How To Fix Flickering Led Headlights?

led headlights

Nowadays more and more auto owners choose LED lighting and we can understand why it happens so. LEDs are much more profitable and boast of a very good pure white light. However, a problem of flickering may occur so you need to know how to solve it.  This flicker occurs because the LED headlights turn on and off quickly. These lights do not work according to the same principle as ordinary halogen lamp do, they turn off when voltage drops. This is very bad and you need to somehow fix the problem. So how can you fix it easily and fast by yourself?

Why does this problem occur?

The cause of this blinking can be different.  The cause of this flicker may be a conflict between car’s computer system and the headlight’s electrical system. The electronic frequency and power of LED lights are different from the usual halogen bulbs resulting in flickering issues. If the problem is really is this issue, then you can solve it by buying special resistors, decoders or adapters. These are the devices that will help your lighting and your car computer understand each other.

Another factor is miscommunication in the CAN-bus system. CAN-bus is responsible for the communication of different parts of your car, and is also directly related to the operation of lighting. Therefore, when choosing a resistor or decoder, pay attention not only to whether it is compatible with your lamps, but also whether it is compatible with your car’s computer. Some CAN-bus system are not compatible with some brands. Pay attention to this.

Some unsteady electrical supply from your car may also cause such blinking. You can fix this by installing the driver on the headlights. These drivers will help you maintain constant voltage. Sometimes car wiring cannot provide the constant current that LED lamps need. If flickering keeps going on, check for damage anywhere. Impossible current does not pass due to a relay malfunction.

Equipment for Anti-flickering

Earlier, we talked about how to fix such a flicker using special devices, such as resistors and decoders. Now we will tell you a little more about them and about working with them.

LED decoder

This is one of the most popular gadgets for fixing this problem and you can find it anywhere. This technology is not suitable for LED lamps that need continuous uninterrupted power. So using a decoder, you can easily fix the problem.

Load resistor

This item can also help solve the problem of blinking. It happens pretty often that LED bulbs flash because you have reduced power consumption when switching from halogen bulbs to LED bulbs. In this case, the computer system of your car may not “see” that your lamps really work. A resistor will surely help you fix this and equalize the power.


What is better: decoder or register?

It depends on the problem that causes the blinking, you need to find out about the problem and choose a gadget according to it.

Do LED headlight bulbs get hot?

They could, but not as hot as regular halogen bulbs.

How long do headlights last on average?

The typical longevity of a halogen based headlight bulb is between 450 and 1,000 hours.