TOP 6 BEST Single DIN Car Stereo Receivers


Seeking for the best single DIN auto stereo receivers may take hours and days; since we understand this search can be quite daunting, we have gathered the best devices which are currently at the market and tested them out. Below you will get a full and detailed review for each DIN vehicle stereo receivers and will be able to choose without time and money loss.

When it is time to replace your worn-out car parts, nobody wants to waste money or seeking for needed replacement parts for days. Our professional thoughtful experts have tested and provided a detailed review with pros and cons in order to enable you to find an auto stereo that overcomes your expectations.

The major benefit of a single-DIN car stereo receiver is that it’s easy to install, even easier to use and you will be able to handle music with a few touches. A finely made receiver (din unit) is the heart of your auto’s audio, video, music, overall — entertainment system. Moreover, it’s the primary determinant of the sound you get from your speakers and all devices you connect to it.

Top-rated din head units are not only dependable and deliver great sound, but they also boast of the latest trends in Techworld. If your four-wheel friend still has old CDs or radio does not work, look through this guide and simply pick din head for your vehicle. 

Things to Watch Out

Keep in mind that single DIN car stereo receivers determine not only the sound but how quickly the entertainment system of your vehicle is. When you are aware of things to watch out before the purchase, you have way more chances to buy what you are looking for. Let us take a look at the important features you should pay attention when getting a new DIN unit for your 4-wheel friend: 

GPS and Wireless Calls 

Even though it’s not the primary thing in the unit, it’s hard to deny GPS makes driving much more clear and comfortable. Another advantage that it makes your auto interior looks up-to-date and smart. Thanks to modern devices, they not only allow you to see how much time you need to go from A to Z but show traffic days and work pretty accurately. If you want your vehicle to be modern and smart, do not overlook this feature. 

Integration with Smartphone 

In the world of digital, your DIN car stereo receiver must work with a smartphone. It enables you to have a connection in a few seconds and turn on your maps, favorite photos or even look through the photos. Moreover, it provides wireless calls which are also important while you are at the steering wheel. In the 21st century integration with smartphone allows to listen to music and at the same time drive without interruptions.


As for DIN car stereo receiver buttons, it’s important so they are well-positions: you surely don’t want to drag your hand up or down to turn up the music or check GPS, not in a handy way when there’s alert on the road. Thus, all buttons and controls have to be conveniently and strategically placed for your driving. 

Playback Features

To emphasize a single din car stereo receiver, it has to playback MP3, CD (if needed), photos, videos, radio and has Bluetooth technology. Do not forget to check out if your receiver has all playback methods you need: say, if you still have hundreds of CDs and you are keen on collecting them, maybe you should consider buying a unit with CD. Nowadays MP3 format is on the edge of glory and it will be gaining popularity in the future, so we recommend taking it. Check if your din head unit plays music in the format you need. Let us take a look to different playback so you will be able to choose the best single DIN auto stereo receiver: 

  1. CD player. As mentioned before, this format is pretty old: a CD player plays your CDs. 
  2. HD radio. Usually this kind of radio way more clear than usual radio. 
  3. XM radio. In comparison with the previous type of radio, where you connect and enjoy music via satellite. However, here you need to remember that required subscriptions may be required. From one side of the hand, you have to spend money, from another side of the hand, you will get the possibility to enjoy numerous channels per month. 
  4. USB. No need to say USB port is the most suitable way to transfer your music, videos, and photos to your DIN car stereo receiver. A USB connection allows you not only to tie up but to charge up your phone or tablet at the same time keep on listening to your favorite music. 
  5. Bluetooth. The wireless connection allows you to tie up your tablet, laptop or computer with your DIN car unit and listen to favorite music and watch videos (say, during pit stops). This feature works on another available device that has Bluetooth. 
  • Design. Since you don’t buy your din head just for a few months, but many ones, design matters. Coming after high quality and the variety of features, aesthetics is not the last thing to pay attention to. The first piece of advice we would give is to pick a design that matches your auto interior. The vast majority of single-DIN car stereo receivers have an LED display, so it is more advanced and gives your vehicle an additional up-to-date look. Still, there are some sites that do not have LED display, so they cost less. 
Expand It 

Speaking of expandability, car stereo should be flexible and versatile. A car unit that could be expanded enables you to make almost any connections with external sources: the majority of them have audio or video inputs/outputs, camera input or mic input. Thanks to expandable parts, you will be able to make DIN auto stereo multi-tasking. 

Technical terms 

DIN Definition

DIN means “Deutch Industri Normen” in German. Back in the middle of the 1980s, the German automotive industry started to name a 2 x 8 inch opening that a stereo fits into. They used names mostly for Audi, Mercedes, VW, and BMW. Since then it became widespread and now becomes industry standard.

 Power Ratings

Does power rating play a significant role? Yes, since it impacts the whole performance. Thanks to these ratings, we are able to determine functionality just like that. To emphasize maximum power out, it shows the maximum possible amount of power that can be provided within a short period. Keep the finger on the pulse and don’t forget to check the RMS power output. After you find out how much power you need producing continuously, start choosing your new single DIN car stereo receiver. 

Types of 

There are two types of DIN car stereo receivers: single and double. As mentioned before, single-DIN means a hole where standard stereo fits it. Speaking about double DIN auto stereo receivers, it differs mostly by its size: the width is the same: 8 inches, but the length is 4 inches, not 2. In this review, we’re testing only single DIN car stereo receivers.

Product review 

Take a look at our detailed review with pros and cons to form your opinion and pick a perfect car stereo just like that. We have gathered the best units so you will be able to look at it from different sides and choose the one that suits your vehicle perfectly.

This up-to-date auto stereo is one of the firsts which worth your attention. High quality, dependable parts, and famous brand are three reasons why you can trust this product and get it not for some months, but even years. This is a modern digital media receiver that allows you to play any formats, however, it does not play CDs. When it comes to additional features, it boasts of Bluetooth with apt — it means that there won’t be problems with sound quality. One of the best features this device has is the ability to connect to two phones/tablets at once. You can make up a real music battle between your friends for the best music while you’re sitting at the steering wheel. Kenwood car stereo driver offers USB and AUX inputs and a 13-band equalizer. It has a classical design.

Pros Cons
• Dependable
• You can connect two phones/tablets at once 
• Kenwood app does not fit with all phones

Our next device is from Sony, another dependable stereo receiver can boast of single-touch listening with NFC, front USB which is very handy. Moreover, the latter also suits iOS msc/mtp USB devices. When it comes to hands-free calls, Sony DSX-M55BT has a built-in mic which is a pretty rare feature for such head units. To emphasize on USB, it supports MP3/wav/FLAC and it’s also compatible Pandora. Speaking again on iOS, it has Siri control and advanced sound with EQ5. The last but not the least thing is a convenient wireless remote in a package so your friends will be able to control it while you’re at the steering wheel. If you are looking for a dependable Bluetooth car stereo that is compatible with different iOS devices, it’s a good choice. It has a modern ‘moon’ design that will look classy in your automobile.

Pros Cons
• Dependable
• You can connect two phones/tablets at once 
• Does not fit with all phones

Another DIN star from Kenwood is Kenwood KMR-D372BT receiver. This device will suit you if you have an Android phone since it has the Android Open Accessory protocol (stands for AOA). Why do you need it? Because it allows you to control phone-based content so you can watch a movie during pit-stops or let your friends look photos you have made during your trip. This head unit has built-in MOSFET amplifier and plays all formats including CDs, CD-Rs and CD-RWs discs, so if you tend to choose retro, this head unit is for you. Moreover, its design looks like retro auto stereo as well. iHeart Radio, USB playback and 3.5 mm AUX cable come as a bonus. This device has many approaches starting from numerous formats to AOA. 

Pros Cons
• Dependable
• Boasts of a variety of different features
• Keeps up with many formats
• Works perfectly with Android
• Kenwood app does not fit with all phones

JVC stands for the Japan Victor Company and boasts of fine quality. This device has a peak output of 50 watts and offers 4 channels. Thanks to built-in Bluetooth technology with a hands-free option it allows you to control music and other multimedia while without distraction from the road. It goes without saying this JVC car stereo is compatible with Apple devices including the latest software. The last but not the least thing, it offers 3 sets of 4V preamp outputs (so you can have it front, rear, and even subwoofer). With an up-to-date ‘moon’ design this car stereo receiver will add a classy look to your vehicle’s interior. This device is a good combination of Japanese quality and a variety of outputs.

Pros Cons
• Dependable
• Boasts of a variety of different features
• Keeps up with many formats
• Works perfectly with Android
• Kenwood app does not fit with all phones

At first sight, this Bluetooth car stereo radio receiver looks nice and simple and it has the same functions. Its simple auto head unit has all you need: amazing sound reproduction thanks to AboutBit CA-10BT, good old FM/AM radio which is a high-quality digital stereo as well as Bluetooth technology — you are getting more speed, more distance and more throughout. This elaborate DIN car stereo has one feature no other receivers have — RGB light up to 7 colors, so you are able to choose any color for illumination. The last but not the least thing is its wireless remote control — you can easily control it while driving and have to save driving experience.

Pros Cons
• Have all basic functions
• RGB light (up to 7 colors)
• Remote control included in the kit 
• Does not come from a famous brand

If you have been surfing the Internet in search of a retro-designed car stereo, this is it. Its classical design won’t leave you indifferent, this auto unit has big buttons so you can easily volume up while driving. Also, it offers a brand new tooling design: boasts of 2 USB ports and FM from 87.5 to 107.9 MHz. It has Bluetooth technology and the maximum output power is 4x60W. In comparison with many other car stereo receivers, this device offers the best service — 365 days of warranty for new replacement part or full refund. In addition, this car stereo can be used even in a 24V truck, so if you are a truck owner, choose this DIN auto receiver without any hesitations.

Pros Cons
• Dual USB port
• Hands-free call 
• Four channels
• Does not come from a famous brand

Our best choice

Dependability, numerous functions, and famous brand — from all single DIN car stereo units we choose Kenwood KMM-BT325. This one has all you need and even more. You can be sure that picking this head unit will last for many years. This modern auto media receiver has Bluetooth, USB, AUX and perfectly goes with Android and iOS systems. However, it does not play CDs but if you are on the edge of glory and seeking up-to-date tech, you won’t need it. Nice design and quality sounds are not the last things to emphasize. If you are seeking for a nicely made auto stereo that will deliver excellent performance and will last for many many months, this is it. 

If you are not defined with your choice, look through our review one more time to select only the best new car stereo receiver. 


Is there any other names for car receiver ?

If you are seeking for a DIN car stereo receiver, they also call it automotive head unit, automotive infotainment, a deck, hardware interface, car stereo, in-dash stereo, and other names.

Does the screen matter?

Since you’re going to use GPS during driving and, say, switching music during stops, screen matters since it shows you every pixel and allows you to control the whole in-dash stereo easily.

What stands for ISO 7736?

The most popular standard size for car stereo receiver is ISO 7736 which means that a device was developed by Deutsches Institut für Normung (DIN) as mentioned before.

When I set my new DIN car stereo, will I be able to use my steering wheel controls?

Of course, you will, however, you will need a special adapter. Usually, you can find it in no time.

Will I be able to connect my iPhone?

No matter you own an iPhone, iPod, tablet or notebook, you will be able to connect it to your auto stereo in case it has Bluetooth or USB input. 

Is there any difference between cable and USB connector?

Speaking about USB, it does not transmit background noise, however, it provides receiver-based control and charges your iPhone/another device. As for aux connection, it transmits background noise and you must control it by yourself.

How much power will I need for the system?

Since we don’t have a table of power ratings for the systems in all vehicles, it’s hard to tell how much power you will need. As a rule, factory car stereos have less power than aftermarket units, because the latter is standard. Do not hesitate to ask the seller about the amount of power you need for your car stereo receiver. 

For optimum performance, you have to stay within the recommended power and increase it only for additional features or if, say, you want to go deep to your music. For instance, you are about to listen to a spinet piano concert — in this case, it’s reasonable to get a greater tone.


Seeking for a dependable and finely made single DIN car stereo receiver may take a lot of time since you do not know what kind of a unit you need. Define size, functions and optional features that must be into your car stereo and go to choose your perfect one. Pay attention to such prominent functions as FM/AM radio, different formats for music, Bluetooth (or another type of wireless connection), Hands-free technology and check if the device you choose is compatible with your smartphone/tablet/notebook.

Seeking for a dependable and finely made single DIN car stereo receiver may take a lot of time since you do not know what kind of a unit you need. Define size, functions and optional features that must be into your car stereo and go to choose your perfect one. Pay attention to such prominent functions as FM/AM radio, different formats for music, Bluetooth (or other types of wireless connection), Hands-free technology and check if the device you choose is compatible with your smartphone/tablet/notebook.