How To Fix LED Bulbs & CANbus Error Codes?

Fix LED Bulbs & CANbus Error

We live in an extraordinary age — numerous things are automated and a huge part of it is the automotive industry. Here we’re talking about that just one tiny box alerts you if something in your vehicle does not deliver proper performance — CANbus system.

What is CANbus system?

The Controller Area Network is your car’s new system that is connected to all systems in your vehicle. So when something goes wrong, you immediately notice it. If the notification system is stigmatized or buggy – it is a problem and you need to fix it. In fact, everything is not that bad as it seemed at first glance. You can fix it very quickly by yourself.

First  you need to understand that your car is full of various sensors that tell you that it’s time to change the oil or refuel. If something is wrong with the seat belts, you will know about it before you start the car. It sounds cool, but what’s the problem? The problem is that sometimes these sensors do not work at all when needed. Often this problem is related to aftermarket products.

What is canbus error?

These are malfunction that occur when some parts of your car do not ‘see’ each other.

Perhaps you already know some situations when your car worked very well on halogen lamps and all the alerts came on time and without errors. However, one day you decided to upgrade your car and added some LED lighting. For example, you replaced the headlights with LED ones. They consume less energy and are generally very profitable. You set yourself such headlights without any problems and rejoice, but the problem occurred and the problem is that your car does not reflect that these lamps at all.

Such malfunction leads to the fact that the system simply gives the wrong answers. The system just perceives your light bulbs as faulty even when it’s not and in other cases they simply are not able to  distinguish a burnt out halogen bulb from an LED, that requires less energy.

Compatible bulb

Some companies offer lamps that were designed for those systems and in these cases the lamps may help to solve the problem since they have additional resistors. If your car is not very whimsical, then this method can help you. Since the main problem is that there is not enough resistance, so with the help of such one you’ll add resistance.

Resistor Kits

Sometimes resistor kits is the only thing that can help you, here you can adjust stress to the level that your car needs. Installing them is very simple. The bulb holder in your car has two wires of positive and negative charge, here you need to connect these wires to the wires on the resistor with the special tools that are in the kit. This type of connection is called the connecting parallel. After that, the voltage can be adjusted on the resistor.

As you can see, you can use LED lamps with the CANbus system. If you installed such lamps do not be alarmed by the various system errors your car can give you, they can all be fixed. And as you have already seen, you do not need to spend a lot of time or money on fixing the error and can do it fully by yourself.