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Little-Known Facts from the Modern World of Cars

Do you consider yourself a car expert? Are you sure that there is not a single fact, which is unfamiliar to you? Let us try to surprise you! In this automotive review, we have collected five interesting facts about the automotive world that you probably did not know before.


The safest cars in the world

Car performance and its specs are undeniably important, however, safety is a key factor when choosing a car. The newest cars are equipped with the best safety systems that can protect the driver and passengers during an accident but still of them are not equal in this criterion.

According to the results of numerous comparisons and crash tests, such cars are considered the safest in 2020:

The first place in the list of the safest small family cars went to Mercedes-Benz CLA. It showed the record protecting safety at 91% for children and at 96% for adults.

Mazda CX-30 also demonstrated an excellent level of protection and was the winner in the SUV class category.

Tesla Model 3 received an award as the safest car in the class of ‘Electric vehicles and hybrids’.

In the ‘super mini’ class, the first place went to the Audi A1 and Renault Clio.

Test drives also show that the safest high-performance car is considered to be Aston Martin DB11 AMR 2dr Coupe.


The quantity of cars on our planet

Automobile companies are actively developing their production. This has led to a glut of cars in the world.

Today’s indications are as follows:

  • -The total number of cars on the planet is about 1 billion;
  • -About 165.000 units are produced every day;
  • -According to numerous car reviews, the number of vehicles in the world will double by 2040.


Auto glass for blind people

One of the newest car inventions of the automobile industry is called Feel the View. The main task of this project is to help blind people get the knowledge of what is behind the windows of their car.

The creators of the project are Ford Motor Company and Italian Startup Aedo. Their new invention is auto-glass for city cars, which transforms the image of the world into exciting pictures that you can ‘see’ through touch.

The principle of its operation is the following: the system photographs landscapes and broadcasts them on the vehicle glass according to the principle of Braille. A person, in turn, feels the vibrations of various intensities with his fingertips. It resembles a relief-dot font. Additionally, the perception of the world is enhanced by sound.


Is the so loved ‘new car smell’ safe for the car owners?

The smell in the interior of the new car fills the owner’s heart with pride. However, recent studies have shown that the content of dangerous substances in the air inside a new car is rather high, so this smell can be harmful to people’s health. Besides, new car prices do not matter. The main danger comes from the materials, used in the armrests of seats, car electronics, and in the floor mats.

Nevertheless, the lucky owners of new cars should not panic. The concentration of these secretions decreases significantly over time and a salon becomes completely safe.


The largest speeding fine

The 37-year-old Swede driver holds the world record for the largest speeding fine.  He paid €1.000.000 for driving his sports car at speed of 180 mph under the cameras. The speed limit on that road was 75 mph. According to Swedish traffic rules, the size of his fine was calculated in accordance with his welfare. So the ‘racer’ was definitely not from the poor.