Best LED License Plate Lights – TOP 5 Review


Are you seeking for something reasonably priced and new to enhance your driving experience this year? If you want your four-wheel friend to be on top, adding some up-to-date LED license plate lights is a good idea. Let’s be honest: at first, it seems that a simple LED cannot change your vehicle’s performance, however, we insist you give it a try. The life will be divided into two halves: before your use of regular factory-installed bulbs and after when you purchase LEDs. Using the latter is a real upgrade and will surely make a change for many months. These lights do not only add your automobile a sophisticated look but boast of many advantages in comparison with old, factory-installed lights. For instance, they go along with affordable prices and the installation process that won’t take you more than 15 mins. 

Nowadays the Web is packed with numerous license plate lights so you will discover the diversity and choose a model to your needs. However, from the very first sight, the selection may seem easy, it could be pretty complicated for lots of motorists. In order to avoid this, our team has prepared a short, but full buying guide for these auto lights, so you will be able to choose a perfect product both for your automobile performance and for your pockets as well.


Bye-bye CANbus errors

You know that feeling when you see an error message right in front of your eyes once you’re done with the installment process or even worse — on your way. When you are in situations like this, usually you have two options: to let it go and ride with this irritating message or to take the lamp out and return it. Well, the last option seems to be logical, but it takes time. When we’re talking about a CANbus free light, it’s a product that prevents any errors in code, any warning lights and any unexpected things that may happen to your automobile. All LED license plate lights boast of this quality since they have factory-made resistors. 

Efficiency and durability 

Never compare a regular bulb with a LED one — the latter is more efficient in matters of power consumption. They guarantee long-lasting performance and they lose less energy to heat than all regular bulbs. Speaking about LEDs in general, some of them guarantee more than 50,000 hours of lifespan. 


According to many polls, LEDs are trendy thanks to their efficiency and lower heat emission, so you’ll be following eco-friendly brands and come into fashion with these types of lights. 

Things to Watch Out Before Purchase

In order to give you a hand before purchase and prevent any issue the police pull you over, we have decided to mention three things you have to consider before buying some LED license plate lights.  

Check the law

In order to avoid any issues, you need to check the law that identifies the distance at which your license plate could be visible in the daytime and during the night once you have installed it. 

Other drivers

LED lights are like chocolate bars: never too much. Since every motorist likes bright lights and wants to use them to the maximum, don’t forget there are other road users who simply could be blinded by very bright lights. It goes without saying that this can cause damage to your vehicle and other drivers’ cars, so could be dangerous for your life. 

Installment process

There are some sellers that offer extra switch for your LED lights, however, sometimes they are not legally accepted and additional switch is not something you need to chase for. Installation should be undertaken safely and your LED light should start working once your tail lights are in operation. Keep in mind that it could work only if your light bulb was placed and tied up to your entire headlight system.

Technical Terms

What stands for lumens? In a nutshell, LED power is measured in lumens (lm), the one shows the total amount of visible light (to the human eye) from a light source, in our case, it’s LED license plate light. If you want a very bright lamp, pay attention to the higher lumen rating. Any LED uses over 5x less energy, lasts 24x longer and coasts 6x less. These are just a few advantages of why motorists prefer LED lights to others.

More light, but less energy — it seems to be LED’s motto. Say, a regular 6.5 W ramp will provide you a similar light performance as a 50W halogen bulb, so it’s 80% less energy for a cheaper price and the same output. The last but not the least thing you need to know — when you use LED lights, more energy us being converted to light rather than heat as it happens with traditional lights. As technology is being developed, nowadays you can find many more lights with more lumens per watt.

Product Review

We have looked through all LED license plate lights on the market and gathered only the best products that worth your attention. Look through our reviews and choose the best brand and device for your license plates.


If you are a motorist with an old factory-installed OEM bulb, now you can easily change it to an up-to-date lamp by SIRIUSLED. Just one purchase and you will receive a ten bulb package, moreover, each lamp boasts of 3030 surfaces mounted device. As for its size, it suits 110, 2825 and typical WSW dimensions. Speaking about its power, there is 6000K very bright light that numerous four-wheel owners will love. These license plate lights were designed to make sure a festoon bulb will suit the majority of vehicles. 

To emphasize on the globe’s highest quality brand, you’re getting the product with 12 months warranty. The item has an A-B-C easy instruction so you will be able to set it up just like that. Speaking about its quality, these LEDs boast of an aluminum heat sink, so it’s a good value for this sum of money.

• Famous brand
• Pack of 10 lamps
• Easy installation
• Some customers claimed the lights don’t last

Yorkim is another leader on the market — if speaking about these LED bulbs in detail, it will take really much time. In our opinion, it’s probably one of the best options on the market since it has been recommended by many professional mechanics and motorists all over the globe. It offers high-quality, ultra-bright light and bulbs which make use of very bright SMB chipsets for those who like to take it all. 

Getting this product, you’ll receive four bulbs and 3 different sizes. According to the seller, Yorkim 194 LED will suit 569, 6411 and 578 bulbs as well. The installation process won’t require any special skills and it will take you just 10 mins. In comparison with its competitors, Yorkim offers no flickering and no polarity as well. Moreover, this set of LED lights is offered with a built-in canbus driver. 50,000 hours lifespan and great performance are two more reasons to stop at this product. 

• Reputable brand
• 50,000 hours of lifespan
• Great performance
• Some customers claimed the lights were not
that reliable

If you are looking for a plate light that can suit numerous vehicles, this is it, Marsauto will fit for 10+ models including WSW. However, here you need to keep in mind this product was designed and brought to the market for 12v automobiles. Thanks to the size of this light, you can use it as map light, as trunk light and of course as plate light. Speaking about its power, it comes with 6000K traditional for LED white color temperature.

Thanks to its sturdy and dependable construction, this product is dependable. As for the installation process, it won’t take you more than 10 mins. 

• Dependable 
• Fits many vehicles
• Numerous customers described it did not fit the car

This product is very universal, it will fit many automobiles, you can use it for map lights and for dome light as well, moreover, the combination of 6000L xenon white and 24 pieces of 3014 led chips on it make this item perfect choice if you were seeking for a price-quality offer. These lights offer no blind spots and boast of a 360-degree lighting angle.

Like all LEDs, it offers low power consumption and boasts of a long lifespan. We cannot claim the product is very dependable since according to customer reviews, there were some issues. Never-the-less, it’s a decent choice for an affordable price.

• Installation kit
• Long lifespan
• The lights are not that bright

This is another high-quality product from the reputable brand Rupse. These lights are very comfy to set up and don’t take much energy. Even though it’s offered as a one bulb thing, it will last for several years after you have set it, so if you have been looking for plate lights that will last for a long time and won’t break your bank — this is it. 

Moreover, these lights were designed and brought to the market not only for automobiles, but for ATVs and, say, for RVs as well. Speaking about protection, this product offers the IP67 process cover from any weather conditions. Do not hesitate to choose this product if diversity and fitment for all vehicles and long-lasting performance are what you have been looking on the Web.

• Compatible with many vehicles
• Lifetime tech support offered
• Long-lasting performance
• Not quality materials

Editor’s Pick — Our Best Choice 

Have you been seeking a dependable, high-quality LED bulb for your plates? Then choose Yorkim 194 LED Bulbs. This is an undeniable leader on the Web and among motorists that guarantees long performance, the product has been praised by motorists from all over the globe. If you were looking for bright light to replace your old one — choose Yorkim. It goes without saying that factory-installed lights do not deliver 5 of 5 performance, so this is the moment when Yorkim comes to the stage.

As mentioned above, purchasing this item, you will get a set of 4 bulbs in several sizes. Speaking about the install process, it won’t require any special skills and it will take you a little time. In comparison with its competitors, Yorkim offers no flickering and thanks to up-to-date technology, no polarity as well. 


What stand for these lights?

Let’s start from the beginning: this type of light is a must-have for every vehicle — it’s a light setup source at the back of your four-wheel friend in order to clearly see and identify your plate from certain meters. The one could be attached as a stand-alone light or, it could be placed like a regular tail lamp. For efficiency and many months of performance, numerous motorists prefer LEDs instead of halogen or any other old ones. The latter usually come as factory-installed lights, the former is provided in a diversity of sizes so you can choose any product according to your needs. 

Any limits in lights power?

Since the sky is not the limit here, you are limited by the law. However, in general, they do not have to be so light so you blink drivers that move behind your vehicle.

Am I allowed to use color light? 

No, they are strictly permitted. If you are seeking for LED license plate lights, mention that you need exclusively white ones. As for other lights for your vehicle, they may vary, it depends on the law and the state.

Will I manage to set up my LEDs? 

Well, it depends mostly on your automobile, but the answer is “yes”. Usually, the process of the installation could be completed in a few minutes. However, you need to know that removing (as well as reaching a new one) your factory-installed bulb could be pretty blurred if you have never done that before. If you need to pull the lenses over or to the bulbs, keep in mind that many autos make use of a usual screwdriver.

Conclusion — Buyer’s Guide 

Since LED license plate lights are a vital necessity for your vehicle, the question “to buy or not to buy” is not relevant here. Since LEDs have already conquered with usual lights, it goes without saying getting some LED plate lights for your vehicle is a good buy. If you are not defined with a concrete product you need for your auto, look through our review one more time and choose the light that suits your vehicle, your expectations, and your budget.