The Best Door Speakers — TOP 7 Review & Buyer’s guide


Let’s be honest here: when it comes to your auto’s stereo, it’s important to keep a finger on the pulse in order not to overlook one of the most important parts here — car speakers. Indeed, vehicle door speaker is a thing that provides music (or audio books or whatever you’re about to listen to in your vehicle), in turn, a clear way to reach your ears. If your vehicle can boast of excellent and hard hitting door speakers, it’s great. However, if your automobile has poorly sound subwoofers and could barely make out what the speakers transmit…well, it’s time to replace them for new ones in case you don’t want all fun goes out of the window. 

In order to improve your experience and get door speakers which deliver excellent sound, we did research: picked the best products on the marked and highlighted TOP-7 door speakers to your own judgement. We have paid attention exclusively to companies that produce reliable and high-quality door speakers which, in turn, boast of clear lows, mids and highs. If you’re intended to equip your four-wheel friend with finely made door speakers, our guide will surely help you to pick the desired product just like that. From all reputable brands we narrowed down to the last JBL, Pioneer Infinity and other companies that worth your attention.

Four Main Benefits

  1. Better sound comes here first and foremost. Let’s be honest: chances that your initially-offered speakers could boast of really fine performance are quite low. The majority of such speakers conceal some of the mid and won’t fit to high sounds as well as to some media files. On the one hand, it should not bother if you don’t listen to these types of files, on the other hand, when your automotive speakers are simply not able to maintain mid & low frequencies, well, it means that they don’t provide the needed performance to make your everyday ride comfy and entertaining. Consider installing high-quality aftermarket speakers to forget about sounds issue for many-many years. You have two options: to go for full-range auto speakers which will maintain a variety of sounds — any high and low — or to pay attention to speakers with amplifiers.
  2. Louder volume is definitely not the least thing to set up finely made aftermarket door speakers into your vehicle. The majority of automotive aftermarket parts could perfectly handle with a high power of output. What does it mean? You’ll have more chances to get a clear and non-distorted sound. In case you love to listen to really loud music or radio, door speakers and head units are both must haves. This is your auto audio upgrade turning it to the vehicle with good entertainment system.
  3. Dependability. Since you’re probably not getting any auto parts for a few months, we’ve selected only top brands on the market. Here you can expect they will last much longer than most of the factory-installed models. Automotive parts from famous brands usually come with warranty as well as with physical protection: for instance, rubber coating or grilles. The first ensures that units are covered from different kinds of damage so your door speakers’ life will be extended for sure.
  4. Cheap and fast upgrade. Are you seeking for a way to upgrade your auto sound system at a reasonable price? Don’t you like the idea to break the bank in order to upgrade the music system? Well, getting finely made door speakers is a great decision. Some of them are full-range units so they’ll provide enough performance with bass, it means you won’t need to buy any additional parts like expensive woofers.

Things to Consider Before Purchase

Two-way or Three-way?

We’ll talk about types of speakers in details later, but now pay attention to two-way and three-way models: the first one type stands for coaxial speakers and usually called standard units which have only a woofer or a standard twitter. The difference of the 3-way models is that they feature a woofer, twitter, moreover, they boast of special mid-range component.

To emphasize on the three-way speakers, they boast of higher frequency and better performance. Thus, they better produce high sounds and low ones, so if you like loud music, opera or rock, it will suit you delivering fuller sound.


There’s no denying it that speakers materials mater and have significant impact on general performance. Moreover, depending on the quality of material, they can last for just a few months or boast of many years lifespan. Which components do you have to check in terms of quality materials? It’s definitely tweeter, the speaker surround and woofer.

Configuration and Compatibility 

Although door speakers won’t raise your auto’s value that much, they will surely enhance the driving experience, not mentioning the fact that door speakers is an important part of the vehicle infotainment system. It goes without saying that no motorist wants poxy devices in a premium automobile. This is the reason why it’s significant to match the brand-new devices with particularly your vehicle. Ensure that you consider all measurements and specifications before purchase the speakers since there’s nothing worse than waiting for the devices for several days and get the product that does not fit your four-wheel friend. You may just look through our review or check seller’s description to make sure those auto speakers match the automobile’s size and other configurations.


The type of door speakers is another thing to draw attention before getting brand-new automotive parts. Any devices in this class could be divided for component speakers and full-range ones. Choosing an ideal device could really take some time, but at the same moment is a great nest-save deal.

Starting with component door speakers type, they provide the best possible sound thanks to their special and up-to-date design. The ones boast of separated components, for instance, well-known woofers or tweeters. As a result, it produces a better overall sound because the waves move better with different speaker size. To sum up, as a rule, component speakers have higher price and this is a good choice if you have been surfing the Web in search of an advanced system. Our short selection of 3.5 inch speakers you can find here.

Speaking about the full-range type of speakers, even though they are presented in a single system, they’re very easy to install and don’t cost much. Moreover, these speakers could produce any type of sound. If you are seeking for a budget replacement of your auto factory-installed door speakers, it’s a good deal. However, no customization is allowed here.

Technical Issues

One More Time on Quality

How to easily check sound quality? It’s easy as ABC, you should look at door speakers frequency range. As a rule, an auto stereo systems boasts of specific frequency ranges: the wider it is, the better performance your speakers deliver. If you want your auto door speakers to be capable of reproduction good sound, the normal peak frequency is about 20 thousand hertz and the lowest is about 10 herts.


The majority of auto enthusiasts do not pay attention to this factor, however, this is sensitivity that measures how the speakers produce from the power subjected to it. Here’s an example: if your stereo system has low power, for instance, 15 watts RMS per a channel or even less, the best choice here for you would be high sensitivity range device, it means more than 90 db. We recommend to change factory-made speakers because in 99% cases they are simply low-powered and do not deliver needed performance.

Comparison Table 

JBL Door Speakers4 of 54 of 55 of 5
Pioneer Max Power Door Speakers5 of 54 of 55 of 5
Alpine 2 Way Pair of Coaxial Car Speakers 5 of 55 of 55 of 5

TOP-7 Door Speakers

JBL Door Speakers

Coming from the reputable and famous brand JBL, these door speakers boast of carbon-injected Plus One cones which are bigger than any other devices in the class. It means that they can produce more air, thus, deliver excellent basses. Are you keen on music with bass or loud music? Then this device is a real catch for you. Thanks to a dual-level tweeter volume adjustment, these door speakers guarantee fast speaker replacement and could be even fitted to your personal listening. 

• Easy-to-install
• Could fit to your personal
• There are holes in brackets which reduce
speakers’ performance
Pioneer Max Power Door Speakers

If you have been seeking for a nice door speakers at a reasonable price, well, this is a good deal. These are 4-way car speakers that offer 350 watts per pair power handling. Its classical design and easy installation won’t leave anyone indifferent. Speaking about RMS power handling, it’s 80 watts per one pair. It delivers good tone whatever kind of music you’re keen on — rock, pop or you’re just about to listen to an audio book. This device will be a worthy suitor for your vehicle’s entertainment system.

• Good performance
• Can transmit any sounds
• Flat mids
Rockford Fosgate Speaker

This is an impressive 3-way full-range door speaker designed and produced by the famous brand Rockford. Indeed, this device was manufactured for those who have high expectations for automotive sound and want a fine quality factory replacement parts. Thanks to its install package, setting up of those speakers won’t take you long. Speaking about its configuration, this item offers 55 Watts RMS/110 Watts Max and include grilles, mounting hardware and OEM adapter plate. A slight adjustment is allowed thanks to FlexFit basket design. The last but not the least thing is one-year warranty offered by the brand via reseller.

• Nice install package
• High-quality
• Famous brand
• Won’t fit to 6×9
Infinity Kappa Component Speaker System

Have you been seeking for a reasonably priced 2-way component audio system for your vehicle? Then take a look to Infinity door speakers. Designed and manufactured by the famous brand, this device offers 540 watts per a pair at its peak. As for RMS peak, it’s 180 watts per a pair. The frequency response of this device is 45-35,000 Hz, so this device will show really great performance. The installation may take some time, however, this high-quality device and most important t the quality of sound produced worth these efforts.

• 45-35,000 Hz > nice performance
• Famous brand
• Installation may take some time
Alpine 2 Way Pair of Coaxial Car Speakers

When it comes to automotive door speakers, Alpine is an absolute leader on the market. These 6-1/2″ type-S series vehicle speakers will fit to the majority of compact cars and mid-sized vehicles. Thanks to tuned poly-mica cone woofer, they guarantee excellent performance and durability. Another detail that ensures long-lasting is butyl rubber surround that is being used for natural response and stability. The last thing we’d like to mention is its air-flow design with silk dome tweeter which in tandem deliver great sound.

• Leading brand on the market
• Durable
• Silk dome
• Customers claimed that left speakers
sometimes did not work
CT Sounds 6.5 Inch Coaxial Car Speakers

Seeking for a full range speakers set? Check this device. With 25mm silk dome tweeters and big woofers, it is able to deliver from any high to the lowest sound. The protection grilles as well as quality construction go without saying. Each of the door speakers takes 60 W TRUE RMS, 120 W maximum. The device offers long-lasting performance and quick connection as well as high-quality Y30 ferrite magnets for 6.5″ speakers & Neo Magnets for Tweeters to ensure a perfect combination of motor force. The last but not the least advantage is 90-days warranty.

• Full-range speakers set
• 25mm silk dome
• Protection grills
• Won’t feet to high tones of music 
BOSS Audio System Speakers

The cone of these automotive speakers are made from durable polyurethane so they will last for many months. To emphasize on the voice coil, it is surprisingly able to withstand high temperatures as well as it’s protected from relative humidity. Speaking about its surround, the manufacturer uses rubber for higher protection. As for the tweeter, it’s more resistant to overloads. The brand offers not 1, not 2, but 3 year platinum warranty.

• 3-year warranty
• Perfect protected
• Won’t fit Elantra  
• Won’t work with high tones

Editor’s pick

Summing up all pros and cons, we have chosen Alpine 2 Way Pair of Coaxial Car Speakers. The first pro is that this brand is among TOP companies that produce fine quality aftermarket parts. The second reason is that this device offers excellent protection and woofer that provides excellent performance and durability. Another detail that ensures long-lasting is butyl rubber surround that is being used for natural response and stability. We highly recommend this device to replace any factory-built-in or worn out audio system in your vehicle.


Will any aftermarket speakers fit my vehicle?

No, not any. There are numerous speakers on the market which do not fit your car due to some extended features (for instance, tweeters) as well as it could be the matter of size. In order not to be mistaken, take all necessary measures of your factory speakers and then go to seek for aftermarket parts with similar configurations.

Should I purchase full-range device by all means?

Not necessarily. An amplifier isn’t a must, but, to be frank, it’s a nice option to have better sound. What do amplifiers do? They provide a cleaner audio so you may listen to everything from e-books to opera. In comparison with head unit or simple car stereo, they will deliver better performance. The one is also called to regulate the power that the speakers get to avoid any blow outs.

Should I pay attention to the shape of cones?

You may be surprised, but you should. When it comes the shape of the cone and material, you need to draw attention to both of them. As for material, composites and synthetics are the most popular. Speaking about shape, it’s easier to install a cone-shaped device and thanks to its shape, you’ll get stronger bass note.


Choosing some brand-new door speakers to replace factory offered ones may take some time, however, we hope that our reviewed has helped you to choose wisely. Moreover, you can walk across our selections of Single DIN car stereo Recievers and Double DIN possibly to make further upgrade. If you are still not defined with auto speakers you want to get for your four-wheel friend, do not worry — check our review one more time to define which one device fits your vehicle as well as your demands.