Vehicle electronics help – useful tricks and hacks

Car electronics: Safety, Convenience & Entertainment

Today, a car is not an ordinary means of transportation. For some, the “iron horse” is a favorite toy, a true friend, or a whole house on wheels.  Let’s find out what useful accessories and gadgets are worth equipping a car.

Properly selected devices for cars will make the driving process more enjoyable. Modern automotive electronics will allow you to talk on the phone safely while driving, listen to music, park successfully even in the tightest parking lots and much more. car electronic accessories make our life more comfortable, funnier and safer. Let’s consider the best gadgets for cars, which must be in every modern car.


The Best car electronics for Family Road Trips

Vehicle electronics should be selected depending on the purposes for which the car is used. For example, a car for family travel should have a very useful high-quality automobile entertainment system and a reliable on-board camera. But first things first.

Entertainment systems

Since most of us cannot imagine life without our mobile devices, it is ideal if there is no additional wire required to connect a mobile phone to the car.

Another important part of any vehicle entertainment system is satellite navigation. Considering that this is the most frequently used function of the system, it is important to use the map is easy and convenient.

Equally important, automobile entertainment systems have high performance. A slow-running system can be very annoying and also can distract from driving. It’s great if the system works in hands-free mode, giving the driver the ability to voice-control the car.

On-board camera

The most important thing about traveling by car is security. Thousands of traffic accidents occur on American roads each year. To get insurance premiums, to prove your innocence in court, it is better to have irrefutable evidence of what happened. That is why it is so important that the car has a car DVR.

This compact device is designed to record and store video and audio signals. The DVR is equipped with one or more cameras, a microphone, which record while moving. During controversial cases on the road, such a “black box” will come in handy.


Car electronics accessories

In matters related to auto electronics, you need to find a balance between practicality and functionality and fun and entertainment.

Route control

How not to get lost in the streets of an unfamiliar city? How to travel by car and not spend gas on extra miles of unknown terrain? How to get from point A to point B on the shortest path? The answer to all these questions will tell the smart device – GPS -navigator.

GPS is an accurate global satellite system. It allows you to determine the location using a special receiver. In fact, you can connect such a system to a mobile phone, laptop or any individual screen gadget. Such a simple device helps not only determine the exact location and lay the route, but also to avoid traffic jams and to save time.

At night, the GPS navigator is also an indispensable assistant. It allows you to keep abreast of upcoming turns, bends and dangerous sections, warns of speed limits on certain sections of the roadway.

Some fun

To relax on the road, to brighten up the trip time or to fill the silence when in the cabin is only one person cool music helps. The best way to do it is to turn on a car radio and speakers. The head unit is capable of playing songs, playing back clips, films and even showing the way.

The head unit can be standard or installed in the process of using the car. If you decide to upgrade this accessory, give preference to models that have a Bluetooth, USB, and to which you can connect a rearview camera. So you can listen to the radio and quickly turn on the playlist of your mobile phone.

In addition, with such a head unit it will be convenient to monitor what is happening behind the car while riding backward. To enjoy a clear sound on the go, you should spend money and buy a cool car stereo system with high-performance car audio.

Car security

To protect the car from theft, you need an expensive alarm. You should not hope that the standard built-in model will protect the vehicle from the hands of scammers. It is better to spend money and install an additional electronic alarm and supplement it with mechanical protective equipment. Perfect if the alarm will have feedback, tags and safety bolts.

Quite a lot of modern alarms work on the principle of a remote starter. They allow you to start the car engine without the participation of the owner, by the signal of a timer or temperature sensor.


What else?

Modern cars are equipped with a mass of 12-volt appliances that run on battery power. At the same time, many car owners can have necessities to connect full-fledged electronics to the on-board network of the car, which requires 110 or 220 volts to operate. In such a situation, car inverters are able to help and convert the energy of the on-board network in such a way that almost any electronic device can be powered.

Modern inverters can also have a lot of additional options. Some models have information displays, others are able to work from the on-board network of a car with different voltages.



Choose the “filling” for your car focus on your needs. Do not chase fashion and make impulsive purchases. Remember that good car electronics should make your life behind the wheel more comfortable and safe.