Top 10 Cable Power Pullers – Review


When you are about to move to a new place or setting up an office, there are plenty of things on your mind from transferring the furniture to buying supplies and so on. That’s why cable installation might not be the first of your worries – however, without assistive tools, the process is tiresome enough. How can cable power pullers help make things easier?

In this buying guide, you will find out what types of power pullers there are and how to choose the right model for your place. We will review 10 popular cable models to help you make the right choice when you hit the shops. 

What Stand For Cable Power Pullers?

The cable power pullers are the devices that facilitate the process of dragging cables through the walls, floors, and ductwork. Improving the pulling force by 10-15 times, they cut the installation time and improve the overall process efficiency and the longevity of the installation.

A unit is also used by vehicle drivers to remove tapered or balled bearings from the vehicle. Typically, a bearing device is either fully manual or relies on hydraulic power for higher efficiency. 

As a rule, the pulling capacity of a tool goes up to 10,000 pounds. 

Cable Power Puller in use - picture

Types of Cable Power Pullers

There are various modifications of cable pullers on the market – decide on the type of cable pullers you want to get before browsing through listings and evaluating your options. Let’s examine the most popular modifications one by one. 

Pullers with splitter plates

Technically, this type of pulling tool relies on pushing rather than pulling since the pulling action is conducted by moving the wedges. The tool has a sturdy look – it consists of two medium-sized plates tightly joined together. 

Internal power pullers

These pullers are made fro higher-precision work – they rely on a punch for pulling. The working mechanism of internal power pullers are quite complex – all in all, the device is quite efficient. It worth noting that internal cable power pullers are not the cheapest ones around – you will have to pay the overhead for added pulling efficiency. 

Pullers with two (three) arms

This type is typically used to handle various types of gears and bearings. The arms have additional ‘fingers’ to increase the precision of reaching the shaft of the bearing. These pullers are highly adaptable to bearings of various sizes. Depending on the size of the gear you have to pull, you can choose a unit with either two or three arms. 

How to Choose a Power Puller?

A puller has a wide range of applications and often can replace an entire working team. The amount of force it lets you benefit from is insane. Since you will certainly not regret getting a model and keeping it around, choosing the right model is essential. Let’s take a look at the choosing factors that should enter the selection process. 

  • The length of the pull. The characteristic gives you more freedom since it allows you to not be really close to an object to pull it. The average pull length of most pullers on the market is around 8-10 feet. There are so-called long-range pullers as well – these come with a rope attached, and the tool length is increased up to 100 feet. Keep in mind, however, they by choosing a longer-range puller, you will be compromising on another crucial variable – weight capacity. 
  • Weight capacity. Depending on the load you want to pull, you may want to choose a tool with a one-, five-m or ten-ton capacity. The lighter ones are more compact and easier to handle but have a limited range of applications. High weight-capacity pullers are even cable of pushing trucks back onto the road. 
  • The sturdiness of the device. The material and the quality of plate attachment are other things that matter during the selection process of pullers. A good modification should also have a protected coat to avoid corrosion and have increased longevity. 

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Top 10 Cable Power Pullers – Review

Whether you are using a unit to install a cable, work inside the house, or handle a car, its’ crucial to know which models are the most popular ones. You will also benefit from comparing them and defining the pros and cons of which. 

The good news is, after reading this review, you will not have to embark on the journey of product research yourself. We have examined top power pullers to help you make the right choice. 

Wyeth 3-Ton Armsteel Puller - picture

The capacity of the model is not that impressive – however, the double-rope pulling capacity will be twice as high. Although the Wyeth model is not the most functional one on the market, it is reasonably priced, long-lasting and sturdy, and easy to store. There’s no energy storage inside the model – thus the odds of breaking something when you are pulling it are extremely low. 

• Reasonable price
• Sturdy and heavy-duty
• Fast to handle
• Relatively low weight capacity
• Easy to get the cable damaged
• It’s hard to set up the cable
TR Gear Power Puller 4 - photo

Despite seeming small and not too sturdy at first glance, you will later come to realize the modification packs quite a mean punch in terms of weight capacity. You can lift up to 4 tons using this model. 

Since the puller is compact, it’s easy to have at a hand’s reach – you’ll always find a place for it in the garage, inside a car, or at home. The manufacturer included a storage bag into the package as well. All gears and frames are steel-made and have high durability. 

• Equal force distribution thanks to the dual structure of the gear
• Four-feet long hook
• Carrying case in the package
• The cable is too big – that limit’s the puller’s range of applications
• Short pull range
• Might miss parts as a result of a shipping error 
3/4 -Ton Capacity Maasdam Puller - huge one

This device is not a top-tier choice as much as it’s a solid three out of five. It might not be the sturdiest or strongest unit – however, it’s quite flexible and easy to adapt to loads of various sizes. Thanks to sturdy hooks, the odds of the hook slipping of the load are quite low. The model is fully crafted in the US. The seller offers a lifetime warranty for the product – you will be refunded in case there’s a defect in the item. 

• Thick ropes and solid hooks
• Reasonable price
• Long-reach pulling
• Pressure release issues
• Using it requires a steep learning curve
• Cables require frequent resets
2-Ton Tekton Power cable Puller photo

This is not the right model for heavy weightlifting. You will realize how much it is lacking in weight capacity compared to their models almost right away. Having said that, if you want to have a tool around for handling small chores, this one is sturdy and compact enough to still fill the bill. There’s a lifetime warranty on the product that makes the purchase more risk-free. 

• Attaches with ease
• Solid functionality
• Full refund in case there are defects
• The cover of the frame is not safe to use with
no gloves
• Low-scale weight capacity
• Gets stuck inside the car
Neiko Puller with 5-Ton of Weight Capacity - clean photo

This device is among the top-tier ones on the market. Even by the look of it, the tool is considerably sturdier than anything else you might come across. Then, there’s a high weight capacity which makes Neiko modification handy in multiple applications – be it gardening or farming, automotive work, or in-house chores. 

Although the tool enables handling heavy loads, you can operate in one-handedly thanks to a sturdy system of ratcheting tools. The model comes with three hooks. 

• High weight capacity
• Versatile
• Easy to use
• Rough design
• Above-average price
• Low durability of ratchet gear
SuperHandy Lifting Puller 1/2 Ton Capacity with chain - photo

This lifting tool has a notoriously low weight capacity. It is extremely low-scale and can hardly be of any use in any construction work if not for small onsite chores. 

Other than that, there’s little to say about it – the design is sturdy and promising, with an aluminum finish on the hooks and the gear. There’s a hand grip for higher using convenience and 360-degree rotating hook for higher versatility. 

• Meets all certifications;
• Dedicated team of support agents;
• Safe to use. 
• Low weight capacity
• Breaks down easily
• Should be used only for low-scale activities
Maasdam Puller 1-Ton Capacity - mid weight mechanism - photo

This one is loved in the community for its ease of use and sturdy design. On the flip side, you will have to deal with the low weight capacity of the device. Unfortunately, the handgrip is plastic and doesn’t have high durability although it is easy to use and quite convenient to store. The hook of the model can rotate up to 360 degrees and is quite versatile. The puller meets the OSHA safety regulations.

• Compact design
• Convenient to use
• Hooks don’t slip
• The pawls are too wide
• Struggles when releasing the pressure from the rope
• Barely lifts heavier items
2-Ton Drixet Power cable Puller

Although the tool has a limited weight capacity, it’s quite versatile in its own right. You can operate the model with one hand, there are three hooks to ensure even force distribution and increase the durability of the unit. 

The Drixet model has a protective coat of steel around the hooks and the gear – you will not have to worry about damaging the device so easily. The model comes with a 13-feet long cable ensuring long-range pulling.

• Easy to attach to the load
• Reasonably priced
• Easy to store
• Cumbersome design
• Can come with defects straight after shipping
• Glitchy pressure release mechanism
ABN 4-Ton Hand Puller - photo

The tool is equipped with dual gear, can handle most pulling operations, and is easy to set up. All the components are made of steel, with a finish to ensure there’s no risk of corrosion. There’s a long grip that allows house or car owners to grip objects remotely. Also, thanks to on-hook safety latches, you can stay protected and not risk injuries when working in the house or in the garden. 

• One of the best offers in terms of price
• Dual gear increases the versatility of the unit
• Solid functionality
• Thin hooks
• Easy-to-break gear
• Pin-holding clips tend to fall off
4-Ton Power Puller Sportsman - clean photo

The tool will come in handy for all types of long-range pulling since the length of the cable reaches 15 ft. There’s double gear that increases the durability of the equipment. Also, the device comes with two hooks – thus, you can pull more than one load concurrently. The model is steel-built, has a grip that prevents loads from slipping off the hook, and durable locking levers. 

• Long handles
• Easy to use
• Durable
• Steep setup learning curve
• No instructions in the package
• The release mechanism may require tweaking


A ratchet puller has so many potential applications, it’s unlikely you will regret getting one after you buy it. There is no shortage of models on the market that fall into every price range. To choose the right ratchet puller, be sure to draw up a list of pros and cons for every product in your shortlist. It will not hurt to contact the manufacturer and find out how engaged the support team is. This way, you can be confident that there’s a way to return a tool in case you find a defect in it.