Best LED Road Flares TOP 7


Road flares, what stands for them? Perhaps many people have never even come across such a concept as road flares and do not know what they are for. This is all due to the fact that ride safety no longer worries anyone. In addition, at the legislative level, there are no warnings or obligations to use road flares on the road. Personally, I think it’s pretty in vain because these devices can save more than one hundred lives of people, despite the fact that they are not so expensive and will last more than one year.

Things to Consider 

First, of course, you need to understand what should be considered before buying those road flares that are most suitable for your car. But before that, I would like to pay attention to why road flares are generally needed. Let’s suppose your car’s battery does not work anymore. This means that you can no longer move around. In order to protect yourself and your property at night, you need to install road flares that will flash, shine, some of them can even transmit an SOS signal in Morse code. Not bad, is it? You will be protected as much as possible and you can be one hundred percent sure that no one will drive into you from the back or from the front. In addition, in order not to simply drain the car’s battery, if you know that parking will be long, you can also use road flares. Now that everyone has found out why road flares are needed, you can move on to things that you need to consider before buying this wonderful device. First of all, it is necessary to take into account the factor that everyone has different cars. Accordingly, the size of the car may also vary. This means that not everyone will be able to protect themselves and their car using only 2 or 3 road flares.

In addition, it is better to take those road flares that give out the strongest light. Then, without any doubt, other drivers will be able to notice your vehicle in the dark even with a great distance and a disaster can be passed.

LED Road Flare in use by a girl

Technical terms

In order to choose the right pack with road flares, you must first deal with some technical issues. For example, it will be useful to know what luminous efficiency is. This is one of the very important factors when choosing not only road flares but also when choosing many other devices that emit light, from light bulbs to LED TVs. When it comes to luminous efficiency, the essence is the ratio of the luminous flux that a light source emits to the power that is needed for this radiation. It is still not clear why this parameter is so important? Because at its core it is a rational factor for the use of power and energy, which is contained in the batteries of a road flare, flashlight, or any other device designed to emit light. This parameter is measured in Lumens per Watt. I strongly recommend you find out about the luminous efficiency before buying a road flare. In addition, it can be taken into account that LED lighting, in comparison with other types of lighting, has a high light output, which means low energy efficiency.

Also, do not look at LED road flares for a long time. This is because of LED lamps, namely, because of the blue emission spectrum of LED lamps, vision deteriorates and the retina of the eye can be damaged, which certainly will not be able to have a good effect on health.

Types of LED road flares

LED Road Flare in the hand

There are two main types of road flares. In fact, they are not particularly different from each other in terms of characteristics, including light output, emitted light power and power. Only the way they are mounted and the appearance differs. The most common road flares have the following appearance: round discs of orange color, the same as the robes of sailors, for greater visibility as it is at night. On top of these disks have a lamp that emits light, preventing accidents at night.

Another option is a light bulb that is mounted on a fairly long holder, about half a meter, the holder itself stands on two legs.

Best LED Road flares

In order to determine the most suitable option that will suit most motorists, we will make a comparison table with the options that are best. We will compare the presence of an additional bag in which it will be possible to store and carry road flares. Also, we will compare the number of flares that are included in each kit, as well as the presence of batteries. The presence of batteries is one of the most important options, because if they are not there, then you will not be able to immediately use road flares in an emergency.

Tobfit 12 pack LED road flares - photo of the set

Why did my choice fall on these road flares? Most likely, because the safety of the family is just as important as personal safety. If not even more important for me. You may ask, how is this connected with these road flares? The thing is that with the purchase of this kit you get as many as 12 road flares! This is not only enough to ensure their own safety, but also for four more family members. You will be able to sleep peacefully, knowing that even if your family will be forced to stop at night on the road, it doesn’t matter, because of a car breakdown or for another reason, they will be completely safe from cars passing by.

Naturally, not everything is so good with this kit. The main problem is that the batteries are not preinstalled and are not included. This means that you will need to immediately buy AAA batteries in order to know that everything is ready for installation in an emergency. But this one drawback overlaps numerous positive nuances.

For example, in addition to a pack of 12 road flares, you get a convenient bag for storing them. This is very convenient because you will know that all road flares are stored in one place and you will not need to look for them throughout the trunk or inside the car.

As for the technical characteristics of the lamps used for these road flares, then you may not worry. These lights will be visible in the dark at a distance of one mile, which is enough to prevent a collision with other moving objects.

In addition, these lights have as many as 9 different modes of work. Starting from the usual flicker and ending with the transmission of the SOS signal in Morse code. It is simply impressive, isn’t it?

Complete protection against moisture means the ability to use road flares in rain and fog. They are attached to your car on a magnet, which is also an indispensable factor.

• A set of 12 road flares
• Convenient bag that can be used for storing and carrying road flares
• The safety of the whole family is ensured
• Lack of batteries
HOKENA LED road flares - photo from Amazon

What do you get when choosing these road flares? First of all, of course, 3 high-quality road flares made of strong industrial plastic, which withstand heavy loads and collisions. In addition to this, the batteries are already installed in your road flares and you can start using them immediately after unpacking. In addition, a bag that closes with a zip will be a good present for the kit.

Also, when buying this kit, everyone gets a convenient tool in order to quickly change the batteries on which the lights in the road flares work. This tool includes a handy screwdriver and detailed battery change instructions.

These road flares are also waterproof; use them in any weather without any doubt. The maximum visibility of these road flares reaches one mile, they are equipped with a module that allows you to choose one of 9 modes of operation.

These road flares are very safe, convenient and easy to use. You can also attach them to the machine with the help of a powerful magnet.

• Low cost
• Ease of using
• 9 operating modes
• Lack of batteries
SLIMk road flares

SlimK road flares are a pack consisting of three convenient and practical road flares, in addition to which you also get a convenient bag. Again, in terms of technical characteristics, the data of road flares do not greatly recover from all the others. They provide the visibility of lights up to one mile away. Moreover, you can use them both in rainy weather and in fog and at high humidity. These excellent road flares can be used both to indicate the location of the accident and to block the path and for other purposes. The batteries that are also included in the kit can be used for 36 hours, after which the energy will end. So, immediately after unpacking, you can use these road flares for safety for more than 1 day.

• Batteries and bag included
• Low cost
• 360 degrees light
• There are no additional options
GARAGE MONKEY ENGINEERING LED road flares - photo from Amazon

With these road flares, you will be safe even if an accident occurs. That’s because they provide the visibility of your car at a distance of one mile. You will always be ready for any surprise that this kit can handle. In addition, a distinctive feature of this kit is that it does not consist of three, but of four road flares. In addition, as a bonus, you will receive a special bag for storing your road flares. In order to use them safely, it is best to buy expensive batteries, which can provide enough energy for these road flares. Otherwise, some modes may not work with bad batteries.

In any case, after the appropriate batteries are installed, you will receive full protection no matter which means of transportation you use: a car, a motorcycle or a bicycle, you will always be safe.

• 4 road flares included
• Powerful and durable
• Bonus gloves as a gift
• No significant flaws
Wagan road fares - photo collage

This kit contains 3 road flares, in addition to them, you also get a convenient and practical bag for storage. Also, these road flares have as many as 10 different modes of operation, unlike the others, which have a total of 9. Of course, these devices have protection against the rain of dust and shock, as they are made of strong plastic. These road flares are used everywhere not only by car enthusiasts, but also by the police, ambulance, and other services in order to mark various places of accidents. They are also great for camping. One has only to take into account that various modes of operation, on the contrary, consume the energy of batteries. This means that for example, in one mode, road flares can work up to 38 hours, and in another only 8. You can find out the exact time using the instructions that also come with the kit.

• Moisture and shock protection
• Unique technology
• Extra bag
• No significant flaws
RED LED emergency roadside flares - collage

These road flares have a special vertical stand in order to increase visibility. In addition, at the end of this holder, there are 2 legs and a magnet that will allow you to attach this device. This kit also includes batteries that last for a sufficient amount of time. You can attach these flares to the car or put them on the floor, it all depends on your preference.

Without these road flares, you can be in danger on the road.

• Excellent visibility on the road
• Low cost
• As a gift, you will receive a hard case for storage
• The battery holds less than in round road flares
MARCALA LED road flares - photo from Amazon

This kit contains 6 road flares with a magnet for mounting on a car, an additional bag, and batteries for each device. These road flares are absolutely safe, you get a guarantee of product quality upon purchase. The special tools for changing batteries are also present in the kit. The range of visibility of the lights is 1 mile, which will be more than enough.

• 6 road flares included
• Excellent quality
• Batteries included
• High price


In conclusion, we can add that all the products presented are of high quality and will delight their customers. Whatever suits you best, you can be sure that you will be safe in an emergency.


Why is LED lighting used?

This is because when compared with other lamps, LED lamps have many advantages. Firstly, if you choose high-quality road flares that produce LED lighting, then it will serve you much longer than a road flare with any other type of lamp. Fluorescent lamps and incandescent lamps cannot even come close to such a result in durability as LED lamps.

What are the disadvantages of LED lighting?

As mentioned earlier, a significant disadvantage of such lighting is the blue light spectrum emitted by any LED lamps. It has a poor effect on vision and can lead, with prolonged exposure to the eyes, to a severe loss of vision and destruction of the retina. In addition, the efficiency of such lamps may be less than any other, but not always. What does it depend on? Everything is simple, the economy depends on the materials used in the manufacture of LED lamps. That’s because the temperature has a huge impact on the longevity and efficiency of the lamps. So, in order for the LED road player to last a long time, you must choose the one whose materials you are sure of. Ice lamps emit a tremendous amount of heat, compared to its main competitors. So, if the materials for heat transfer are poorly selected, the lamp can last a very short time.

Best choice

But, despite everything, the best choice for me is Tobfit 12 pack LED road flares. This is the choice of a real family man who worries about his family. In addition, they provide good visibility on the road, have magnets with which you can attach them to the car and as a gift you will receive a convenient storage bag.

So, worry about your safety and the safety of your family.