Best HID Headlights Review and Buyer’s Guide


Benefits of HID Headlights

It goes without saying every auto enthusiast wants to a 4-wheel friend to deliver the highest possible performance and speaking about automotive headlights, there is not an exception. There are many kinds of auto lights you would find at the market and easily install to a vehicle. However, day by day people pay attention to HID headlights: they are gas-discharge lamps that illuminate place by means of an electric arc.

Seeking for an optimal way to keep your vehicle in good trim by means of aftermarket parts? Check out HID headlights. Standing for High-Intensity Discharge, they have been in the market quarter of one hundred years. During this time the bulbs and the technology itself have gained high popularity: debuted only in 1991 with BMW 7-series, nowadays HID lights are very popular and desirable for every automotive enthusiast. 

Even though HID lights have been previously included only into expensive automobiles, nowadays everyone can afford it thanks to the fact that you can buy them as a separate product. This kind of light stands for a number of advantages over LED headlights and halogen ones.

Thanks to its particulate bright light, these bulbs have been applied as street lights. In a typical HID lamp, there are two electrodes which are aimed to tungsten — the whole scheme of enclosed by a glass of shell that has gas and salt. HID lamps are aimed to emit intense blue-white light — it surely boasts of high visibility in comparison with ‘soft’ yellow lights or typical halogen headlights. To put it into a nutshell, HID bulbs provide better visibility even at night and allow drivers to react promptly without any fear.

hid lamp assembly
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Things to Watch Out

Bulb size. No exaggeration, this is the most prominent step before purchasing HID headlights for your automobile. What should you do in case you want to buy HID, but you don’t know bulb size? All you need to do is to check out online your automobile’s model year and make as well. Once you have found out this information, you will save much time during the choosing, ordering and the whole set up process. In case if you cannot find your auto bulb size by yourself, contact your auto dealer. Speaking about new automobiles, the majority of HID headlights are usually presented as a low-beam lamp, they come with a standard halogen bulb for the high beam, however, they wear out and require replacement.

Ballasts. This step can be pretty intimidating for many auto enthusiasts, however, as much information you know, as faster you will choose the needed HID. When you know which brightness you are seeking for and how you want your kit to perform, choose the exact one, get it and enjoy your auto lights performance. There are some ballast options that HID headlights:

Volt S. (35 w). This is the most desirable kind of HID ballast lights — one offers the most advanced built-in component that will easily eliminate any issue an auto’s computer system has with aftermarket HID.

Signature S. (35 w). This is standard 35 wattage HID bulb.

Power S. (55 w). This one gives 20% more wattage to the HID bulb, which, in turn, gives 35-35% more brightness in comparison with the 35w HID kit. 

Stealth S. (35 w). This slim ballast is a half size of a regular one — the one is used if a vehicle is compact.

PRO S. (55w). Same as Volt Series, however, it offers 55w. 

Relay harness and capacitors. To emphasize on the first one, it allows the HID lights to get the power from the battery (not from the auto existing power connection). It’s a common situation when aftermarket kits have conflicts with existing wiring and you need to waste hours and hours to fix it. Say, if your vehicle is from 2007 or older, you may face problems with capacitors. Watch it out before purchasing HID headlights with a kit — which relay harness should you pick?

HID Relay Harness

A few of auto’s electrical system could require a special relay harness. You will need it by all means if your auto has automatic or daytime running lights. Moreover, here it can solve the problem of potential or constant flickering. It will help to keep a finger on the pulse of power and keep the lights work correctly. 

HID Сарасitors (Pair Kit)

It often happens that dashboard warning lights turn off (because of CANBUS system error) on automobiles with computer-controlled lighting with the aftermarket HID system provided. Do not worry, because it’s a common situation with newer vehicles and some luxury automobiles, especially from luxury EU markets. In order to overcome things, you need to install a part of capacitors with your HID kit, it will take you 20-30 mins. Thanks to this accessory, you will avoid flickering as well. 

Technical Issues

If one would ask to sum up the HID auto headlights in a few words, it is incredible capacity and application for every single part in and outside of your vehicle. HID lights are an up-to-date technology that was designed on a large scale that can illuminate all you need and maintain comfy driving. No more no less, getting HID headlights is a decent investment to your vehicle – look through technical terms you need to pay attention to before buying HID headlights.

Operation principle

HID headlights work like classic electric discharge lamps – they emit light using an electric arc between tungsten electrodes placed in a translucent or transparent fused quartz or aluminum arc tube. In turn, this pipe is filled with a noble gas and often has a suitable metal or metal salts. Again, the noble gas gives the initial strike of the arc. As soon as the arc begins to function, it heats and evaporates the metal impurity. Its presence in the arc plasma significantly increases the intensity of the visible light produced by the arc at given power consumption, since metals have many spectral lines of radiation in the visible part of the spectrum. High-intensity discharge lamps are a type of arc lamp that is durable and gives a very bright light.

Hid headlights and an incandescent lamp

Also called xenon headlights, they look like ordinary ubiquitous lamp lights. Indeed, he does not have a filament that heats up – instead, he has a gas that is electrically charged. This gives a bluish-white and very bright light, close to the natural color.


Xenon lamps are generally more expensive than halogen ones, as they last longer and provide better performance. As with incandescent lamps, HID headlights have a delay of one moment before switching on, so it takes some time for them to reach 100% brightness. For this reason, there is an additional halogen lamp on both the far and near beams. In this case, the car will have two bulbs in each lamp, and you will have four.

Types of HID Headlights

There are different types of HID lamps, all of them are different by compounds used to give out the light — metal halide, sodium and mercury. According to these components, there are three types of high-intensity discharge lamps:

  • metal halide lamps
  • high-pressure sodium vapor lamps
  • mercury vapor lamps

According to the chemicals used during these lamps’ design and production, each HID lamp has its own details, specifications, lifespan, efficacy, brightness, color rendering index and other characteristics. Let us take a look at all types of HID lamps in detail.

Metal halide lamps

The very MHL saw the world at the beginning of the 1960s — invented by R. Reiling, it instantly became one of the most popular artificial lighting sources used both indoors and outdoors. Nowadays it is very spread and is being used from TV to factories, from streets to security lighting and of course auto lighting. Its efficacy is 65-115 lumens per watt, color temperature can go up to 20000 K and lifespan is approximately 10000-15000 hours on average. 

This type is used in automotive HID headlights — the gas inside the art tube of these lights is xenon (not argon); it’s used in general purpose. These xenon HID lights are lightweight, compact, work with high pressure and very efficient in comparison with regular lights. That’s why our review is devoted to this type of HID headlights.

High-pressure sodium vapor lamps

HPSVL is a type of gas HID that gives away light with the help of sodium in an excited state. There are high- and low-pressure lamps. Its efficacy is about 8-150 lumens per watt, lifespan is 10 000 – 24 000 hours and as for color temperature, it offers 2000K to 2700K for white lamps.

Mercury vapor lamps

It’s the oldest type of all HID lights — being on the market for more than 80 years, it was and it is still an important figure to light up streets, factories, etc. When it comes to efficacy, it is from 30 to 60 lumens per watt (depends on the ballast). The color temperature is between 6000K and 6800 K (with clear bulb) and approximately 4000K with a phosphor-coated bulb. As for lifespan, it’s 24 000 hours on average.

Product Review

Philips was always able to boast of durable and dependable lights and this device is no exception. Coming both in the high beam and low beam, these xenon lights are offered at 35 Watts. According to the seller, it guarantees original equipment quality seal, thus, great performance. Moreover, the brand itself protects customers from fakes — each authentic product has CoA. Classic design and flawless quality make this lamp a reasonable choice for any auto enthusiasts who are seeking new HID headlights.

Pros Cons
• Famous brand
• Every package has CoA
•Original equipment 
• More expensive in comparison with other products 

If you have been seeking for a wide spectrum of output in your auto HID headlights, this is it. 3X of halogen bulbs and extremely precise color are just two reasons why you should pay attention to XENTEC HID headlights. This device is compatible with Xentec ballast and won’t take you more than 20 mins to install the whole kit. On the other side of the hand, it does not have any certificates of quality and cannot offer any guarantees.

Pros Cons
• Wide spectrum of output
• Сome with 3x halogen bulbs
• Not the best quality

According to the seller, RCP offers 3x brightness — about 3200 lumens. With only 35 watts consuming, it will perfectly illuminate all along the way. In comparison with other products, it offers 5 times the product lifetime — 2500+ hours of stable work are guaranteed. Thanks to anti-UV quartz glass, all cracks and shades to the mirror will be prevented. In addition, this device is water-resistant and heat-, wear-resistant, so any chances to leakage are already reduced.

Pros Cons
• Consume only 35 watts
• Long lifespan
• Not that bright

Have you been chasing for an up-to-date HID headlight for your vehicle? Pay your attention to this device. 5.500 hours/229 days of lifespan, no extra wiring and tech support via phone and e-mail are just a few advantages of this modern xenon HID auto lights. It comes with a 2-year warranty and max bright 3,900 lm light. These HID lights like a big Christmas chocolate box — if you want to have it all, take it and install it to your auto for a better light without any hesitations.

Pros Cons
• Could connect to phone
• Dependable 
• Don’t provide the color claimed

No flickering and no errors are OPT7’s motto, so if you have been seeking for a nice HID headlight for car 2007+ year of manufacture, this is it. This device guarantees more than 6,000 hours or a lifetime. Replacing your old lights with new HID headlights won’t take you much time thanks to an easy kit. Maximize bulb life and performance with an HID relay are the best features in this HID.

Pros Cons
• Dependable
• Suits to the majority of new vehicles
• Sometimes extra resistor required

In comparison with other headlights, this HID offers neither 2, nor 3, but 5 (!) years of warranty from the manufacturer. Thanks to genuine Morimoto Elite HID system, these lamps have heavy-duty double relay harness

Pros Cons
• The longest warranty ever offered
• Easy-to-install
• Ignitor and ballast failures possible

With a nicely made fitment guide, it will take you less than 15 mins to install these HID headlights to your vehicle — no modification required.  Low beam, high beam, and fog light are included. These HID lamps are 3x brighter than usual halogen bulbs and last 5x longer. According to the seller, it has 35% less power consumption. It’s one of those rare examples when 100% shockproof and waterproof are presented.

Pros Cons
• Waterproof and shockproof
• 2-year warranty
• Do not provide color claimed

Easy replacement, original quality and 6000K is all you need if you are looking for nice and simple replacement HID headlights for your vehicle. This device offers 100% quartz anti-UV glass. It’s a rare case when a HID gains 4.5 seconds more brake reaction time. Last but not least — it offers 3800 lumens which are brighter than the original halogen.

Pros Cons
• Up to 6000k
• Anti-UV glass protection
• Issues about lifespan 

Using only 35w and reducing power for 40 percent, these HID headlights show excellent efficacy and performance. Easy installation: it will take you only 20 mins to install it, no additional wiring required. 3,000 hours of lifespan and exact alignment are just a few more pros why these HID worth your attention. The icing on the top is a 2-year warranty.

Pros Cons
• 2 year of warranty 
• 3,000 hours or work
• According to reviews, not very dependable

This easy-to-install HID headlights are compatible with the majority of standard kits. 100% plug and play installation won’t surely take you much time to replace auto lights and enjoy better illumination. 2-year warranty and 5x longer lifespan come with 35% lower power consumption.

Pros Cons
• 35% lower power consumption
• Compatible with most of the kits
• Colors can ‘fade’ as the time goes by


How can I check my HID headlights high-quality and will work correctly?

Turn the engine at first, before turning on the HID kit, in addition, try not to turn on/turn on the HID kit too often. Also, we recommend installing the HID ballasts near the engine so the device will be protected from water or some weather conditions. The last but not the least thing is to make sure the connectors of the HID kit is finely secured to the stock harness.

Will my HID headlights keep flickering and making noise?

In this case, you have to check if your lights have been properly connected to the ballast. The next step is to make sure your auto’s battery is new and functional (avoid old battery issues). If your auto low beam has the daytime running lights feature, you have to make sure to turn it off BEFORE installing HID kit.

What’s the problem is HID bulbs change color once they’re turned on?

You may be surprised, but it’s totally ok. At the very beginning, the ballasts keep the power from the battery of your vehicle. In turn, the power has not been stabilized for 100%, the bulbs may have different colors or flicker. As soon as the power is stabilized by the ballast, your HID headlights will work perfectly.

Is it true that HID headlights will only function when the high beam is on?

Indeed, it may happen, but only with particular models — all you need to do after purchase and installation is to make sure you have plugged those three wires correctly to their initial positions. Usually, there are red, yellow and black colors.

Our best choice

There is really an exaggeration, speaking about aftermarket parts for the vehicle, quality should come first. That is the reason we paid our attention to Philips D1S Standard Authentic Xenon HID. These dependable and high-quality HID headlights will perfectly illuminate the area in front of your vehicle and will last for many months. If you have been seeking for durable HID headlights for your 4-wheel friend, this is it.


Before choosing the best HID headlights for your vehicle, make sure you are defined about the size, specifications, and requirements. When it comes to aftermarket parts, the diversity is amazing, thus, more precisely you know what you need, sooner you will choose, buy and get HID headlights for your vehicle. This type of light is an up-to-date and easy way to improve your vehicle’s light performance and give it high-quality illumination.

It goes without saying, the well-illuminated road is not only important at night but during any day time and weather conditions. Quality HID headlights protect you from any accidents and will make any car driving experience nice and comfy.

Go through all technical terms one more time, pay attention to details and choose the most suitable HID headlights for your vehicle.