How to Install Fog Lights?

how to install for lights

Safe driving in all weather conditions is the most important and you should think about it before you face with bad weather. Often  you easy driving depends on the car equipment, for example, fog lights. Unfortunately, not all automobile manufacturers remember this and install such headlights in the basic configuration of the car. Therefore, often the driver must think about this safety point on his own. If your headlights are not installed, it’s time to add this light. Moreover the installing is very simple so you can even do it yourself. How? Now we will tell you how to do it.

Installation Features

Before buying such headlights you need to decide where you want install them. Some cars already have a place to fix additional optics so if you have auto like that you have one problem less. If your automobile do not have such place, don’t worry, you can also made it yourself.

So if the place we talk about early is, you need to understand what size of headlights will fit there. 

Often car owners prefer to install such optics on the roof of the auto. If you prefer it, you can buy any headlights, because in this case size is not matter.

You will also need to purchase electrical wires, terminals for connecting wires, a button to turn on new headlights, a fuse and a four-pin relay for your work. Materials sold be quality and made by trusted manufacturer. It go without saying that good materials guarantee long term work of your new light.

Preparation for installation

You can install such lights on your own at home. It is not necessary to know the physics course perfectly or to have knowledge of auto mechanics but what you definitely need is patience and calm. This work won’t take a couple of minutes but the result will please you. 

Before work, free up space, find your car’s electricity scheme and recommendations and learn everything. Actually, It’s better to read the instructions a couple of times than to spoil the fog lights or the optics system of your car.

Wiring diagram

You can connect this lights in various ways and their operation will not be different. Popular and easiest way is to connect such headlights through a relay. Almost all cars are wired to install fog lights. To check if your car has one, look at the fuse box. If  you see free terminals for the relay so the preparation are made. In this case work will be very simple and does not require much time.


  • Take off the bumper of your car. Here you can choose the best car bumper guards on the market,
  • Cut holes for new headlights. This must be done very carefully and carefully.
  • Fix headlights to the places prepared in a bumper.
  • Connect the positive and negative contacts of each headlamp. The plus contacts of each headlamp must be interconnected. Negative contact must be connected to the body or chassis.
  • The fog lights can come on in different ways. A button on the light control unit or a button for turning on the direction indicators.
  • After connecting all the contacts, you need to check their reliability and serviceability.

Safety regulations

As you have already seen, installing such headlights is very simple and easy, but this work requires attention. Before work with electricity, make sure that you study your car’s electricity scheme and recommendations. Working with electricity always has some risks that should not be neglected so be prepared for any unforeseen situations and be sure to protect your hands and body, keep a fire extinguisher close by even if you are sure that everything is going okay. And of course, before you go on the road, test the fog lights at home or on an undeveloped road.

As you can see this work is very simple. You can do it yourself at home. The main thing is to adhere to safety rules and do everything with utmost care. First, decide where exactly you want to install such lighting and get to work. Working with electricity requires attention and caution. It is very important to maintain safety rules. When installing such headlights yourself, check them before driving out onto the road. It is very important to be sure that all the lighting in your car is working properly. But if you have problems, be sure to consult a specialist.