How to Install Car Sun Shades?

car winshield sun shades on Mustang
arrangement of sun shades

Car Sun Shades are indispensable accessories in any car. They are very easy to install and use and do not require much of your time. This accessory will help you a lot on a sunny day. First, you can forget about what are heated by the sun seats and stuffy lounge. This accessory blocks the sun’s rays and prevents them from entering the car interior. The sun’s rays not only cause discomfort to the driver, but can also harm the car. Any car enthusiast knows how badly the sun affects the leather interior. If you really want to significantly protect your steering wheel and leather seats from being overdone, pay attention to this accessory.

  1. Open the accessory without fail in the car. It is important. Most models are fastened with Velcro or hinges.
  2. A properly installed curtain should be as close as possible to the windshield. The bottom edge of the cap should lie well in the windshield where it meets the instrument panel.  First install the lower edge of the sun visor.
  3. The top edge of the sun visor should rest well against the windshield. Install it in such a way.
  4. Fix the accessory to the side of the windshield.
installation process

Remove the accessories in the reverse order. It is very convenient and simple. You will quickly learn how to do it.

Car Sun Shades will help you protect your car from the harmful effects of sunlight. As you can see, the installation of this accessory is very simple. You can do it yourself in just a couple of minutes. Of course, for the first time this may seem like a daunting task. But over time, you will learn to do this very quickly.


What is a Sunshield?

It is an accessory that will allow you to reduce the effects of sunlight on the interior of your car. It reflects the sun’s rays and prevents it from entering the car.

How do car sun shades work?

Such curtains reflect the sun’s rays instead of absorbing them. Thanks to this, a slight coolness is maintained in the interior of your car.

How long do sun shades last?

Such accessories are made of very high quality fabric, which can last for many years. Duration of use may be reduced if you install them incorrectly.

What are car sun shades made of?

Such accessories are made of reflective material. It has two sides black and silver. The silver side reflects the sun’s rays, while the black side protects against the penetration of the sun into the interior. Thanks to it the maximum coolness in the car remains.

Are car window shades safe?

They are absolutely safe. Such accessories do not block the visibility for the driver. All they do is keep the sun out of the car.