TOP 3 Best Laser Measuring Tools


Forget about dragging a tape measure across garage, office or your room to make ‘a really precise’ measurement. Nowadays there is a wide selection of laser measuring tools (LMT) at the market and they are typically very accurate giving you an instant measurement just like that. Do not confuse laser measurement tools with a laser level. The latter gives a reference line in a room. If you have never heard of this type of device, this article is called to explain why it’s a must-have for anyone who wants to know the precise measurement with the touch of a button.

measuring process

There are numerous jobs that demand precise measurements which must be done in a moment. Laser measuring tools always win a battle with tape measures: they are up-to-date, fast, convenient and popular among many painters, real estate agents, and electricians. Moreover, if you are keen on DIYs tutorials and like to fix everything at home by yourself, a laser measuring tool is a dive necessity. 

3 Reasons to Buy It

  • More than accurate. When it comes to the issue accuracy, this type of tool is probably the best in its class. You do not have to think ‘it will work or not’ with any old-fashioned devices — this kind of tool can give precise measurement calculations in a second. So if you are thinking of changing your usual old measuring tape to an up-to-date device that works by means of laser, it’s the right move.
  • Even a kid can use it. Another advantage of this tool is that it will spare you from a pen, pieces of paper and an old tape measurement tool. Now you need a single simple thing to determine area or volume both indoors and outdoors. The majority of such devices have only one button and simple memory so you will surely be able to handle it.
  • Convenience comes first. Usually, these tools are very compact and convenient, so it’s easy to carry them even in a small bag here and there. Below we will review different models of laser measuring tools, so you will check them and choose what you like. The vast majority of LMTs are handy.

Things to Watch Out

Before purchasing a laser measuring tool, pay attention to the following characteristics, it will help you to pick the best device that suits your needs. Check all of them before getting a new laser measuring tool for your house renovation or any other works.

  1. Accuracy is the king. It goes without saying that a laser measuring tool must be accurate. Check our reviews and information on each device to pick the one which is accurate.
  2. Durability is a factor that matters for any tech device. If you are going to measure any job sites or work outdoors, durability surely matters. Say, if you are going to use it in a bouncing auto, the dependability of this product does matter.
  3. Warranty is also important, especially if you plan to use a laser measuring tool for work almost every day. Length of warranty is an important factor, however, it’s even more important how quickly the seller responds to warranty issues.
  4. The next thing is the measurement memory. When we mentioned you would not need any paper and pencil, it was about measurement memory. Thanks to this feature, you won’t be continually writing things down, so pay attention to it.
  5. The automatic calculation would be a nice feature too, especially if you measure a room for carpet or something like that. Moreover, it will additionally save you time.
  6. The brightness of laser — it’s essential if you are going to work outside. However, if a room is not well illuminated, this feature matters as well. How to define if there’s enough brightness?  If you cannot see a dot on the wall, it will be hard to define a measurement.

Technical Definitions

  • Display. When it comes to this part of the laser measuring tool, you may say ‘display does not play a big role’, however, a small display is harder to read and it is not able to produce many lines at the same moment. The larger display is more preferable just because it’s handy, it gives more clarity. If you work in different conditions, it’s better to have a back-lit display for rooms that don’t have enough illumination. When it comes to displaying, it depends only on you how big it has to be and which symbols it must show.
  • Power. The issue of power does not matter that much in LMT since all of those devices need just a couple of fine finger batteries to be charged. If you happen to meet such kind of a device with a charger, just miss it.
  • Memory. This technical characteristic is not defined in a box, because the laser tool is not Macintosh. Never-the-less, if you need an extensional memory, ask the seller about it. Usually, laser tools offer the previous five measurements. Sometimes there are Bluetooth LMTs that are able to send readings to your smartphone or tablet. If you use this kind of tool every day, it’s better to pick a device that offers at least 5 lines of memory.

Types of LMT

For DIYs 

Are you a homeowner? Do you have an apartment? Or do you work on remodeling any project indoors or outdoors? In this case, you will need a simple laser measuring tool. It will simply allow you to do any measurements with a single button; at this point, you don’t need any special features.

Advanced Tools

What if you are going to use this tool every day? Then we recommend paying attention to a more dependable, advanced device that boasts of many functions. Spending much time redesigning your place, office or using different tools is a part of your job? Then high-end LMT was designed and made for you.

Product review 

Thanks to its two bubble levels, Tacklife gives more precise measurements in comparison with just 1 bubble. To be specific, the accuracy is ±1/16 inch. This device has a classical design and a large screen with backlight. What does it mean? It gives much better visibility outdoors and in any low-light room. Laser measuring tool from Tacklife boasts of an up-to-date automatic calculation and 30 groups data memory; you can use it both outdoors and indoors. Last but not least thing — it offers 2 years warranty.

Pros Cons
•  Large display
•  2 years warranty
•  Very accurate
•  Not that dependable for outside work

Another laser measuring tool was designed and made by Leica. This device has Bluetooth 4.0 so you can transfer measurements into a smartphone, tablet or any desired device. When it comes to memory, it boasts of 10 points. The unit itself is very compact (116 x 44 x 26 mm), so you can easily grab it every day. Thanks to 1/16″ accuracy and up to 330 foot measuring range, this device delivers excellent performance. The last but not the least thing guaranteed is an intelligent automatic end piece for hard to reach the corner.

Pros Cons
• Compact
• 10 points for memory
• Very accurate
• It’s hard to see it over 50 m. outdoors

This device was designed and manufactured by the German brand Bosch. Today it’s probably one of the most desirable devices on the market for everyone who is going to go into house renovation or needs high-quality tools daily. This is a dependable tool that has a digital level and auto square function. To emphasize its functionality, it has addition/subtraction functionality and boasts of high precision. The device has a modern design and blue color so you will surely recognize it. Another prominent feature of this LMT is that it has only one button and can adjust itself as you move in the room.

Pros Cons
• Famous brand
• Extremely accurate 
• Square measurement
• It’s sometimes hard to use it during nighttime

Our best choice

Bosch Blaze Pro 165′ Laser Distance Measure

Even though it’s hard to use this device during the night, we paid maximum attention to dependable Bosch Blaze Pro. This laser measuring device is very accurate, it measures up to 165 feet to within 1/16 inch. To emphasize its drawback, if night measuring is not principal for you, choose this LMT and you won’t be disappointed. It perfectly works both indoors and outdoors as well as offers auto square function. With unique design and dependability provided by Bosch, this laser measuring tool seems to be the best on the market.


If you have decided to change an old measuring tape for an up-to-date laser measuring tool, look through our review one more time to select the best device according to your needs. If you work outside, dependability is a primary thing for you. Looking for additional features (extensive memory, auto square)? Then seek them. The laser measuring tool is a must-have for everyone who renovates or redesigns its place or just wants an up-to-date and descent device for the home.


What does LMT mean and how does it work?

LMT ( laser tape) is a great alternative to traditional metal tape measures. It’s an up-to-date device and with the help of it, you can measure length, width, and height up to 650 feet. All you need to do to use it is to press the button and point to the surface you are about to measure. A later measuring tool will calculate the distance and will display it on the screen. 

What accuracy do I need?

The best is not to be concentrated on the accuracy but on the ISO or seller. Accuracy is not an issue if you are buying a product from a reputable seller. Seek for ISO 16331-1 which is standard for this kind of tool. Tools with ISO cost a bit more, however, they guarantee your laser measuring tool will last for many months.

What if I measure outside? Should I get the most expensive device?

If you work outside pretty often, pay attention to optical scope. As well it could be named as ‘digital point finder’. Without this feature, you will see a laser point only at about 30 feet on a bright day. This thing is similar to a rangefinder in-camera lens. Some laser measuring tools use 4x digital point finders technology so whether you can see the laser or not, you are measuring to the point you want when you put that point in the crosshairs.

What’s a decent range of laser measuring tool?

“A decent” range depends on how many feet you need at its maximum. Any devices we have tested and reviewed confirmed about 100 feet without any problems. Upgraded devices offer 300+ feet.