The best exhaust car jacks – TOP 10 Review


There are a few must-have items that come with the territory of owning and operating a motor vehicle and an exhaust car jack happens to be one of them! We know, we know! You, Smart Alec drivers, will laugh this notion off as malarkey and pin your hopes on a car mechanic always being around to lend a helping held!

Won’t you?

Just wait until you get stranded in the middle of nowhere with a flat tire and no assistance in sight! Let’s not mince matters here: every driver needs an exhaust car jack! Now, what kind of a jack – a simple mechanic or a more complex hydraulic one – is a different story entirely! With this in mind, we’ve analyzed the market and skimmed the cream off the top for your appraisal.

Let’s Get Ready to Ruuumble!

Arcan ALJ3T - car jack photo

Arcan has a number of exhaust jacks crowning best selling lists this year and by our reckoning, not a single one of them pushes the envelope just as hard as the ALJ3T does to make the user 100 percent satisfied!

In all regards, its excellence personified!

It’s not something we’d usually say about such a macho piece of equipment as a car exhaust jack but it’s a real eye candy design-wise, so if you are big on appearances this beauty will be a pleasure to the eyes every day. Don’t take us wrong, we haven’t forgotten about the primary function of any jack – it’s supposed to make your car lifting experience a breeze. And this model does so and with a vengeance.

It’s the sole piece of engineering craftsmanship on our Top 10 list produced out of highest grade steel-tough but light aluminum. It’s only fifty-six pounds heavy, which is very good for its size, plus it parleys this size into tremendous torque and lifting prowess.

This little beastie will eat anything you mount on it that’s not in excess of three tons for breakfast! Plus, at its fully extended position, it can reach up to eighteen inches high – more than enough even for off-road custom-made vehicles. At its lowest stance, it can creep under 3.75 inches of vehicle clearance without a problem. All in all – excellent lifting range, one of the best on our top 10 list, inferior only to its direct blood sibling Arcan XL2T.

You galvanize this piece into action by using a user-friendly handle that propels it to its full height with six short strokes under no load. The handle on most jacks is a rather protuberant item sticking out like a sore thumb, stealing space and presenting a tripping hazard. Arcan has this issue solved by making it a disassemblable two-piece that can be collapsed in seconds for your easier storage. 

If there is a need, this exhaust car jack can glide over the floor like a ballerina courtesy of its 360-degree swivel back casters and big front wheels. When you need it stable it stays cemented in place under a full or partial load.

What’s with its strengths?

Don’t count on it! Just when you think you are scraping the bottom of the barrel, Arcan gives you more with a rubberized saddle and a foam-cushioned handle – both will make sure your vehicle stays scratch and dent free upon maintenance. A pressure build-up in the system will be rather inevitable if you are going to use your exhaust car jack like there is no tomorrow every day. Arcan has this avenue covered with an inbuilt bypass valve.

Arcan ALJ3T talks the talk and walks the walk – a slam-dunk Number 1 exhaust car jack on our list!

Key Features

  • 3.75 to 18 inches lifting range
  • 3 tons lifting prowess
  • Weighs in at fifty-six kilos
• Reasonably priced
●  Great value for money
●  Very stable and reliable
●  Good mobility and facility in use
• No detectable flaws
exhaust car jack Arcan XL2T - photo

Hey y’all “fast and furious” driving fancy whips with undersides just about kissing the highway surface. Do you like to tend to your beloved cars’ needs on your own? This exhaust car jack will be your best buddy!

A big shout-out to all of you SUV and smaller truck operators! Don’t feel left out, this machine will fit the chassis of your car’ like a glove!

If you think we are making a sales pitch here, think again. Facts speak louder than any words – Arcan XL2T is far and away from the best exhaust car jack on our top 10 list in terms of its versatility.

It can slip under vehicles with clearance as low as 2.75 inches and when extended to its full altitude stands tall and proud at 24 inches high. When it comes to lifting range this model stands in a class of its own.

How in the world did it reach these stunning highs and lows?

Kudos to the Arcan designer team for elongating the chassis into a 32 inches stretch making this machine super mobile when on the loose and totally stable under full load. In fact, shorn of its long handle and fully collapsed inward it does have the slick and streamlined appearance of a formula 1 car replete with small stationary front wheels and mobile back casters – and it’s just as efficient, durable and shockproof.

How much weight can it handle? Alas, it’s not as potent as our number 1 pick and can’t tackle any load in excess of two tons but in all other regards, it’s just as good including a double pump system for quick lifting, shock absorbers on the handle for possible car-paint-and-body damage prevention, a universal joint release mechanism for more precise operation and a few other nifty fixtures.

Of course, this grand versatility comes at a certain price. Mainly in terms of its weight. Stand forewarned! If you intend to lug this piece around using hand-strength alone you better be ripped as weighing in at 97 pounds it’s the heaviest exhaust car jack on our list by a long chalk!

Key Features

  • 2.75 to 24 inches lifting range
  • Two tons of lifting capacity
  • Weighs in at 97 kilos
● Incredible versatility
 ● Very reasonable price
 ● Super stable and reliable
• Very heavy
● Limited lifting prowes
Torin Big Red - photo

This model puts a BIG smile on our face the first time we saw it. At full extension, it does look like a smallish Red Robot that has found a tasty morsel in your car’s underside and stands buried waist-deep therein trying to pry it out. But it packs one heck of a punch performance-wise!

Each of its broad, square steel feet is 4.5 by 4.5 inches and they keep this Robo-jack firmly rooted in place under a full load. It’s a tough cookie as well made out of heavy-duty steel with all joints impeccably welded to provide maximum stability and sturdiness. Granted, any kind of weight in excess of one and half-ton will make its steel knees buckle but as a backup extra safety exhaust car jack or one for your lighter vehicles, it’ll be perfectly serviceable.

You wake up this little scissor-robot by using a rather simplistic handlebar that’s well-elongated for bigger torque – which translates into a minimum amount of effort needed to revolve it. The bar does look a bit last-century design-wise but you’ll be surprised by how responsive it is. It’s in perfect sync with the lifting mechanism and does not make you feel like you have to crank it 3-4 times before anything productive happens.

This scissor-robot can’t extend its brawny legs higher than 15.125 inches above ground level and in its lowest crouch it can fit in under 4,125 inches of vehicle clearance. Yep, its lifting range isn’t going to set the world on fire but we wouldn’t gripe about it too hard given how many perks it offers virtually for a song – take it from us, you won’t believe your eyes when you see its price tag.

If you like your jack to do all the heavy lifting in your workspace while making as little personal effort as possible this model will be just your cup of tea – it’s super light, eight pounds, – you can literally carry it using finger-strength alone.

Bottom line: this simple scissor jack has “Must Buy” written all over it. It can play first fiddle in your garage if you are working on a smaller, lighter vehicle or act as a perfect safety harness when dealing with bigger loads. You buy it, set it in place with a minimum amount of hassle and Off To The Races!

Key Features

  • 4 to 15 inches lifting range
  • One and a half-ton lifting prowess
  • Weighs in at 7.7 pounds   
● Incredibly low-priced
● Super light
● Great versatility
• Limited lifting capabilities
Torin T83006 - photo by Amazon

We’ll state it loud and clear – the T83006 model missed our top 3 list by a hair! Is it fully deserving to eat with the big dogs? We’ll leave that up to you to decide. It’ll surely be a highly appealing purchase to users who put the price factor above all else. This exhaust car jack is about three times cheaper than any of its remote Arcan cousins and also a bit lighter. It can piggyback any loads under three tons and has a user-friendly design.

Its design is something we’d like to dwell on a little bit. If you hate to pump the handle one time two many this jack could be for you as it comes with a long neck which reduces stroke reps when lifting higher profile vehicles. Not that it matters much but it’s a nifty little trait to have. Granted, the handle is not too long but it does the job just fine.

Its propulsive mechanism is a different story entirely. It has beefy looking front wheels and rear caster-types, they bring very precise action and good mobility, are stable under load and won’t make you feel like you are running a Bambi on ice. It bears mentioning though – a few users have lodged a complaint about a wheel falling off while moving. This exhaust car jack also leaves low-clearance vehicle operators literally out in the cold with a 5.9 inches lowest height setting. There is a silver lining though. What it lacks in terms of this parameter it makes up for with respectable 17 inches max upward extension. 

The model can’t quite measure up to our top contenders quality-wise but it’s inexpensiveness and lifting prowess make it a worthwhile proposition.

Key Features

  • 5.9 to 17.25 lifting range
  • 3 tons lifting prowess
  • Weighs in at 43 pounds
● Great asking price
 ● Good lifting power
 ● Good stability and light weight
● Unserviceable for low clearance vehicles
 ● A bit rough around the edges material-wise
Pro-Lift F-767 - photo

Pro-Lift F-767 has been one of the best selling car jacks over the last couple of years and we can definitely see why. Moreover, it’s ultra-cheap and aesthetically pleasing to the eye, weighs just thirty pounds and is made out of heavy-duty rust-resistant steel. It has a fluid and stable forward propulsion mechanism and overall maneuverability plus a few other nifty features.

What are its major bragging rights?

It can drop to 3.33 inches in its lowest position and rise up to 15 inches height when fully deployed – most kinds of ground clearances are within its grasp.

Even if you try your damnedest hard you won’t be able to send this jack into overload as it comes equipped with a good pressure-control bypass system. Granted, we can already hear the irate response from clients that are throwing all kinds of poison darts at this model for its “erratic hydraulic system operation”. Many of these complaints apparently stem from simple failure to comply with a user instruction manual. Wake up and smell the coffee! Preliminary prior-to-use pressure valve inspection and adjustment, if need be, is inherent in a number of popular car jacks. 

This jack is definitely no Hercules in terms of its muscle power maxing out at two tons lifting capability but it’s a reliable, light and a rather versatile piece that’ll cost you next to nothing!

Key Features

  • 3.33 to 15 inches lifting range
  • Two tons of lifting capability
  • Weighs in at thirty pounds
● Excellent value for money
 ● Very sturdy but light and mobile
 ● Impressive range
● Limited lifting prowess
● Prior-to-use pressure system tweaking might be required
Powerzone 380033 - photo

What will surprise you first and foremost as you set your eyes on this jack? Its size! It’s really diminutive and weighing just under twenty pounds it’s by far the lightest trolley floor jack on our list. Needless to say, it offers you portability and storage efficiency galore no other unit here can match. It’s a real mighty mite as well, made of steel and capable of handling loads up to two tons heavy. Big things come in small packages, eh?

It comes equipped with the usual assortment of features to make your lifting operation a delight. Of course, the usual safety release valve is on hand to keep the hydraulic system on track. Plus it comes in stark red and black coloration – looking very spiffy and professional.

It’s a lower-price product so don’t expect to be wowed by the overall material quality and structural integrity – they are okay, but definitely not great. The wheels do look a bit flimsy design-wise and one has to wonder how long they can survive the day-to-day work rough and tumble. The handlebar is a bit unwieldy to operate as well. It’s the incapability to accommodate any low clearance vehicles and underwhelming full height extension are two let-downs of sorts. We are afraid that at 5.25 to 13 inches lifting range this model is not exactly an epitome of versatility.

Key Features

  • 2 tons of lifting capability
  • 5.25 to 13 inches lifting range
  • Weighs in at 19.7 lbs
● Super light and maneuverable
 ● Very powerful for its size
● Overall material quality
 ● Very limited lifting range
Performance Tool Yellow - photo

This trolley floor jack trundles into view sporting an array of appealing buyer-friendly traits but it has a few limitations as well. One thing at a time, though. 

So, what are its major selling points?

While its asking price is abysmally low it has the capability to lift two and a half tons of gross vehicle weight – a great one-two punch combo! It’s also the lightest floor jack on our list weighing in at 28 and a half pounds. Plus it can elevate itself to a 15 and a half inches height – excellent lifting range. It’s made out of steel so it’s supposed to be tough and comes equipped with such hydraulic jack mainstays as a pressure control valve, mobile rear casters for easier maneuverability, good-length easily mounted and dismounted handle, etc.

If you arrange a small demolition derby between trolley jacks featured on this list don’t expect this one to survive. It does look like it has the constitution of an ox but alas it’s not superbly robust or rock-steady under a full load. The plastic handle for manual portage does look like it could have been stronger. The jack is very light but for some reason not exceedingly maneuverable on the floor. It reaches full extension under 10 handle strokes but slams the door in the face of low-clearance vehicles with its limited five inches lowest position setting.

At the end of the day, you get what you pay for and give this model costs virtually nothing we wouldn’t look this gift horse in the mouth too long and too hard.

Key Features

  •  Two and a half tons lifting capacity
  • 5-15.5 inches lifting range
  • Weighs 28 pounds
● Awesome price
● Excellent lifting capabilities
● Very light
● Overall production quality
● Limited lifting versatility
RhinoGear 11909ABMI - photo

Small wonder RhinoGear ramps have been selling like hotcakes since their release date – this dynamic duo is juiced to the gills! They are capable of bearing up under crushing five tons of weight without breaking a sweat and ask for an extra half a ton add-on! A storage capacity that would make any jack on our list turn green with envy.

You don’t have to worry about your wheels losing traction on these babies either! They don’t appear exceedingly broad but are in fact super stable. The slightly serrated non-skid surface seems to fuse itself with any tire pattern seamlessly. Low-clearance vehicle operators need not bother about scraping their precious front bumper skirts while mounting these ramps as their seventeen-degree incline provides for a silk-smooth arc of ascension. They weigh just eighteen pounds and are definitely just a minor inconvenience to port. 

These twins are as tough as they come but they are not all brawn no brains! A specially designed hollow interior allows these bad boys to merge themselves into one entity in the blink of an eye. If storage space is at a premium you’ll definitely come to appreciate this feature. The last but not least, they are amazingly inexpensive! A purchase too good to pass by if you ask us.

Key Features

  • Five and a half tons storage capacity
  • Special non-skid surface
  • Suitable for low and high clearance vehicles
● Great price
 ● Awesome storage capability
 ● User-friendly design
● No flaws that we could detect
Sunex 6809 - photo

One of the best under hoist safety stands on the market, hands down! If you are a proactive type that likes to take the bull by the horns and lift/overhaul your transmission, strut, engine mount, exhaust system, gas tank or other related items on your own this model will work miracles from day one!

It’s a real Steady Eddy with a broad base and tough all-steel construction. It weighs just 29 pounds and eats up an absolute minimum of space due to its slim and trim frame.

It boasts of pinpoint precise adjustments allowing you to control your car components with unerring precision during maintenance, removal or replacement.

It’s a real high flier in terms of its extension maxing out at respectable seventy-nine inches – more than sufficient for any kind of automotive undercarriage project.

It has a specially molded crescent-shaped broad saddle to better accommodate any kind of chassis components. The handle is very sensitive, and you can elevate your stand to its full height with a few quick spins.

It’s not just your regular screw jack stand per se, it’s a SUPERB stand, and just what the doctor ordered for an eager beaver who has to make frequent readjustments and height-alterations under full load.

How much of a load can it handle?

According to the manufacturer, it feels well in its element under full three-quarters of a ton burden! And we almost forgot to mention, it’s a real bargain buy as well!

Key Features

  • 79 inches maximum lift height
  • 1500 pounds maximum capacity
  • Broad 12 inches diameter base
● Excellent value for money
● Very easy to use
● Five-star versatilit
● No detectable flaws
Torin Big Red - photo by Amazon

If you are casting about for a pair of inexpensive jack stands you might want to make this product your final pit-stop! Or not … It depends on what kind of demands you set for your product quality!

These two tiny towers of power should work like a charm for any amateur and pro car mechanic, at least on paper. Just seven and a half pounds each they can manage a weight of two tons apiece! Talk about punching above your weight!!! 

They can get the job done individually or work in tandem, which is obviously two times the safety level.

Each of these stands has a lifting range stretching from 10 all the way up to 16 and a half inches plus a serviceable base diameter to keep an immovable grip on the floor under partial and full load.

The height adjustment mechanism is very straightforward and uncomplicated but it’s one case when simple is best! You’ll be able to re-adjust your height on the fly and lock it into place at the drop of a hat. The saddle isn’t overly broad but it’ll support any chassis component just fine.

The limitations?

There is no hushing up the recurrent complaints about poor welding quality on some units! It doesn’t seem to be a chronic production defect by any means as multiple customers rave about their jack’ flexibility and efficiency of use, but it’s a consideration that needs to be factored into your end purchase decision and future day-to-day application!

Key Features

  • 10.8 to 16.6 inches lifting range
  • 2 tons of capacity
  • Weight – 7.5 pounds each 
● Very inexpensive
 ● Good power potential and range
 ● Super easy to use
● Weld quality complaints

Comparative Table

PoductGradeLifting range (inches)Capacity (tons)Weight (pounds)ManeuverabilityEasy to useValue for moneyStability
Arcan ALJ3TBest value3,75-183564.84.854.9
Arcan XL2TSolid choice2,75-242974.84.94.85
Torin Big RedEditors choice4,125-15,1251.57,75554.7

The Two Major Questions

Prior to even considering a specific jack as a potential purchase, please, answer two basic questions.

What ground clearance does your vehicle have?
What is its GVWR (gross vehicle weight)?

Once you’re done, now you have your two starting points for future acquisition and can choose between four different types of jacks available on the market.

Scissor jack

Let’s cut to the chase if you are going to use your jack once in a blue moon for an emergency tire replacement you can settle for the simplest mechanical scissor jack. It takes next to no space in your trunk, sets you back no more than 25-90 bucks and is activated by a mere turn of a screw. It can lift up to 3.5 tons of gross vehicle weight depending on the model, so all kinds of SUVs and smaller trucks can apply.

Hydraulic floor jack

Your standard trolley jack is much pricier, bulkier and requires a bit of know-how to keep the hydraulic system in gear! These models are not transportation-friendly and are the usual staples in automobile repair workshops. Of course, you can have one in your garage as well. Floor jacks definitely bring a sizable boost in efficiency and are a great time-saver compared to their simplistic mechanical peers. A quality semi-pro model will cost you anywhere between 200-500 bucks and most units can lift up to three tons.

Bottle jacks

Your regular boozehound will positively love a bottle jack, right off the bat! Nah, just kidding. A bottle jack is a rather ponderous but ultra-powerful jack relying on oil-stoked pumping action to lift their target load. Their lifting capacity is off the charts great, superior to any other jack type. Plus they are not overly expensive, but mostly used for higher-profile 7 plus inches chassis’. Their advantages? They have a compact stubby bottle design, take up little space and go straight up like a rocket! It goes without saying, they can overpower some staggering weights! 

Hi-Lift jacks

Hi-lift jacks live up to their name 100 percent. They are primarily used to get your all-terrain vehicles out of places deep, vicious and dangerous. They can propel a beached-whale of a vehicle as high as 60-80 inches up into the air and well out of harm-way. For special uses only.

The Budget factor

One can’t afford to be remiss when engaged in such a potentially life-endangering activity as a car lift. It means no El Cheapos need to apply when selecting your ideal jack candidate! Of course, if you are really hard-up but in a desperate need of one, you can roll the dice on a low-budget model. In this case, make sure you get at least a single, better two, proven-and-tested jack stands – your life-line in case the main unit collapses while you are lying spread-eagled underneath your car! Good luck.