TOP 3 Best Truck Bed Bike Racks


As a pickup truck owner, no doubts you are seeking for some new storage space in order to broaden storage options. However, when you are about to consider bicycles transportation, you probably agree that they deserve the best possible space not to be broken or just tossed on the bеd of your four-wheel friend. Fortunately, nowadays there’s a fish in the sea — thanks to the Web you can find any devices for your car including a variety of truck bed bike racks. In spite of this fact, choosing them sometimes could be tricky — some devices are not that dependable, some of them simply won’t fit your car.

We have gathered, then tested and reviewed the most desirable truck bed bike racks highlighting creme de la creme and one as a ‘best pick”. This is a perfect device if you’re keen on cycling and you strive both your automobile and your favorite bikes to stay in the best conditions.

Since it is popular and trendy that cycling is awesome both for mind and body, it’s surprising that it’s still rare that a rack is a must for a car owner. Planning your solo-/friends-/family- trip on bicycles, you’d better overlook everything and transportation of a bicycle comes here first. Which method are you about to take one or all bikes to the star? By vehicle/by truck is an obvious answer. However, the issue here is much complicated and has many nuances since putting a bicycle inside the car or just strapping them on the rood won’t help. 

If you are seeking a dependable device to place your vehicle safely and to protect your vehicle at the same time (and bicycles from damage), a bike rack that mounts on your four-wheel friend is a great choice.

The Major Advantages 

  1. Cycle everywhere! With this device, you will forget about any worries about any starting points when cycling. With these racks, you can go anywhere and take up to 5 bikes for cycling. This surely gives you the freedom to load bikes and go cycling literally anywhere.
  2. Protection both truck and bicycle. You surely can just throw your bikes to the truck’s bed, however, it can damage your vehicle, bikes and sometimes even other cars since an instant from twists and stops could toss bicycles around and jump out of the bed as well. The last but not the least thing is that it could scratch your auto’s paint and you surely don’t want to handle it.  
  3. Other applications. The majority of bike racks could be used out of a vehicle as well. You can simply place the mount in the garage, or, say, on the ground and leave your bike there, so you can serve your bicycle or keep it for a day.
  4. Haul any other things. Bike racks for trucks could be used also for truck frees. As well you can store gear in the bed or other equipment.

Things to Watch Out

Storage. When not in use, make sure you have enough space where you can keep truck bed bike racks. Even though it’s handy and useful, you are not going to use it all 365 days a year.

Brand. Pay attention to a brand and seller you’re getting the product from. Each product has its reviews and description, so don’t hesitate to spend a few minutes and make your own analysis.

Security. It goes without mentioning that security matters — you will probably come across bike racks that lock in the back of your vehicle. There are other truck bed bike racks that do not offer any locking features. In this case, you will have to adjust, improve, well, in other words, improvise in order to raise the level of security in your vehicle.

Number of bikes to transport. Consider before purchase how many bicycles you are going to carry. If your family is keen on cycling, surely most of the time you will need to place several bikes. 

Other applications. You can use truck bed bike racks in a garage as well or in order to prevent sliding of heavy luggage in your vehicle bed.

Technical Definitions

Size. You need to measure your truck bed in order to choose a device that suits your vehicle.

Locking system. Dig about characteristics of this system since it’s probably the most important feature in your truck bed bike racks.

Attaching/detaching. If you often use other devices except for truck bed bike racks, make sure it’s easy to attach it to your vehicle.

Types of racks

There are roof mount racks and hitch mount racks, spare tire mount racks, and truck bed bike racks. Since you probably own a truck, in this review we’re testing exclusively truck bed bike racks. As for other types of racks, they provide a good alternative, however, bed devices for trucks are more dependable and can carry up to 5 bicycles at a time.

There are also fixed and adjustable racks. The first type of popular so you just fix it and it holds the bike. The latter comes with extendable arms and locks down the bike’s frame or tire.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I measure my truck for new racks?

Usually, you need to measure the length, width and height of your vehicle’s bed to choose racks that fit your vehicle. 

Can I use my truck bed bike racks on other vehicle? 

If by ‘other vehicle’ you mean other truck, you surely car remove racks from your car and move it to another device.

Will I be able to adjust truck bed bike racks by myself?

It will take you a maximum of 10 mins to place and fix racks to your truck. Moreover, each unit has detailed instructions so you won’t have trouble setting racks up.

Product review 

Thule Racks

This is a perfect truck bed bike device for a single bicycle. Dependable secure brought to the market by the famous brand Thule holds the bike by means of grabbing the wheel. Since there is no frame contact, your bicycle has no changes to be damaged. When it comes to size, this device fits 20” to 29” wheel diameter. Moreover, you can come up with up to 3” wide tires. According to Thule, these racks give easy-load and unload — all you need to do is to raise and lower the ratcheting arm over the bicycle wheel. 

Pros Cons
• Famous brand
• Dependable materials
• Offers a wide spectrum of sizes   
•  Does not fit to long bicycles 

INNO Racks

If we were asked to describe this product in three words, they would be: simple, nice and easy. This lightweight car bike rack suits one bicycle and will be a perfect companion for a vehicle and cycling enthusiasts who are not going to use it every day.

Pros Cons
• Lightweight
• Perfectly suits for rare use  
• The channel stands is set too low, won’t feet any truck
Heininger Racks

This model is perfect if you often go cycling with friends and family. The capacity of Heininger racks is up to four bikes and you can place it to your wheel without wheels removal. Moreover, no additional tools required to assemble it and lock. You can also extend it, so it suits all types of trucks. What’s more — the system won’t damage your vehicle paint. Last but not least thing, it could be used as a platform to store bicycles out of your truck.

Pros Cons
• Perfect for 3-4 bikes
•  Won’t scratch your vehicle’s paint
•  No additional tools required
•  Can be extended 
• Does not fit all trucks

Our best choice

Summing up famous brand, dependable materials, and no frame contact, our editor’s pick is Thule racks. This finely made lightweight product seemed to be made for a bicycle enthusiast who enjoys cycling once a week or even more often.  According to the brand, this product boasts of racks easy-load and unload — all you need to do is to raise and lower the ratcheting arm over the bicycle wheel. 


Whatever truck bed bike racks you are going to pick, make sure it fits your vehicle’s size and your expectations. Before purchase goes through our review one more time and check all the requirements you need. Size, dependability, and number of vehicles racks could take and other details are important to pick dependable bike racks which will last for many-many mouths.