The BEST GPS with backup camera


It goes without saying that safety and comfort come first in traveling. In order to reach this, you have to keep off the road and understand where you are at the moment. GPS with backup camera is a device that will surely help you. It’s super handy and you will be able to reach any destination by means of using this item.

Benefits of using

Being a GPS with backup camera owner has many advantages: it will be easier to plan your trips and you can be sure that you will always be on time. You should not worry about being late because of traffic jams, as you can predict them in advance and change a route just like that. 


Mirror Dash Cam

Such gadgets are usually mounted on top of the rearview mirror. It’s very convenient to use and install; we guarantee it won’t spoil the appearance of your car since GPS is almost invisible. It happens pretty often that such models have an additional built-in front camera and could be attached with straps as well.

Dash Cam

Such models are attached to the top panel. They come in different sizes and are usually made of durable materials.

Car Stereo

Such navigators fit into the space of the original stereo system of your car.

Things to Watch Out For


Choosing such device, pay attention to how well it integrates with your car and whether you can use it anytime.

Screen Size

Pay attention to the size: the larger the screen, the more map you can see, sometimes zooming could provide you much more info on the route.


Screen resolution is also important. It’s pretty important to see street names, so make sure screen resolution in the navigator is decent.


Installing the device should be convenient and ‘just like that’. Usually, GPS with backup camera installation won’t take you more than 10 mins.


This feature is optional, yet desirable. Touchscreen screens are more convenient to use and help you switch between maps faster.

Night Vision

Night vision is a very important advantage of such a device. Driving vehicle at night is more difficult and you need to be even more confident having clear vision of GPS.

Front Camera 

The presence of a front camera is a significant plus for such a device, since with its help you will record everything that happens in front. 


Such a gadget cannot be invisible, therefore it is desirable that it fits in the styling into the design of your car.


Some models have seats loaded with FOURSQUARE, which will allow you to plan trips faster since the navigator will give you a hand.

Voice control

Voice control is a very convenient feature in such navigators since you can control the device and still keep your attention on the road.

Sync with mobile devices

Some models can be connected to the smartphone via Bluetooth. This is very convenient since you can receive calls just like that. If it can also support voice control, you are able to get voice messages as well.


  • When installing such a GPS + camera, make sure that you have not missed anything and that you do not have blind spots in the overview. 
  • During any bad weather, rain or snow, be sure to clean the camera from any water. When traveling on dirt roads, also wipe the camera on time.
  • Installing such gadgets is very simple, but if you are not sure that you did everything correctly check the instructions. Many models have video instructions for installing on YouTube.
  • Make sure that the information is copied to a safe place and that, if necessary, an accident or some other event, you can get it.

Product review

It seems to be a very convenient and compact navigator model. The display size is 7.0″, this one is optimal for a various car. The gadget is loaded with detailed maps of North America. In addition, they are constantly updated, so you can be sure that you will always have relevant information. Moreover, you can download other maps that you may need without a fee. Using this device you can easily find the desired location and get the easiest way.

This navigator comes with a cableless BC 20 wireless backup camera that easily finds any objects around your car. For more comfortable driving, this navigator is equipped with Garmin Traffic that gives you information about the state of traffic. In addition, it is very convenient to use  device as it is voice-smoothed. You can send quick voice calls and get answers instantly.

This model can be connected to a phone via Bluetooth and you can take your calls using voice messages.  The one has a Smartphone Link Compatible – an application that will connect your navigator with your Android or iPhone smartphone. Last but not least thing, it has Lithium-ion batteries required.

Pros Cons
• Voice control is an absolute plus of this
• Sync with mobile devices
• Garmin Traffic allows you to always be aware of traffic
• This model has a Smartphone Link Compatible
•  Not a very large display
•  May display smaller map sizes than larger

Very comfortable model with a large screen of 9.88 inches. Display Type is LCD. The model is easy to install and use. The camera is mounted on the side mirrors of your car, which is very convenient. This item is suitable for any car. Front/Rear camera resolution  is 1080P/1080P. At night, this dual dash cam equipped with an F2.0 7-glass lens has a minimal glare from other car headlights. This guarantees you a quality image. You can even see such small details as license plate numbers of cars and road signs. 

This GPS provides you an ability to install a memory card up to 64 GB. The dual dashcam turns on automatically once you have started your vehicle. Thanks to this, alas, you will never forget to turn on the camera and do not miss the recording. It also supports a 24-hour parking monitor. GPS tracking system records precise Driving Speed, Direction and Route. Keep in mind that here Lithium Polymer batteries are required. 

Pros Cons
• Very good camera resolution, which will give you a high-quality image
• The night vision function allows you to get a good image even in the dark
• There is no voice control or the ability to connect the device to a smartphone

This is a model with a large screen of 9.88 inches and with the display Type LCD. One is easy to install and use. Its camera is mounted on the side mirrors of your car, which is very convenient. This model is suitable for any car. Front/Rear camera resolution  is 1080P/1080P. At night it equipped with an F2.0 7-glass lens. This guarantees you a quality image at any time. 

An ability to install a memory flash 64 GB. There is also a function of checking traffic and you will always know where working or non-working traffic lights, traffic jams and detours. It will really save your time. As well as the previous model, this item has Lithium Polymer batteries required.

Pros Cons
• Voice-Activated Navigation, Lifetime Traffic, Lifetime Maps
• With this navigator, you will always be aware of the situation on the road and will be able to plan
in advance the time of any trip
• Map updates ensure that you are always up to date with the latest traffic situations
• No connection to mobile phone

Our best choice

Our best choice is Garmin nüvi 2798LMT. This navigator will help you to always be aware of what is happening on the road. Both traffic and map updates will assist you 24/7. The wireless camera is very reliable and convenient to use and will continuously transmit high-quality images to the display. In addition, this model has many other advantages: for example, that they can be controlled by voice and connected to a mobile phone. You can use it for calls and get calls/voice messages without taking your hands off the wheel.

Purchasing GPS with backup camera is +100 to your comfort and safety on the road. From now on you’ll be always aware of what’s happening, where you need to pay attention to and where’s the next twist or turn. Check features of all GPSs we’ve included in our review and pick the best and the most suitable device for your vehicle right away.


If I have a truck can I use such a camera?

If you have a long body and you are afraid that the wireless camera will not work, do not worry. You can buy wires to a wireless camera.

Can I control the navigator from a mobile phone?

There are models that have this ability.

Can I install it myself? 

Yes, such cameras are very easy to install

Do I have to turn on the camera all the time?

No, there are models that turn on automatically. See the specifications for a specific model.