Best Car Key Chains TOP 5


Can a trinket as inconsequential as a key chain become a personal day-to-day efficiency-booster?  It can if you play it smart when purchasing one! How about it? Perhaps, is it high time you brought a little bit of law and order into the realm of chaos which reigns where numerous household, car, job, etc keys are bunched together in a crazy clutter? Are you up for it? If so, then five key chains ranging from simple “souvenir gift” garden variety to potential life-changing survival tools are listed below. As they say, take your pick!

Let’s cut a long story short, the main function of any key chain is to keep your keys as well organized and ordered as possible, PERIOD! The many juicy accessories manufacturers offer into the bargain come as an added bonus to distinguish themselves from the pack! There are a few simplistic Dick and Jane variety tips to follow to ensure you don’t end up keyless and clueless in the teeth of a defiant lock!

What to look for in a Key Chain Prior to purchase

Price vs Value Ratio – Buy Cheap, Buy Twice

There are a lot of keychains out there on the marketplace which cost less than a small pack of Bounty Paper Napkins. Needless to say, cheaper models are much more likely to become “unhinged” after a few short months or even weeks of operation disgorging their load of keys into a big void. Ready to take a chance? You do, every time you buy on the cheap!

Quality and Appearance

If you are big on the entire concept of design and pristine long term appearance make sure your model comes in scratch-, dent-, rust-resistant material, and chamfer design to preclude any accidental property damage.

Fall Back Option

Promotional tidbits and doctored pictures do make some key chains look glorious. The reality proves otherwise at times! Hate to lose a few bucks on a product that proves underwhelming upon the first-hand inspection? Money-back guarantee to the rescue!

Types Of Car Key Chains


The keychain market is a chock-a-block with all kinds of key chains. Your purchase will be a real cut and dried affair if you are buying a product for simple key management. If, however, it’s meant as a souvenir gift, piece of advertising paraphernalia for your product or service, potential survival tool or day-to-day personal facilitator, etc – a medley of various types, shape and material factors come into play. 

Shape and Material

Most manufacturers make their keychains out of different alloys with a view to ensuring long-term product longevity and functionality. Others go against the grain opting for less durable but more spectacular looking leather, plastic, rubber, wood, glass, fabric, etc materials and totally mind-boggling designs, ranging from a simple hamburger to an alien spaceship! If you like to give your imagination a free rein on buying trips there’ll definitely be no dearth of options to choose from! 

Resqme is known for coming up with terrific safety innovations and, true to form, they’ve manufactured one heck of a keychain and potential life-saver by default! As a survival tool, it brings serious value to the table!

Anyone who’s ever tried to tangle with jammed seat belts in hectic adrenaline-loaded accident aftermath will tell you – it’s no fun. This KeyChain tool and Seatbelt Cutter offers a quick fix – it’ll slice and dice your seat belt in bare seconds, just make sure you learn how to apply it correctly beforehand!

Cutting is not its sole forte! It can also pack a punch, quite literally! If you think breaking a vehicle window, even a side one, is a cakewalk, think again! We’ve seen one case in which these toughies withstood onslaughts with bricks, iron bars, jack handles all wielded by adults. It takes more brains than brawn to break a car window and is all about hitting a tiny sweet spot therein. Resqme steel-spiked product is the perfect means to an end. You won’t have to swing for the fences either as it comes equipped with a powerful spring-loaded mechanism and all is required from you is one hard push against the window with a bit of follow-through to drive the message home.

The model is compact, 2 by 5.3 by 8.3 inches and really inexpensive. It’s available in a broad range of colors including black, orange, red, pink and safety yellow. The manufacturer also offers a few purchase-stimulating extras such as a key ring, lanyard, sun visor clip, etc … It goes without saying, as a key manager and organizer this piece is not going to solve all of your problems, especially formidable ones, but it’s not meant to do that by its very design in the first place!

A word to the wise! Make absolutely sure you are getting an original Resqme piece and not a cheap knock-off! Resqme has a long-standing track record for turning out reliable products that seem to last for ages and not lose a step performance-wise. If you have the bad luck to purchase a fake clone, any number of malfunctions in the window-breaking mechanism are likely to pop out, sooner rather than later as well!

Key Features
  • Razor-sharp, sheathed seatbelt cutter
  • Spring-loaded steel spike
  • Nifty accessories, keyring, lanyard, sun visor clip, etc
• Good price
• High-potential survival tool
• Durable with good material quality
• A rather hefty consistent push needed to bring the steel spike to full bear!

How can something so small be so impressive? This keychain by Lancher does not need to toot its own horn to generate sales. It’s slick, craftily designed and brings good value for money! Regardless of how big you are on the “luxury factor” in your personal chattels, this model would look the part in any scenario!

To begin with, visually it pushes all the right buttons to please the eye. The inlaid plastic body design looks a bit animal-inspired akin to a turtle shell carapace pattern – very cute and original. The steel part is very sparkly but not to a fault and, according to the manufacturer, it’s totally immune to any scratches. Size-wise it hits the golden middle at 3.6 inches in length and 1.2 inches breadth-wise where it’s not too small to get lost in the daily shuffle and not too bulky or space-consuming to be a liability.

One of the most common user knocks on this model is its excessive weight. Do we share this sentiment? Never in a million years! It’s just two ounces heavy, 0.125th of a pound, plus it’s ultra-durable. It’s not a uniform peace per se like many other key chains out there but rather a sum of different parts – a big release button, inlaid decorative features and crescent-shaped fluidly moving ring holder – worry not, it’ll take a licking and keep on ticking! It’s also rust-resistant and made to look expensive and posh.

If by a quirk of fate you lose a wedding ring and come up empty-handed at nuptials one of these keyrings could very well offer a stop-gap solution! Just kidding, but you catch the drift! Each ring is sleek, shiny and well made. In case you want your keychain to be a real multitasker there are two extra rings for a grand total of four – your keys won’t feel like they’ve been given a raw deal.

If you like to carry your keychain on a belt loop the entire hooking and unhooking process couldn’t be simpler – one light button push and, voila, the big dog is ready to feed! The spring-loaded mechanism has impressive holding power as well. You can perish the thought of your keys giving this clasp a slip right here and now.

If you are buying this item as a small souvenir Lancher will meet you halfway with a jet-black soft padded gift box and, as an icing on the cake, throw a five-year warranty into the bargain!

Key Features
  • Powerful carabiner loop
  • Smooth release button
  • Two extra key rings and a gift box
• Good material quality
• Excellent craftsmanship
• Very cute but sturdy
• Huge warranty
• Not the lightest key chain on the market

In stark contrast to numerous manufacturers trying to dandify their keychains to the max to attract buyers, Hephis opted for the rugged, no-nonsense look with a bit of utility thrown in for good measure! At 2.95 inches high, 1.2 inches broad and 0.15 pounds heavy it’s almost an exact replica of its remote Lancher cousin size-wise but in terms of design these two could not be more different.

Made out of corrosion-resistant and durable zinc alloy this model enjoys total immunity to any kind of defacement in the way of scratches, scuffs, indentations, blotches – the usual keychain visual afflictions. The three-round perforations in the top bracket serve no practical purpose that we could detect but they do add a bit of a predatory Eye of The Tiger look to the overall design. Not bad!

Granted, this piece is not a showstopper by any means but attention to detail and good craftsmanship show through. It’s rugged but sleek with nicely beveled edges. All interior or exterior features are smooth – you’ll definitely not have to worry about damaging your property every time the keychain comes in contact with a dashboard or other easy to scratch surfaces.

If you don’t like to put all of your eggs into one basket this piece comes with two separate key ring holes – they are fused into the main keychain body and nothing short of brute force would beat this vice-like grip. Placing your keys on the rings themselves could be a minor test of mettle strength-wise though: they are really tough and non-cooperative!

The carabiner loop, on the other hand, works like a charm. You can hook and unhook your chain with nonchalant ease. The spring-like mechanism does look like it can take a lot of wear and tear and not lose an iota of its holding power – good news if you plan to attach/detach your unit frequently.

Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about this keychain’s major claim to fame! Drum Roll, Please! Enter the one and only Bottle Opener!

Well, it’s not really that big of a deal, of course, but in this day and age of mass consumption certain beverage manufacturers do seem to take a delight in corking their bottles up tighter than a nuclear reactor. We are just as high on the notion of delayed gratification as the next guy, but we’d like to pound some beers on the weekend with a minimum amount of hassle! No bottle opener within easy reach? Hephis keychain bottle opener to the rescue! Its lower mandible is strong enough and just the right mold to defeat any balky bottle cap with a casual wrist snap!

This model comes in no-frills jet black or metallic silver coloration, if, however, you want to turn into more of a gift-suitable asset there is the option of having it in gaudier black and gold or black and silver variations.

Key Features
  • Sleek chamfer design – no rough edges at all
  • Two separate ring holes
  • Made out of zinc alloy – say no to scratches  
  • Bottle opener
• Great price
• Nice material quality
• Easy to hook and unhook
• The key rings are real tough taskmasters!

If you are keen to incorporate a little bit of that fabled German efficiency into your day-to-day key management KeySmart Classic could be the way to go! Granted, it does not offer you any bombastic design features and it’s not one of KeySmarts most versatile products. In case you don’t know, they offer keychain tools replete with built-in Bluetooth trackers, flashlights, bottle openers and what not! But as a key-holder and organizer, it hits the mother lode!

Where exactly does it excel? In multiple areas. It’s inexpensive, very light, just 3.9 by 2 by 0.4 inches large and comes with an included loop piece! It also has a serious appetite for keys! According to the manufacturer this aluminum-made glutton can consume as many as, pause and reflect please, FOURTEEN two-inch-plus long keys into its smallish underbelly and not choke! Wow, that’s some serious capacity!

It’ll also bring an instant upgrade on most keychains out there in a few notable ways. First of all, anyone who carries a lot of keys bunched together on one chain is familiar with the raucous jingling, aggravating poking, tough to disentangle interlocking and a few other problems which seem to rear their ugly head every time you shift your bodily position. Picking the right key out of the jumble can also be a pain in the neck, especially when speed is of the essence. KeySmart Classic effectively eliminates all these nuisances by putting all of your keys into permanent, easy to manage slots – they remain locked and loaded and good to go within the snap of a finger at all times!

In case you find this grand fourteen keys capacity wanting KeySmart offers extra Expansion Packs to further boost the “cargo space”. As an added bonus one can also integrate a folding knife, pliers, bottle opener, pocket clip, nano scissors, nano torch, and other assorted accessories into this key-holder’ interior. Of course, they have to be purchased separately. If you don’t like your piece to look all dour in stark black, you can opt for the blue or brighter red versions.

A great offering all around! Is there a flip side to this coin though? Alas, there is! Granted, there are no pesky key rings or faulty carabiner loops to deal with here and you can swap keys at the literal turn of a screw but the mechanism of locking your keys into place does leave us wanting more. To begin with, it’s somewhat hard to hit the golden middle between a “tight and loose” screw position. Overdo it and the keys refuse to come out smoothly, soft-pedal it and they can haphazardly jump out of their slots like an evil jack out of a box. In all honesty, a bit irritating. Plus, the screw shaft is nether shattering nor shock-proof and has been known to succumb to seemingly non-threatening insignificant jolts and bumps. Definitely not HUGE problems but something to keep in the back of your mind if you intend to put this key-holder to serious day-to-day manual shellacking!

Key Features
  • Can receive up to 14 keys
  • Comes with an included loop piece
  • Easy key-swap at the turn of a screw
  • Made out of aircraft aluminum
• Good price
• Compact design
• Multiple expansion options
• No serious warranty support
• Flimsy screw shaft mechanism, especially when under strain

Leather is elegant, natural and timeless! If you happen to be a big fan of all things made out of this material this TAKAVU piece of handiwork might strike a chord. It’s not drop-dead gorgeous but it’s meticulously stitched and crafted all-around. All black, sporting a red stripe running down the middle with an interchanging red and black paracord wrap it does look aesthetically pleasing.

Don’t judge it by appearance alone! It’s supple and snazzy but also very durable and heavy-duty. According to the manufacturer, this piece will absolutely never ever lose any of its original brightness and luster. Hope springs eternal …

It’s a keychain and it’ll definitely accommodate your keys just fine. It has a single robust key ring and a mechanically well-fine-tuned carabiner with a tenacious grip. Your keys will feel safe and sound in their nesting place. The unique leather artwork makes it a bit of an eye-catcher as well. It’s very-very inexpensive, original and would surely make for a nice little surprise gift!

Key Features
  • Made out of top-grain leather
  • Fancy looking paracord wrap
  • Inimitable artwork  
• Very inexpensive
• Hand made and highly original
• Full refund option
• Very durable
• Very simplistic with few options

Our Top Pick

RESQME Seatbelt Cutter and Window Glass Breaker is hands-down the best keychain on our list. It has a sturdy yet stylish design, is very inexpensive and comes with a good array of free accessories. Last but not least, it can become a real life-line in a car accident, if you have the bad luck to get into one!


What is The Weakest Point In Any Keychain?

A: It’s no big secret – most keychains come equipped with a carabiner loop to dovetail themselves quickly with anything ranging from your jeans or belt to a stationary hanging fixture. A spring-loaded carabiner loop mechanism is the Achilles heel of any keychain. Make sure it’s smooth, tough and can withstand daily hooking and unhooking process without packing it in after just a few short at-bats.

Can as Simple a Thing As a Key Ring Holder be a Liability?

A: Without a question. The carabiner clasp is vulnerable but so is the keyring holder. This is especially true for mobile 360-degree revolving pieces which might look tough and fancy but oftentimes prove to be paper tigers in reality!

How do I Ensure Against A Potential Key Loss?

A: Want to play it safe? Run your key chain through a small turbulence test under a full load – akin to an aircraft wing strength test. If it can withstand a moderate prolonged concussion/percussion and remain in one piece it’ll probably keep doing so under day to day rigorous conditions!