The Best Car Window Breakers (TOP 3) Review


Benefits of Emergency Window Breakers

Let’s be honest: the car window breaker is not the first thing that comes to your mind when thinking about your four-wheel friend. Moreover, it’s not something any of us adore to contemplate. However, life is life and thinking about some things before they happen means being responsible. Even though we may look a bit morbid testing car window breakers, it’s better to think about safety when things are good if you don’t want a chance to turn out to not-so-good.

Since winter encroaching us every year, there’s also a ring of falling, slipping on ice or struggling with fog. Unfortunately, lacking visibility and storms come along together. This is a critical point where you should stop and think about two things — seat belt cutting tool and window breaker device. The latter must be placed in the area you could easily reach so you will be able to protect yourself, friends, family or colleagues in case of emergency.

It goes without saying prevention is the best thing you can do instead of cursing and it’s significant to take a quick look at four-wheel friend maintenance as well as to driving standards in order to make sure in full safety. Functional and properly working seatbelt, finely made wheels are among these “musts”. Even if a bad thing happens, you are fully ready and prepared for a script when you can get to a car in a moment, get out or cut a seatbelt. This article is aimed to provide help when choosing the best breaker for safety for a vehicle. Below we have gathered and tested TOP-3 car window breakers so now you can find out what are those devices on the market that worth your attention. 

Things to Watch Out

Material. The majority of auto escape tools own the same features and some of them may even look the same. It happens because similar parts by different producers could be used for different car window breakers. What you have to do is to give close attention first to material a breaker was designed from to ensure it’s something that, indeed, will last more than 4 months.

Advance. Even though there are some products that offer additional features, believe us, ‘additional’ is the last thing you need in case of emergency. If you are trapped and there’s an accident or other trouble a complex product is useless since all you need is just a tough and durable window breaker that’ll save you. Seek for something compact and for a device you’ll be able to place anywhere with easy access. 

Glass type. The last but not the least thing to make sure if the chosen car window breaker suits the type of glass of a car. As a rule, a hammer on the majority of such tools is only capable of cruising tempered glass. Check your vehicle glass specifications or ask auto’s dealer if needed in order to select and buy the correct tool. 

Technical Issues

Basics. There are dozens of car window breakers currently available on the Internet, but 90% of them have a basic feature which is called to save you if there’s an accident: seatbelt cutter and a window breaker. Pay attention to these two functions — it’s a must and that minimum an escape tool has to have.

Performance. An emergency tool and good performance come together since you’re going to use it in case of an accident ONLY. That’s why a car window breaker has to be made of durable materials and have a silicone handle or made of material so your hand won’t slip away.

Versatility. If needed, choose a versatile tool that boasts of several functions. Choose details and descriptions of each product to find out more about its available versatility.


There are simple car emergency tool and breakers which boast of additional functions (for instance, USB-port). Choose wisely according to your daily needs, in our review you will find auto escape tools of both types.

Product Review

Nowadays modern cars are packed with numerous safety and additional tools that are intended to make your driving experience smooth and easy. A car window breaker is +1 to your safety and peace of mind while driving. Go through our detailed review in order to find the most suitable auto emergency tool.

The Original Keychain Car Escape Tool

Compact, lightweight and powerful — this car escape tool has all a driver’s needs in case of an accident. Offering numerous colors and pack of 2 seat belt cutter, you’ll be armed to the teeth. A pack also offers a car window escape tool. This keychain is easily accessible and it does not require any installation at all. Made in the US (certified and tested) that guarantees exceptional quality, plus this brand saw the world 20 years ago. 

Pros Cons
• Made in the US
• 20 years on the market
• A variety of colors
• A clip could break
Lifehammer Brand Car Safety Hammer

This tool is double-sided, means it will help you to prevent automotive entrapment more effectively and faster. Lifehammer device is double-sided and thanks to steel hammerheads, it works both via side and rear windows. As for its blade, it looks and works like a real one. Moreover, this tool has a mounting bracket for installation which won’t take you more than 15 mins. The nice bonus is a pair of fluorescent pin glows is included in a kit.

Pros Cons
• Double-sided
• Has mounting bracket  
• Not that easy to install
2 Pack Safety Hammer

This is a multi-purpose escape tool: one end of it works to cut the seatbelt, another one is intended for window break. It comes as a set of 2 safety hammers and 2 mounting brackets. Thanks to double-tipped hammers, you will have no worries about the quality of the product and it will work for sure in case of an accident. To emphasize on material, it’s made of high-grade carbon steel and fine engineering plastic. Ergonomic design and only 0.3lb makes this safety tool one of the most functional ones since you can swing it easily. 

Pros Cons
• Ergonomic design
• High-grade carbon steel + fine plastic 
• May take some time to mount

Our best choice

Without any exaggeration, when talking about car driving, safety comes first. This is why we insist every auto enthusiast has to own a car window breaker. Summing up dependable materials, easiness to use and high-quality along with positive reviews, we choose 2 Pack Safety Hammer. This nice and simple car window breaker will be a great companion for your safety and for the safety of your loved ones. If you have been surfing the Web in search of dependable and finely made car window breakers, this is it. Check our detailed review one more time to make sure this product worth your attention.


What stands for a car emergency tool?

A car window breaker (also known as a car escape tool, car emergency tool) is a device dеsigned and manufactured for emergency situations. Speaking in general, these tools are aimed to serve 2 main functions:

  • you’re able to break a side window
  • you can easily cut a seatbelt

An auto emergency breaker is a thing that won’t break the budget. It’s affordable compact ‘must-have’ for every auto enthusiast. To emphasize its size, you will be able to keep it in your automobile’s glove box or, say, place it in console inside your car. 

There’s nothing complex with a car window breaker and we hope there won’t be even a slight need to use it.  Nevertheless, it’s really a small investment for your safety and peace of mind. Whenever you or the next car is stuck in an accident, such a car tool may save a life.

Why do I need it?

As mentioned before, speaking about accidents is not the best thing in the world. However, with a car emergency device, you will be armed to the teeth in a situation where every moment counts. Since you cannot expect emergency help to arrive in 1 minute, there are actions you can do by yourself, actions that could matter a lot for human’s life. 

Owning this kind of tool means you’re prepared and have easy access to break a car window or cut seat belt with no efforts. You’re armed and there’s no need to wait for professionals to arrive. Again, we don’t say it will protect you fully or that you have to neglect professional help, but in some cases, a car window breaker can save you life or help in any other accident where someone is really trapped and needs help. 

Some of those breakers have more functions than just two above mentioned. Some of them have USB chargers and other up-to-date additional features, however, it’s only up to you to decide if you need a car window breaker that serves your daily needs. 

What to do if I’m in an accident?

As a rule, an answer to this question depends on the whole situation as well as the weather and general environment you are in. Consider those several things: calling to emergency service, remain calm and use special tools (like car window breaker or others).


Once you have decided to get a car window breaker, it’s the first step to your safety.

Before picking functional and easy-to-use car emergency breaker, make sure you are defined about materials, size and other requirements you have. When it comes to auto products (even though the car window breaker is an accompanying one), the diversity is overwhelming, thus, you need to look at details to choose more precisely. 

It may concern to take a look via another car safety products in order to prevent hijacking: Best car steering wheel locks

Even though there’s a widespread belief that a car window breaker is not a must for automotive experience, we insist a high-quality emergency tool is what you need just in case. Whether you immediately need to open your vehicle from the inside or outside or cut your seat belt, car window breaker is a small tool, but it’s high importance. A quality car window breaker protects you from accidents and makes you prepared for any bad situations remit it. Go through all technical terms and review one more time, pay attention to details and pick the firmest and functionally simple car window breaker for your automobile.