Best Garage LED Lighting. Review 2020 and Buyer’s Guide


If you’re one of those lucky motorists who boast of a garage, well, we bet you strive to make it maintained only with up-to-date materials, right? It goes without saying here you have to pay attention to garage lighting since any dark spots could be very tricky. This type of lighting is important no matter you use your garage to repair your vehicle, store some household stuff or for any other purposes. Quality and properly installed lighting allow you to reach any shelf or box in a garage in a few moments, so it saves your time significantly. Moreover, if you pick the right amount of power, maintenance and brightness, the lighting could be super-efficient so it won’t break the bank. The last but not the least thing — choosing proper bulbs you are able to light the needed area or the entire room of the garage. Today we’ve devoted this article fully to LED lighting for garages. In order to avoid you going through the hassle, we have gathered TOP 10 products to look through so once you’ve read this review, you will find our which LED lighting will suit your garage or other room the best.

This easy-to-read purchasing guide is a detailed step-by-step instruction on how to pick the best-LEDest LED lighting for your garage. Here we’ll show you where you need to stop and give some attention, which characteristics matter and which require zero checks, plus you’ll get a detailed review of the best LEDs for garages on the Web and save your time for purchase.


Why did we pick only LED lighting for our review? Well, when it comes to LED technology, there are poems about it. It’s efficient and costs cheaper than regular light, it lasts for a dozen thousands of hours and delivers excellent performance. In comparison with regular lights, LED win by all characteristics and if you add a reasonable price, well, this is the undeniable leader of the market in the 2020s.

Considering garage is a part of any private house nowadays, the need for efficient LED lighting that delivers excellent performance is not a whim, but a must. Probably #1 benefit of LEDs is that they will raise work efficiency, they will encourage safety (which is mandatory in the garage) and guarantee easy accessibility. If the lights in your garage are not that efficient or they are simply worn out, it’s time to seek new ones.

Things to Watch Out

Below we will discuss the types and technical issues you have to check before buying garage LED lamps, now let’s have a look at things you have to consider before getting brand new LEDs for your working site.

Is it efficient?

Let’s be honest: many are intended to get LED lights because the ones are more efficient and save money. Moreover, you don’t have to change them as frequently as regular lights require. However, different LED lights consume different amounts of energy. What’s the optimal decision here? Well, check all specifications in the seller’s descriptions. You need to check power consumption (in lumens), so, say, if you have been using a regular 50W power, now you need to multiply for 100 and choose 5,000 lumens lamp.


There is much discussion on color temperature: well, it’s true that the quality of the light and power are probably TOP 2 points you need to consider before the purchase. So, color is measured in K which stands for Kelvins and usually varies from 1500K to 13000K. Are you looking for an item that will resemble daylight? Well, in turn, you have to seek for products between 4 thousand and 5 thousand K. If you have been surfing the Web in search of low-temperature bulbs, remember that the light could be bluer.

Is it safe?

It does not matter you’re about to get a regular light or a LED light — it’s still electricity and it still requires to be safe. The market offer pushes us to have three major points in mind here: dependable brand, all required certifications, and proper installation. Since the latter depends exclusively on you, let’s focus on the firsts: it’s better to usee aa famous brand and to pay attention to ETL and UL certificates. They show that the product has been decently designed and tested out so now it meets all regulations. The one and only thing left is to properly install it that usually takes 5 mins.

Again on brightness

You should be aware of the fact that the sellers usually display the brightness of LEDs in lumens. However, be careful please: the brightest light is not the top among all brands and let us explain why. Say, if you’re working in the garage all the time, any super bright one will simply hurt your eyes after 10-15 mins. Well, if you are seeking for a light just to check your storage, it will suit. As for the average brіghtnеss of a LED light, seek for a product about 3,000 lumens. We kindly ask you to keep in mind that you’re able to pick bulbs which are X2 bright as well as you can buy single bulbs and make it in your own style.

Technical Issues

The definition of LED is very simple: it stands for light-emitting diode and boasts of really high efficiency. These bulbs became popular several decades ago, using the same technologies as calculators did. As the years went by, there was numerous researches and thanks to them, the LED technology became less expensive. Today this is the cheapest, the most efficient technology in illuminizing, the one is used for the stage, in a garage, at home, on the working site and in many other places where the lighting is needed. Adding another pro to the list of LED advantages, they last much longer and very safe. 

To put it in a nutshell, this technology is the usual light, but with less electricity consumption. Moreover, exactly the same technology gives LED a possibility to give out light more efficiently; in turn, it means that it is stick with different hardware requirements. As an additional advantage — the setting of such lights won’t take you much time, but you may need several adapters in order to place them correctly. 


According to many producers on the market, LED fixtures are undoubtedly a TOP choice for any working site or storage including the garage — it does not matter you spend there lots of time working or you just seeking a light for storage. Before purchasing any LED bulbs, you should know that this type of bulbs is not replaceable, however, they will last for many years. 

Contingently all LED lights could be divided for several types. The first one is made of aluminum, it’s a durable material and you have to pay attention to these LEDs if your garage experiences any humidity or dirt. The second type is high-end models, for instance, Hyperikon. As a rule, they are available with motion sensors and they are of a smaller size, moreover, they require more tools to be installed. 

Product Review

Even though a high price may scary customers at the very first sight, from another side of a hand you’re getting a set of dependable LEDs from a reputable brand. There are 10 bulbs offered in an item and each bulb provides enough brightness for garage maintenance. As mentioned before, you may place them separately, the way you need and this power will be more than enough to light up any garage or other room of the large size. However, you should not forget that these lights could be linked only four-to-four.

Speaking about the brand, it’s one of the most famous lighting companies on the market and you can expect a long life and great quality here. The producer claims 50,000 hours of lifespan, but according to customers, they provide about 45,000 hours or so. Add easy installation and full safety, well, then you will receive perfect lighting for your garage.

As the majority of LED products, these bulbs provide very bright, white light; classic is classic so it will suit any interior. The color temperature is 5000K, even though some customers claim it is a little warmer. It needs 40W of energy, so boasts of excellent efficiency.

• Famous brand
• You can link up bulbs
• Bright light
• Higher price in comparison with other products

Meet this vivid set of 6 bulbs that are able to light up a garage even of the large size. 20W and famous brand Barrina are two major reasons why one has to pay attention to this product; with this item you will surely be maintained with decent garage lighting. These bright and finely made bulbs are for those who seek excellent performance and saving bills on energy. You can place them all together and put separately to light up different areas of the garage. However, you have to remember that one bulb is able to provide only 2200Lm power, so if you need really bright light in the garage, it’s better to place a set together.

Speaking about its cons, this is that rare case when LED is getting hot, even though it produces 6000-6500K color temperature. For those who are looking for a daylight effect, you may need higher color temperatures. From the other side of a hand, these Barrina’s 6 pack bulbs could be tied up in a moment and all together they provide a good result. Add connectors made of dependable material and components made of aluminum so you will get a perfect lithing for the garage. As well as the previous product, this one offers 50,000 hours lifespan. 

• Famous brand
• High color temperature
• 50,000 hours lifespan
• It won’t provide the daily light effect 

Even though this product provides less lifespan than the previous ones, it boasts of a good brand as well and offers multiple mounting options. Let’s start with the letter: you are able to place these LEDs as a hanging item or on the surface; you can separate them or put all together, it’s completely up to you. The product has innovative cable hardware so you won’t have any additional spendings — it’s all here to set up a light for your garage and forget about it during the next few years. It offers 110 lumens per watt and a crisp clean 5000K light for your garage. Last but not least thing is 5 years warranty it offers.

• 5 years warranty
• Easy to set up
• Offers 5,000 hours less in comparison with other sellers

Here we’ll put it into a nutshell — once you have a glance at this product, you will notice at once that it looks old-fashioned, so for those who seek a unique garage lighting, this item will surely suit. In comparison with standard lights, this model boasts of 360 degrees lighting and it perfectly fits you if you spend time in the garage working or repeating your four-wheel friend. For storage and simple light, this item will be a real exaggeration. 600 Lm of light and consumption of 60W is a decent answer for the famous lighting brands. Moreover, they boast of an automatic switch on and off, so when you’re entering the garage the ones will be welcoming you, it’s very handy.

• 360 degrees lighting 
• Unique style
• 600 Lm for 60W
• Won’t fit to light up storage in the garage

Another masterpiece from Hyperikon offers 5000K and will suit to illuminate your garage or any other large room. Any working space could be lightened up by means of this Hyperikon LED. However, we have to note that in comparison with other LEDs, its lifespan is only 35.000 hours (which is not a dead-end though). As well as the previous model it detects any movement (80 feet) so it can automatically switch on and off. 5 years warranty and waving bye-bye to electrical bills are two more advantages of this bulb from the Hyperikon brand.

• Famous brand
• Detects movement 
• 5000K light
• Lower lifespan in comparison with other LEDs

If you have been surfing the Internet in search of lightweight and easy-to-install LEDs for your garage, here you go. This model boasts of a unique design and offers 270 degrees angle, so you have many options on how to fix it in the room. In comparison with other tube lights, this item is linkable and easy-to-set. According to the seller, you will save up to 50% with your electricity bill. 3 years warranty is one more reason to check this LED out.

• 3 years warranty
• Wide application
• Easy-to-install
• Is not bright as other items

To speak in brief, this is a nice 4 bulbs set that offers 50,000 hours, the lamps are made in the USA and they are fully removable (usually they are not). 5000K daylight white color temperature and 40% less energy than fluorescent are one more “yes” for the PrimeLights product.

• Nice and simple
• Lightweight
• 50,000 hours or lifespan
• Weak supplying connectors

These LEDs are always being called ‘the fly’ because they really look like a fly. 110 lumens per one watt and extreme brightness are what this product offers. Seeking for nice lighting for bench or garage or working site lighting? This is it. The classical 5000K color temperature and only 60w consumed will save you about 60% of the money. When it comes to the lifespan, this model offers 50,000 hours and has 24 months warranty cover.

• Classical color temperature
• 60w
• Its shape won’t suit 

This item is one of the brightest products on the market — it offers 2900 lumens and maintains 70% of output. When it comes to its performance and lifespan, it boasts of 17 years, can you imagine that?! So, you’re getting a product for almost two decades! It will take you 10-15 mins to install it. Lithonia lights always meet Safety Standard for UL in the USA, Canada and offer 5 years warranty.

• 5 years warranty 
• Almost two decades lifespan
• 2900 lumens 
• Some customers claimed it was hard to set it up

OOLED is another famous brand you need to check before getting garage lighting. The product offers 4800 lumens and classical 5000K. It boasts of wide application — from 100 to 277 Vac input. OOLED lights will suit barn and garages, working sites and storage rooms, workstations and other places like auto shops.

• 5 years warranty 
• Wide application 
• 5000K natural daylight
• Some customers claimed it is not that bright

Our best choice

To sum up, we claim Hyperikon 4 Foot Linkable LEDs the best product on the market. You surely not looking for some lights to change them in 1 year, right? This model offers 5 years warranty, it’s very easy to place them and this product has innovative cable hardware, so you will be out of any additional spendings for setting these LEDs up.


How can I count the number of K needed to lighten my garage or other site? Kelvins or lumens do I need for the garage? 

This is probably the most popular question when people are selecting LED lights for their room.  Well, the first thing as mentioned you need to pay attention to your personal requirements. Are you in search of LEDs for storage? Or you’re spending in your garage every day 2+ hours? If the latter is about you, you need really bright light, so let us count. 1 lux stands for 1 lumen per square feet. At last, you only need to measure the square of your garage correctly and count it according to lux. For instance, 10 lumens per 1 square foot is more than enough to light up the room.

Does no higher color temperature in Kelvins mean that the bulb will provide more light? 

Well, at first sight, it may seem like a higher color temperature will provide higher contrast. Well, saying it in order words, if you pick a light bulb 5000K, it will resemble more light due to the contract. However, not every seller guarantees that.

 Is it ok to use a dimmable LED with a non-dimmable light switch? Will it work? Is it safe?

Nowadays the World Wide Web is full of both types of switches. Well, the good point is that you can do that, but at the same make sure you have checked the optimum capacity of your lamp. A single difference here is that you won’t be able to alter and set up the level of the color temperature (in performance). However, it’s still safe if you are going to mix a dimmable switch with non-dimmable light, but a little buzzing is possible.


No doubts garage lighting is not a whim, but a must. Take your time and look through our buying guide one more time in order to select the best LEDs for your garage or working site you need to illuminate and buy wisely.