Best Socket Organizers TOP 7 — Review and Buyer’s Guide


No matter you would like to keep your house well-organized and fine or you just want to fix some broken things — the majority of owners want to keep it OK and have no worries about fixing at all. Everybody likes an idea to have a tool with which you can fix it here and there. If you still don’t believe there’s a chance to do it, let us introduce you to some socket organizers. We have tested and went through the best organizers ever so now you can choose among the best and enjoy the most dependable models. 

First and foremost we must mention that good quality is the primary thing, otherwise, it is hard to repair anything. But what’s the matter of this socket set? Why do we need it? Do we have to pay more or less money for it? And when it comes to construction — does it help? It does not matter how much practice you’ve had with construction, maintenance, or repair, with a nice socket set you will be able to fix anything. 

We need a  finely made tool because it’s half of the success. In recent years, interest in individual construction has increased. Tens of thousands of city dwellers spend their weekends and vacations every summer on mastering the wisdom of hard construction. And with the gradual warming of state policy regarding the construction of individual houses, with confidence, we can predict that in the coming years a true building boom awaits.


  • The first point that you should begin with when choosing a toolbox is its type. There is a so-called universal set of tools, the essence of the ones is revealed by the name. The all-purpose solution that should be suitable for solving the widest possible range of things: auto repair and household appliances, the arrangement of plumbing in the house, and many other things. It goes without saying that it’s highly likely to have all keys, bits, screwdrivers, and other tools in the socket set. Therefore, these kits often boast of about a hundred different tools, can you imagine that? At the same time, if you have fewer tools in a socket set, it does not mean it’s worse or that it would be cheaper: a set with 40-60 items can be very compact, cover 90% of repair issues due to a well-chosen tool, but the price will be more expensive due to high quality or famous brand. 
  • However, if you are looking for a present, there are surely some universal sets of tools which will suit everyone. These socket sets offer not the maximum (90-100 tools or more), but the average size (50-60 tools): all the main utensils are already there, the case itself will be more compact and lighter, and it could cost less. Indeed, it’s quite a regular thing that such a socket set must be understaffed with a specific tool, and this is the main drawback of any ‘universal’ set.
  • There are some on-purpose socket sets that have been designed for one specific type ​of ​works; this is where you have to pay your attention. For instance, there is some ‘special’ set of leveling machines, so the socket set will have some hammers of various shapes, rounded pads, and would probably have an emphasis on straightening.

We strive you’d better choose ‘on-purpose’ kits because, let’s say, there’s an electrician who needs special tools for wiring — so all the attention should be brought to the careful insulation of all metal parts of the tool. Usually, such sets offer is a screwdriver-tester (probe), possibly even a full-fledged tester; moreover, there are special tongs or knives wires disassembling. 

There is another type of socket sets meant to be for electricians. Despite those super-similar names with the previous type of set, there are many differences between them. So, a kit for electronics almost always includes a complete tester for measuring voltage and current and not just a trivial screwdriver-tester. Such socket set may contain various narrow pliers, which make it easier to get small screws even from small holes. Another thing here to be mentioned is screwdrivers with a long shaft and a magnetic tip, which is convenient when you work with household appliances, where fastening screws can be hidden in deep holes.

Things to Watch Out

This buying guide should be considered only as a fact-finding thing. Each master sooner or later begins to collect exactly the tools that are needed for this or that kind of works. Therefore, a universal set of tools often serves only basic works at home or at the working site.

A similar situation is with manufacturing companies – each one eventually chooses his favorite firm. For example, Intertool kits are now popular, often Craftsman, Stanley tools, or other famous brands. 

The absence of other manufacturers on our list does not mean that they are bad. That pretty often happens when a company enters the market and focuses on quality for a reasonable price, however, it’s better to pay attention to socket sets from famous brands.

  • Quality. It does not always depend on a brand. At a minimum, a good tool is made of steel and an obligatory outer coating to further strengthen the working surface. As a rule, chrome vanadium steel is used, various methods of hardening the material can be used (thermo, electric currents, nitriding, carbonation). To put it into a nutshell, there are many ways to make a high-quality tool that will not break in the hands, but they surely won’t be the cheapest ones.
  • Storage. You should pay attention to how all the tools are stored as well. The most convenient solution is a package in the form of a plastic case or a metal box, where a carrying handle is provided, and each tool has its own compartment with a latch. There are packaging in the form of a box, case, ‘cardboard’ box. It’s worthwhile to dwell on two particular cases: a huge tool trolley is relevant only for industrial applications (repair shop, service station, houses can only be used in a garage), but it gives one more work surface on the lid; and a blister pack is usually used to store a small number of tools.

Editor’s Choice 

If you have been surfing the Web in search of an all-purpose multi-socket set, then pay attention to CRAFTSMAN 230-Piece Mechanics Tool Set as we did. It’s a lightweight socket set which is mid-sized in dimensions ( 18 x 13 x 3 inches), the one features any tools you need. Are you looking for a socket set to keep your home all maintained? It will fit. Do you need a diversity of sockets so you will be able to keep any working site maintained? This socket set by CRAFTSMAN then the thing you need. 

This well-know brand always stands for quality and offers a vivid diversity of stainless steel tools. 

Full product review

There are people who pay attention first not to the quality, but to the diversity. Well, both of them matter, however, if you are looking for many sockets in one set, do not miss this item from DEWALT. It offers 72-tooth ratchet and boasts of an anti-slip screwdriver that ensures maximum comfort during use. DEWALT is a famous brand that guarantees perfect contact and great torque.

• Diversity
• Good grip
• Minimalistic design
• Some customers claimed that if you open the case from the wrong side, it will be messed up

This is super minimalistic socket set from Stanley — a black chrome finish for anti-corrosion protection and minimalistic design, plus famous brand are three reasons why you should not miss this item.

• Famous brand
• Black chrome finish – it will be easy to find any tools
• Customers claimed there were no laser etching 

This is a nice and compact master set that has sockets of any size: from 5/16 to 3/4 inch and 8 to 19 mm in both shallow and deep lengths. You will find  72-tooth ratchet that will require only a 5-degree working swing arc. This socket set will be enough if you were looking for a socket set for home maintenance.

• Nice design and bright color
• 72-tooth ratchet
• Some customers claimed they did not get 7mm sockets

EPAUTO is another famous brand on our list. This set is very easy to describe in a few words: corrosion-resistant, offers easy storage, and, most importantly, it’s made from hardened treated chrome vanadium steel alloy. As well as in GREAT NECK SAW, this set is offered in two measurement systems.

• Compact box
• Easy storage
• Hardened treated chrome
• Some customers claimed poor quality

This is one of the biggest sets presented on the list, as well as the first one, it comes from the famous brand CRAFTSMAN. The durable 3 drawer toolbox boasts of quick organization which is extremely important if you work almost every day or use this socket set pretty often. The last but not the least thing here is that this socket set meets  ASME specs and offers a lifetime warranty.

• Lifetime warranty 
• 3 drawer toolbox
• Famous brand
• Won’t fit if you are seeking for a compact socket set

If this is your very first socket set you are looking for, check this item. It’s super compact and has all pneumatic tools a novice needs. Dependable tools and the set of ones are what you need to start your house maintenance.

• Dependable tools
• Compact box
• Won’t fit if you’re looking for a socket set for a working site

If you often work in different weather conditions or live in a state with foggy weather, this socket set is what you need. Designed and brought to the market from chrome vanadium steel alloy, it will last for many years. A wider application is guaranteed — you will find compact size with 11 x 11 pcs metric and 10 PCS SAE sockets that will suit to any maintenance.

• Mid-sized socket set 
• Wide application
• Some customers claimed the tools are not of the high-quality


It goes without saying that a high-quality socket set is a must for a responsible householder. By means of a dependable and up-to-date socket set, you will be able to cope with any repair or maintenance. If you have not decided yet which socket set you like the most, look through our review one more time and pay attention to all the specs that matter to you.


Where and how should I use a socket set?

If you are about to tighten some buts or loosen bolts, a classical and compact socket set will be more than enough. There’s a widely spread myth that a socket set is required only for motorists, however, if you take care of your house, such set will be a must-have for you. Moreover, if you are attached to some working side, this is a must-have for sure.
How to use the tool: choose the needed sizes socket over the bolt (attach when needed) and try to attach the ratchet to the maximum. Now you need to hold the socket with your hand and use the other one in order to move the rachet. Here you go — turning it clockwise or in the other direction will loosen it up.

May I use a standard hex socket (the one that has an impact gun)?

The answer is no. You have to use only impact sockets with an impact gun, this is the rule that does not have to be broken. The reason is there’s a really higher torque output from an impact gun so you simply risk damaging your furniture, appliance, or even worse — yourself. Moreover, you can make damage your general hex socket as well.

Can I prevent rounding off of all the fasteners?

The answer is yes. You are able to prevent the rounding off, so all you need to do is to make sure the socket won’t slip as you loosen/tighten the fastener. At first sight, it seems to be so easy, however, make sure that you do it every time you take a tool. Moreover, we recommend to apply it with a 6-point socket with radius corners. Why? Because it will have really more traction on the flat sides of the bolt.