Best Led light bars (TOP 8) – Review 2020


It goes without saying that driving at night differs from driving during the daytime, especially when it comes to off-road experience. However, thanks to correct lighting, you can kill two birds with two stones: turn your off-road driving into a pleasant experience and make it less dangerous.

It is no surprise many auto enthusiasts pay attention to light bars — it seems to be the coolest option for off-road driving. They provide you high-quality light and look stunning on your vehicle. An LED light bar can cut through any weather conditions (rain, fog) and illuminates the space both in front and around your auto. There are numerous different obstacles that require you to avoid them: animals, other vehicles, people or, say, uneven surfaces. If you do not want to damage your vehicle or cause lose control, LED lights bar is what you need. 

using of led light bars

The majority of LED light bars could be easily adjusted to the best possible performance and your needs. Even though there are dozens and dozens of LED light bars on the market, we have picked and tested the best sites for your vehicle to give you a hand when choosing LED light bars for your auto.

Three Major Things to Watch Out Before Purchasing Led Light Bars

  • The first thing you have to pay attention to is space. Yes, like any other detail or accessory of your vehicle, you will surely need enough space to fit light bars to your automobile. There are numerous types and sizes of the light bars and depending on how much room you need, you have to choose the product accordingly. Even though you can expand the available space with other accessories, it’s recommended to purchase LED light bars which will be easily adjusted to your vehicle.
  • The number of lights is the second important factor you need to check out before buying LED light bars. You probably create lighting in your vehicle from the scratch, thus, you will want more than one light bar. Moreover, you can combine different kinds of bars for various driving conditions (daytime/nighttime, weather, etc.)
  • Housing. If you are seeking durable LED light bars that will serve you many months, pay attention to the product’s housing. To keep bars safe from environmental, there are aluminum 6061 and other dependable materials, for instance, aluminum 6063. 
range of led light bars

Technical Terms

  • Lumens. They are used to measure the quantity of visible light and its brightness. Some LED lights can offer more than a million candles; 1 candle equals 12.57 lumens. LED lights are appreciated by many auto enthusiasts because they provide excellent performance and high brightness. The higher the lumens, the brighter bars you’ll have.
  • Size. As mentioned above size and space matter thus you have to consider both the height and width of the light bars you need to mount. 
  • Resistance. The majority of products are made to use in off-road conditions, thus, they require resistance from the elements, say, protection from dust or waterproof to deliver flawless performance. The majority of bar manufacturers use the same rating system that virtually all outdoor electronics use: the IP rating. 
  • Installation. Once you have bought your LED light bars, it’s time to mount them to your vehicle correctly. It depends on the mounting points you have on your vehicle. For instance, T-slots or circular tubes make it easy to attach bars to a car. The vast majority of sellers offer mounting accessories so you can easily install your LED lights. 

Types of LED Light Bars

There are two types of LED light bars: curved and straight.

difference of curved and straight

To begin with curved, it boasts of gentle bend in its design. Thanks to a greater angle of illumination, a curved bar is much better fitted when you need to illuminate a larger area around your vehicle. As a rule, the majority of off-roading vehicles may have at least one LED light bar.

The latter called “straight” because of its shape: flat and simple in design. Many auto enthusiasts choose them because a great amount of light shines straight forward and works as decent spotlights in off-road conditions.

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There are also mid-length, full-width, handheld, smaller, foglight-sized squares and other types of LED light bars according to its shape and design.

TOP 8 LED Light Bars: Product Review

Thanks to the combination of flood and spot beams, these LED light bars boast of bright rays. Clear visibility guaranteed both a broad view and long irradiation. When it comes to heat dissipation, this site is made of high-quality silicone with aluminum, thus provides a long lifespan and durability.

Speaking about the site performance, it’s 100% dust- and waterproof, so you can drive in any weather conditions. To emphasize on waterproof, this product offers 1 meter underwater and a half an hour.

Thanks to the adjustable mounting bracket, you will be able to set lights up to 45 degrees. Another advantage is that this model suits 4×4, SUVs and even boats. Moreover, outdoor uses are garden lighting, back-up light and so son.

Pros Cons
• Durable materials
• 100% waterproof
• Broad view
• Won’t suit to any vehicle because of its shape

This easy-to-install LED light bars provide 3-watt x 16 and output o 3,360 lumens. Speaking of KC HiLites’ lifespan, 50000 hours are provided just like that. Thanks to extruded aluminum, these LED light bars will serve you many-many months.

Unlike other light bars, this model offers on-board thermal management and high protection against EMC/EFI interface. In addition, it’s IP 67 rated, means you will be able to use it off-road under rain or during foggy weather.

Pros Cons
• 50 000 hours of lifespan
• IP 67 
• 3,360 lumens
• Single light

Combo beam design is probably the major feature that differs from this product from other sites. The combination of flood and spot beam design and 12 inches LED light bar makes Auxbeam site the best light for off-road driving or any outdoor activity. When it comes to durability, IP 67 rated waterproof is here. As for power, Auxbeam can boast of 7200lm and has 24 high power LED lights.

Easy-to-install: with a handy kit and adjustable bottom of the product, it won’t take you more than 40 mins to install these LED light bars. Applicable to 4×4, farming, boating, and even mining.

Pros Cons
• 7200lm
• Unique design
• 24 high-power LED light 
• Could be not enough for foggy weather 

Mr. Super Bright is how this 6-inch single row LED light bar could be named. Bright and uniform light with a wide irradiation range makes this site providing a clear view area for 100% safe driving. According to the producer, these LED light bars are dust-proof, anti-corrosive and waterproof. 

Thanks to the provided excellent visual effect, this product is perfect for off-road driving as well as driving at night. In a kit, you will get an easy-to-use mounting set and 2 pieces 18W 6 inch Flood LED light bars. Moreover, a 2-year limited free exchange for these bars is guaranteed so you can buy with satisfaction and confidence.

Pros Cons
• 2-year warranty
• Protected from water, dust and corrosion
• Low power consumption
• According to reviews, it’s not that durable

Small size, but high brightness — Rigidhorse offers LED light bars with an 8D reflective cup lens. The latter come from Osram, one of the most popular light brands on the market. The concentrated soft light beam, 30 000 lumens, and classical 6,000K color are just a few reasons to buy this product. Both sides of this LED light bars have special flood reflective cup that provides better visibility and, thus, more safety for night driving.

Thanks to its durable aluminum alloy, these lenses will handle any harsh conditions. Moreover, the producer guarantees over 50,000 hours of life span. IP 67 waterproof rate goes without saying as well as dustproof, anti-corrosion and shockproof. In the kit, you will find universal mounting brackets so you will set up these LED light bars in 30 mins. 

Pros Cons
• More than 30 000 hours of lifespan 
• Shockproof
• Easy-to-install kit 
• Could be pretty long in length 

These LED light bars are incredibly bright due to the 3rd generation 5050-SMD LED chips that provide 6000K bright color. When it comes to power, 240 w and 24 000 lumens are provided — with such capacity you will easily turn night to a day and your night driving experience won’t be a challenge anymore. From now on, you have nice and clear visibility in any humidity, under rain or in the dust.

When it comes to waterproof, according to the producer AUZKIN LED light bars can handle not 1, not 2, but 6 hours a day underwater. Thanks to dependable materials, these driving lights have excellent shockproof and sill last for many others. The icing on the top is its 50,000 hours of lifespan.

Pros Cons
• More than 50 000 hours of lifespan 
• Extremely waterproof
• 24 000 lumens 
• Mounting hardware is questionable 

Are you seeking for 4 piece high-quality LED light bars for your vehicle? Then this is it. With 10v-30v input, high intensity and high quality LED lamps from CREE, this model is one of the leaders on the market. 50 000 hours of lifespan and 18000 lumens power come as a bonus.

When it comes to the mounting bracket, the kit offers stainless steel, die-cast dependable aluminum housing and finely made lens made of toughened glass. Also, these LED light bars offer a wide broad range: the flood reflector cups make flood beam for wide view area.

Pros Cons
• More than 50 000 hours of lifespan 
• Extremely waterproof
• 24 000 lumens 
• Mounting hardware is questionable 

When it comes to durability, this item is claimed to be on the edge of glory —one of the strongest light bars available in stock. Its high-quality Lexan lens provides additional UV proof. Moreover, according to the brand, the Lexan lens is 300 times stronger than simple glass. Even though it offers a super-long lifespan, it should not be a major factor to choose. However, efficient heat dissipation is guaranteed. Plus better performance is being provided with an advanced optical system and smooth light.

You can install these lamps on the front bumper or any other place on your vehicle. Moreover, these LEDs are suitable for farming or placing them in some other place outdoor. A nice bonus that installation won’t take you more than 40 mins.

Pros Cons
• Extensive lifespan 
• Lexan lens
• Advanced optical system
• No dust or water proof

Editor’s Pick

To summarize, we have laid eyes on LED Light Bar Nilight 20 Inch 126w. With 42 x 3W, high intensity LED and beam combo pattern, this product is a real find. To emphasize its performance, it gives smooth but bright light, plus endurance is guaranteed. As for input voltage, it’s 9-30 DC, so it will fit both 12V and 24V vehicles.

In comparison with other products in this category, this model offers 4 types of proof: quake, water, dust and anti-corrosive protection. According to numerous reviews, this bar is ‘insanely bright’ and boasts ‘great visibility. If you are blurred within all products in this review, choose this LED without hesitation.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Purchase 

  1. Life span does not take it all. Even though many thousands of hours sound captivating, sometimes products with extremely stated lifespan don’t have any dust/waterproof, so these lamps will go out of order even earlier.
  2. Make sure there’s enough space. This is the point where many vehicle enthusiasts do not pay enough attention. The majority of products boast of durable materials and excellent brightness but keep in mind you still need enough space to install these LEDs to your auto or any other place outdoors.
  3. Once you have bought it, it’s not complicated to set the device up outdoors, to your automobile or any other place. In case you do not know how to mount your device after the purchase, contact your seller. And keep in mind that you have to avoid touching any wires since it may cause electrical shock.


What stands for LED light bar, how does it work?

A LED light bar you are seeking is a stip of light-emitting diodes (stands for LED). Its aim is to project bright and clear light by means of electroluminescence. LED lights are great for off-road driving — usually, bars are easily attached to the roof of the vehicle to light any path no matter which weather conditions you are driving. 

Where LED light bars take energy?

LEDs source of electricity is your vehicle’s engine, light bars take energy measured in lumens from it. One of the biggest advantages of these bars is that the filament is absent. Thus, they do not burn out and boast of a really long life span.  

How can I distinguish a fine LED light bar from low-quality one?

It’s important to pick a durable and fine light bar because of it’s the device’s lifespan. Moreover, choosing a good LED light bar you get all benefits a high-quality LED can provide. Pay attention to the following details when buying LED light bars for your vehicle.

Take your time and check the reviews left by previous customers; if you are looking for LED light bats with specific design, seek reviews on its look. Pay attention to such characteristics as IP rating, heat dissipation, mounting stability, LED brand, etc. 

IP rating matters because it ensures a device is suitable to use in any weather conditions. Dust, moisture or dirt — your light bar will do.

Heat is not your LED light bars’ best mate, so getting LED light bars with good heat dissipation is very important.

Traditionally design and materials do not get much attention when it comes to light bars, however, high-quality products boast of tight current control and oversized heat sinks which both important for better performance.

The quality of the mounting bar and brackets also matters — thanks to high-quality hardware, you will prevent sturdy and corrosion. Points, brackets and other hardware has to be made of fine materials.

Do I need a switch with my lights?

A switch or so-called relay is a big part of your installation process, especially if you are going to use a large amp draw. To find out if you need a switcher or not, you need to check the amp draw of your bar. If it has a large one and you don’t have a relay, it could burn.

What if I provide a higher vilate to make LED light bars brighter? 

Each model of LED light bars was invented and designed to deliver performance within a specific voltage range. If you increase the voltage, it won’t brighten your bars. If LED light bars are poorly designed, you risk shortening the lifespan of the product. 

What should I do if my light bars do not light up?

If you have set up your device and it does not turn on, the primary thing you have to do is to check each and every component for damage or any fails in the wiring. Work through each and every connection in order to check every component and wire. You have to be careful during this check — DO NOT touch wires. The last but not the least thing is to measure LED light bars’ polarity wires by means of a multimeter.