Best Car Windshield Sun Shades — Review 2020

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Having proper windshield sun shades is an important aspect of improving your car and driving experience. Not only do windshield shades prevent your car from becoming an oven on a hot day, but they also protect and improve the longevity of your interior. There are many types and brands of shades to choose through, and finding a suitable one for your car might seem daunting at first.

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Technical Terms

Windshield sun shades come in different designs, but most are made of nylon or polyester fabrics. These materials (notably nylon) are known and praised for their resistance to the environment, making them a great choice for sun shades. You might see the density of the fabric denoted in quantities such as “210T Nylon”, that basically describes how much volume of fabric there is for a certain area. Basically, the higher the “T” number is, the denser the material (and more protection it can offer).

As for the types of sun shades, there are a few very prevalent designs. The first is the foldable two-piece shade, that is characterized by two circular shades held together by fabric. These are used commonly in the more universal products. Another type of sun shade is the overlapping kind—it offers length customization via overlapping the two shades. Finally, there’s the more old-school suction-cup based design, which is self-explanatory—it is stuck onto the windshield.

Best Car Windshield Sun Shades 2020

Windshield shades are an important accessory to consider for any driver, as the front windshield is the main thing separating the front seats from a scorching summer sun. Whether you’re looking for affordable or highly effective shades, there is always a product you can be satisfied with. Below are some key characteristics distinguishing the different sun shades on our list.

ProductThicknessUser- friendlinessTypeLength
Akarui Foldable Sunshade Normal High Two circles + fabric, 210T Nylon 28-37 inches (3 sizes)
EzyShade Windshield Sun ShadeNormal Low Foldable two-piece 29-36 inches (3 sizes)
Blocks UV Rays Sun Visor Protector Thin High Two circles + fabric,210T Nylon 27.55-37 inches (4 sizes)
Windshield Sun Shade by A1-SunshadesNormalMediumTwo circles + fabric, overlapping pieces, 210T Nylon Up to 35 inches (7 different sizes)
Jumbo XL (70 x 35 inches) Car Window Shade NormalHighFolding shade 35 inches
Shade-It Car Windshield Sun Shades ThinHighTwo circles + fabric 27.55-36.4 8inches (3 sizes)
DPIST Van Gogh Starry SkyThinVery High Suction-stick fabric 28 inches
Autoamerics Windshield Sun Shade 2-Piece FoldableNormalMedium-HighFoldable two-piece 29-36 inches (3 sizes)

Akarui’s entry into the sunshade market proves to be a solid one. Their windshield shades offer simple and reliable protection from the Sun and heat. There is a reason this product is our number 1 choice.

Quality Protection

Right off the bat you might notice that these shades are made from 210T Nylon, a material we discussed in the technical section. This fabric is one of the most reliable lines of defence from heat and UV rays, protecting your interior from overheating. Because this product can both block and reflect incoming rays, the construction ensures that the shades will be offering you convenience for a long time.

Very User-Friendly

It’s always a tell-tale sign when buyers seldom discuss the installation process, as that typically means it does its job. The way the shades are designed (two circles under one fabric), it is often difficult to figure out the correct folding maneuvers (as you might see later in this review). However, the Akarui seems to have nailed this process, as users of this product found it easy to both fold and unfold—not to mention stow away conveniently due to its small size when folded.

It comes in three different sizes as well—59’’ x 28’’, 63’’ x 35’’, and 66’’ x 37’’. Despite only coming in these three, they encompass all your standard windshield sizes; the standard (59 x 28) size is designed for most standard, compact cars, and will likely fit some outside this exact range due to the small spaces along the side of the shades. Otherwise, if you have a larger SUV or even something like a large van, the X-Large (66 x 37) is more than enough to suit your needs. All in all, this product is easy to use, offers great protection, and can fit some of the largest windshields.

• Durable
• 210T Nylon
• Easy to fold and use
• Suitable sizes for larger vehicles 

• No particular downsides
EzyShade Windshield Sun Shade
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The EzyShade product is perhaps the best choice available on the market. It is marketed as easy to use, effective (up to 99% protection), and universal. To its credit, many buyers agree with the sentiments, and at first glance it is a very neat product.

Foldable, Universal Design

The design of these shades are, on the surface, very pleasing. Firstly, the set comes with two shades, designed to be able to fit any car (as they say, if you follow the size chart). At its core, customers should be able to easily fold up and neatly tuck the shades away. Some motorists echo this statement, and describe that you just have to figure out the right way to fold them. Similarly, other auto enthusiasts are happy with its universal fit, noting that it fit their windshield almost perfectly.

To put it simply, if your windshield is the right size, the chances that you will be disappointed are pretty low. If it fits snugly, then it protects your interior from both heat and UV rays to an impressive extent.

Caveats and Notes

Probably one of the biggest drawbacks of this car sun protector is the potential damage to the dashboard and windshield. Despite being designed to “prevent dashboard fading and cracking”, many customers claimed to have poor experiences in this regard. Others noted that their tinted windows began to peel as a result of using these shades.

The lesson here is to make sure this product is right for your vehicle. It is close to perfect in functionality, but if your windshield is not compatible with it (or if you have stick-tinted windows), it might cause some problems. Otherwise, the only real complaint is about how tricky it is to fold, but practice makes perfect.

• If the size is right, it fits perfectly
• Convenient storage
• Great protection
• Folding potentially tricky
Blocks UV Rays Sun Visor Protector
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This product is fairly popular amongst its buyers, and seems like a good choice of shades. While it does come in a thin, round shape, it can fit most cars quite well (depending on the size you buy) and block out a lot of the heat of a steamy summer day.

Comfortable and Easy

This product gets an “Amazon’s Choice” sticker for a reason it seems, as it seems to be a very worthy product. Above all, buyers lauded how easy it is to use, store, and fold back. In addition, there is a general consensus that the product fits quite well; these sun shades aren’t marketed as a universal fit, and on the contrary come in several sizes to choose from to make sure your fit is snug. It is also much easier to put aside compared to, for example, roller shades. To top it off, the package includes a sun visor extender and 4 car side window shades. Side window sun shades provide full coverage when paired with the front window sun shade, adding more protection to your interior.

Thin Design

The lightweight design is certainly a matter of personal preference; it is easier to store and use, but due to the thin nature of the product itself, it doesn’t block as much heat from penetrating into your car. However, not many had bad things to say regarding its effectiveness. While people’s cars would still be warm on a hot day with the shades up, there was a noticeable difference with using the protectors. However, the main complaint aimed at these shades by disgruntled buyers had to do with its thinness. Some even compared it to dollar store shades, adding that they did close to nothing to block the sun. Perhaps these shades are best used in slightly cooler climates, as they don’t seem to be too effective in scorching temperatures. In general, however, these are effective and affordable sun shades.

• Lightweight design
• Easy storage
• Comes with side window shades
• 210T Nylon
• Very thin
• Not suited to very hot weather
Windshield Sun Shade by A1-Sunshades — 210T Quality
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The main selling point of this sun shade is the 210T fabric that it is made of, offering more UV protection than 170T or 190T competitors. Its high quality silver-coated polyester design offers the best protection; but do its promises hold up in the highest heat?

Sharp Construction

In this case, we mean sharp in a literal sense. The first thing that jumps out at you in the negative experiences is the dozens of people describing how the supporting metal wire broke and ripped through the seams of the shade. This is not just an inconvenience, but also a danger; the “razor sharp” metal, as one user put it, is an injury risk if it ever snaps out of the seams. It would seem (no pun intended) that despite its intricate and sturdy design, they didn’t put the same amount of work into the security of the metal lining.

On the other hand, they keep falling off the windshield for other buyers, even for those that bought the “XL” 35-inch sun shade. This might be the result of inaccuracies in the size chart, as one user pointed out how the recommended size for their car was far too big. As a result, there was no way to keep the shades in place.

Sun-Blocking Qualities

The heavily-hyped fabric does its best most of the time. Most buyers were pleased with the fit (if they got the right size) and its heat-blocking properties, and praised this sun shade as a whole. However, others had the opposite experience, and described getting back into a heated car and grabbing onto a scorching steering wheel. Despite being advertised as a quality car sun shade, it leaves a lot to be desired in some aspects.

• Nylon
• Reflects UV well
• Breaking wires common
• Falls off for many
• Size chart inaccurate
umbo XL (70 x 35 inches) Car Window Shade
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This product is probably the most self-explanatory of the lot; its name already suggests it is made specifically for large cars and SUVs. Its price tag is just as intimidating as the name, and certainly sets up high expectations from the start.

Often Too Small

Despite being a “Jumbo XL”, it is too small for some cars windshields (that it should technically fit fine). Additionally, there are a few instances where the fabric starts coming apart and/or the metal wiring starts poking through the shades. However, the negatives are few and far between, and there are no qualms for how well it blocks out the sun.

Perfect for Vampires

As the silly subheading might suggest, this blocks out the sun very well. Those that managed to fit it snugly in their vehicle enjoyed complete coverage across the windshield. Some car sun shades fail to cover the entirety of the windshield and/or limit sun exposure enough to keep your car cool, but this product does both jobs well. Even in cases where it doesn’t fit the windshield entirely, propping it up with the sun visors seems to do the trick. If you have a larger car, this is definitely the place you should start your search.

• Good fit
• Can be propped up even if sliding off
• Great coverage of windshield
• Only for larger cars
• Rare problem of being too small and/or
Shade-It Car Windshield Sun Shades
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The Image 2-4 windshield is sized for perfect coverage; to be more precise, they acknowledge that “one size fits all” models are oftentimes very ineffective in both covering the windshield or staying in place. As a result, the product comes in multiple sizes to offset this fact and give customers the right size for their needs.

Slick Design

The thing that jumps out at first glance is the smooth-looking design of this product. The case that you store the shades in looks soft, flexible, and easy to use, and the shades themselves have a satisfying appearance. This could be considered a double-edged sword for some, as the covers aren’t as stiff or sturdy as you might expect. As a result, it might be a bit more difficult to keep them in place, especially if you didn’t get the right size for your car’s front window. To Shade brand it’s a credit, they recommend users measure their screen before purchasing to make sure there are no mistakes.

Thin and Weak

The main function of a sun shade is to keep your car as cool as possible under the sun, and unfortunately it’s the main point of criticism for this product. Unfortunately, the material is too thin to block a substantial amount of sunlight, so if you live in sunny areas like Texas, it might not do the job too well. Others complained about the strong, “plastic” smell of the material. It is also difficult to take down and put away, so the benefits of a very accurate fit and fancy case are offset somewhat. As with the Blocks UV Rays product we looked at, this might not be suited to the hottest climates.

• Smooth design
• Carrying case
• Lightweight
• Very thin
• Not sturdy
• Strong smell
• Harder to keep in place
DPIST Van Gogh Starry Sky Car Windshield Sun Shade
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If you are seeking for something creative or want a nifty design for a windshield sun shade, this might be the product for you. It is affordable and does its job about as well as you might expect. If you think the artwork is worth the dip in quality, this sun shade isn’t the worst.

No Wires, No Hassle

Perhaps the most notable thing about this product is the suction-based mounting. It has no wires to mess around with, so is a decent alternative for those who need an easy fix. Of course, with this design comes several issues, ranging from peeling of the surface to being far too small. Safe to say, it is not suited for bigger windshields and definitely not for blazing-hot weather. In fact, one buyer said it didn’t compare to a cheaper shade he got at the supermarket. 

Worth the Price?

This isn’t the most expensive shade, but it’s questionable whether it’s worth the price nonetheless. The artwork, while a neat addition, is oft described as poorly printed. To add to this, the flaking that people describe seems to be a trend rather than an exception in hotter weather. However, it fits easily due to the suction mechanism, and all-in-all could be a good purchase in slightly cooler areas, even if just as a novelty.

• Novel design
• Easy to prop up
• Very light and compact
• For smaller windshields only
• Flaking of the edges
• Fairly thin

8. Autoamerics Windshield Sun Shade 2-Piece Foldable — Two-Sided Protection

Autoamerics Windshield Sun Shade 2-Piece Foldable

The last windshield sun shades on our list are also advertised as a universal, perfect fit, bringing us full circle from the first product. At first glance it is a solid and well-designed product; let’s see into details.

Intricate Design

Glancing through the shade descriptions, there is a lot to take in. It is made with premium quality materials and is offered in three sizes: sports, universal (for most sedans, mid-size SUVs, trucks, and standard cars). The design is centered around two overlapping shades to fit a variety of windshield lengths. The shades themselves are double-sided; the silver side for reflecting UV rays, and the black side for keeping the sunlight from penetrating into your car. This is perhaps the best-received shades in this list, and the design is very slick and reflects (no pun intended) its quality.

Minor Downsides

Even though there are some complaints, the customers mentioned these shades note how easy it is to install and how effective it is at keeping the car cooler in the heat. The main issue buyers had with the product is how difficult it is to fold and return into its case. A few others couldn’t get it to fit their car, and some others found it broke after a few weeks of use. Overall, however, there are more glowingly positive experiences with this product and it does its job very well.

• Thoughtful design
• Accurate and customizable fit
• Effective against both UV and sunlight
• Hard to fold back
• Some experiences with early breakage

Conclusion — Buyer’s Guide

There are many things to consider when seeking for your perfect sun shade, from size to thickness of material. Some trends, such as flimsy wire securement, are more prevalent in certain products than others. Choosing the right windshield sun shades is a matter of preference, budget, climate, and vehicle, so be sure to consider these before you take the leap.

Thinner Shades

If you’re in need of some lightweight and compact shades, there are several choices. The Blocks UV Rays product is a decent choice, and comes in multiple sizes. If you get the size for your windshield down, it can end up being the right purchase. If you’re looking for a little more “pizazz”, the Starry Night sun shade is a relatively unique alternative, as it is the only one on this list with suction-only attachment. Finally, there is the Shade-It model, and while it has less problems with wiring and breakage than some others on the list, it is notoriously difficult to take down and put away. However, it does cover the windshield well and looks quite slick when equipped.

It should be noted that all three of the above have had complaints levied at its effectiveness in hot weather; the thin nature of the materials doesn’t provide optimal protection for your car. So, if you live in a hotter area (Las Vegas, Dallas, etc.) these might be an easy pass.

Honorable Mentions

There are two on our list—the Autoamerics and A1 Sunshades models—that are either the best or the worst, depending on who you ask. Both have the occasional problem of the wire coming out easily, causing a sharp rod to make its home in the corner of your shades. The A1 sunshade offers high-density materials in their 210T nylon setup, and as a selection of different sizes to choose from.

For a more universal fit, make sure to take a look at the Autoamerics sun shades; despite some complaints regarding its foldability and fragility over time, it certainly accomplishes its main task: keeping the heat out of your car. Its slick design and effectiveness make it a very recommendable product.

Best Choices

There is very little to say about the Jumbo XL in terms of poor qualities; there is the occasional problem of the shades not fitting a windshield and flimsy wiring, but at its core, it is a solid product. It effectively blocks the entire windshield (in most cases) and is a solid product to have if you have a larger (35”) front window. It’s a good place to start when looking for shades for larger cars.

If you’re looking for a nice and simple windshield sun shades, you can’t really go wrong with the EzyShade. Despite a few drawbacks related to user error and long-term use, it’s a solid choice that boasts a universal design and proper protection. As with any others, make sure you get the right size for your windshield.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Should I use sun shades with tinted windows? 

A: In terms of safety, tinted windows usually don’t offer as much protection from UV rays as shades would. If you have tinted windows, it’s a good idea to avoid suction cup based shades, as they might damage the tint (especially if they’re non-factory modifications).

Q: What material are sun shades made of?

A: Typically, sun shades are made of nylon. The thread counts and densities of various products vary, and usually correspond to the protection they offer. It’s one of the most versatile materials, as it is rot and mold-resistant and partially UV resistant. 

Q: Are sun shades universal?

A: Many shades are designed for specific sizes and types of fitting. While a manufacturer might advertise their product as universally applicable, it does not guarantee a perfect fit. The safe option is to measure your windshield and see if it corresponds to the product dimensions.