The Best Jumper Cables (TOP 10) – Review 2020


A set of jumper cables or a jumpstart kit is a must-have for any auto enthusiast. Even if you’ve been driving your automobile for some months, you probably know how it badly feels when you look for cables and another auto to finally start your vehicle with a weak or completely dead battery. The most unpleasant thing is that even when you have found another motorist to jump-start your four-wheel friend, but you simply don’t have needed cables, you feel helpless. If you want to be protected wherever on the road, jumpstart set is a must — a temporary connection will allow you to get an external power source and start your vehicle just like that.

Relevant information: How to use jump-starter?

Some finely-made jumper cables provide an external supply of electricity recharges and start the disabled auto in a moment. These cables transmit the amount of power your auto requires just to start your automobile in critical situations, just to crank the engine. Well, once you have started the car, it will naturally be recharged so you can finally disconnect and be back to the game. 

3 Reasons to Buy It Today

True lifesaver

Every motorist faced a situation with a weak or dead car battery. It does not matter you have been caught on the high road, in the woods or just 2 miles away from your home, when the vehicle is not able to start and there’s the one and only way to get back on the road, jumper cables could really save you. Borrowing electricity from another automobile is a fast and cheap way to be back in the game. 

It’s cheaper

To continue with spendings issues, if you’re a vehicle enthusiast, you probably know how much it takes to call any service. However, why to call for decent professional and quick help when you have everything for starting the car? With a finely made set of needed cables and another, a working car, you’ll start your vehicle in a moment. So thinking about a money-saving issue, these cables have another advantage. 

Easily Operated

Those cables are really easily operated — even a teenager can start the vehicle by means of them. When you are stood by any side including even an unusual road, this device will save you just like first aid help.

Follow our creme de la creme review— top jumper cables purchasing guide plus FAQs to find out which device is better so you will buy it without any second thoughts!

You may suppose that cables of this class are pretty the same and have no difference at all, however, we’re sure nobody wants to get cables with rubber-coated handles or bad wires. Simply look through our review and research we’ve made to select the most durable and high-quality jumper cables.

Things to Watch Out


Starting with length, it’s important because your vehicle may stop in different locations where another automobile simply won’t be able to reach. Speaking about a good minimum length for cables, it’s 15’-16’ and even longer since nobody needs troubles with cable length and in the end, reaching your weak/dead battery will be impossible.


As for clamp, before purchasing you have to ensure it’s normal and finely made. It must be with good jaws that don’t look like they will easily slip off the terminals in the most important moment. Choose and purchase some nice, rubber-coated or other handles with no-slip coating: it means that you won’t get a shock and there will be no slips.


Many auto enthusiasts check the length of jumper cables, but they totally forget about width. Make sure a set of cables you’re getting is dependable enough so they won’t break in the first months.


Like any other automotive device, jumper cables have to be safe to use. Let’s be honest: low-quality or badly designed jumper cables is a serious risk of shock hazard. Once you have connected the + and – heavy-duty cables from the ‘active’ battery, if they accidentally contact between the opposite clamps is not that good at all. Finely made jumper cables provide generous insulation around the clamps to discourage such situations of accidental contact. We recommend looking for an item with high-quality rubber or even plastic coating around them.


Getting a set of 20-foot cables is a very good idea, however, they seem to be pretty heavy and bulky by design. Moreover, you should pick an item that can easily resist tangling since nobody likes to waste time, especially during emergencies or holidays. Check this feature since it’s often mentioned in the seller’s product info. 


To be frank, the gauge isn’t the first thing motorists pay attention to when seeking for cables to jump-start a vehicle, however, we want to emphasize it. It’s true that you’d better seek heavy-duty models, but in some cases, this mark can be pretty deceiving and looks blurred. Well, what you really have to check is the gauge of the cables you’re about to get. Here’s a little hint: pay attention to a higher number gauge — it does not mean it’s better and more durable. Well, say, you’re buying a 10 gauge cable; it won’t provide your vehicle enough energy to jump it. Another situation is you’re purchasing a 6 gauge, this device will provide your vehicle enough oomph in order to start the engine. Keep in mind that the lower the number you choose, the faster it will be charged and started; moreover, there more power will pass through your automobile.


It’s not the primary thing to check when purchasing new jumper cables, however, if you are an owner of Smart ForTwo or any other compact vehicle, storage space does matter. Check the item’s dimensions and ensure it fits or vehicle, since those cables set, is not an item you have to keep in a garage.

Technical Issues


Most cables for jump-start are made of durable materials, but it’s better to check twice before getting a new set of jumper cables. Do not hesitate to check product reviews as well. If there are three and more reviews claiming the quality of materials is low, seek for another jumper cables.


If your vehicle is compact and jumper cables you’re about to get are very wide or feature unusual gauge, it simply won’t fit. This is another thing to consider before buying a ‘first aid’ kit for your four-wheel friend.


There are no specific types in cables for a jump-start, as a rule, all of them are divided by length, width, materials, and other specifications. Please ensure you check all characteristics of the product features before you get a new set of the needed cables for your four-wheel friend to be protected in any situation on the road. 

Product Review

Cartman Jump Start Cable

This set boasts of sufficient CCA and perfectly could be applied for trucks, large RVs and any other autos. To emphasize the brand, Cartman is a pretty famous automotive company that designs and offers automotive accessories for any taste. These cables suit both top and side posts, so they will fit for almost any automobile. Nice and lightweight bag to carry those cables comes for free. Speaking about its power, this set offers 800Amp. In addition, over 50% output in comparison with double-gauge, thus, it guarantees excellent performance. Thanks to TPR material, those cables really ensure durability and will function for many years.

• Dependable construction
• Sufficiеnt CCA
• Better performance
• The wires are not well-insulated

TOPDC Cables for Jump-Start

TOPDC has always boasted dependable and quality automotive accessories, well, this automotive product is no exception. It features excellent performance: plain electrical conductivity and easy-to-apply power transfer. You will find durable 20 feet cables inset. Thanks to a nice construction, you will be spared of tangles. Plus, perfectly insulated cables are two more reasons to say “yes” to this item. The cables can resist lоw temperatures and suit for RVs, SUVs and any other vehicles.

• Nice design
• Can stand low temperatures
• Easy-to-apply
• Wires are tiny

Behind-a-Vehicle Booster

This item differs from other cables in its class since you can start your vehicle from behind. It offers colored gauges and cables themselves, so you won’t mess them up. Speaking about compatibility with other vehicles, this model suits SUVs as well as small cars. Thanks to the thick and dependable vinyl coating, very strong spring and comfy, firm grip, this set guarantees easy application, and functionality. Exactly as the previous item, it fits for side and top posts. The seller offers a travel bag for the 25-foot length of the product so you will effortlessly reach a started car. Moreover, those cables can resist up to -40F. Energizer is a famous brand name you can surely trust since it has been designing and producing auto accessories for many months.

• Colored cables and gauges
• Famous brand
• 25 foot length
• Hard to separate wires

Amazonbasics Kit

This is one of those rare sets which offer AmazonBasics 1-year warranty. UL certified jumper cables boast of easy identification of + and -. Speaking of its length, it’s 12-foot, it’s surely enough if you own a small or mid-sized vehicle. Thanks to those finely designed alligator clamps with a 110 amp rating, you will connect easily and it won’t slip away. If you have been seeking for budget cables for a compact vehicle, this set will suit.

• Easy to tie up
• 1-year warranty
• Certified
• Cables are not that durable

Bayco (SL-3010) 25' 800 Amp Extreme

This set consists of one jumper cable and it has been tested for durability and safety so it’ll save you even during the toughest situations. Designed in the USA, Bayco jumper cable boasts of excellent quality and durability. You can use it in tactical, recreation levels as well as outdoor. This model has 1 gauge cable and its length is 25 feet so you will easily connect your car’s dead battery to the working one. The thing to emphasize is extremely heavy-duty rated at 800 amps. Moreover, this jumper cable feature extra jaw design, it guarantees you will easily clamp and attach two autos together. By the way, the clamps and jaws themselves are made of steel.

• 25 feet length
• 800 amps
• Designed in the USA
• The clamps are not handy-angled

Set for Jump Start + Gloves

Excellent performance and fast connection — this battery cables boast of 0.58-inch diameter and seem to be a perfect first aid technical kit for any car. Thanks to its strong full clamps, you can easily connect and take your automobile back to life in a moment. The model suits not only for small vehicles, for trucks and SUVs but for any farm equipment as well. Coming from the famous brand NoOne, this item is pretty long — 25 feet and boats of four big alligator clamps so you will be able to tie up both cars toughly. Speaking about performance and tension, it can offer max 1000 amps which is a very high rate in its class.

• Famous brand
• 25 feet booster
• 1000 amps
• Very heavy coating

EPAuto Booster Cables

This heavy-duty 4 gauge cable is a simple set that will save you in critical situations. Thanks to its copper-plated clamps, this set of jumper cables feature durability and will last for many months. The cables come with a travel bag and a pair of finely made safety working gloves, so you won’t have to buy additional accessories. This ‘first aid’ technical set suits not only for small vehicles but for SUVs and large cars as well. Due to the material, you’re purchasing no-tangle cables so you won’t be wasting time during emergencies anymore.

• Suits to any vehicles
• High-quality no-tangle material
• Nicely made clamps
• 200 amps is maximum

Voilamart Auto Cables for Jump Start

This set of cables features not 800 amp, not 1000 amp, but 1200 amp with 12 mm thicker. Thanks to its dependable and nice construction, PVC insulation jump leads with resistance to heat, oil, and acid. It means that this set could be used even by teens. As for the length, the cables offer 20 feet so you will easily reach a working vehicle. Along with a high-quality set, this seller offers a zipped carry case.

• 1200 amp
• Carry case
• Cables are separate

Pennzoil Set of Cables for Jump Start

Unlike other cable sets, this item is available in many sizes: from 1 gauge 25 feet to 8 gauge 12 feet, so you may choose whichever suits your auto. If you are worried about quality and durability, Pennzoil offers 1 year of warranty. Moreover, the cables have been made of up-to-date TPR material so they can perfectly cope with low temperatures.

• Diversity of sizes
• 1 year warranty
• TPR material
• Small carrying case

EPAuto 6 Gauge Cables for Jump Start

Forget about tangling cables and poorly designed clamps — this quality heavy duty booster is a real find and a great first aid for critical situations on the road. Coming with a travel bag and gloves, you will be fully safe and calmly tie up one + to another +.  This one perfectly suits SUVs and compact cars as well.

• Kit includes safety gloves
• Colored cables
• Cable is not dependent


I want to get jumper cables for my wife’s auto. Will she be able to connect them?

As mentioned above, starting a vehicle via the jump-start method is not a big deal. Well, if you’ve bought the correct type of cables which suit the vehicle by all characteristics, even a teenager will be able to jump-start an auto. However, all issues of safety must be taken into attention.

After I jump-started my vehicle, do I have to replace the battery?

Not at all. Car batteries may run down for numerous reasons. Perhaps you left the lights on or there was another issue. However, a jump-start does not mean replacement, once you have got home, check your battery or ask a mechanic to do it and bring it back to normal.

I want to buy the best jumper cables. What should I consider first?

Gauge is the primary thing you have to consider. Its size has to match the size of your vehicle. Say, a truck or SUV might need 1- or 2-gauge cables for maximum benefits. When in doubt, ask a seller if this item will fit your vehicle.

Our best choice

Considering hіgh-qualiіy, hіgh amp and nо-tangle cables, we have picked Bayco Booster Cable. Even though this product has only one cable, it has been tested for both safety and durability. We are sure this dependable product will be a real saver even in the toughest situations. Speaking about its design, it was finished in the USA and thanks to the quality of the cable, you can use them outdoors at low temperatures .800 amps is more than enough to jump-start your vehicle and finally put your four-wheel friend back to the road.