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Akarui Led Headlight Bulbs Conversion Kit - H1

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Akarui Led Headlight Bulbs Conversion Kit - Single Beam - Premium Led Chip - 9.600 lumens - 6K Cool White - Pair - H1



  • EXTREMELY HIGH LED BRIGHTNESS - Clear 6000K cool white light 4800 LMs each LED bulb. Total power of 9600 LMs, am exclusive 55W light output, which is about 260% brighter than the average light and does not have a glare.
  • CREE MK-R LED - Made to last pretty much forever (50.000 hrs).
  • HEAT SINK DESIGN - Cold-Pressed Alumimum body with 15.000 RPM DUAL TurboCool fan. Twice as much force as generic LED.
  • WATERPROOF EFFICIENT - Shock-Proof and Waterproof protection with aviation aluminum as cooling system, fanless, noiseless, ensuring headlight bulbs excellent performance. Has a waterproof level of IP67. CanBUS Ready - Work Great with any vehicle CPU that supports CanBUS.
  • PLUG AND PLAY INSTALLATION - Easy step-by-step plug and play installation and instructions. We offer "TWO YEAR" warranty and LIFETIME support.

Product description

EXTREMELY HIGH LED BRIGHTNESS. Thanks to the high levels of brightness at 9,600 lumens, no dark spots or foggy light is created. Making it easier to see in those dark and hazzy nights. Fog can be difficult, this helps solve that problem. Each bulb generate 4,800 lumens, providing a crystal clear 6000k white light, that provides clear visibility of the road at night. This is quite advantageous especially when you factor in the many objects and obstacles on the road.



LONG LASTING AND SAFE. Making your drive safer and less stressful. To ensure that the AKARUI Super Bright LED headlight bulbs last longer, they are fitted with an improved intelligent cooling system. This is in combination with the dual IC control driver and turbo cool fan. Thanks to this, the bulbs are able to provide 50,000 hours of brilliant continuous light. The intelligent cooling system prevents damage to the components, as well as ensures a long lifespan.

THE COOLING SYSTEM. The cooling system is made with cold-pressed aluminum heat sink which ensures a 50% improvement in heat conductive efficiency when compared to common casting aluminum heat sink. They come with a dual turbo cool fan which is able to spin at 15,000 rpm thus delivering 6 cfm of air flow at any given time. This is more than what standard cooling fans offer. Patented CSC aluminum substrate technology has been used for the PCB which helps to improve heat conductivity by 10 times.



CERTIFIED WATERPROOF. The LED lights are waterproof, thus ensuring protection to the internal electrical components. This means they are not susceptible to damage from the rain or moisture. As high shock and vibration resistant LED drivers with over heat protection, they provide long-term usage to the user. To ensure compatibility with any vehicle’s CPU, the bulbs have been designed to be True CanBUS Ready. This eliminates the need of purchasing additional components to ensure the fit is perfect.