces powerful two-tone sounds. The one-piece design does not require hoses to work. The compressor is integrated into the housing and provides years of reliable operation! Moreover, the best car horn is resistant to various weather conditions and dirt.

Performance and technical issues
  • Sound level: 123 dB
  • Voltage: 12 V
  • Material: Metal / Plastic

This horn is perfect for both cars and motorcycles. Easy to install design does not require specialist assistance. So you can easily install it in your garage. The excellent design of this device perfectly complements the look of your car or motorcycle.

• Black finish
• 2X louder than a factory horn
• Suitable for motorcycles
• Short wire
• Hard to install

This device provides a deep and powerful sound despite its small body. Moreover, this car horn has a built-in heavy-duty compressor that does not require assembly. The case is made of durable metal and covered with plastic, which protects this device from water and dirt. Thanks to the solid design, the installation, and connection of this signal takes only a few minutes. The sound that the best car horn produces has a very long duration and one of the highest volume indicators. Furthermore, it does not require any maintenance during the entire period of work.

Performance and technical issues
  • Sound level: 150 dB
  • Voltage: 12 V / 24 V
  • Material: Metal / Plastic

This car horn will be an excellent choice for those who are looking for a simple and reliable solution. The one-piece design combines high technical specifications and a pleasant appearance in one item. Installation is also very simple. In short, you only need a few minutes of your time and a couple of bolts.

• Two harmonized tones 
• Detailed installation guide 
• Suitable for heavy trucks
• Tested product
• Not suitable for motorcycles

Our Best Choice

An extremely loud signal will undoubtedly set you apart from the general flow and force you to draw attention to yourself. But this is far from the best solution, especially in the city. Do not create discomfort to others, scaring them with a deafening roar.

Moreover, when buying a new car horn, you need to consider that the compressor may require greater current strength. In this case, you will have to increase the power of the battery and generator. Also, it may require additional space under the hood. Hence, you will need to hire a hardware specialist to install a third-party device in your car.

Consequently, in our opinion, the best choice from this collection is HELLA Supertone Car Horn. It is a compact and modern solution that is suitable for any auto. Moreover, the installation takes only a few minutes. This device does not require any maintenance. Its beautiful design and a large number of exterior colors will allow you to choose the best option that gives your car the most style.


Is it necessary to replace a horn after it breaks down?

Yes, it must be done. A signal will help you avoid an accident on the road.

Can I install the signal myself?

It depends on the auto model and the type of car horn selected. Replacing a car horn does not require special skills.

Do I need additional equipment to replace a car horn?

To replace an existing car horn in your car, you only need a screwdriver or a wrench to remove the old fasteners and install a new car horn.

Can I plug a car horn into an electrical outlet?

No, unfortunately, air horns work with direct current. The electrical network in your home works with alternating current. 

Where can I set a car horn?

Install it into the engine area. Furthermore, you should check if everything is installed properly. Note that some car horns must be protected from the rain.

Conclusion — Buyer’s Guide

It is important to keep in mind that the horn is primarily a warning tool for drivers or pedestrians, and not a fashionable gadget or tuning thing. First of all, this device is a guarantee of your safety on the road. Also, without the need, the sound signal in the city is prohibited. Well, any erratic use of it is considered a violation of traffic rules and may result in a fine.

At the same time, modern car horns should emit sounds that stand out from the general noise to attract the attention of others, warn of danger and avoid an accident. When choosing a perfect device, it is necessary to take into account the characteristics of the car like battery power, mains voltage, the presence of free space under the hood.