How to Effectively Jump Start a Car?


It happens that the car’s battery runs out at the most inopportune moment. There is no way to charge it, and without this, it is impossible to continue the movement. It is better to prevent such situations, but if it happened you should fix the situation. One way, you can charge battery to use jumper cables to jump start it from another car. It is very simple and now we will tell you how to do it. This skill should have all car owners. Since you be never sure that you will not find yourself in the middle of the road with a discharged battery.

Benefits of Using Such Cables

Using such cables, you can easily connect a dead car battery to a living one and in this way turn on a dead one. It is very simple and takes not much time. You can constantly carry out in your trunk. It does not take up much space. They are also very easy to use. It is not necessary to have specific knowledge about cars in order to use them.
You can jump start a car from another car’s battery or from portable jump starter.

How to connect to alive car.

To do it follow the instructions below.

  • First, park cars next to each other.
  • As you will see, there are plus and minus terminals on the cable. Your goal is to connect the machines to each other using cables. First connect the plus terminals on both cars. They are red.
  • Do the same with negative one.
  • Connect black clip to an unpainted metal surface.
  • Start an alive car.
  • Wait some time. It should work some time.
  • Start died car. If it does not work, wait a couple more minutes.
  • If the car starts, do not disconnect the cables immediately. Wait 10 to 20 minutes. Batteries need to be recharged.

Remember safety.

When working with electricity, even with such simple manipulations as connecting cables, remember the safety rules. Make sure that there are no children nearby who could inadvertently or in the game touch cables. Read your engine manual if you haven’t done this before. Some battery models may require different instructions. Remember that the main purpose of these cables is to transfer electricity. Do not touch anything other than handles that you can hold on to.

It is also recommended having safety glasses and use them when installing cables.

How to start a car without it.

If you do not have such cables or if there was no one who could help you in this situation. It is not necessary to have any devices or the help of another person in order to revitalize your car. You can try to do it yourself and not wait for another car to recharge.To do this, you only need to find a flat road with a hill and raise a car on it. Ideally, if it will be a long road down. Then follow the instructions.

  1. Goes it down.
  2. Release the clutch and engage the car in first gear.
  3. After that, turn on the ignition and remove your foot from the brake.
  4. Let the car roll down. In this time release the clutch.Engine should turn on.
  5. If it doesn’t happen, depress the clutch and release it again.

Of course, it’s difficult to find a hill and raising a car on it is also not very convenient. If there is no slide, you can ask someone to push you and do the same.

Questions and answers

How to choose a cable?

Connecting cables are very convenient to use. You can choose any convenient for you. There are cables of various lengths. Of course, long cables are convenient to use if the cars are far apart. But they are not very high quality and may lose their charge. The longer the cable, the more electricity you need to spend. Therefore, try to buy small cables. These cables have a sensor that shows strength. The lower the number, the stronger it is. The standard size is 6.

How long should it take to jump a car?

If the engine does not start, wait 10 minutes. Let the live engine run. Then try again.

Can a car battery be too dead?

Car may stop and not turn on, not only because of a discharged battery. There may be various causes for failure. Some have nothing to do with it. Test the battery first and see if it has a problem. Therefore, you can connect to another car using cables. It is not advisable to do it just like that, without confidence that it is in the battery that the cause of the breakdown is. Working with electricity, even such a minor one, is dangerous. If after several attempts your machine does not start, the problem may not be with the battery. The reason for the stop may be a problem with the generator.

Can I spoil my car by giving someone a jump?

It is possible that such a procedure will harm the living battery. Through the cable, all problems with the battery of the dead car will be transmitted to alive. New batteries protect against this, but there is a small chance of damage. But everyone can be in such a situation. Therefore, do not refuse to help a person.

Is it dangerous to jumpstart a car?

Like any work with electricity, such a connection has some dangers. A dead battery may catch fire at any time. An emergency may occur. In addition, if you carry out the procedure incorrectly, you can harm the living battery.

Therefore, always work carefully with wires. Watch for safety precautions. Protect hands and have a fire extinguisher in your car.

Starting a car is very simple. Such cables should be in the arsenal of any driver. You can store them constantly in the trunk and be sure that in unforeseen situations they will be nearby. Of course, you can hope that someone else will have such cables, but you better not rely on this and have your own. In addition, there is a way to start a car without another car. Try this one too. We are sure you can do it.