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2019 Ford Mustang vs. 2019 Chevrolet Camaro: Who Is Winner?


These two models have been in the hearts of sports cars fans for a very long time. And it’s no surprise — they impress many drivers with a stylish design and lots of chips that give an incredible driving experience. Over the years, these models have been improved and become even more convenient, economical, and safer. However, which of these ones is still best? This question is asked by many motorists, because, you see, these cars are pretty similar. Today we will try to answer this question by comparing these two cars.

Ford showed its Mustang on the market back in the 1960s. Since then, it has been actively taking leadership positions and is only improving from year to year. Chevrolet is not inferior to Ford and presented its vehicle only two years later. Since then, these two cars have been constantly competing and fighting vehicle enthusiasts’ hearts.

Predicted Reliability

There is no winner in this matter, both models have the same guarantee coverage.These cars have a three-year basic warranty. It get you three years or 36,000 miles. It is slightly less than usual in sports cars, but on average the automotive industry provides such a guarantee for various types of cars.

Seat Comfort and Visibility

Both cars have two seats in the front and two in the back, but the two-door system complicates access to the rear seats in both cars. As for the front seats, they are very comfortable and you don’t need to use back seats in sport cars. 

These cars offer all adjustment that will provide you with convenient driving throughout the day. However, Mustang, in our opinion, creates much more visibility. Yes, there are also blind spots here, but they are fewer than those of the competitor. Its design is more practical and comfortable. Blind spot control and parking sensors also give this car a big advantage.

Cargo Space

People often do not buy models like that because they think they won’t have enough luggage space. However, here we want to note that these cars debunk this myth. Both models have plenty of luggage space, but the Chevy Camaro still boasts more space. Here you will carry  enough 9.1 cubic feet (0.26 m³), whereas the competitor carry only 7.3 cubic feet (0.21 m³). The Camaro’s trunk opening is narrow and low, which can complicate the loading of luggage and make using of this model less comfortable. Fastback Mustangs have 13.5 cubic feet (0.38 m³) of cargo space, and convertibles can hold 11.4 cubic feet (0.32 m³) of stuff. 

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Cargo Space: Camaro vs Mustang


Externally, these cars are very similar. Both can be purchased in the coupe and convertible versions. You can even note similar retro motives in these models. However, the Mustang is still more in its updated version, a trip to its first model than a Camaro car. For those who are attracted to retro motives, it is more suitable. Nevertheless, this time, in spite of all mentioned, the Mustang looks quite modern. 

At the same time Camaro seems to be a more modern car. Its “smooth lines” of the body add softness to it. A bit retro and here, of course, present, for example, in the design of the rear lights, but Mustang is more retro-styled.

Exterior - Camaro vs Mustang


Both cars have 4 seats, but the rear seats are very narrow. This is proved by the fact that a four-seater car can not always be called family. It is rather an option for youth or a single life. Also the interior of these models look very stylish and even similar. 

interior - Camaro vs Mustang

At first glance, it may even seem that there is no difference at all in the reminder. 

Let’s take a closer look at what Fort and Chevrolet can offer us in this case. There is enough space for the driver and passengers in both cars. The rear seats are more likely to be used for special occasions, rather than for permanent use. As well as externally, cars continue the theme of retro inside.

Both autos have a fairly stylish interior and all the amenities. They are equipped with comfortable seats. Sport seats will keep you in place during fast or sharp turns. At the same time, the seats on both models are standard and trimmed with leather.

Mustang interior materials are of high quality. There is just a few spots with plastics, but they do not cause discomfort. You can also note a few retrospective, for example toggle switches. It may seem to some that this is old-fashioned, but a lot of people will think that this adds some charm to this vehicle.

Chevy has a little more plastic, which makes it “cheaper”. It may seem to some that this deprives the car of all the modernity that a models of this class should have.

Interior Features

Camaro also includes more built-in technical advantages, which set it apart from its competitor. This car has an infotainment system. For parents who have teens this model will be very attractive as it has parental controls. It allows parents to control their teenagers during driving. Moreover, this system may also limit certain features in cars for use by teens. We think that people who has teens who drive should look car that has such function or buy it as add.

Mustang is also equipped with a push-button entertainment system and its logo light that illuminates the area below the side mirrors. 

We also note that models have Android Auto, and Apple CarPlay, these are the entertainment systems that are in most modern models. With these features, you can use your phone when you are driving. This is very convenient, especially if you need to take an urgent call during the trip. For iPhones, this feature is available with phones from iPhone 5.

For the cars like these the car stereo replacement isn’t required, the quality is rich, but if you need – our best selection is here.


It’s no secret that Mustang boasts more powerful engines and  has better performance. These vehicles came with a standard equipment included four-cylinder turbo engines in their base models. But Mustang can give you 310 horsepower, while its competitor produces only 275.

Both models are rear-wheel drive. These vehicles come  with a six-speed manual transmission and has optional 10-speed.

Fuel Economy

It is worth noting that cars are economically viable as its are highly rated for fuel economy. The fuel consumption of these cars is approximately the same and equal to 21 miles (ca. 34 km) per gallon in the city and 31 on the highway. However, the cost of fuel for cars is different. Mustang uses gas, so it is considered more profitable. The Camaro engine, in turn, requires expensive fuel. Therefore, we can conclude that a Ford’s car will be a little more profitable because for the same 21 miles you will pay less for fuel.

Ride and Handling

These models behave perfectly on different roads, but Camaro still wins a bit in this regard. Its rails are well-equipped and modernized, which makes managing them on different road surfaces as comfortable as possible. Ford offers the up-to-date constantly adjusting MagneRide suspension system, Chevy offers a similar Magnetic Ride Control  This fact makes these models a little equal. We also noted that its have upgraded suspension components to manage higher levels of horsepower. Also, these car are tested on the roads and here they showed themselves a little differently. Testers noted that at the time of a test ride Camaro showed itself a little calmer and more comfortable.


Mustang received higher ratings from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). The Mustang will get five stars here, while the Camaro got a little less – 4 stars. The Institute for Road Safety also rated both of these vehicles very highly.

However, according to our estimates, Ford provides higher security than a competitor. On the Mustang, you can install automatic emergency braking and adaptive cruise control, can also install lane-keeping assist. It is very convenient and makes the trip as comfortable as possible. Often these functions need to be bought and installed additionally whereas here its are already standard for Ford’s model.

Camaro does not have such additional safety features, which is very frustrating and underestimates our impression of this models, but there you can get a camera-based rear view mirror and a head-up display.

You can choose GPS with backup camera in this review.

At this point, you can call  Ford’s car the absolute winner.

Who is the winner?

In our opinion, both cars are worthy of their price and can serve you well, but after analyzing we chose the winner in this contest and it turned out to be Mustang. Some features of this car are more impressive than its competitors. This car is more convenient, safer and can give you more comfort on the road. But the Mustang also has benefits worth noting. For example, a system for teens. Parental controls in the car will allow you to monitor how your teenagers are driving.