The Best Bluetooth Headphones – TOP 10 Review


In the modern world, more and more people are starting to use a Bluetooth headset and that is understandable. That’s because the Bluetooth headphones are the most convenient headphone option of all. You do not need to constantly untangle the wires when you want to listen to music or to make a call. In addition, the latest technology allows you to use a headset at a great distance from a mobile phone, which also makes life easier for many people. The main thing is to charge the battery on time. At the same time, the presence of a microphone helps to be in touch almost without hands. This means that everyone can continue to do their own thing, but at the same time communicate quite calmly and not keep the phone in their hands.

What to consider before purchase Bluetooth headphones?

Before you start choosing the most suitable Bluetooth headset, pay attention to the following details that may be decisive during the decision-making process. First of all, it is the versatility of the selected device since some devices are intended only for talking and it means that you won’t be able to listen to music using such headphones. For most people, this will be a noticeable drawback, because of which you will not buy such headphones. They are intended exclusively for those who have to be constantly in touch with their work and at the same time do not want to get the phone out of their pocket every time. After all, you can just put the earphone in your ear once and it will be fixed there until you need it.

Another decisive factor stands for special shapes and designs. The Bluetooth headphones market is developing very rapidly, but some older models are not adapted for convenient use. The headset may not fit well on the ear, the buttons may be inconvenient and many other problems can be encountered when choosing the most suitable headset.

So, before making a decisive choice, pay special attention to these factors.

Technical Terms

In addition to the versatility and usability of the design, there are some technical factors that can affect the usability of your headphones.

Bluetooth must be preinstalled on each device. With its help and with the help of the module pre-installed on your phone, these devices will easily connect. The higher the Bluetooth version installed both there and there, the better your headphones will work. In addition, a lot depends on the Bluetooth version, since with each update the optimization, the speed of connecting devices, the speed of searching for a new device and much more are improved. In addition, some devices have noise reduction. Let’s look at what is called noise reduction and how it works. 

There are two types of noise reduction. Active reduction and passive reduction. It is worth noting immediately that active noise reduction works much more than passive. Active noise reduction is achieved using additional microphones. These microphones are needed to absorb external noise. After that, the device processor reads information about the noise phase and frequency, transmitting a signal to the speaker. The speaker, in turn, reproduces this noise, but with an inverse tone. Thanks to this, you will not hear absolutely any extraneous sounds while listening to music and talking.

Passive noise reduction is achieved using various filters, which do not suppress noise but simply reduce them.

The Best Bluetooth headphones

It is time to compare varieties that can be found on the Internet and choose the best of them not only by technical characteristics but also by price and ease of use since this is no less important when choosing the appropriate device.

FOCUSPOWER F10 mini Bluetooth earbud - photo

Why exactly these headphones are my choice? This is all because this device is the quintessence of style and excellent technical characteristics. To begin with, the time of active listening or talking using these headphones without recharging is 6-8 hours. It all depends on the volume at which you will listen to music or speak. In addition, this headset is the smallest and lightest of all. You won’t even notice the difference when you have these headphones in your ear. In addition, charging time from zero to maximum is only half an hour. That is, you can comfortably listen to music for at least 6 hours, after which put the headset on a charge with 30 minutes and you will have as much as 6 hours listening to the music and conversations without recharging.

These headphones can work without any glitches at a distance from the phone up to 33 feet. You can connect to them from the phone at the same distance.

Also, they have a magnetic charging function; the device works both with Android devices as they do with iOS. This headset is not just a convenient and easy addition to your style, but they will also do their job well for many years since they are quite durable.

Thanks to all these functions and additional conveniences, as well as due to their low price for such qualities, these headphones are one of the best presented in the modern market.

• Convenience and versatility
• Numerous functions
• Low price
• No noise reduction
ICOMTOFIT Bluetooth headset - photo

ICOMTOFIT Bluetooth headset has been developed as a convenient and reliable device for motorists. These headphones are attached behind the ear by means of a bracket. They will be comfortable both in the right ear and on the left. In addition, Bluetooth 4.1 is built into the headphones, which will help you comfortably use them at a great distance from the phone. Light and comfortable, they can be worn all day and this will not bring you any discomfort since headphone weight is negligible and since the battery of these headphones allows. In addition, there are 3 wound-sized braces for fastening, so that anyone will find the most comfortable for his ear. An important factor that emphasizes the level of these headphones is the active noise reduction system. With its help, extraneous sounds that may disturb when listening to music and talking on the phone are filtered. Active noise suppression makes the sound crystal clear.

Using this headset, you can listen to music and talk on the phone for 8.5 to 10 hours without recharging. The headphones are charged using the usual USB cable that is included in the kit.

• Ease of use
• Versatility
• Active noise reduction
• Lack of wireless charging
The VI Blue Parrott B350 XT - photo

These headphones capture with their active noise canceling system. This is probably the only Bluetooth headset that can produce such clear sound, without any interference and noise. The developers of this model guarantee filtering from 96% of noise, which can interfere with comfortable listening to tracks. In addition, The VI Blue Parrott B350 XT can be used with two phones at once. It means that you can answer with them both to work calls, and to home if you have a work phone. Charging this device happens with a conventional micro USB cable. The microphone in these headphones is one of the best for such models. This microphone will be able to transmit your speech as close to real, without extraneous noise. A battery with a capacity of 300 mA will help to use headphones without any problems for a whole day. The price of these headphones, of course, is appropriate, but this device is clearly worth the money.

• Best noise reduction
• Long battery life
• Convenience
• High price
Wireless business headphones - photo

These headphones equipped with the latest version of Bluetooth 4.2 are suitable for those who need to be constantly in touch. They are equipped with one button, which is responsible for receiving and resetting calls, for muting calls. This headset is suitable not only for Android and iOS users but also with their help you can connect to a laptop on which the Windows operating system is used. Also, these headphones allow you to listen to music for 11.5 hours without recharging and talk on the phone for 12 hours. They have a noise reduction system, but it is not as good as in the previous ones. However, the sound in this headset will be clear enough. In addition, you can use Siri’s voice assistant with the help of these wireless headphones. So, this headset is a good choice for their modest money for those who are tired of pulling out the phone each time to answer a call.

• Low price
• Ample working time
• Bluetooth 4.2
• Missing Google Assistant
Motorola H720 - photo

Stylish and lightweight headphones, best suited for mobile conversations. It is worth immediately paying attention to the significant minus of these headphones – they are not compatible with iOS devices. Only Android users will appreciate this device. Also, a noise reduction system is present in this headset. Users will be able to switch from one device to another using these headphones. More than eight hours of hands-free conversations using this device will suit almost any modern person. In addition, the composite mount design allows you to wear this headset on the ear on which it is more convenient for you.

• Can be worn on any ear
• Large battery capacity
• Noise suppression
• Only suitable for Android devices
HONSHOOP Bluetooth headset photo

What immediately catches your eye when you look at the characteristics of this headset? The first thing that puts them higher than others is the Bluetooth 5th version. It means that your device will be able to work longer, connect to the phone faster and work at a greater distance from the phone than when using Bluetooth version 4.2. It also improves the stability of connecting headphones to the phone. Also, headphones are very convenient for daily use. The batteries will last for 8-10 hours of use, while there is a quick charge function that will help charge your headphones from 0 to 100% in an hour and a half. These headphones can be connected to both iOS devices and Android. In addition to everything, you can connect them to your PS4, laptop, and many other devices.

• May be connected to many devices
• Good battery
• Convenient design
• Poor noise reduction
Shinetao Wireless headset from Amazon - photo

Owners of Wireless Headsets can take full advantage of them. Thanks to its convenient and ergonomic design, the fastest connection to your phone and many others. The latest version of Bluetooth provides a quick and stable connection. Replaceable earpads are included to make you feel as comfortable as possible when using these headphones. The convenient location of the buttons on this device will help you answer calls, reset them and mute without much effort. In addition, to connect to a new device it is not necessary to disconnect from the old one.

• Low cost
• Convenient button layout
• Stable phone connection
• No features
Shinetao Bluetooth Headset V4.2

A lithium battery, which is available in these headphones provides 8 hours of operation without recharging. In addition, the background time of this headset is up to 180 hours without recharging. Bluetooth version 4.2 will provide a fairly stable connection to the device, but nothing special. The keys are located here conveniently enough to answer calls and reset them. Headphones are quite comfortable. If desired, they can be worn both on the right ear and on the left. An active noise reduction system is also a good plus for any headphones, and especially for these.

For a relatively small price, you also get 2 buttons that are responsible for increasing and decreasing the volume while listening to music and calling.

• Convenient keys
• High capacity battery
• Quality sound
• There are no visible flaws
Plantronics Wireless Bluetooth Headset - photo

The battery of these headphones charges up to 100% from 0% in 90 minutes. They are equipped with Bluetooth module version 4.0. After you have given this earphone in your ear, it will automatically turn on, since there is a special sensor system. In addition, 3 special microphones are installed in the headphones, which are used to suppress various noise. Another significant advantage of these headphones over all others is the protection against moisture. You can wear them in the rain, play sports and are not afraid of their safety. In order to answer, you do not need to make any movements. Just say “Answer” or “Ignore” to accept or reject the call.

• Excellent sound reduction system;
• Fast enough charging;
• Answer hands-free calls.
• Old version of Bluetooth.
AMINY Bluetooth Headset - photo

If you want people with whom you communicate to hear your clear voice, then these headphones are best for you. The microphone installed in these headphones transfers your speech to the other person as accurately and cleanly as possible. Also, you will listen to music in excellent quality. The headphones are equipped with two batteries, each fully charging takes 1-2 hours. Each battery provides about 8 hours of wireless talking and listening to music. This headset is connected to absolutely all Bluetooth devices, including laptops, PCs, and others. In addition, there is also protection against light rain and sweat, so do sports and do not worry.

• Great sound quality
• Good microphone
• 16 hours of listening to music without charging
• 2 batteries
• Nothing special


A huge selection of products leads to the fact that everyone can find headphones that are perfect for your needs. Today the market offers a huge variety of different types of Bluetooth headphones. Here are the headphones that are mounted in the ear, there are some which have to be attached behind the ear. A huge number of excellent headphones that are suitable for listening to music and for communication. At the same time, you will even forget that you have something in your ear, it’s so convenient.

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In my opinion, the best headphones are those that take up the least space and produce the purest sound. Unfortunately, these concepts are often incompatible.

Perfect choice

FOCUSPOWER F10 mini Bluetooth is one of the best headphones in the modern world. Why? Because everything is pretty good with them. First of all, it is worth noting that these are one of the smallest, lightest and most comfortable headphones in the world. They hold a charge of about 6 hours, which is average for these headphones, the sound quality is excellent, like all other parameters. Perhaps there is no active noise reduction in them, but for your money, it is better not to find it for sure.


Let’s take a look at the most frequently asked questions.

Q: Will the new headset fit my iPhone?

Probably yes, but you can determine only after purchase. It all depends on the device you choose. Most new and not very old devices are optimized both for working with the Android system and for working with iOS. Nevertheless, optimization is not the first aspect. The Bluetooth headset can work perfectly with an Android device, but it can fail after connecting to an iPhone. For example, it may take longer to connect, finding your phone for a long time, and so on. This must be clarified when buying a particular device.

Q: Which version of Bluetooth is the best?

At the moment, everyone expects the appearance of a new version of Bluetooth 5.1, with which, it will be possible to navigate in space and determine your location most accurately. But, while this version of Bluetooth remains at the development stage, Bluetooth 5.0 remains the latest and best version. Compared with its closest competitor, Bluetooth 4.2, the range of Bluetooth of this version is increased by 4 times, the speed is increased by as much as 2 times! So, the best option would be a headset with Bluetooth 5.0.

Q: What are the main parameters that determine the price of Bluetooth headphones?

First of all, this is the technical and hardware component of the headset. For example, the presence of a microphone, the presence, and convenience of the buttons responsible for answering a call, switching a track and changing the volume. Another decisive parameter is the time that the headphones can work without recharging. Basically, it is 4-6 hours of active conversation or listening to music. In a standby mode, the headphones can work much longer. In addition, the Bluetooth version is also almost a decisive component in determining the price of goods. The touch control panel can also increase the price of the model. In general, there are a lot of such components, including case material and so on. We sorted out the basic issues so that we can move on.

Special attention

Of course, each person has his own requirements, which Bluetooth headphones should meet. Perhaps someone needs a battery that can withstand up to 24 hours without recharging. For some, the sound quality that the headphones reproduce is more important, for others, the quality of the built-in microphone is more important. So, you need to choose the Bluetooth headset that best suits your needs. For example, in order not to rust your headphones during the day, The VI Blue Parrott B350 XT is best suited, which at the same time give out crystal clear sound. But in order to purchase these headphones, you will need to pay a decent amount of money.

Another option, if you need the cheapest headphones, which will work perfectly, then the AMINY Bluetooth Headset may be right for you. For a low cost, you get great sound, a quality microphone and 2 batteries that provide up to 16 hours of battery life.

When choosing a headset, consider not only technical specifications but also design. Thanks to the convenient design, the headphones will not be just an integral part of you; you will simply forget about them. In addition, they emphasize your style and level in society.