How to use a roof rack?


It often happens that you need to transport some things that do not fit in the trunk of a car. For such purposes, roof racks are an excellent decision. There are many varieties on the market that can be attached to different cars. 


First, you will save some space in your car. It’s very difficult to keep many things into the trunk of a car and while on the roof you can put a bicycle, a surfboard and large luggage. These roof racks are very easy to install and use. You can set them up and remove them yourself as needed. You don’t have to worry about the fact that such a roof mount can somehow damage your car. A properly selected item minimizes any harm from baggage that may cause excess weight on the roof.

Safety tips


First, pay attention to the installation of this add-on. Only a correctly and securely mounted roof rack can provide you with the comfortable and safe transportation of things on the roof of your car.

Balance and weight

Pay attention to the maximum load capacity of a particular model. It is not safe to overload such a trunk. Things that you load on the roof press on the roof of your car. Overloading can damage the roof and spoil it. Also, when loading the trunk, take care that there is no unbalance. Try to load things evenly over the entire surface of the roof.


Remember that you have extra weight on the roof. Drive carefully. Avoid sharp turns or you may accidentally lose things.

Low clearance

Very often people don’t remember that they have something else on the roof, which makes their car a little taller. Especially if it’s a bike that is worth it, so you need to watch this and you may not be able to drive into a low tunnel or arch.

How to use a roof rack?

  1. Attach the roof rack to your roof type. Please note that despite the versatility, some models of roof racks are not suitable for a particular car model. Do not try to attach a roof rack that does not fit it. Even if it attaches, it will not be well fixed, which is dangerous. You can lose your luggage while riding.
  2. Now you can lock the load on the roof. It is most convenient to fix it with straps. Securely secure the load with straps. Make sure that it does not hang out and that there is no unbalance. The load should be evenly spaced. Also, make sure that there is no overload.
  3. After the trip, you can remove your luggage. Carefully unfasten luggage from the rail.
  4. Rails need not be removed.

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What is a roof rack on a car?

Is this a special construction that will allow you to fix luggage on the roof of your car.

Which metal is better for the roof rack?

Such luggage carriers are made of various metals and their springs. There are options made of steel and aluminum. The difference is small, but the aluminum structures will be lighter and more aerodynamic.

Is such a roof rack suitable for any car?

Roof racks differ in how they are attached to the roof of the car. You can choose a model for different car roofs.

How much weight can be transferred on the roof?

The maximum load capacity of such a roof rack depends on the strength of your roof.

Can I remove roof racks?

Such additions to the car can be very simply installed and removed from the roof of the car yourself.

Roof racks are a very convenient way to carry large loads on the roof of your car. With their help, you can transport sports equipment, luggage or bulk cargo. The main thing is to follow the instructions for correctly installing the roof rack and operate it correctly.