The Best LED Work Lights – TOP 10 Review


Are you a car mechanic, plumber, computer repairman? Or you just love tinkering around in your garage or, maybe, more into the camping, hiking, fishing recreational activities? Well, anyway, LED work lights will be a smooth stepping stone towards making any on/off duty experience a more enjoyable one. LEDs generate less heat, guzzle less energy, save you LOTS of money, last longer and emit oodles and oodles of light, your ordinary incandescent, fluorescent or halogen bulbs can never replicate. If you are ready to see the light check out the 10 units, that offer everything a picky buyer wants in his perfect LED work light …

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WARSUN Portable LED Rechargeable Work Light

“Lighting experts” WARSUN lived up to their moniker when they sprung WARSUN 2cob Model on the market. This unit sports a slew of user-friendly features and no visible flaws. Never mind it’s ludicrously low price ($22.99), just look at what Warsun offers into the bargain. It’s a real lightweight (0.5 pounds), ultra-compact and sturdy. It’s been known to survive repeated tumbles from grown man’s shoulder height and remains perfectly operational. Made of high-tech aluminum alloy, WARSUN 2cob is one tough cookie. Rubber strips strategically inserted into the housing at likely points of impact act as superb shock-absorbers. 

It’s not all brawn no brains. It comes equipped with two 1800 mAh Lithium Metal batteries that are very easy to replenish using your ordinary USB connection. Turned on to max power the batteries should easily last you anywhere between four to six hours (amazing capacity). It’s small but the amount of light this thirty watts piece produces will shock you. Super bright. So bright, in fact, you’ll be well-advised to never point it directly at yourself but reflect the light off a surface for better dispersion. It boasts three different light intensities (high, average and low), which will help you use the battery’s life at your own discretion. There are many ways you can mount it – it’s rigged with both a super-powerful magnet and a sturdy hook, you won’t have any trouble using it indoors/outdoors. As an icing on the cake, WARSUN offers a one year warranty and thirty days Money Back guarantee. A lights-out piece that easily makes our “Best Value” pick

Tip: Don’t leave the batteries plugged-in after they’ve been fully replenished as it slowly drains the life out of the battery.


  • Two rechargeable 1800 mAh batteries
  • USB port to charge
  • Aluminum alloy housing
  • Hook And Magnet fixtures
  • Inlaid rubber shock absorbers


  • Model number WARSUN 2cob
  • Item weight 0.5 pounds
  • Material Plastic 
  • Power source battery-powered
  • A voltage of 3.7 volts
• Small but very sturdy
• Ridiculously low priced
• Turns 12 feet of darkness around you into daylight 
• Super powerful magnet and solid hook 
• Powerful, never say die batteries 
• Replacing the batteries requires a bit of tinkering with the screws
• The manual is not the most informative, leaving out the basic specs on batteries’ life and device’s IP (water proof) rating
GLORIOUS-LITE 50W LED Work Light Stand

You simply can’t go wrong if you pick the GLORIOUS-LITE 50W LED Work Light out of the plethora available on the net. What makes it a 100 percent Purchase Bargain? Let’s start with its price – ($29.99). Not exactly a king’s ransom. How about the fact that weighing in at light 4.2 pounds it packs five thousand lumens of light output (one of the top digits for a unit of this size, price and all-around quality). Still not sold? It’s only 50 watts strong but surpasses a 200-250 watts halogen working light in power by a country mile. A great way to save money, for sure. 

Also take a gander at how technologically superior it is. New-generation LED chips not only boast of an astonishing amount of light but eliminate that old nemesis of incandescent bulbs – jumping shadows. The stylishly serrated backside gives plenty of access to air – it never overheats and will last you for a long, long time.

The standing bracket is made of metal, the frame cover is tempered glass and the housing is die-cast aluminum – don’t worry about inadvertently hurting this unit, it can hold its own vs. rough treatment.

The light is adjustable via a knobbed bolt, that allows the user to rotate it 270 degrees vertically and a full 360 circle on its axis, – that’s what we call a user-friendly, multifunctional design. A big hats-off to GLORIOUS design team. It’s also IP66 certified and will withstand the elements outside your house. Very easy to handle, tote and, given its ultra-long (5 meters) power cable, will not cramp your style when you want to work alfresco. 

GLORIOUS is ultra-confident of their product’s quality, offering an 18-month warranty and two-month payback guarantee for every buyer!

Tip: Keep in mind, the cable and housing of the switch are not designed to withstand submersion into water. 


  • Technologically advanced LED chips
  • Serrated backside
  • Adjustable knobs with broad-angle tilt 
  • 16.4-feet cord
  • Strong portable handle
  • Firm standing bracket


  • Item weight 4.2 pounds
  • Material Metal, Die-cast Aluminum, Tempered Glass
  • Power source corded-electric
  • A voltage of 120 volts
• Super bright 
• Very compact and easy to tote
• Very good cord length 
• Sturdy build 
• Attractive price 
• 18 month warranty and two month payback guarantee 
• The angle adjustment apparatus could
be more efficient 
• The LEDs, reportedly, tend to flicker on some
Falive Garage Lighting

If you are a huge Star Wars fan this is the lighting fixture you ABSOLUTELY want in your garage, warehouse, basement or barn! It looks amazingly futuristic in design but that’s not where the intrinsic value of this unit lies. We are fascinated by how well-crafted and thought-out the E27-TGD01 model is.

It’s only sixty watts strong, excellent cost-saver, but dazzlingly bright, putting out whopping six thousand lumens of light. Given its price, this alone puts us into a buying mood. It’s mostly designed as an inner space fixture but Falive had it rigged to satisfy the IP66 rating, meaning it’s dustproof and can withstand powerful jets of water. It’s made out of three aluminum panel heads with embedded LED lights and each head can be collapsed inwards up to ninety degrees. It’s not a rigid ceiling fixture you are used to. It’s highly flexible and allows for a 360 degrees rotation that banishes the dark from every remote nook and cranny. 

Falive put a BIG emphasis on making their product super bright, cost-efficient, adjustable and versatile. How long will it last? It’s made out of highest quality aluminum alloy, eliminating the overheating hazard, has the curvy housing design, optimizing the cooling-down process, and can easily outlive its listed 50 thousand hours lifespan. The E27-TGD01 gives you the best of both worlds – powerful diffuse light and concentrated flood beam. It’s also super easy to install – just fix it in a bulb base like your regular everyday one.

The E27-TGD01 gives you the best of both worlds – powerful diffuse light and concentrated flood beam. It’s also super easy to install – just fix it in a bulb base like your regular every-day bulb. 

Tip: the unit is a lightweight (1.37 pounds), but before mounting it make sure the socket can sustain that weight without crumbling. 


  • Three aluminum LED panel heads
  • 360 degrees coverage angle
  • Made out aluminum alloy   
  • Excellent heat dissipation set


  • Brand Falive Garage Lighting
  • Model E27-TGD01
  • Item weight 1.37 pounds
  • Material metal
  • Power source: AC
• 50000 lifespan
• Futuristic design
• Used in all kinds of spaces 
• Superb even light dispersion 
• 2 year warranty 
• After you’ve fully screwed the bulb in, the panels might not be in the position you initially
• Rather heavy and can “overstrain” the bulb

First of all, if the DCL050 model checked in at a lower cost than its listed asking price we’d give it serious consideration as our top three picks. We appreciate companies who consider “customer” first, “profit” second and this is something DEWALT has apparently done. The device looks like a miniature walking robot, straight out of Voltron animated television series, and it works accordingly – without a hitch.

The power specs of this device will not impress you on paper. It’s light output ceiling is just five hundred lumens but wait until you turn it on for the first time. It does not have much of a spot beam, which is not its claim to fame in the first place, but the flood emits an amazing amount of white diffuse light. You can also regulate the intensity at will via two different modes ranging between 250 and 500 lumens. 

The battery will last for full three-four hours on full power and, by all accounts, has a very good lifespan. The device is powered by ordinary DEWALT 20-Volt MAX batteries which are always easy to come by. The pivoting head of this Robo-light has a 140 degrees adjustable angle and if that proves inadequate to your needs, a 360-degree telescoping rotating hook.

Worksites tend to get dirty/bumpy and DEWALT made sure the device’s lens is safely covered with a protective mold to keep it safe. The unit is not bulky, can be attached in different ways via varied belt clips and comes with a three-year limited warranty. 

All in all, it’s a solid offer. So where does it fall slightly short of being a perfect LED work light? Unfortunately, it’s not fully collapsible to provide for easier transportation: goes ninety-degree forward and fifty degrees backward.


  • One hundred forty degrees pivoting head
  • Three very bright LEDs
  • Built-in telescoping and 360 Degree rotating handle for free angle adjustability 
  • Over-molded lens cover


  • Model DCL050
  • Item weight 0.9 pounds
  • Power source Battery-Powered
  • A voltage of 20 volts
• Cordless device 
• The pivot swivels both forth and back
• Different brightness settings
• Easy to carry
• Can be attached in various ways due to the interchangeability of belt clips
• Great battery life 
• The year limited warranty
• Not completely collapsible (140 degree
folding angle) 
• The pivot can develop a small lurch upon
rough use
• Steep price
Snap-on 922261 LED Work Light

If you spend many hours using energy-guzzling work lights but absolutely detest being charged through the nose on your electricity bill – the Snap-on 922261 is the solution! Granted, it’s not the cheapest item on the market but it’s an amazing way to drive down costs. Only twelve watts strong, negligible drain on power consumption, but ultra-bright (two thousand lumen light output), features forty-six led lights embedded into non-replaceable bulbs and, unlike many similar units on the market, the lights don’t develop a flicker upon long use.

It runs like clockwork and remains perfectly cool upon 25-30 hours of incessant operation – great anti-cheating rig. The light angle is easy to adjust using smoothly moving knobs. It’s not a mini-light (4 pounds) but due to the overall efficiency of the design is very compact, easy to carry and can be stowed anywhere. Moreover, it’s very multifunctional – can be applied indoors/outdoors, both as a mobile working light and ordinary fixed source of illumination.

The root of all evil on many work lights (poorly sealed switch) is totally waterproof and you don’t have to worry about an entire device going AWOL due to a few accidental drops of moisture. We only wished the Snap-on 922261 model would come with a longer cord than the truncated six feet one. 

Tip: When/If you decide to purchase this commodity, make sure its Snap-on licensed product with full-warranty and customer service support attached, and not a cheap knock-off!


  • Non-depletable integrated LED bulbs 
  • Sealed on-off switch
  • Hand-molded padded carry handle
  • Adjustable angle knobs
  • Six feet power cable
  • Grounded three-prong plug


  • Model 922261
  • Item weight 4 pounds
  • Material Metal
  • Power source corded-electric
  • Voltage 120 V
• Super bright
• Excellent heat dissipation 
• Compact, can be stowed away anywhere
• Five star versatility and range of use 
• Lacking cord length
LEPOWER 50W LED Flood Light 2 Pack

While we are not awed by the overall technological prowess of the LEP-FD50W-2 pack model it fits the bill of a “good value for money” purchase! It puts just a minor $38.99 dent in your finances while giving you impressive four thousand lumens of light output – it’s dazzlingly bright, new-generation advanced LED chips and 120 watts of LED power. 

It also comes equipped with nicely designed fins at the back that keep the device cool after unremitting long use. The front is solid tempered glass and the housing is aluminum – the LEP-FD50W can take its lumps. The beam angle has a 120 degrees adjustable tilt – big plus. It’s also very easy to install. You can put it on a stand or buy an adjustable tripod for a broader vista of light dispersion. It emits a surprisingly vast amount of bright white light with just a slight tincture of blue and is an efficient cost (energy) saver.

It’s a bit rough around the edges though. A 49-inch power cable does look sorely undersized. Some customers fret about the need to loosen/tighten screws in order to get the collapsible stand into position. A few complaints about the press button styled switch malfunction have been filed. LEPOWER remains confident of their product’s infallibility, offering an eighteen-month warranty and sixty days money-back guarantee!


  • New generation LED chips
  • Specially designed fins at the back to cool the device
  • Tempered glass   
  • Aluminum housing


  • Model LEP-FD50W-2 pack
  • Item weight 6.45 pounds
  • Material Die-cast aluminum
  • Power source Corded-Electric
  • Voltage 120V
• Extremely bright
• Good value for money 
• Energy saver
• 18-month warranty 
• 60 days money back guarantee
• Power cable length 
• Collapsible stand issues 
• Some units develop a flicker in operation 
• Switch problems 
Ustellar 5500LM 55W LED Work Light

The $38.99 priced Ustellar comes straight out of China’s innovation hub Shenzhen and offers a lot of juicy perks. For starters, small but significant, the power cord has 16.4 feet reach, allowing the user plenty of leeways to plug it in. The amount of light this unit produces is one of its major bragging rights. Its only 55 watts strong but ultra-bright – every bit of its 6000 spec-listed lumens flex their muscles in operation. 

You can manage energy consumption at will by switching between two different brightness modes (28 and 55W) – another notch on its belt. The switch is waterproof, ditto the entire device. The beam angle has a 120-degree tilt – more than adequate for most kinds of working scenarios but if you want more the lamp head offers an extra 180-degree tilt. It’s very impressive – the Ustellar is as user-friendly as they get. It’s also immune to an overheating risk due to a specially designed fin-type heat sink. The manufacturer does not list the exact lifespan of this device but it’s supposed to be vast going by specs alone.

The Ustellar seems to have a medley of nifty features. What’s the flipside? To begin with, the handscrew affixing the light to the base is not the tightest of fits, accounting for a slight wobble and recurrent need to tighten the knob at the base. The procedure of tightening it can be onerous due to limited space inside. The power cable while long can also get loose at the connection point to the switch. The screws are not the highest-quality and the glass is not shatter-proof.

At the end of the day, the price is more than reasonable and while the product does not offer the best value for money it does bring some purchase appeal!


  • 16.4 feet power cable 
  • Adjustable angle knobs 
  • High tech heat dissipation system 


  • Model Ustellar
  • Item weight 5.31 pounds
  • Material Glass, Metal
  • Power source corded-electric
  • Voltage 120 volts
• Very powerful 
• Two brightness levels 
• Broad tilting action 
• Saves you money 
• Sealed switch 
• The light is not perfectly compatible with
the base
• Overall quality of the materials 
Tacklife 5000LM 50W LED Work Light

Going by price, power and light output, The Tacklife LWL3B model is almost an exact replica of its Ustellar since it has 5000 lumen light output and 50 watts of led power. It is bright, lightweight, versatility, easiness to port, durability, smoothness of design, reduction in costs – the Tacklife is just hands-down a better product overall.

Made of high-quality materials – everything is tightly fitted together and doesn’t look like it will crumble at first seismic jolt. The tempered glass panel is a great add-on, totally shatterproof. The housing is solid aluminum and you won’t have to flinch every time you accidentally bump the device. The heat reducing fans does its job without fail to keep the unit cool after multiple hours of continuous operation. It’s compact and very easy to tote owing to its weight and skid-free hand-molded grips.

When it comes to one hundred cutting-edge LED lights are analogous to a 400-450 watts halogen light. Just wait until you see how MUCH they chisel off your electricity bill every month – this unit brings cost-efficiency galore! If this 120-degree beam angle proves insufficient, then extra 270-degree rotation via adjustable knobs mounted on the frame and 360-degree rotation on the axis won’t leave you wanting more. No beam angle is off-limits to this contortionist of a light. It meets the IP65 waterproof benchmark and is perfectly serviceable both in and outdoors. Definitely a five-star “value for money” rating.


  • 100 original LED lights
  • Adjustable knobs on frame
  • Specially designed heat reduction fans at the back
  • Aluminum housing and stand 
  • Ergonomic handles 


  • Model WORK LWL3B 50W
  • Item weight 5.85 pounds
  • Material Aluminum
  • Power source AC 120V
  • A voltage of 120 volts
• Top of the spectrum brightness
• Light weight
• Versatility
• Very easy to port
• Durable with slick design
• Saves you lots of money on electricity bill 
• One year warranty 
• Mounting bracket could be sturdier
Led Light Bar, Lumitek 20PCS

The Led Light Bar by Lumitek has a very steep price tag but it garners some interest none the less. It showcases many (not all) hallmarks of a high-impact Light Bar. It brings power (each pod packs 3520 lumens of light output for an aggregate 70400 LMS). It’s made of aluminum, is robustly put together and should, at least on paper, foil the elements – water, dust, and heavy vibrations – effectively. The operating voltage is broad and handily accommodates all kinds of vehicles and boats. Has a 30 thousand hours lifespan as well. Its brightness is off-the-charts and makes itself felt even in broad daylight. It’s also one of the easiest light bars to install on a vehicle.

So what’s the catch here? First off, in spite of its IP67 rating users report cases of moisture trespasses into the interior. While the mounting brackets are easy to install they are not compatible with all types of equipment, at times requiring irksome drilling operations. Condensate complaints have been filed and the fact customers repeatedly gripe about “LED lights going out” haphazardly does ring a few alarm bells. 

For sure, Lumitek has its positives and pluses, and solidified by a 12-month warranty it does look like a potential buy. 


  • 20X * 48W LED lights
  • Aluminum housing
  • Solid mounting brackets
  • Efficient heat sink fins at the back 


  • Brand Lumitek
  • Part Number LU114
  • Item weight 3 pounds
  • A voltage of 12 volts
• Super bright
• IP67 certified 
• Good voltage range 
• Solid lifespan
• Very pricey 
• Not the highest grade coating layer 
• Mounting brackets are not easily adjustable 
• Insulation issues 
• Condensate in the interior 
• Malfunction complaints 
Voltec 08-00629 Work Light

The very moderate 1200 lumens of light output/10 watts of Led Power don’t do justice to the shocking amount of light this device is capable of generating! If you are looking for a major cutback in spending on your electricity bill and a massive light upgrade in your working space, Model 08-00629 is just the ticket – compact, powerful, light, with a sturdy housing, rubberized shock absorber at the top and an acceptable $29.95 price tag. 

Voltec has its assets, alas, it has its shortcomings. The 360-degree swivel hook is great but it’s made of weak, shatter-prone plastic. The powerful magnet adds attachment versatility, but the fact it’s slightly embedded into the interior makes it harder to negotiate even surfaces. The six feet long power cable will not allow you to freely work “outside the box” and the overall lens quality leaves something to be desired. The device, reportedly, suffers from occasional overheating issues and has been known to blow out on owners. 

It has its appealing features for sure but at the end of the day, Voltec would be too much of a coin-toss of purchase for our liking. 


  • Powerful magnet at the back 
  • Swivel hook with 360-degree rotation 
  • AC outlet embedded into the non-skid handle
  • Rubberized shock absorber at the top


  • Model 08-00629
  • Item weight 1.5 pounds
  • Power source corded-electric
• Excellent versatility 
• Superbly bright 
• Easy to handle 
• 50000 listed lifespan 
• Power cable length 
• Quality of the cable 
• The lens quality 
• Plastic hook integrity 
• Accident malfunctioning 


Nowadays LED Work Light market is glutted with all kinds of offerings, and while some units are 100 percent as good as advertised, others are the very opposite of that. So what are the guidelines to follow and things to know when buying a LED work light, to ensure you don’t end up buying a pig in a poke?

Different light output modes 

Now you know LED work lights to come in all sizes, shapes and power ranges. Start by taking the measure of the light output/power specs. Don’t fixate on the maximum light output the unit in question produces (it can vary between 250 and 11000 Lumen depending on its primary function). First, make sure the device offers you the option of switching between different power modes. You’ll require different amounts of light for different times of the day and different working conditions. The multi-mode function will enable you to a) save battery life b) save money c) optimize the lifespan of the entire device. The more modes the device has, the better.

Power Source – corded-electric or cordless

The vast majority of cordless LED work lights to have lower light output, are smaller in size and powered by a rechargeable Lithium battery. When choosing a battery, opt for the Lithium-Ion type – it has higher energy-densities (longer lifespan and lower self-discharge) and costs less than the Lithium-Polymer type. It also does not require priming when first used. All the big pluses!

The most part of cordless devices usually has a three-pronged plug or a USB outlet charging option. Some offer the power bank alternative, analogous to how you’d charge your cell phone.

Bigger LED work lights have more power and can come both cordless and corded electric. The things to look for when picking a corded device is: 

  1. make sure the cord is at least 13-16 feet long;
  2. make sure the switch is of solid design and preferably dust, dirt and waterproof – lots of LED work light malfunctions stem from this particular source (switch design flaws);
  3. make sure the cord is supple and has a solid, sealed-off connection to the device. 

Battery life

Alas, many manufacturers just don’t list their battery operation’ fine specs on the manual. Others are ambiguous about it. It’s imperative you have the manufacturer’s assurance a fully charged battery will last you at least 2-3 hours on device’ full power mode, prior to purchase. Anything less is a red flag. 

IP (ingress protection) Rating 

Particulate matter, dust, dirt, water, rough treatment are inherent in most work environments, so an IP rating is integral to any Led Work light’s lifespan and smooth operation. 

An IP67 rating signifies the device is protected against dust and can remain in 3.3 feet of water up to 30 minutes without any negative repercussions. An IP66 is designated as dust-tight and protected against heavy seas or powerful jets of water. An IP65 denotes its dustproof and can repel low-pressure spray-like moisture, light drizzle, etc. Your choice of IP rating should come contingent upon what environment the device will be mostly subjected to. 

Mounting options 

There are different strokes for different folks. Some users prefer their LED work lights mounted on cutting-edge tripods/stands, – they offer bigger vantage points but are also attended with the extra expense. 

The basic fact to know is – most LED work lights come equipped with either a:

  1. You need to make sure the pivoting stand on your device has the smooth angle adjustment function (adjustment knobs) and you won’t have to loosen/tighten screws to regulate the beam direction every time it’s required. Failing that, make sure the screws are a tight fit and there is no wobbling action when they are tightened. The same is true for foldable standing brackets.
  2. It is great for fixing the device in cramped spaces (underneath or inside the equipment). Keeps your hands free and allows bigger freedom of movement. Most magnetic-based lights come equipped with a mobile swivel belt buckle, giving you a variety of ways in which you can fix it on yourself when working. Make sure the magnet is not to deeply-seated in the device’s housing as it hampers strong attachment to even surfaces.
  3. Hanging hook (fixed or with a swivel). The swivel hooks usually have a broad, 360 degree of adjustable tilt, and as a backup option also have magnets of varying power (depending on the model). Make sure beforehand the hook is sturdily built and does not come apart in the work environment’ rough-and-tumble (one of the keynote failings on many hook-rigged Led Work lights is the poor quality of the hook itself).

Design specifics 

LED work lights come in all shapes, sizes, and designs. Both cordless and corded LED work lights can either be mounted on a firm base with a limited angle tilt or can bend in all directions like an Olympic gymnast. This flexibility comes at a certain price as more connection points to the device translate into lesser overall unit integrity. How many places do you need you to work light to bend in to ensure the smoothest work process? You start here and then choose a model you like.

Lifespan and security 

The majority of the above-mentioned sellers offer to cite realistic, test-based life-spans on their device’ fine specs and offer all kinds of security into the bargain. Others are not so forthcoming with their data. Make sure that the product you plan to purchase comes with an adequate warranty and payback guarantee.