How to use jump starter?

jump starting of the car

It does not matter if you have been driving for a long time or you are a novice in automobiles, you understand that no one is safe from the suddenly dead battery. This can happen at any time and in any situation. In the middle of a busy road and on an empty highway. Of course, you can start the battery using cables from another battery of a working car. It’s handy, however, for this you need to wait for this vehicle which is not ok on an empty road. In addition, you must have the cables so a portable charger could be a nice alternative.

human driven car

What is jump starter?

It is a portable battery charger for your car. It looks like a portable phone charger and  includes a power supply and wires with tongs with so you can connect the power supply to the battery terminals.

Advantages of using

First, it saves time. You don’t have to worry about waiting for a car mechanic or looking for a car that you can connect to with cables. You can be calm and confident that a suddenly dead battery will ruin your  plans.

How to connect the device?

  1. Connect the wires to the jump starter
  2. Find the plus and minus battery terminals on your car.

Observing the polarity, you need to connect the power terminals of the jump starter to the battery. Terminals are tagged with plus and minus. Then you connect it from plus to plus, and minus to minus. Please note that the device has a small light bulb. When no wires are connected, it lights up in red. Once you correctly connect the device to the battery, it will turn green.

If the green light turns on, then you can start car. If, for example, you have reversed the polarity, do not worry. New models of the device are protected and the red light will simply light up, which indicates an incorrect connection.

Now go to your vehicle. It is necessary to turn off all consumers of electricity. There are headlights, radio, stove, fan. We do it for the energy goes only to the car starter.

Turn on the parking mode if you have an automatic, if you have the manual – neutral and press the clutch additionally.

We turn on the ignition and try to start it.

If the engine starts poorly, wait up to a minute and try again. If you do not start, perhaps something is wrong with the engine and subsequent attempts will be useless.

After you start the car you need to disconnect the device from the battery. Now you need to remove the positive and negative terminals of the  jump starter from the battery terminals.

instruction how to jumpstart a car


 Can the battery be too dead?

A car stop may occur due to various reasons. This is not always due to the battery. In addition, the battery may go out of tune and not discharge. In case you cannot start the battery for a long time, you may need to replace it.

It's safe?

Using such device is absolutely safe. However, keep in mind remember that this is working with electricity and it means that you must follow safety rules. Protect your hands before working with wires. In addition, keep a fire extinguisher nearby.

What if I can’t connect?

Check if the terminals are connected correctly or not. Remember that the positive wire must be connected to the positive terminal, and the negative is connected to the negative. If you cannot start the machine, wait a couple of minutes and try again. Check back in a couple of minutes.

 What happens if I mess up the terminals?

It’s not a big problem. The majority of devices simply will not turn on, since they have a built-in protective mechanism. Just disconnect the wires from the terminals and connect correctly.

This device is very convenient and easy to use. One can independently connect and start the battery in case of a sudden stop. However,  you need to remember the safety rules. Use this device only following the instructions. Read them before using the device and if you can’t start the battery using this device at the end, you may have another breakdown or you need to replace the battery. Do you know how to jump start a car? If you can’t start the battery using this device, you may have another breakdown or you need to replace the battery.