Top Best Steering Wheel Covers — Review & Buyer’s Guide

Protect your steering wheel and customize it: choose your one from our list of covers


Steering wheel covers are some of the simplest accessories you can get. As well as seat covers, they add aesthetic to your car interior and you enjoy your driving experience. Whether you’re looking for that smooth leather feel or a comfortable cover that will cushion your hands, our list will help you to pick out the perfect item.

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Technical Terms

There aren’t too many terms used here that might prompt a google search; everything is fairly straightforward. The only real clarification that you might need before you go searching for your cover is about the different types of steering wheel covers.

On one hand, there are the natural ones; typically made out of genuine leather, these steering wheel covers boast an authentic feel. However, one thing you should know is that “genuine leather” can be translated as “at least it’s leather”, as it’s one of the cheapest levels of authentic leather possible. If you see a steering wheel that is “top-grain” or “full-grain” leather, you might expect it to be a little pricier.

There’s also the synthetic leathers—tags like “microfiber leather” should give away that it’s not real. However, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing; synthetic leather can get pretty close to the real thing and is generally softer as well. Similarly, viscose is a semi-synthetic cloth, and it’s sort of like the fabric you’d find in a tablecloth.

Of course, there’s also the covers that make a statement. These can range from jewel-encrusted covers to the fluffiest accessory you can imagine; the sky’s pretty much the limit with such a product. Whether you want some color or a specific texture, chances are the right cover for you isn’t too hard to find.

Short Comparison

Now that we’ve briefly covered the world of steering wheel covers, let’s take a look at some of the differences between each item. From materials to the overall feel of the cover, there’s a wide variety of top-tier products on the market today. 

The best choice on this list is the Steever Max steering wheel cover. At a universal 15-inch size, it tightly grips onto most steering wheels out there and is both convenient and stylish to boot.

Durable and Flexible

Microfiber leather is emerging as the material of choice for many steering wheel cover manufacturers, and Steever is no exception. This material offers great durability and longevity, as it is designed to be both sturdy and comfortable. As with many others, this cover is breathable and non-slip, ensuring that your hands stay safe and sweat-free. On top of all of this, the cover can adjust to a range of 14.5 to 15.5 inches, so you can buy with confidence if your steering wheel isn’t exactly 15 inches.

Safe and Harmless

One of the neat things about the material and design of this wheel is that it is eco-friendly; microfiber leather causes no harm to the environment in production or use and is both non-toxic and odorless to boot. If this is an important aspect for you, it might be best to look into microfiber covers as a whole.

One niggling part of this product is the potential difficulty in installation, as it is quite tight to ensure a solid grip around the wheel. However, buyers tended to note that once the installation was over with, it fits their steering wheel perfectly. All in all, the Steever Max steering wheel cover is a fantastic choice; it is reasonably priced, is sourced from green materials, and has a myriad of advantages over regular steering wheels like breathability and non-slip grip. 

• Comfortable
• Keeps hands dry
• Quality materials
• Tight fit
• Non-slip grip
• Possibly tricky installation
BOKIN Steering Wheel Cover Microfiber Leather
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Perhaps the best-value steering wheel cover on our list is the BOKIN model. It has everything from non-slip functionality to temperature resistance. Offered in eleven different colors, Bokin’s steering wheel cover is a fierce competitor in the market. 

Complete Package

The BOKIN is one of the best steering wheel covers available in stock. It offers incredible comfort and drying capability, all with a slick look. Some customers describe that it is hard to install, but this isn’t necessarily a downside; if it’s difficult to put on, it’s probably difficult to displace it. It is described to fit very tightly around the steering wheel with no-slip and has a premium selection of colors to boot. 

An overwhelming amount of customers highly recommend this cover, although some say that it even makes a great gift for others in your life. Customers love its comfortable grip and the fact that it never gets hot in the summer sun. Even if you find this cover isn’t what you’re looking for after purchasing, Bokin offers an 18-month no-hassle warranty policy, making it a safe purchase for cautious buyers.

• Comfortable
• Constant temperature
• Keeps hands dry
• Quality materials
• Color selection
• Tricky installation
Valleycomfy Universal 15-inch Auto Car Steering Wheel Cover
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If you’re looking for authentic leather, this accessory might be the one for you. This particular cover is made from the finest genuine leather and is a stylish addition to your driving experience. 

Luxury Comfort

The main selling point of this wheel is the irreplaceable feel of fine non-slip leather coating your wheel. Buyers found it to be extremely comfortable, and it doesn’t flinch when faced with the summer heat. Many were surprised at the quality of the material, as the affordable price (and the “genuine leather” tag) would suggest otherwise. One complaint buyers had, however, is the grating feel of the leather; after a while, no hands would hurt due to the placement of the seams. 

However, just a few steering wheel covers can match the feel of this product. Available in eight different colors, this product is sure to polish up the look of your steering wheel. Though it is often shipped folded, customers state that any creases or dents in the cover disappear within the first week or so of use. This is a durable and reliable steering wheel cover, and can withstand any temperature and moisture; unfortunately, the seam placement might be too much for some people to adjust to.

• Soft
• Constant temperature
• Keeps hands dry
• Quality leather
• Tight grip
• Tricky installation
• Seam placement is grating
SEG Direct Black Microfiber Steering Wheel Cover
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The SEG model is perhaps the one that looks almost like a factory steering wheel, adding comfort to your driving experience with none of the flashiness. It is great for those that just want a smooth grip and aren’t too concerned with the look of their wheel.

Soft Yet Durable

If there’s one thing buyers echoed, it’s that this cover is surprisingly durable. Its soft feel and the affordable price might raise some eyebrows, but it’s a solid product. One thing drivers noted, however, was how difficult it was to install due to the thickness and robustness of the cover. Either way, buyers who enjoy a dual rubber-leather construction are sure to take a liking to this product, as it boasts a smooth leathery feel with none of the downsides of having real leather.

All in all, this is a safe purchase; nothing flashy or luxurious, but it gets the job done well. The only caveat is the installation difficulty, but that only speaks to its durability in the end. Anyone looking for a soft and reliable cover should consider this affordable item.

• Smooth feel
• Soft grip
• Durable
• Affordable
• Installation requires some effort
New Diamond Leather Steering Wheel Cover
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This steering wheel color is perfect for anyone looking to put a little bit of bling into their car. Covered in eye-catching rhinestones and made of genuine leather, Chulian’s cover is bold and beautiful. 

Bedazzle Your Interior 

Crafted with a universal fit and a sparkling exterior, this cover is meant to be a statement that will most definitely shine. Though it is completely covered in rhinestones, Chulian constructed the cover in a way that does not hurt your hands while gripping it. In fact, the rhinestones practically massage your hands while driving, making this steering wheel cover truly unique in both design and appearance. 

Customers love how Chulian’s steering wheel cover sparkles and shines throughout the day and night. It is reportedly simple to install, and though you might think this cover is mostly a fashion statement, it is also very high quality. If you want a steering wheel cover that functions as both a hand-massager and a conversation starter, this cover should be in your list of top choices.

• Rugged comfort
• Tight grip
• Easy to install
• Unique design
• Problematic key ring accessory (ordered separately)
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This microfiber steering wheel cover is top-quality and fits 90% of standard vehicle steering wheels comfortably. Its excellent two-year warranty and enhanced functionality put it on the map as one of the best steering wheel covers on the market. 

Best of Both Worlds

Rueesh’s steering wheel cover is as decorative as it is protective. It has an anti-slip texture that also doubles as a great way to hide severe dents and damage to your steering wheel underneath. Its material is soft and breathable, and a great choice for those who suffer from sweaty hands after an hour or more of driving. In addition to being comfortable, the material of Rueesh’s steering wheel cover is also eco-friendly; this quality also ensures that your wheel won’t have a chemical smell after installing it.

Buyers love its snug fit and sleek design. This cover has a great feel and its non-slip grip makes drivers feel extra safe with it on their wheel. If you’re looking for a well-made steering wheel cover that comes in several eye-catching colors and has a great return and refund policy, Rueesh’s microfiber cover should be at the top of your list. 

• Snug, universal fit
• Anti-slip texture
• No strong odor
• Breathable material
• Complaints of uncomfortable seam
Elantrip Sport Leather Steering Wheel Cover
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Elantrip’s entry to our list is no surprise, as this specific product is one of the best choices on the market. For an affordable price, this product will make your steering wheel look like that of a sports car.

Durable Comfort

Like many covers on our list, this product boasts a smooth and soft grip while remaining a durable product. Unlike the product name might suggest, however, it is made of microfiber leather rather than the real thing, so take note if you’re looking for durable leather covers. Its luxury look and feel are enough to sway some opinions, however. Many buyers enjoyed the “cushiony” feel of this cover.

Due to its material, it is fairly bendable and flexible, which is sometimes a bad thing. While it boasts a firm grip for your hands, it might not do the same for the steering wheel itself, as some drivers voiced their concern about how much it shifts after installation. In addition, there are some concerns over its longevity; for such a low price, it’s only natural to expect some issues over time. Either way, if you’re looking for a sporty-looking cover that comes in many color schemes, take a peek at the Elantrip model.

• Smooth feel
• Sporty look
• Soft microfiber leather
• Simple installation
• Wariness about shifting
• Longevity questions
Valleycomfy Boho Universal 15 inch Steering Wheel Cover
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This luxury cloth steering wheel cover offered by Valleycomfy will brighten your vehicle interior. Its thick, soft texture and colorful appearance are a combo that brings this steering wheel cover into our top ten list. It’s noted as “for women”, but it’s an appealing choice for any driver.

Colorful Grip

This boho-themed cover comes in five different designs (including all black for those who don’t want a colorful pattern). It is designed to provide extra grip for enhanced control and to prevent overheating in the summer heat, which is a common issue with steering wheel covers. Valleycomfy’s boho steering wheel cover is a great option for those looking to put a little bit of life into the inside of their car with an accessory that has equally great functionality. 

Those who have purchased this cover love its color, cloth material, and extra thickness. In addition to not getting too hot in the summer, many states that its textured design prevents it from being too cold in the winter as well. It can be a bit of a struggle to put over your steering wheel, but customers claimed once they managed to, they never wanted to take it off! 

• Unique design
• Soft and comforting grip
• Fairly thick
• Tricky installation
ACDelco Steering Wheel Cover, Dark Wood Grain
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This steering wheel cover is all about enhancement. Enhanced functionality, feel, and appearance makes ACDelco’s cover one of our best picks.


Made of soft black microfiber leather and a dark grain wood-like detail, ACDelco’s steering wheel cover is both stylish and sturdy. The cover protects against cracks and other sun-related damage to your steering wheel. Its soft texture absorbs pressure from your grip to make long drives more comfortable, and it increases traction to ensure extra control if you encounter a few bumps in the road. 

Some buyers were displeased to find that the material was not stretchable enough to fit over their steering wheels, bringing some doubt into the claim that it is a one-size-fits-all accessory. However, this issue is easily fixable by heating the cover in the sun or with a blow-dryer. Regardless, an overwhelming majority of buyers are satisfied with ACDelco’s steering wheel cover. 

• Protects steering wheel
• Glossy feel
• Tight grip
• Unique pattern
• Tricky installation
Yontree Winter Warm Faux Wool Cover
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For those who are looking for a bit more flamboyant option, Yontree offers an extra fluffy steering wheel cover that may be what you’re looking for. This is the best option for those looking for a steering wheel cover that brings the term “accessory” to a whole new level.  

Fluffy Beyond Belief

This steering wheel cover comes in eight different colors and includes equally fluffy gear and handbrake covers. Yontree describes their cover as “super soft and luxurious,” and a great purchase for those who want their steering wheel to double as a hand warmer. Yontree’s steering wheel cover is made of faux wool, and its elasticity allows it to fit nearly every standard steering wheel in cars, trucks, and SUVs. Buyers report that it is very easy to put on, and does indeed keep your hands warm in cold weather. 

There are some disadvantages to that much fluff, however. There are many cases in which the faux fur sheds excessively, especially within the first few days of use. Additionally, many state that this fluffy steering wheel cover is a little too fluffy – fluffy enough to block the view of their dashboard, which can be a potential hazard. Most buyers simply trimmed off the extra fluff without an issue though, and most appreciate its excessive fluffiness. 

• Very soft and fluffy
• Hand warmer
• Easy installation
• Conversation piece
• Shedding is common
• Volume of fluff might get in the way

Much like the other BDK cover on this list, our final entrant comes in as an accessory that doesn’t alter the look of your interior. Made of microfiber leather, this item has the durability to compete with more expensive brands.

Fits Like a Glove

The main selling point of this cover is its easy installation and snug fit. It doesn’t try too hard to look unique; it simply does its job and keeps your hands dry and cool. Shifting is hardly a problem with this cover; buyers note its almost perfect grip on the steering wheel. The installation is a little tricky, however, but leaving it out in the sun beforehand helps quite a bit.

It adds a bit of girth to your wheel as well, which adds a comforting feel but also needs some getting used to at first. The main qualm drivers had with the GripDrive is that, over time, the cover will start to get bumpy in certain spots. Essentially, the cover sometimes bends over long use to form ridges around the wheel. While this is certainly a testament to its price, some buyers made the best of it and used the new bumps as massage pads.

• Rugged comfort
• Tight grip
• Factory look
• Stays on tight
• Tricky installation
• Potential bumps over time

Closing Thoughts

It might come as no surprise that there is a wide variety in steering wheel covers on the market. From faux wool to genuine leather, the list of feasible cover materials leaves a lot to choose from. If you’re simply looking for a comfortable steering wheel cover, any of these might tickle your fancy.

If you’re in search of the best leather covers for your steering wheel, though, you might need to look further. While the Valleycomfy leather cover is authentic, most of the covers on our list are microfiber leather; in other words, a carbon fiber material that mimics the feel of leather. You might even find what you’re looking for in one of those.

In summation, though, there is a great deal of personal preference that comes into play when picking out steering wheel covers; in terms of purely performance-based products, though, the SteeverMax is quite simply the best out there, despite the lack in uniqueness. Happy hunting.


Q: How can I clean my steering wheel cover?

A: Typically, you want to avoid machine washing your cover, as most are made of fairly sensitive material (carbon fiber or leather). You should be able to find information on washing your cover on the product description page, and usually, the recommended method for cleaning your cover is using mild soap to scrub the surface. Avoid any harsh chemicals and cleaners, as they may damage the coating/finish.

Q: How do I know what size cover I need?

A: Almost always, manufacturers will specify the size range that the cover falls under. Simply measure the diameter of your steering wheel and compare it with the dimensions specified on the product pages. Try to get the right size; even half an inch can make a huge difference in installation difficulty and functionality.

Q: How is microfiber leather different from true leather?

A: To be frank, there is very little difference in feel between the two. In fact, microfiber leather is more user-friendly overall, boasting a very mild odor (as opposed to the funky smell of real leather). It is also lighter and more resistant to various degrading processes, including hydrolysis (long-term breakdown due to water).