TOP 7 Car LED Strip Light – Review 2020


Have you been seeking some new approaches to give a little extra light and appeal to your 4-wheel friend at a reasonable price? Then LED strip light is exactly what you need. Without any exaggeration, one of the most effective and easy ways to alter your automobile is illuminating it with bright and quality strip lights. The first advantage of such alteration is that It is a quite plain and quite affordable way to add a smooth look to your automobile. Thanks to its widespread use, you can give additional glow inside your vehicle as well as outside. You can attach it, say, to the bottom, sides or furnish your interior parts. In general, your vehicle’s model determines the place where you’ll put your lights. Another advantage is that car LED strip lights do not take much energy from your auto battery. 

We have gathered creme de la creme car LED strip lights and picked only the best so all you need to do is to go through the list and select a model that meets your requirements. Each model has its own specifications, pros, and cons and we carefully gathered them so you can pick lights for your vehicle which exceed your expectations.

Auto Strip Lights Advantages

Speaking about finely made strip lamps, they give a number of pros over traditional lights. For instance, regular lights cannot boast of such a long lifespan or power they take. Let’s outline why millions of auto enthusiasts prefer LED technology instead of regular lights to alter their vehicles’ look.

The world of shades

Thanks to up-to-date technology, these lights are able to replicate a wider diversity of the light colors and shades in comparison with traditional lights. Even though it’s probably not the primary reason why millions of people choose LED, however, this feature allows to easy suit light to any installation, for instance, if you are seeking to make a sophisticated shade changing effect. It goes without saying that there is standard cool and warm colors available (ambiance appliance), plus LED lights offer color changing RGB.

As a rule, they offer about 16 static colors and from 2 to 4 dynamic modes. When it comes to advances models, some sites can offer DMX systems that are able to create amazing stage-worthy displays.

Reduced Energy Consumption

Like any other LED technology, car strip lights need much less electricity in the operation. Unlike usual illumination, the consumption of these strips is calculated on a per meter basis. Say, if one meter of LEDs takes 7.2 watts power in general, in turn, a fluorescent tube uses approximately 16. Finally, it makes these stip lights more affordable and allows you to experiment with different installations more often.


Perhaps one of the most defining features of strip lights is their extra flexibility. It really sets them apart — simple luminaries are not able to boast with such flexibility. Usually, they are designed and made of hard inside the glass, it makes them fragile, but not practical. In contradiction, strip ones are able to boast of flexible ribbon, it means you can bend them up to 90-degree corners and alter your vehicle interior and exterior just like that.


As for lights installation, it requires just a little expertise. They can be connected to a normal power outlet or you can wide them directly into a light switch.  Due to 3M adhesive backing offered by all producers on the market, you can stick straight down your LEDs to any surface without any brackets. Even if you pick a strip light without adhesive, the whole installation process is still easier than A-B-C and far less hassle than installing, say, a regular lights or a fluorescent tube to your automobile.

Life Expectancy

Welcome to the biggest advantage of car LED strip lights — lifespan. Let’s find out why LED lights boast of much longer life expectancy in comparison with other ones.  Maybe you have already heard that LEDs are often being called SSL lights (stands for solid-state lighting). It means that unlike any other types of lights, LEDs are made of fluorescent bulbs: they shake and buzz and via them, LEDs remain all immovable. For this reason, LED lights offer much more life span than any other lights and can work many-many years without fault.

Less Heat

When it comes to the principal differences between halogen and LED lamps, the first one produces a lot of heat during use which, in turn, makes them a potential fire hazard. The latter produce little heat, that’s why LEDs are claimed to be safer.

You can literally cut it

The LED strip light is one of those rare types of illumination which you are able to cut. It’s easy and it does not take you much time. Even though many auto enthusiasts claim that cutting lights is kind of an absurd, experts prove that cutting lights is totally safe and easily achieved. You can cut it off every 5-10 cm, you can shorten it or just separate strips. Thanks for solderless connections, you can reconnect lights the way you want.

Things to Watch Out Before Purchasing LED Strip Lights

Binned lighting 

When producers design and make LEDs, as a rule, they sort them into special bins. In turn, bins are divided into shade and power. There are also LED lamps producers who limit the number of LED types used in the bulb array — it’s made to preserve the consistency of different shades and brightness. Those companies who produce bulbs without this requirement, usually list the lamps as having been binned

Power Supply

It goes without mentioning that if you alter something in your 4-wheel-friend, your vehicle’s power supply has changed in its auto battery performance. If some system needs really too much power to work, it could drain your vehicle’s power and, at the next level, cause unwanted problems and serious issues. Thanks to LED strip lights, they operate only on 12 volts. So at this point, you have no need to worry about the power supply.


When it comes to decision where to put lights in your car, no matter where exactly you are about to place them in your vehicle as well as which lights you have chosen. Weatherproof is a dive necessity, an essential thing if you want to avoid the lamps to be affected by climate conditions, temperature or drops of juice spilled by a kid to your LED lamps. Especially it’s important for a vehicle’s exterior. If your lighting won’t be weatherproof, unfortunately, it will be affected by climate changes, that’s why it’s better to get lights with proof.

Bye-bye, shock

Are you standing between “to be” and “not to be” as for shock resistance feature, invest money into quality goods since things get spilled in vehicles, any moisture or dust can be present and you surely don’t want wet problems with your LED lights? If you compare two models of strip lights, do not hesitate and just choose the ones with shock resistance.


Keep in mind there are three steps to adjust lights.  The first step is to consider where you are going to place lighting. Different models require different space, light strips are designed in different configurations to deliver the best performance. The earlier you find out about placing LED lights, the less time you will spend on it. The second step is to cut strip length in case of need.

Technical Terms

Since LED is a relatively new technology, we have gathered the most popular technical terms — hope it will clear everything up. 

Color Changing (also called) or so-called RGB

RGB stands for red-green-blue colors — the most popular ones which demonstrate that a lamp can actually produce these colors. This cool feature could be found only in LED lamps, that’s why many auto enthusiasts appreciate them. At this point, you will need a controller in order to adjust the color of the lamp (usually it’s offered separately).


Due to its construction, most parts of LEDs emit light only in a single direction, for instance, PAR or MR16 lamps. Since more and more manufacturers start to provide special standards for LED lamps, the original A19 shapes product which had narrower beam angles topped out approximately around 180 degrees. Speaking about up-to-date lamps, they are called multi- or Omni-directional in order to demonstrate that they could be covered with a full range of light which standard lamp bulbs usually covered. Omni-directional lights could be used without any cover or special shade, so you can use it for car interior and exterior without any second thoughts.

Classical White:

As well as RGB LED lights, dynamic white is able to range in color temperature from full-spectrum white (about 6500K) to incandescent white (approximately 2700K). When it comes to the controller, you need it to play with shades the way you want.

Warm Fishy Light

What is happening when an incandescent bulb is dimmed? Well, the shade of the temperature alters to a warmer one. That’s another reason why many people appreciate a dimmed light — it replicated the needed tone color and gives additional control technology within the bulb.

Top 7 Best Car Led Strip Lights

We have gathered and tested top market strip lights for your vehicle. Look through our creme de la creme list of LED lights for your automobile and make your choice.

This up-to-date LED light glows more thanks to 6 SmartColor LED. If you have been surfing the Internet in need of brilliant colors that will illuminate your vehicle’s interior, this is it. Mix colors at the micro-level bring the whole palette of shades and give your vehicle an additional look. Speaking about the installation, it will take you only 5 mins and you are done. Due to the plug-and-play car charger with adapters, your lights will be functioning in no time. There’s a nice wireless remote that provides you access to a full spectrum of colors. This LED light is flexible and durable — you can cut, twist it and adjust the way you want to alter your vehicle’s interior.

Pros Cons
• One touch color selection
• Advanced color dimming
• Comes in 4 or 6 pcs
• Power cable plugs into the opposite side of the control box

Multi-color function and new remote control design — these strip lights were manufactured for digital geeks who are keen on up-to-date devices. Moreover, it boasts of 4 sounds active modes — the LEDs light up according to sound. Thanks to high-intensity SMD LED chips, there’s brighter output. No need to add that it enhances the look and make your auto looks awesome. When it comes to multi-color function, this device has 8 ones: 4 lighting effects and 2 jump patterns. Speaking of its materials, Xprite car light is made of flexible rubber tubing so you can cut and adjust it the way you want. According to the manufacturer, it will take you about 10-15 mins to install and connect these lights. 

Pros Cons
• 4 Lighting Effects: 2 jump and 2 fading patterns
• 4 Sound Active Modes, the LEDs light up according to sound
• Adjustable Brightness, Easy ON/OFF Button
• No high-quality adhesive

This multifunctional 4pcs strip light has 8 fixed colors, 2 fade modes, and 2 jump modes. As well as the previous device, it offers color dancing with music and voice. If you are chasing for the diversity of colors and modes — this is it. It offers 9 colors RGB LED auto interior lighting kit, so this device was designed and manufactured for the auto interior. Another nice quality is that the strip light is almost invisible and could be installed in the gap or somewhere else. The last but not the least pro is that you can install and play with it without any wiring. 

Pros Cons
• Diversity of colors and modes
• Easy to install; invisible in a gap
• Up-to-date remote
• Not that bright

Wireless music remote control and colors that follow your voice and music make this Adecorty LED strip lights a real find. This function allows you to have fun with colors. When it comes to durability, it is water and UV resistant, ultra-thin (you can easily cut and adjust it) and install on SUV, boats, trucks and other automobiles. Additional features are double-sided adhesive straps, directly installed in the cigarette lighter, without any modification.

Pros Cons
• Sound Sensitive Function
• 4 Music Sensor Modes
• PVC Rubber Flexible Material
• Low brightness

Thanks to the up-to-date brightness-adjustable feature, it works really faster. AMBOTHER car lights offer brightness from 0 to 100 so you can choose any illumination for your vehicle. As well as other lights, it offers 8 present static colors, 2 preset fading and 4 sound active modes. You should not worry about waterproof since this device has IP68 waterproof. According to the company, they have been testing lights for 3 hours, so you can enjoy your rain days without any worries.

Pros Cons
• Lighting from 0 to 100 %
• Waterproof protection
• Easy installation — no need to drill 
• Doubtful quality

Thanks to the up-to-date brightness-adjustable feature, it works really faster. AMBOTHER car lights offer brightness from 0 to 100 so you can choose any illumination for your vehicle. As well as other lights, it offers 8 present static colors, 2 preset fading and 4 sound active modes. You should not worry about waterproof since this device has IP68 waterproof. According to the company, they have been testing lights for 3 hours, so you can enjoy your rain days without any worries.

Pros Cons
• Lighting from 0 to 100 %
• Eaterproof protection
• Easy installation — no need to drill   
• Doubtful quality

This LED strip light is a real find for those who are seeking for durable auto illumination with adjustable brightness. Music modes and multi-colors do not boat the diversity, but it has a colorful gradient mode. Perfect for under wheel arches as well as for foot-wells. The last but not the least thing is easy installation — you can cut it, bend, fold and adjust the way you like. 

Pros Cons
• Easy installation
• Universal compatibility
• Waterproof
• Sometimes shades are not displayed correctly 

Editor’s Pick — Our Best Choice 

The quintessence of quality, many regimes, and easiness of installation makes OPT7 Aura 6pc Auto Interior Lighting our best choice. Mix colors at the micro-level and durable materials make these lights a decent choice for your vehicle. You can adjust it to your interior and enjoy both lighting modes and excellent performance.

We tend to choose this device because when it comes to automobile parts (even if it’s a small detail), both quality and performance matter. Here we have many shades as well as durable materials that guarantee that LEDs will last for many months.

Conclusion — Buyer’s Guide

Once you have decided to give your car a better look and improve its interior or exterior, make sure you know the exact place to adjust LED lights. The strip light is a cheap and fast way to give your vehicle. Pay attention to a number of colors, regimes (which may work to the beat of the music), quality of materials, easiness of installation, etc. Make your decision basing on these facts, choose the most suitable LED lights for your auto and enjoy its performance. Go through our guide one more time to make up your decision and choose the best possible LED strip light for your vehicle. With easy installation and affordable prices, it’s really a nice way to give your vehicle a new image in no time!

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