The Best Sun Visor Extenders (TOP 3) Review


The first sun visors saw the world in the mid-1920s — the newest Ford Model T rolled out with modern and functional extenders which were raising visibility while driving on a sunny day. It has been no more any less but hundred years since then — today visor extenders is a regular thing and a staple for all vehicles. However, the issue “to stay or not to stay” with factory extenders is still on — as the power of vehicles skyrocketed over dozens of years, factory extenders are not that handy and functional as they’ve been.

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Nowadays you should thank if factory extenders protect your forehead, never mind your eyes. The major problems of factory extenders are the same: they are too tiny and too thin. According to WHO, it can be not only dangerous for driving but even harmful because of exposure. 

Thanks to an ability to get aftermarket parts just like that, today you may find any visor extenders. Numerous designers have been putting their talents to provide a solution for sore eyes and maintain comfy driving. Moreover, a good sun visor extender takes care of ‘blind’ commutes and surely raise your safety during driving. 

We have gathered up-to-date and functional visor extenders, so you will choose the best device for your eyes and will be more tolerable with the driving process. Also, the best night driving sunglasses are reviewed here.

Four “Yes” to Sun Visor Extenders

  • Bye-bye, red eyes! It’s probably the primary thing why we insist on getting decent sun visor extenders. Driving without sun visor could be stressful for your eyes, especially if you spend more than an hour a day driving. Even though they won’t fully cover the panel, they will surely slow down the sunlight extensity. This device can really help you to prevent eye dryness as well as eye strain. It’s done by means of eliminating rays that get to the vehicle’s panel.
  • …and headaches. If you will look at the sun for many hours, you’ll have to say ‘hello’ migraines. Just imagine how does it affect your head if you do it over and over again? Migraines and headaches will be your eternal friends. Reduce eye strain by means of high-quality sun visor extender and forget about any stress and headaches.
  • No glare. Numerous drivers accept the fact that the sun pushes them to get closer to the wheel or squint in order to get a better view. It works on the contrary — the more you change your body position, the more you distract yourself. The danger of sunlight is that stress accumulates, moreover, it can blind you in a moment. With extenders, you won’t get excessive blinking.
  • Calm down. With finely made protective extenders you will be more confident and calm — better visibility all day, even during sunrise or sunset. This surely makes driving more comfy, less stressful and provides you more control at the wheel.

Things to Consider

Setting. The installation of these extenders should not take you much time. It must nicely and firmly fit on the factory visor. Before purchasing visor extenders, check if there’s a set kit or estimated time claimed by the seller.

Size. As mentioned before, fabric extenders are tiny and thin. If you already decided to get decent sun protection, make sure the one will surely fit your standard visor and it will protect not only your forehead and eyes but the whole face. Pay attention that for large cars and SUVs you may need a bigger size. In some cases, you can simply cut them if they are pretty long for your window.

Technical Issues

UV Protection and Polarization. Considerably not the least thing to pay attention — it’s one of those very prominent issues about the windshield. Driving all days in direct sunlight has the same effect as lying all day at the beach somewhere in California. UV protection takes care and prevents sunburns and numerous other side effects which are obviously not good. You need this shield with enhances UV by all means especially if you live in a sunny place. Polarization is not the primary thing, but it’s a +1 advantage to your extenders’ performance.

Material. There are numerous sun shields at the market that seem to be well-made, however, the quality of it is not good at all. If you don’t want a frail device, you need to check the material and how extenders are made. You suspect you surely don’t want extenders to fall off during your driving. It does not matter you’re about to get extenders that attach fully or just partly — since you’re going to remove them, make sure they will get tightly to the built-in device.

Extenders Type

There are two types of auto sun shields: window and visor mounted. In this review, we’re talking only about visor mounted. In comparison with window type, this one applies to the built-in one and could be connected by Velcro or different straps. We like this type because it can function in different ways to stop sunshine and enhance your comfy driving. Here only you choose to hang it in front of your face or simply extend and use it as a side protector.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I check if my new extenders works while driving?

It’s hard to see a  big difference between before and after. However, reduced glare will result in comfy driving foremost for your eyes. Moreover, you are able to test extenders before driving — for this all you need to do is to look at the road/sun with and then without visor. Please note that it could take some moments so your eyes would adapt to the effect itself.

How polarization is being tested? 

This could be tested very easily — you simply need to turn your smartphone screen to the sunny spot and then take a look through the extenders. Then roll your smartphone to 90 degrees. Once you see color has changed or even altered a bit, it means the effect works.

Is there a need to wear sunglasses if I have extenders?

Even though the latter is often being compared with sunglasses, it’s recommended to wear the latter along with extenders to get the best possible effect, especially during sunset or sunset.

Does it give a large coverage?

Look for a visor that extends at least for 5 inches. This size is more than enough to protect your face from the sun. The majority of sun visors extenders could easily cover half of the panel and, thus, maintain safe driving.

Will any model fit to my vehicle?

It’s very disappointing when you get your extenders which you’ve been waiting for some days and they don’t fit. Most parts of them are compatible with all vehicles, but if you own an SUV or a bigger car, consult your seller before purchase. Usually, there’s a chart placed so you can easily count if extenders fit or not.

Comparison table

ProductFeaturesSize Materials/Durability
SAILEAD Sun Visor Sunshade Extender for Car5 of 55 of 55 of 5
TuckVisor BLACKOUT Windshield Sunshade4 of 55 of 55 of 5
Glare Guard Polarized Car Visor Extender4 of 54 of 55 of 5

Product review 

Gathering creme de la creme of the market, we tested TOP-3 sun visor extenders so now you have a unique possibility to choose only the best. Go through description and reviews to find out which device is better for you and suit perfectly your vehicle.

1. SAILEAD Sun Protection Extender 

If you have been seeking for dependable extenders with UV rays protection, this is it. It eliminates eye fatigue and provides you a clear road view. When it comes to durability, this device is made of PU and PC material. Usually, this kind of plastic is being used with car interior parts and exterior premium quality components.Moreover, you can use SAILEAD shield both for drivers and passengers thanks to its size. To emphasize the latter, it fits the majority of autos with a width of 4.7 inches. The last but not the least thing — it’s very easy to set it up and store, you won’t need much space. Even though it has a classical design, for some vehicle enthusiasts it may seem old-fashioned.

Pros Cons
• Sun glare protection
• Fits to almost all vehicles
• Durable materials
• Old-fashioned design

2. TUCKVISOR BLACKOUT Windshield Sunshade

Have you been surfing the Internet in search of a super-protector shield for your auto? This is it. TuckVisor offers 100% protection from UV, UVA and even UVB sun rays as well as offers anti-glare effects and eases eye strain. Moreover, it reduces sun/heat exposure too. It’s easy to adjust — won’t take you more than 20 mins to set it up. The last but not the least things — it boasts of 100% black-out and patent pending.

Pros Cons
• Durable materials
• Patent pending 
• 100% black-out
• It does not have stripes for easy adjustment

3. GLARE GUARD Polarized Car Visor Extender

This simple polarized car visor extender has polarizing technology and perfectly protects you from the rays and direct sunlight. As well as the previous model, it has UV-block (UVA and UVB). It will take you a second to install it — all you need to do is to clip sun visor to the existing built-in one. You may use Velcro or any other stars. Made in the USA, this device guarantees exception durability and will serve you for many months. 

Pros Cons
• Made in the USA
• UVA+UVB protection
• Durability 
• According to reviews, it’s not enough during

Our best choice

To sum it up, we have put an eye on sunshield from SAILLEAD. This dependable device is 4.7 inches in width so it will cover you and may even cover your passengers. Simple design and protection for your eyes is all you need for the best sun visor extender. Durable PU and PC materials are just another advantages for this sun auto shield.


So if you are here reading these lines it means that you have accepted the fact that factory sun shield won’t protect you fully from sun rays. Choose dependable and wide car sun visor protection that will provide comfy driving. This is one of the most affordable ways to improve your car driving experience and take care of your eyes. No more, no less, but this item could save your life — nobody wants to be blinded instantly. Ask yourself about durability, size, functions, protection level you require and start choosing your perfect sun visor extenders. If needed, go through our review one more time for detailed analysis.