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Mazda RX-7 May Swap RX-8


The automotive industry is bursting with information about every brand updating their existing sports car engines and adding forced induction technology to their new edition so that the sports car editions can draw more power. However, brands like Mazda needs to be lauded for their efforts to retain the rotary heritage for their current as well as a future generation of a sports car.

There are reports that Mazda is currently working on a successor for its highly sexy FD RX7. There are reports that the Japanese automaker is working on an all-new RX-7 along with Renesis rotary engine. It is expected that this new RX7 edition will replace the highly-priced and slow-selling RX-8

There are rumors that the new edition will be launched in late 2011 and will evoke the character of the original RX-7 which was sold in the US till 1985. It will be equipped to generate 200-250 horsepower. The new Mazda edition will be priced below $30,000 and will compete against the Hyundai Genesis Coupe and the upcoming Toyota and Subaru joint sports car.

The designers plan to style this car on the lines of 2007 Furai concept car and 2008 Takai Concept car.  The designers plan to lower the weight of the engine to offer reliability and better fuel consumption. These are the two main problems which Mazda has faced on the 13B unit found in the RX8

We can expect that the new RX7 would offer affordability and reliability in the right proportion.