The Best Gas Leak Detectors


Why Do We Need Gas Leak Detectors?

Gas detectors are used to detect natural gas, propane-butane and carbon monoxide in indoor air. To effectively monitor the presence of toxic or flammable gases in the environment, you need to use the devices that detect their presence in this or that area. There are gas detectors or meters available in both the stationary and portable versions.


When it comes to a stationary gas detector, they are located in clearly defined places where harmful gas may leak. When it’s detected, the device triggers an alarm that warns people in the immediate vicinity of potential danger. Therefore, it is recommended to use a gas sensor where there are any gas appliances, such as a central heating stove. It is worth installing it in the laundry, in the kitchen, and in the bathroom.

Speaking about some areas where it is difficult to assess whether they contain harmful gas, portable detectors work better. The principle of their operation is very similar to stationary devices, but with the difference that due to their small size, they can be attached to the clothes of an employee.

Things to Watch Out

When choosing a gas detector, you need to pay attention to several factors. When determining these factors, you can choose precisely the gas detector that meets all your requirements.

Alarm volume. It is significant if older people are living at home who may have hearing problems. Besides, the alarm should be loud enough to wake sleeping family members. When choosing the right device, make sure that it generates a noise level of 80-90 dB. Then we will be sure that the household will be warned in time.

Test function. It is a good quality gas sensor should be equipped with a “test” button. This allows you to check the correct operation of the device. To ensure the proper functioning of the sensor, it is worth activating the button once a week.

Alarm mute function. In some cases, the alarm may be false. Therefore, it is worth making sure that the sensor model you have selected is equipped with a button that will turn off the alarm. Then the device is in sleep mode. If after a specific time the gas concentration still remains high, the sensor will beep again.

Power supply. There are different types of power supplies: network sensors on the market (plugged into an electrical outlet), battery sensors (many sensors work on the basis of built-in batteries) and battery-network sensors. The latter is the best solution because the battery in the absence of a traditional power source allows the device to continue to work.

Technical Terms

electronic counter

The main characteristic that determines the functionality of a gas sensor is its ability to determine the minimum and maximum value of gas particles per million air particles. PPM is a unit of concentration. This parameter is indicated by the symbol PPM (parts per million). 

For instance, 15 ppm CO is equivalent to having 15 units of CO volume per million units of air volume, so we can apply any volume unit, always being the right ratio.

Types of Gas Leak Detectors

The portable gas detectors are classified as personal protective equipment to provide protection against the dangers of gas and for mobile testing. As for the compact sensors, they have a built-in battery and are independent of power supply. Therefore, it will work even if for some reason we do not have access to electricity. 

A stationary electric gas sensor requires a connection to an electrical outlet. A battery is not necessary for proper operation. So it works without interruption, as long as we have electricity. In a situation when the sensor is running out, it will not warn us of the threat. The stationary gas detection system is used to continually monitor the working environment for harmful gases, ensuring maximum safety. 

An electric-battery gas sensor is the best solution to ensure the uninterrupted operation of the device. In the absence of a source, the device continues to work thanks to the batteries. So you can be sure that the air you breathe is checked by a 24/7 gas sensor, even if there is no electricity in the network.

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Comparison Table

ProductGradeTypePowerLED Display
Kidde AC Plug-in Gas Detector Editor’s ChoiceStatic/Portable100V AC/9V batteryYes
Techamor Y201 Portable Gas Leak SnifferSolid ChoicePortable3x 1.5V AAA batteryNo
EG-NGD050 Home Gas Alarm Best ValueStaticAC 110-240VYes

Products Review

Kidde AC Plug-in Gas Detector


The carbon monoxide indicator works with constant checking of the danger level of gas in the air, and then turns on and warns if the maximum consumption of gas increase.

It does not require any additional devices, power connections and three extra batteries powered by DC 1.5 V. It has small dimensions, enclosed in one case. It uses a technologically advanced electrochemical sensor and an electronic control system, which allows you to compare them with advanced detection functions through the device price function and low power consumption.


  • 1x Gas detector
  • 1x C-type battery
  • 1x Installation guide
  • Mounting hardware

Performance and technical issues

  • Sensitivity: 30 to 999 ppm / every 15 seconds
  • Working temperature: – 40 to 100 Fahrenheit
  • Power: 100-volt AC + 9-volt battery
  • Warranty: 5 year


It should be installed in a closed area, in which the appearance of carbon oxides. To calculate the area of presence of gases in the room, install the device at the height of the head. For example, in bedrooms, these devices should be installed at a height of about 50 inches above the floor.

In addition, this detector can be successfully used in places where the probability of dangerous gas leakage is very high, for example, at chemical plants, for continuous monitoring of the gas level in the air.  

• Battery backup
• Digital display
• Peak level memory
• Plugs directly into a wall outlet
• Not rechargeable battery
UEi CD100A Gas Leak Detector


This device is manufactured to sense and localize gas escapes from installations with flammable gases. The exact place of the invention is due to installation escapes due to the use of a high-quality sensor. The one is equipped with high discrimination filters, which provide a rapid reaction time and great sensitivity to the exposure of methane in the air.

Small size, autonomous power supply and resistance to low and high temperatures provide the ability to use this meter in different conditions anywhere. Also, this meter has a lengthy hose with a detector at the end, which will measure the existence of gas in the air at a safe distance.


  • 1x Leak sensor
  • 4x 9V battery
  • 1x Manual

Performance and technical issues

  • Sensitivity: from 50 PPM
  • Working temperature: 30 to 110 Fahrenheit
  • Power: 4 AA batteries 
  • Warranty: 1 year


This detector is recommended for purchase for those who often work where there is a danger of leakage of dangerous gases. Thanks to the compact shape, you can easily carry this detector with you. In this case, you will provide yourself with 100% protection against gas poisoning, since this meter will immediately notify you of the dangerous gas content in the air.

• Completely portable
• 18-inch gooseneck
• Easy to use and convenient shape 
• Low battery indicator 
• Headphone jack for silent mode
• Needs frequent battery change 
• No LED display 
• No Reset button
Techamor Y201 Portable Gas Leak Sniffer


The Y201 Home Gas Escape Indicator features red 85dB LED and audio signals. The louder the noise, the brighter the light, the higher the concentration of gas in the air. This sensor is a universal gas revealing equipment in various places. The moveable gas leak sensor is suitable for identifying multiple flammable gases, such as methane, natural gas, propane, butane, methane, carbon monoxide, and other explosive gases. This item runs on three AAA batteries, which will provide a long life.


  • 1x Gas leak detector
  • 1x User manual
  • 1x Protective bag

Performance and technical issues

  • Sensitivity: 50 to 10, 000 ppm
  • Working temperature: 30 to 120 Fahrenheit
  • Power: 3x 1.5V AAA battery 
  • Warranty: 1 year


This air analyzer is widely used to sense escapes of flammable gases, such as gas lines, propane tank stations, gas leaks in the passenger sector and to detect fuel leaks. So this gauge will be a great tool for analyzing air in any situation.

• 12-inch flexible probe
• Measurement scale 
• Warm-up, Power and Low Battery indicators
• Protective bag for transportation
• No rechargeable battery 
• No peak level memory 
Camco 10324 Gas Leak Sprayer - 8 oz


A product created on a synthetic surfactant that detects outflows of gas or compressed air in pipes, cylinders, pressure regulators, etc. Since it is not a flammable product, it also helps you to control the installation and installation of flammable gas lines.

Extreme ease of use of the product allows you to identify possible gas escapes rapidly. Apply the product on tin points at a distance of about 10 inches. The product will react by forming bubbles through the foam if gas leaks are detected. It detects any gas or air leaks even at shallow pressures.


  • 1x Gas Leak Detector with Sprayer

Performance and technical issues

  • Size: 8 oz


Using this spray, it is very convenient to detect leaks, even the smallest ones, which become visible with the immediate formation of bubbles at the place of loss. It saves energy and power from gas loss.

• Comes with sprayer 
• Non-toxic
• Non-corrosive
• Simple and accurate gas detection
• Requires spraying the liquid on a wide area
Natural Gas Detector, EG-NGD050 Home Gas Alarm


This is a carbon monoxide sensor with an LCD display showing the current gas level in the air. Readings are updated every 15 seconds. If the permissible CO level is exceeded, the sensor signals with a red LED and a loud alarm. In the event of a malfunction in the meter, the corresponding indicator lights up. The meter works from the network and does not have an additional battery in case of a power outage.

Thanks to a specially designed case, it can be mounted on the wall or placed on a flat surface, for example, on a bedside table near the bed. It has a lock that prevents disassembly of the device mounted on the wall by children or by unauthorized persons.


  • 1x Gas detector with 6 feet AC cord
  • 2x Mounting screws for detachable backplate
  • 1x Double-sided Mounting Tape 
  • 1x User Manual

Performance and technical issues

  • Sensitivity: from 30 PPM
  • Working temperature: 30 to 120 Fahrenheit
  • Power: AC 110-240V
  • Warranty: 2 years


This sensor is seamless for those who care about the safety of their homes. By installing a gas sensor on a wall near a gas source, bedroom or nursery and connecting to the network, you will always be sure of safety against gas poisoning. Since the gas analyzer will carry out 24/7 air control in your household and will notify you when the gas level exceeds the maximum allowable rate.

• Detachable back plate
• 6 feet AC cord
• Low power intake
• Power, Fault and Alarm lights
• No backup battery

Our Best Choice

The best gas escape gauge from this selection is the Kidde air analyzer. It has both an AC socket and a battery that allows you to install it into any room in your house or at any area with a risk of a gas outflow. The in-built battery backup will keep the device active even if there is no power. Moreover, the attendance of a battery makes this air analyzer 100% portable. Thus, you can quickly bring it with you and use it at any place for gas detecting.


What is a regular air sensor, and how does it work?

An ordinary gas indicator is a protective device that analyzes the air in a particular zone. If the gas indicator in this area shows any potential outflow that could be dangerous, the usual air gage will sound an alarm (similar to the one used in the smoke indicator).

Do I need to do any work with the regular gas sensor after installation?

After installing a stationary gas gauge, no additional steps are required. The device starts working right out of the box. Portable gas sensors require continuous battery replacement.

Will my natural gas detector monitor my home or building for smoke or fire?

A gas leak detector will only detect the presence of dangerous gas in the air. He will not detect fire, heat or smoke.

Will a natural gas detector monitor all areas of a house?

A natural gas leak indicator will monitor air only in the room where it is installed. Gas escapes can occur in other areas or floors of your home or building without reaching a gas detector.

Will a natural gas detector work if the power is turned off?

If the stationary gas detector in your house works from the outlet only, then you should know that the indicator does not take measurements while there is no power in the house.

Conclusion — Buyer’s Guide

Installing a gas sensor can save your life from gas poisoning. It is recommended to use a stationary gas sensor in the area with gas appliances, such as a central heating stove. It is worth installing it in the boiler room, in the kitchen and the bathroom, due to which we will ensure the safe use of these premises by household members.

To ensure safety in production or when installing gas equipment, portable sensors are the best solution, which will provide constant monitoring of air near a person and will notify about the danger in time. Hence, do not hesitate to use air detectors at any place with a possible risk of gas leaking to keep your house and working places safe.