TOP-3 Best Electric Heater for RV

Electric Heater for RV
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A trailer is a great thing that allows you to travel and open the word within unexplored places. However, in order to be able to go through mild climate or other extreme conditions, you’d better make sure that your auto is fully equipped and prepared for everything, especially for cold places. Are you about to travel during winter? Or maybe hаve you already been traveling to cold places? Well, this is the critical point where heater for RV comes and plays its leading role. Believe us, there’s no better feeling than staying in warm and cozy indoors of your recreational vehicle and knowing it will last that much time as you require.

A finely designed RV heater is a compact device that will allow you, your loved ones to travel and stay in a snug, warm RV. Since it’s unsafe to heat up your auto with cooking equipment or any other devices, a recreational vehicle heater is a real find.

Nowadays the vast majority of RVs are designed and pre-configured with not so bad heating systems that use alkane propane. However, sometimes it’s not enough for cold temperatures and travelers just switch to heaters that work with electricity. Plus, there are also RVs that cannot boast of any heating system, in this case, a brand-new and up-to-date electrical heater will also suit.

Let’s focus on the major advantage of this heater – you have your motorhome warms and prevents you from freezing up. Thanks to constant maintaining high temperature and warmth inside, your recreational vehicle and all of its appliances are kept under consideration and good conditions.

With heater for the trailer you have no limits to planning any of your adventures — you will still feel comfy and be warmed while enjoying your trip or stay during loooong and cold winter months or just in chilly weather.

Are you one of those travelers who needs a hand to find a proper heater for their recreational vehicle? This clear and complete guide and reviews can really help you: we gathered and tested out TOP-3 electrical heaters for RV, providing detailed review and finally leaving them to your own judgment.

Things to Watch Out

The primary thing you need to check is the electrical heater size. Say, if you have a compact RV, a big heater is not your need. However, there are small but very mighty heaters that you can turn on and heat up large space. In this case, pay attention not only to size but to power.

Technical Definitions

Speed of heating

Wait till a heater is all done and ready to work is not fun, especially if it lasts for 15-20 mins. Considering climates you’re going to travel through, choose a device that could easily heat up in a few minutes and gives appropriate temperature in no time.

Auto Switch-Off

Numerous heaters for trailers are designed and produced with an auto switch-off mechanism and they turn off once they are too hot. It’s a useful function indeed since it’s simply your safety — once the Fahrenheit reaches a dangerous level, you should not worry about shutting it off at a certain moment.


Without any exceptions, all heaters for RV have their own controlling options in order to allow adjusting the heat the way you’d like it to be adjusted. Here you have two ways: to select the needed temperature or, as mentioned before, just press a button to control the heater. When choosing a device, pay attention to the temperature range it offers.


When it comes to the market, there are gas and electric heaters. There’s one more method to heat up a vehicle — oil furnace, but it’s the least popular and it’s mostly being used as a radiator.  Speaking about a gas heater, it makes use of combustion to maintain heat.

As for the electrical one, it works by converting electricity into heat. How does it work? An electric current goes through a resistor, in turn, it converts electricity and heats up your vehicle. Finally, the heat is being released via the open vent and a blower. Unlike the first type of heaters, electric devices do not require any byproducts. That’s why the majority of auto enthusiasts choose electric heaters for RVs.

In turn, all-electric devices are divided into fan-forced, convection and infrared. The first one works by circulating heat and pushing it through an electric element.

Product review 

Go through our reviews to find out about the top heater for your vehicle. It’s hard to select the one when you’re surrounded by numerous technical data and being attached from different reviews on the Internet. We did our best to provide clear testes and found out about the most desirable еlеctric heater on the market. Be attentive with size, power output, and other specifications when purchasing еlеctric heater for your recreational vehicle.

Lasko Ceramic Heater

A ceramic electric heater by Lasko is perfect for the fast heating up of recreational vehicles. It’s compact plus could be placed on the tabletop or floor. Offering top-mounted controls, this device allows you to easily adjust temperature not getting up. As for power, it offers 1500 watts of comforting warmth and 3 main settings: low, simple (high) heat and fan mode. Speaking about heating coverage, it’s 300 sq. ft. The last but not the least thing — this electric heater is ETL listed. Speaking about its design, it’s bulb-shaped, silver cover and will suit almost any RV interior.

Pros Cons
•  Suits for tabletop and floor
• Easy temperature adjustment
• Able to heat up to 300 sq. ft
• Poor quality 

2. MR. HEATER MH9BX-Massachusetts/Canada approved portable Propane Heater

This device is probably the leader currently presented on the market. Made of steel, nickel, and plastic, it guarantees dependability and will serve your RV, not one or even several months. It offers from 4  to 9 thousand BTU and can heat up spaces up to 225 sq. ft. Well, when it comes to its functionally, it has been approved and accepted for indoor and for outdoor use. Clean-burning and finely made, this device really worth the attention of anyone who’s about to go traveling into mild climate. Speaking about safety, Mr. Heater boasts of it all — if a driver has left or a heater automatically detects low oxygen levels, it’s going to switch off. A regulator and nice handle come as a bonus. Moreover, it can work up to 3 hours autonomously. The last but not the smallest thing is a nice and modern design.

Pros Cons
• Safety system
• Suits for indoor and outdoor use
• Dependable
• Not that handy control knob
Suburban 2453A Dynatrail

This nice and simple electric heater with minimalistic design provides reliable performance to heat up your vehicle. If you have been surfing the Web in search of a replacement furnace, this model will perfectly suit your RV. With included vent assembly and ducted furnace 12VDC, this device by Suburban is a find. This nice and simple device will suit you if you have absolutely no need to turn it on outdoors and you just need to warm up your RV from time to time.

Pros Cons
• Famous brand
• Perfect for replacement 
• Warranty for parts
• Could be noisy

Our best choice

Our editor’s pick today is Mr. Heater F232000 since we appreciate and encourage finely made devices and professionals in the industry. Dependable materials (nickel, plastic, steel), up to 225 sq. ft. heated up, suitable both for outdoor and indoor use (it’s critical when traveling on a trailer) and safety system. Mr. Heater’s electrical heater for RV is a quintessence of all features and qualities you need for a good heater in your vehicle to travel to cold temperatures and be sure it will be warm in your trailer.  


How does electric heater works in RV?

Pretty much the same an electrical heater works at home — it warms up the air and flows it through ducts. Thus, your trailer becomes warm maximum in 7-10 minutes and you don’t have to worry about chilly temperatures on your way.

When it comes to temperatures, is there a big difference?

A finely made electrical heater works nicely both in chilly and very cold weather. You can set up a centralized system or use a portable heater, but the latter is enough for the recreational vehicle and are able to maintain the needed amount of warmth.

What if there’s no electricity?

Thanks to a variety of heaters you can find on the market, for this situation you can use, say, Mr. Heater (check it down below in our review). It’s autonomous and portable, so it will stand by your side even in critical situations.


It does not matter you are choosing an electric heater for the first time, you are about to get a replacement or just your recreational vehicle cannot boast built-in heating system — anyway, getting an electrical heater for your RV is always a good idea. It does not matter you travel to mild climates or you just want to be prepared for it, knowing that you won’t get freezer is always nice. 

If you still are not defined with a heater for RV to get, we recommend you to through our review one more time and select the best device that suits your needs and requirements of your recreational vehicle.